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Problems in Paradise · 9:01am Apr 13th, 2014

"That, is, in-sane!" Trixie snapped, slamming her hoof against the table. Twilight's ears splayed against her skull, and the purple mare drew a hot snort of irritation.

"It is not "Insane." it is an assignment from Princess Celestia." She retorted. Trixie wasn't hearing it , though. She crossed her arms, and narrowed her eyes.

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THATS IT!!! · 12:21pm Mar 31st, 2014

Many of you Maaaaay of noticed Lady Rarity maaaaay have posted an ending to Blood Boil.

And then *Gasp* It vanished?!

Never to fear my darlings, Lady Rarity has had a stroke of inspiration! You see, I wrote the ending to Blood Boil, and decided I absolutely hated it! It was missing something...but what...but what...
Oh course!
It was missing ANOTHER chapter

Sooooo lets end the series with ten chapters instead of nine, shall we? A nice round little number! Ta <3

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On a roll! · 6:52am Mar 29th, 2014

Why are lady Rarity's fabulous updates not showing up on favorites lists?!
Are you aware "Blood Boil" is almost finished? I've only a chapter left to go.............give or take. *Cough*
Absolutely horrid! My followers will never know when my stories update!

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We're back, darling!! · 12:16am Mar 28th, 2014

"Twilight's Trial" The next installment of the "Blood Boil" Series is well on it's way to being finished. Oh, yes darlings! This shall be ever so wonderful!

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Miss Rarity the Butterhooves. · 2:09pm Aug 13th, 2013

Miss Rarity (Lady Rarity to YOU) was a silly little butterhooves and dropped her precious laptop to the ground. Sadly, the C key didn't make it, and with the loss of it's friend, the V key committed seppuku. Both of these tragedies hit the spacebar the hardest, which only now preforms at 50-75% capacity. This should explain the lull in my stories recently, but I assure you, darlings, miss Rarity isn't done with her stories by a longshot! Tis simply difficult to type in your favorite spot

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