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I return ... And with things anew! · 5:51am Oct 4th, 2017

Hello, my fellow Bronies... It is I, Praeco Nigrum, Master of Star Wars related My Little Pony mindfuckery. I have returned from the depths of real life to give you a new story. It has been far too long that Luna's Dark Knight has sat and acquired so much with such a mediocre plot hole ridden story. That all changes very soon!

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For Those reading Luna's Dark knight I ask... · 11:37pm Aug 28th, 2014

Hello everyone... This is your resident Dark lord of the script reaching out to my loyal fans and Die Hard readers!
I am here today, asking you all a somewhat important question... How do you all like this story so far?

Cuz i'm dying to know!

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New story inbound! · 10:17pm Jul 23rd, 2014

Hello my avid readers! I know its been months and months since my last story post.......... But I have a present for all of you!

Luna's Dark Knight...

This is going to be 'Similar' to teachings of a different kind.

* Similarities

- Force user
- Rescued child... Ish XD
- Is rated 'M'

* Differences

- Takes place many thousands of years before cannon...
- Has massive battles... Lol

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Moving chapters and story bits around! · 2:06pm Jan 14th, 2014

Guys, I have decided to split the story line into two separate, yet connected stories, both of them are contained in the same universe and will be that way till the end. Meaning that "Teachings of a different kind" and the new story, "Darkest Tidings" will be a universe all their own in the star wars/mlp cross overs. They WILL span more than just one telling of the story, thanks to some things that will happen in the coming chapters concerning the Sith... so just wait, see, and hope I don't

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Changing the Rating, Teachings of a different kind! · 12:56am Jan 13th, 2014

Helo my fair citizens of Equestria and The Galactic Alliance... Or Grand Sith Empire, which ever you chose is fine ;)

But, I have a question for all of you! and this will be taken care of in a authors note in the next chapter if you don't pay attention to this blog post.

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Jedi Sects · 5:01am Dec 19th, 2013

Okay hello peeps and awesome people, aka all of you, I want some input... Just go ahead and post it here.

I would like to know what kind of Jedi these characters should Be!

Spike: Sentinel, Guardian, Consular.

Sweetie Belle: Sentinel, Guardian, Consular.

Scootaloo: Sentinel, Guardian, Consular.

Applebloom: Sentinel, Guardian, Consular.

Luna already has a Sect she is going to belong to.

Just vote for those that you would like to see.

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Guard pony OC's for Outpost Whitneigh. · 8:10am Oct 9th, 2013

Hello people of Equestria, this is your friendly neighborhood Praeco Nigrum asking for a few things from my readers.

I need to fill out the names and descriptions for the Guards at the out post, so i am asking all of you for some help.

This right here is also why i kind of left the names and such of the ponies in the story blank, so far anyway.

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