• Published 28th Mar 2013
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The Life of a Broken Pegasus - TimeLord_Whooves

Scootaloo will never be able to fly again, and not long after she just learned how.

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Rainbow Dash was flying through the clouds, clearing out small patches to let the sun through while still leaving it a bit overcast. Her team, following her instructions, were doing the same.

Scootaloo popped up through the clouds, her wings stretched wide, welcoming the breeze beneath them. She pulled a triple backflip in midair and pounded her way through a line of clouds.

"Don't take out too many clouds sis!" Rainbow called out to her.

Scootaloo stopped and flew back to Rainbow's side. "But I'm having so much fun." Scootaloo argued.

"Now's not the time for fun, right now we have work to do, we can have fun when it's done." Rainbow said sternly.

Scootaloo huffed and flew up high before bringing herself down hard onto the clouds below. They scattered into the wind as Scootaloo let herself plummet to the ground.

"Scootaloo! What are you doing?" Rainbow yelled after her. "Get ahold of yourself!"

Scootaloo looked at Rainbow and stuck her tongue out at her. She turned to the ground and pulled up at the last second.

"Scootaloo! What have I told you about not overdoing it?" Rainbow said angrily.

"What's it matter if I'm alright?" Scootaloo retorted.

Rainbow Dash glared at Scootaloo, she glared right back.

Scootaloo pulled ahead and crashed through her and Rainbow's cloud house, causing the whole house to dissipate into the air. Scootaloo fell again towards the ground, this time unconcious.

"Scootaloo!" Rainbow called out in fear. She sped up in an attempt to catch her.

Scootaloo's lifeless body flailed in the rushing wind, falling faster towards the ground. Rainbow flew as fast as she could, folding her wings tightly to her sides to get more speed, but to no avail.

Scootaloo hit the ground with a sickening crunch. Her body lay in a crumpled heap below. Rainbow was unable to slow herself to land softly and crashed into her dead sister.

Rainbow Dash woke up, covered in sweat and screaming.

"Sis! What's the matter?" Scootaloo asked as she burst into Rainbow's room and stopping by the side of her bed.

She didn't say anything, she just looked at Scootaloo for a second before catching her in a tight embrace. She cried softly into her sister's mane a while before releasing her and looking into her eyes.

"Everything's fine now, I just had a nightmare is all." Rainbow said sadly.

"What about?" Scootaloo asked worriedly.

"It doesn't matter now, all that matters is that it isn't real, and it can never happen." Rainbow said, a little darkly.

"You're sure you're okay?" Scootaloo asked a little exasperated at Rainbow's reluctancy to tell her what the dream was about. Rainbow nodded. "Okay, I'll go make us some breakfast. It's almost time for me to go to school already."

"Okay." Rainbow said as she watched Scootaloo walk out the door to the kitchen. She looked around her room, light was seeping through the window. She sighed and followed Scootaloo to the kitchen.


"Twilight!" Rainbow Dash called as she burst into the library. "I need a favor."

"Rainbow Dash, hush, you'll wake Luna. What is it?" Twilight Sparkle asked reproachfully.

"Sorry. You still know that memory spell?" Rainbow asked tentatively.

"Yeah... why do ask?" Twilight asked comprehensively.

"I had that dream again." Rainbow said simply.

Twilight sighed, "You can't just keep coming to me, asking for the memory spell every single time you have that dream." She paused and looked at her friend, Rainbow was looking disheveled and desperate. "If you remember correctly, I refused to do it last time, and the time before that and the time before that. You have to learn to get over this by yourself." She finished as she pulled Rainbow into a concerned hug.

"Y-you promised me th-that you'd help me with any-thing though." Rainbow said through tears.

"Yes, I did promise that I would help." Twilight said, putting extreme emphasis on the last word. "Erasing your memory isn't going to help you, it's just going to make you keep having the dream until you get over your fear."

"I don't want to face that fear! A-any other thing I-I'd be fine... but not that, I don't want to deal with it!" Rainbow Dash screamed, crying harder than ever.

Twilight hugged her tightly. It hurt to see her friend like this, and even more to deny her request. But it was still best for her to face it then just forget it.

