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The Barcast Podcast Host. I also go by the name Milk. I like to read, I proof read and edit, and I drink. A lot.


AAAAAAAA · 1:18am January 5th

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50 questions of pain and bandwagoning :p · 11:20pm Dec 26th, 2020

1. What is your first name?


2. How old are you?

turned 29 in October

3. What country are you from?


4. What do you look like?

A dude with sometimes long hair, or short, a beard, and glass.

5. What do you wish you looked like?

A little thinner, I suppose. Would be nice.

6. How did you come across MLP:FIM?

A mix of friends, 4chan, youtube, and porn, back in 2013.

7. What is your favorite ship?

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Ask Me Anything · 1:19pm Apr 13th, 2020

Because this idea hasnt been drawn out enough, I'm here to beat the dead horse a little more!

So, ask me whatever you'd like. I'm working from home today so I'm here to be shit all day long!

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Horrible poem blogs moved · 6:08pm Nov 2nd, 2018

i turned them into a story. I update it still. There's a few new ones. 👍


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No · 2:47pm Oct 29th, 2018

Something was wrong
Fluttershy could see the sun
It had bee too long
She was supposed to be done

The cancer had won
The doctors wouldn't operate
She wasn't having any fun
Will Death not even cooperate?

Twilight was standing over her
Holding a bloody mass of flesh
Twilight had said it was the tumor
It was wrapped in her magical mesh

She was grateful to be alive
But she felt wronged
Twilight did something truly contrive
Her life had be prolong

Now more then ever

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Pain · 3:21am Oct 29th, 2018

Fluttershy's head pulsed
Her head ached
It felt like shed been engulfed
Something not faked

She wasnt sure why
The pain wouldnt stop
No matter what she would try
Ever joint would pop

She was found out six months ago
She hadn't told her friends
But her friends were not slow
Theyd seen the painful trends

Fluttershy was ready to go
Her animals had all gone
Their families in tow
Flutters wouldnt see the dawn

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memories · 11:45pm Oct 25th, 2018

Granny Smith was an old timer
Her memory lapsed
due to Alzheimer's
The world around her collapsed

First she forgot the simple things
Like turning off the oven
Or to wear her wedding ring
From the stallion she'd give all her love-in

But she had help from nice ponies
The Orange one with a hat
And the big red one, sure wasn't no phony
But that orange one is a little fat

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precarious · 1:13am Oct 25th, 2018

Fluttershy stood at his door
She dreamed to be welcomed through it one day
She'd be standing for a minute more
This day mid morning May

She'd pined
She'd tried
She'd dined
She'd cried

He never held the same feelings
He was never happy
But Flutters found him appealing
even if his mood was crappy

But today, it was going to work
Twilight lent her a book
Today, she wouldn't sit in the bushes and lurk
She gave a hopeful look

>Be anon

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Awake · 3:40am Oct 24th, 2018

Rose's are red
Violets are blue
Sleep is for the dead
Twilight wishes she was, too

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Music · 11:56pm Oct 22nd, 2018

Big mac sat in his dress
The music in his room
Provided relief from his distress
With its slow and deep boom

Vinyl Scratch had given him some records
Slower then her usual fair
Vinyl said, "Music has its own rewards."
He swore he saw her blink behind her eye wear.

He began to slowly tap his feet
The curls of his wig bouncing in time
To the musical beat
It was truly sublime

To have his weekly private time
To feel normal for a day
He began to pantomime

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