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Hi! I love ponies and stuff. I write, I read, I comment and love<3 Im partial to shippings, although most of my stories won't include them. So yeah. Hit me up, I love chatting:)


A new morning, a new adventure · 11:43pm Mar 28th, 2012

Greetings everypony, chaosfelix here.

You probably know me as the Co-author for "On Wings Of Change", by Kobalstromo. While I love writing with him and he is a wonderful friend, I think it is time for me to try my hand at writing my own fiction.

Similar to his most recent work, "Finding your Voice", my first fiction will be based in the same world as "On Wings Of Change" and based on an event that was touched upon only briefly in the aforementioned story.

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I have been sent to love you. Prepare for tracking. And love. So much love. <3

Every writer, co-writer or not, deserves something.
So have a poem.

A cooling breeze on a starry night,
Only a good cup of tea and a good book could make this right.
Try as I might, none are to be found.
Until I heard a sound.
A notification update, if you will, to alert me of an upcoming thrill.
Not a novel,
But fanfiction.
And as I gaze in awe upon this most wondrous of fics,
I thank you my good man,
For now I can read into a new world.
A world of surprise,
That often can be hard to surmise.
And my heart empties it's hate,
I certainly can't wait until the next update.

This is probably one of the worst I've done (don't expect much), but that's improv.:pinkiesick:
Still, don't think that people don't appreciate your work (either of you)
Because you certainly made my day, at least.:twilightsmile:
So please, keep writing, and enjoy yourselves as you do.
Looking forward to the next update!

P.S.- I think zecora would be proud of that poem. Had a pretty good rhyme sceme going for a while there.

I'm really enjoying OWoC and will be reading 'Finding Your Voice' soon!

I don't know if I should praise you for great job that you are doing collaborating on On Wings of Change :twilightsmile:

or to hate you for it that you torture poor Lune using twilight saga :twilightoops:


Love and support! Keep writing brony!:raritywink:

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