• Published 1st Mar 2013
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I'll Love You To Tartarus and Back - AppleDash Group Collab 100th Prompt Special - LunaTheFox

A collab featuring 23 writers, who all came together to create a story of loved ones lost... and a long-shot at seeing them one last time.

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This chapter was written by KrazyTheFox.

“Caved in? Caved in!? What the hay do you mean, caved in!?

“I told ya, Rainbow. The gates have been torn down and the whole place is filled in with sand. Ain’t no way we’re gettin’ in.”

Rainbow Dash pounded her hooves on the ground and screamed in frustration. “We came all this way and escaped a horde of changelings, only to find out that we can’t even get in?”

Applejack nudged Rainbow’s side. “Well, there might be another way in, but I think we’d need to ask Twi about that—I don’t see one anywhere around. And I don’t see that happenin’ anytime soon.”

“So we just walked all that way for nothing.”

“Uhh. Yup.”

Collapsing on her side, Rainbow dug her forehooves into the warm sand, heaving a sigh. “So what are we gonna do, AJ?”

“First thing first, we need some supplies. In case ya didn’t notice, we left all our stuff behind last night.”

“Right. Where are we going to find new things?”

Applejack pulled a map from her pocket and unfolded it, laying it in front of the two as she leaned against Rainbow, nuzzling behind her ear. She examined the map and pointed to the nearest town. “There. Looks like Appleloosa’s the nearest place we can go that’s still in Equestria. It’s closer than Dodge Junction, though not by much.”

Rainbow leaned her head in the crook of Applejack’s neck and frowned. “How are we going to get there? I can’t exactly walk right now.” She shook her hind leg for emphasis.

“You can still fly, right?”

“Yeah, but... I don’t see how I’m going to land.”

“Better than sitting around in a hot desert for a week. How’s your leg doin’ anyway?”

Rainbow winced in pain as Applejack prodded it. “Ow! Still hurts.”

“Sorry, sorry,” said Applejack, backing off.

Flattening her ears, Rainbow rested her head on her hooves and sighed again. “Sorry, AJ,” she mumbled.

Reaching a hoof around Rainbow’s neck, Applejack kissed her girlfriend’s cheek. “Sorry? What for?”

“For this. All of this. I really wanted you to be able to see your parents again.”

“So did I, sugarcube. We just gotta come back after finding another way in, is all. ‘Sides, it’d be nice to see cousin Braeburn again.”

“I guess.”

“Think you can fly us soon?”

Rainbow Dash snuggled up against Applejack and yawned, ruffling her feathers. “Yeah, soon. That bite took a lot out of me.”

Smiling, Applejack cuddled Rainbow Dash until she fell asleep, murmuring something about Applejack “looking really hot” in her Daring Do outfit.