"I still have the recipe for that potion I used to heal Pinkie all that time ago, I told you that I could use it to help Scootaloo..." Twilight said hesitantly. "Are you sure that you don't want to use it?"

"NO!" Screamed Rainbow, "You can't use it! The dream will come true if you do... and I couldn't bear to have that happen."

"Rainbow, we discussed this... that was just a dream, Scootaloo wouldn't even act like that in the first place." Twilight said, trying to make her friend see reason.

"I don't want to risk it, I don't know what I'll do if that ever happens. I can't loose her." Rainbow said weakly and sniffed.

"Rainbow... you know as well as I that you can't keep her for yourself forever, she's going to fall in love with somepony and leave on her own." Twilight said, consolingly. "And if she finds out that you asked me to make sure that her wings wont heal then you'll loose her in an instant."

Rainbow sobbed into Twilight's mane, her thoughts took her back to the pegasus who had been hugging Scootaloo in their kitchen the other day. She knew that Scootaloo wasn't going to stay with her forever and she couldn't stop her. She considered for a moment.

"I suppose..." she took a deep breath before continuing, "we could use the potion and heal her. But you have to promise me that she won't know about this, I don't want her to hate me."

"I won't say a word." Twilight said with a smile.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."



"You said a word." Rainbow teased.

Twilight smiled and held Rainbow tighter to herself. "Brat."


"What did you call me over here for?" Scootaloo asked Rainbow as they entered the library.

Twilight came up to them with a wide smile and hugged Scootaloo. "Hey, you remember that potion I used to heal Pinkie Pie's leg back when... with the dragon... and everything?" Twilight asked, tentatively.

Scootaloo gave her an awkward look. "Yeah... what about... it?" she started, realization hit her. "THE POTION!" she yelled, "You mean, it will fix my wings? Why haven't you said anything sooner?"

Twilight was ready for this question. "I had lost the recipe and had forgotten about it till I found it again. Spike was using it as a bookmark." she lied. "But when I found it, I immediately called Rainbow over to show her and she ran out to get you."

"And it will really heal my wings? Everypony else said that it couldn't be done, especially now that it's been so long since the accident." Scootaloo said hopefully.

"Well normally it wouldn't work since it's been so long..." Twilight said, pausing for dramatic effect. "But, because I'm an alicorn, I can increase the healing ability of the potion to heal anything!"

Scootaloo jumped in joy and Rainbow smiled, a little sadly.

"When is it going to be ready?" Scootaloo asked in excitement.

"I prepared it while Rainbow went out to find you." Twilight said as she levitated the vial from behind her.

Scootaloo was shaking and smiling with such excitement that everypony was surprised she didn't explode right in front of them. She reached out for the vial and grabbed it in her hoof. Rainbow looked at it comprehensively.

In one gulp, the potion was gone. "Funny." Scootaloo said, "I don't feel like-"

A large explosion engulfed them all, smoke covering every inch of the library. They all ran out the door as fast as they could, all except for Scootaloo.

"Is she alright?" Rainbow asked. "I've gotta make sure she's alright."

Rainbow flew back into the smoke and, moments later, dragged Scootaloo out of the library, their coats tinted purple from the smoke. Rainbow coughed as she laid Scootaloo out on the ground for her to get fresh air.

"Scootaloo. Scootaloo! Are you alright?" Rainbow asked, shaking her sister.

Twilight looked at the two happily. Tears running down her cheek.

"R-rainbow, sis, I'm okay." Scootaloo said, trying to get up. "More importantly..."

They both looked down at her wings, they were gleaming in the sunlight, completely covered with orange feathers, no scars to be seen. She stood up and stretched them out to see if all the bones were in the proper place, it didn't hurt.

Scootaloo smiled at Rainbow Dash and hugged her tightly before running over to Twilight and doing the same for her.

"You may want to wait a while." Twilight told her. "Make sure your wings are working properly, you should test them before trying to do anything big."

Scootaloo stretched her wings out again and slowly began flapping them, bringing herself off the ground by a couple of feet before letting herself fall. She jumped up with glee, without extending her wings, and pulled them both into another tight embrace. "I love you sis. Thank you so much Twilight."

The two smiled at each other before returning the hug and picking her up between them, raising her up into the sky. Her first real flight with her healed wings.