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The journey of Prince Cornelius and Prince Devin will be fraught with dangers, both physical and mental. Will they be able to cope when faced with an evil unlike any they have ever seen, possibly even worse than the wars of their worlds past? Or will they falter and turn to the darkness inside them... and lead their new home into desolation.

How will their differing personalities be taken by the inhabitants of this new world, and can they handle all the craziness that that entails.

CO-Authored by DevonBronyBoy and Harbinger of Script(aka Praeco Nigrum)

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After saving his brother from 'execution' Harbinger gets killed, he is then sent to a half way point and there he meets his three other companions, during their meeting one of them gets the bright idea to go to some where fun... and i know you know where this is going... three cheers for sky portals and falling... lots of fun there.

How will they deal with a new realm and serving under the princesses, and a Queen?!

Yeah, Chrisy decided that she had a say in it and tagged herself into it XD

EDIT 10-11-13:>>Oh and any one who wants a spot in the guards that will be traveling with us had better post their description and what not in the blog i have posted, i need several Oc's for what's to come, yay the start of a new nation.<<

EDIT 10-24-13:>> Ok i will be resetting the rating on this, i will post ahead of time when the actual maturity level will change, and it may be soon or it may be a while.... i really don't know yet... so hold your ponies and hope for some random action scenes to hold your attention... or anything else to keep you here :D

Chapters (8)
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