• Published 28th Mar 2013
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The Life of a Broken Pegasus - TimeLord_Whooves

Scootaloo will never be able to fly again, and not long after she just learned how.

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A month went by, all the while Rainbow Dash watched over Scootaloo to make sure that she properly regained the use of her wings. It made Scootaloo so happy to be able to fly again and it made Rainbow so happy seeing the bright smile on Scootaloo’s face every time she would swoop in front of Rainbow to show off.

Occasionally on their flights they’d be joined by Cloudwhisp. He would fly high into the air then shoot down in front of Scootaloo almost making her drop in shock, then come up and start laughing as he apologized. Twilight Sparkle sometimes would join them as well, to check on Scootaloo and talk with Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo even caught them spinning around each other once. Even Ditzy Doo would fly with them for some reason, sometimes carrying a tray of muffins, sometimes carrying Dinky on her back, sometimes both at once. She’d fly up, smiling, and offer them a muffin when she had them and when she had Dinky, she’d fly up next to Scootaloo and her and Dinky would talk a bit before Ditzy would fly off for some reason or another.

Today was the day that Scootaloo would rejoin the weather team, after showing Rainbow Dash that she had gotten the hang of flying again the last flight they had together. She didn’t even flinch when Cloudwhisp did his usual shooting down in front of her. In fact when he did that, Scootaloo shot forward and hid herself behind a cloud, when Cloudwhisp came up looking for her she shot by as fast as she could in front of his face and caused him to almost fall out of the sky.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Rainbow Dash asked, a slight wavering in her voice.

“I’ve been ready!” Scootaloo said impatiently.

Rainbow gave her a nervous smile before stretching out her legs and wings and took off into the sky, Scootaloo following close behind. Scootaloo passed Rainbow in her excitement, spiraling up to where the rest of the team had already gathered. Cloudwhisp had also recently joined the weather team and was waiting for them with a smile, his parents smiling next to him as Scootaloo flew up in front of him.

“Everypony’s here?” Rainbow shouted as she flew up into the center of the gathered weather ponies. “Good. Today we’re going to be setting up for the big rainstorm that’s going to be going on for the next couple of days. I don’t want to see too much goofing off or showing off.” She looked at Scootaloo and Cloudwhisp. “Don’t forget, no lightning clouds.”

At this, everypony spread out, gathering clouds together to form rainclouds and pulling in the clouds that were drifting in from Cloudsdale’s weather factory. Rainbow watched as they dragged the clouds together to form a large blanket of rolling clouds over Ponyville. Cloudwhisp’s mom, Downpour, passed by, dragging a rather dark and foreboding cloud.

“I said no lightning clouds!” Rainbow shouted, with a little more anger than anypony expected. “Break that up right now!”

Downpour looked at her in embarrassment and quickly jumped up over the cloud and pounded it with her hooves, instead of breaking up however, the cloud discharged a lightning bolt. The resounding boom of thunder caused the whole weather team to turn with worried expressions towards the sound.

Rainbow Dash looked around for Scootaloo, finding her frozen in shock and falling stiffly onto a cloud which was quickly set beneath her by Cloudwhisp who had reacted almost immediately at the sound. Rainbow let out a nervous sigh and flew over to Scootaloo and Cloudwhisp.

Scootaloo was breathing heavily, gasping with each intake of air. Her eyes were wide in shock, fixed straight ahead of her and tears began to slowly run down her cheeks. Rainbow put a hoof on her shoulder and jumped as Scootaloo jumped up and hugged Cloudwhisp tightly, realizing who she was hugging, she jumped back and looked at Rainbow before giving her a tight hug as well.

It hurt Rainbow a little that Scootaloo went to hug Cloudwhisp first but, she understood why. Cloudwhisp had been closer and had reacted quicker than Rainbow could have.
It was then that the realization really hit Rainbow that Scootaloo wasn’t going to stay with her forever, yes she had talked about it with Twilight before and she had thought about it many times but, she just didn’t really believe that it would actually happen, that Scootaloo would just leave her. Although… could it really be considered, “leaving”? She would still be her sister… but, it still felt to Rainbow, a little like… Scootaloo was abandoning her.

At that last thought, Rainbow began to shed tears into Scootaloo’s mane.
Feeling the wetness in her mane Scootaloo let go of Rainbow and looked at the saddened face of the cyan pegasus. “It’s alright sis. I’m fine, I was just startled is all.” she said, confused as to why Rainbow was crying so much.

Rainbow smiled through her tears. “You scared me there squirt.” she said, trying to regain her composure. She looked at Cloudwhisp and said, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

She pulled him into a tight hug and nearly squeezed the air out of him. He let out a heavy sigh, more because he was being squeezed than anything else. “Um, you’re welcome?” he said, unsure of what to do. “I just did what anypony would have done.”

Rainbow let him go and gave him a kiss on the forehead which left him and Scootaloo dumbfounded. This wasn’t at all normal Rainbow Dash behavior…

The rest of the weather team had been looking on in shock at the scene. None of them had ever expected to see what they had just seen. Downpour, who was supposed to have eliminated the lightning cloud, watched with her mouth wide, not noticing that the cloud had started to sizzle and spark having regained its charge, and was preparing to let out another flash of lightning.

Rainbow and Cloudwhisp had picked up Scootaloo and began to fly off of the cloud to put her down on the ground to rest a while until she felt ready to get back to work.

There was another flash and boom as the lightning cloud discharged again. Scootaloo screamed and unfurled her wings, pushing Rainbow and Cloudwhisp away as she fainted and began to fall to the ground.

Dazed by the sudden action, Rainbow Dash and Cloudwhisp both shook themselves clear of what happened before they saw Scootaloo falling, the other ponies of the weather team just hovered there in shock as they watched.

As Rainbow began to zoom down to catch Scootaloo she thought to herself, ‘WHY THE HAY DOES EVERYPONY JUST WATCH WHENEVER SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS?!’

Shaking the thought out of her head, Rainbow folded her wings in close in order to gain more speed. Scootaloo was just ahead of her, she could catch her long before she hit the ground.

The nightmare popped into Rainbow’s head at that moment, causing her to slow and tears enter her eyes, blurring her vision. She lost sight of Scootaloo for a second before she vigorously shook her head, trying not to think of Scootaloo hitting the ground. She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked ahead, Scootaloo had gotten a ways ahead of her now and it was going to take all she had to catch her before she hit the ground.

Flying as fast as she could, Rainbow whooshed down towards Scootaloo and the ground. All the while, Cloudwhisp was behind her, not able to keep up with her speed.

Cloudwhisp watched as Scootaloo reached ten feet above the ground, Rainbow so close that she practically had her hooves around Scootaloo already, he closed his eyes just in case.

There was a loud crash and a scream of pain. Cloudwhisp opened his eyes in horror but, what he saw was not what he had expected.

There was a long trail along the ground where the earth had been pushed away, at the end there was a heap of cyan and orange. Rainbow had managed to catch Scootaloo and had attempted to pull up out of the dive, but the added weight of Scootaloo kept her from gaining enough altitude to clear the ground.

Cloudwhisp quickly flew over to them. As he got near, Rainbow was starting to stir. When she got up, she looked down at Scootaloo and began to panic. Scootaloo wasn’t moving and a trickle of blood was dripping out of her ear.

Cloudwhisp was able to calm her down as he pointed out that Scootaloo was still breathing. He picked Scootaloo up and he and Rainbow flew as fast as they could for the hospital.

Author's Note:

Have a cliffhanger because I'm evil.. Though I don't really want to end this story, there's only going to be one more chapter. sadness :(