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In A Rush Animation · 5:46am Jun 8th, 2023

Watch an animation I made in collaboration with Vylet pony!

Yey! It's out now ++

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Limerence Animation · 12:30pm May 29th, 2022

Yey! I finished this :)

It's a song about Maud's love for another horsey... and that it might not be reciprocated!

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Comic pages 2+3 for Bootleg Fluttershy! · 9:33am Jun 7th, 2018

New comic pages up!
I've realised that I've made them quite large in comparison to other comics I've seen... I think I will stick to this format for now for consistency, but it might be better in the future to go for a more digital-style comicstrip.
What do you think?

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Story Comic! · 3:01pm Jun 6th, 2018

Hey all! I've been thinking about making a comic of one of my old fics, bootleg fluttershy! Here's a link to the title page: https://karibela.deviantart.com/art/A-Bootleg-Fluttershy-Title-Page-748487482

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Kickstarter Dog Animation! · 5:10pm Jun 4th, 2018

Hi! I know it's not ponies, but for a while now I've been trying to get something going with a kickstarter!
Here's the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2140568710/days-of-dogs-a-short-animation?ref=project_build

Thanks for checking out this rather unused blog post, and if you know anyone who would like it, please tell them!

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I made a thing · 6:50pm Dec 24th, 2016

It took me about a week, and it kind of shows...

I started on the 17th. The plan was to make it before Christmas, and to try to do as much of the song as possible.
By about... the 3rd day? I had about 14 seconds of animation. So I had to speed up pretty dramatically.
On the 5th I decided to cut it where I did (Wasn't ideal, but better than doing it any earlier) and today and yesterday I coloured it in.

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Internet · 7:43pm Nov 11th, 2016

Keeps cutting out. Grr.

I'll try to type this as fast as I can... chapter 4 of Olowpri is out!
Read it. Watch it. Do a mixture of both.
It's like the half-track of fimfics.

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A doorstop · 1:40am Nov 6th, 2016

Is what my dog is being right now. He's asleep at the moment (I think? He's closed his eyes, anyway).

Also, there's a strawpoll up for the ending of the 3rd chapter of my experimental gif-story. Here it is, if y'wanna vote on it.

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Format · 2:45am Nov 5th, 2016

I just released the 3rd 'chapter' I guess of the Olowpri experiment, and I'm not really sure about it in terms of the format I should post it. Deciding on whether to do it how I did it this time, where I'm going to update the same chapter again once I have more commands, or if I should just do it with all the prompts given and make a good 500 or so words out of that.

To be honest, it could just be a case of seeing whether/not there are a ton of commands.

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Squeak · 11:05pm Nov 1st, 2016

Wasn't really sure what to call this thread, so I just named it after the annoying noise my dog makes when he wants attention.

I seem to be making a trend of making blog posts after very long spaces of time, so that's cool, I guess.

Sort of got semi-hyped for making an experimental story that I'm doing the 2nd chapter's pics for as I TYPE! (Well, not AS I type, but you get the picture).

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