• Published 7th Jan 2013
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Seven Days - Rocktavius Dashylight

A psychopathic pony comes to town holding onto an unhealthy obsession with the late Nightmare Moon, but everything is not as it seems.

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Teddy looked out to the night sky. Well...technically...this isn't the night, for there is no day. Despite the sun reflecting off of the moon, there was no atmosphere to capture the rays. No atmosphere. Wait...How was he breathing?!

The stars flickered as they always did. "Night" had never been so beautiful. He turned to the princess and looked into her eyes, which reflected the starlight, setting tiny twinkles in her eyes and making them sparkle. Teddy smiled. This truly was paradise, at the same time a nightmare. No pun intended, if that can be considered a pun. He felt like he really was losing his mind, even though he lost it long ago.

"Why art thou staring at us?" Luna asked the unicorn.

He looked away. "I guess I just phased out and you happened to be in the direction I was looking." That was a lame excuse, but it's partially true, right? His mind WAS swallowed by her eyes.

She giggled. "Sure you were, Teddy. Sure you were" Her happy demeanor quickly left as Teddy turned away, biting his lip. "Is something the matter?"

Something indeed was "the matter", but he daren't say. Here he was with the pony he had admired all of his life, but she knows nothing about him. He was but an insect to her. She could never know could she? She would hate him and thus hate herself even more.

"Teddy?" She walked around him to face him, her muzzle close, not as close as he wanted, but too close considering the circumstances. "Is there something you are hiding from us?"

He shook his head. "I was just thinking. All my friends and family. Will I ever see them again?" He had no friends and was practically disowned from his family. Of course, he hated his father with a passion. His mother died when he was young, but his sister...

Her face strung tight across her skull as she put her hooves to it. She broke down right there. A Princess. Crying. Right in front of him. Teddy came up to her, dispite his size difference, and hugged her, letting her cry on his shoulder.... Well...more like his back. 'Nice going Teddy. You made the Princess cry'

"General Notion.......Bubbles.....Cotton Candy....." She was remembering her friends that will be dead when her banishment is over and done with. Teddy began patting her on the back. "...never to be seen again...We didn't even get to say goodbye"

Teddy wasn't much for knowing just what to say to a hurting mare, or for anypony for that matter, but he had to try his hardest. Who else would comfort her? Surely not that rock. Or that one. "You'll make new friends..." was all he could say.

"If we are as evil as my sister made us out to be, how can we possibly expect society to accept me again?" Teddy could feel her getting a tad colder. "My friends knew the truth... They would have been able to tell everypony how I wasn't what my sister made me appear to be..." She paused before asking "Why is it that I forgot about them?"

"Pri--Celestia must of done something to your head," Teddy reasoned, careful not to spoil the future. He's seen the movies.

"What were you going to say? Princess? Is she no longer a Princess?"

Teddy resorted to not responding. That wasn't what he was going to say, but it's good that she thinks she knows. The smile returned to her face. "So she was found out! Oh, thank the stars!"

"Yes...thank the stars" Teddy repeated in a terrible attempt to sound just as excited. He looked back out at the sky. This was nothing like the sky he looked at when he peered out his window at home at it. It was so much more extravagant. Upon looking into the windows on Princess Luna's face, he feels it to be the same.

They sat in eachother's forehooves until they passed out for the "night".
______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ( A few days after Teddy moved in)

I touched the cold, black metal before me. The machine. The invention. The ultimatum. It was about the size of me, but a tad longer. The lazer pointer protruded about a few feet, rings surrounding it at even intervals. The control panel was the only light in the room, illuminating red and green and white light. It caused a nice ambiance for such a dark machine. I threw a blanket over it and pushed it into a closet.

Back to the table I walked, chuckling within myself. There laid a few writing utensils that I then placed in my side pocket. I am a writer, that's what I do. Hehe. I heard the door upstairs open and close just after, so I walked up the basement stairs and greeted them as normal as I could. Well, tried to. I stopped short at what I saw that followed them.

"Teddy, this is Princess Luna." Mr. Einstein introduced.

"N-n-nightmare moon!!!" I couldn't believe it! Nightmare Moon standing right in front of me! I was thrilled beyond belief! I instantly bowed before the most amazing being in the entire universe. Nightmare Moon! Salvation!

Luna looked down, ashamed, her cheeks turning a soft red, almost completely covered by her coat. Twilight trotted over to Teddy after seeing this response. "Nightmare Moon is dead now. You don't have to fear her anymore.. She's a changed pony." The unicorn signaled for me to stop bowing by putting her hoof under my chin. I didn't comprehend what she said for a few minutes. Nightmare Moon's eyes were...more beautiful then I imagined. "Her name is Princess Luna" she continued. "Call her Princess Luna"

Her eyes were...breath taking. A thought came to me, an old cliche that writers tend to use in romantic books. Being a writer, it came to me too. "Eyes are the windows to the soul". Was her soul as beautiful as her eyes portray? But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. My "beautiful" is different from other's. I would see the Nightmare as beautiful while all of these other blind fools saw her as evil. Is she beautiful in the dark sense or beautiful in the goody-four-hoof sense? Or maybe she's just plain gorgeous. Just thinking about it made his head swim into an almost drunken state.

Luna cocked her head to the side. "Is he allright? He seems...asleep...yet with his eyes agape..."

I straitened my head, which was leaning to the right, and shook myself out of the trance. "Yes. Sorry. I phase out sometimes."

After a long silence, Frank chimed in. "WELL, We wanted to go out for dinner, the three of us, and we were wondering if you would like to join, Teddy. You haven't left the basement for about a week."

"Sure thing" Dinner with my hero. Fantastic! I withheld my excitement expertly, because my dad taught me how to master emotions. Dad. Ugh.

I looked at her lunar breastplate then back to her face. What would she think of the machine I built? Maybe it'll make up for my lack of magical ability. All I can do is levitate, and the things I levitate can't be that heavy. The machine will blow her away for sure. It might even pull the Nightmare back out of her.

"Hang on. I need to get a book before we go. Fluttershy asked me to get it for her" Twilight left Teddy's side and ran through her bookshelves as she rummaged through the plethora of literature.

Luna looked at me quizzically. "So...your name is...Theodore?"

"Tedapple. But ponies call me Teddy." I answered a bit too hastily.

"I see you are a writer. For your cutie mark, I see, is a quill and scroll." Referencing the mark made me turn around a look at it before looking back at the Princess.

"I write every now and then." I then looked over at Frank, who hasn't said a word, staring over at the purple unicorn rummaging through covers, looking like he was debating on helping or not. He was mumbling to himself, probably inattentive to the conversation beside him. Not long afterwards, he galloped over to help Twi find the book, even though he probably had no idea which one he was looking for. "I thought you were Nightmare Moon"

"Please...I'd rather not remember that day." She said, looking down again.

"Nightmare Moon was beautiful" That made her look at me first with confusion, then concern.

"Nightmare Moon was pure evil" she explained. "How can she be beautiful?"

Any cliche writer would expect a response saying "Because the rough edges are beautiful as well" or something. But I wasn't normally cliche... "She wanted eternal night. And the night is beautiful" I said, looking to the sky, which was really the roof of the library. "And Nightmare Moon being beautiful made me automatically assume you were still her. Her idea was just amazing! Darkness could purify Equestria!" Everything around me froze. Oops. Apparently I'm the only pony that sees beauty in the dark alicorn with jealousy riding her soul.

Frank and Twilight just stared at me. "Was it something I said?" I asked. What i said wasn't really that absurd, was it? Frank slowly trotted up to me. "Did you just say that Nightmare Moon should have won? Do you not see all of the good that came out of her defeat? Without the day, things die. Crops can't grow. And that means no food. Vitamin D plummets to nearly zero. Ponies would start to die."

I knew I had to save myself from this...and fast! "I just thought the night was amazing, and that it should last forever. I...didn't really think about the collateral damage. I'm sorry."

Another awkward silence followed. It was broken with Luna stating "M-May we go for the meal?"

"That sounds like a brilliant idea" Twilight states, forgetting about the book she was searching for and walking outside. Frank followed, digging for his wallet. Luna didn't leave right away.

"Who...who are you?" is all she asked.

"Tedapple Dedekker, but ponies call me Teddy"

"That is it? Just a name?"

"Just a name."

She shook her head and walked out, not offering me to follow. I followed, though, thinking 'I am such a moron...'

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