Seven Days

by Rocktavius Dashylight

First published

A psychopathic pony comes to town holding onto an unhealthy obsession with the late Nightmare Moon, but everything is not as it seems.

Having the desire to finish what Nightmare Moon had started, a unicorn by the name of Teddy comes to Ponyville in hopes for his multiple plans. While going behind his newly-made friends' back and building a weapon, he attempts to adjust to a social life. His broken mind gets in the way as he messes up relationships, and his obsession is pushing him more and more to insanity. It seems to be a classic story of a villain trying to overpower the mistress, when the knight in shining armor comes to save the day, but is it?

A New Friend

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'Banished.... Banished! What did I do to deserve this? I must spend eternity on this forsaken moon, all alone, as my friends below pass away before me? This hardly seems just!'

The fury at her sister rose in her throat. She attempted to swallow it just as she did the many years she has been alive, but the bulge was just too great to swallow completely.

'Am I really as evil as my solemn sister made me out to be? Am I, deep down inside, truly jealous of her? Who am I?! Why do I need my sister to define my identity?!'

Her jaw muscles tightened as she stared at the sun in her fury. It was indeed painful, but her anger was too great for her to care about her eyes.

'No! I refuse to believe such lies!'

Her eyes turned black as the hatred inside of her grew. Was this what she was harboring all along? A deep hatred of her sister's day? She could feel the coldness overcome her as she continued to stare enviously and angrily at the sun.

'My night truly is beautiful, yet ponies sleep in it! They don't marvel in it and thrive like they do in my sister's day! It isn't fair! Maybe I should live up to the name Celestia claimed I was, and destroy her 'precious' day!'

Darkness poured out of her eyes as blue armor began forming on her body. She could feel the immense power flowing through her veins, causing her to chuckle in madness. There was no turning back now. Who cares how long it will take, she will get her vengeance! Everything was going just as history states...

But something happened. Something bumped into her back, hitting her to the ground. She turned to try to see what it was.

'A pony! Another pony!' The black left her eyes, back to the beautiful blue they always were. The armor shrunk back down to nonexistence, just as fast as it came. The pony on top of her got off awkwardly in embarrassment and looked at her as she stood back up. She had forgotten how to speak. This wasn't supposed to happen...

The two stared at each other for a good ten minutes.

"Umm...hi" he finally greeted, however mediocre it was.

"Greetings........" She responded, not really sure why this conversation was even taking place. "You...were well?"


Silence. The colt looked like he was deep in thought. He was possibly thinking of the past days of his life and how much of an insignificance it is to him now. Or maybe he was asking the same questions about her. He surely didn't seem like he was expecting this strange meeting to take place. And if he was banished, was he of greater or equal power than she? He was a unicorn, but unicorns have different strengths in their magic based off of their special talent. She couldn't see his cutie mark from this angle, which would have settled nearly everything. His looks were of interest, though. She decided to take note of his physical appearance should she ever need it for the future... If she had a future that is. His coat was the same color as hers, but not as vibrant. Plain, scruffy, black hair rested on his head.

He opened his mouth as if to say something but instantly thought against it.

That's when the realization hit her. She won't suffer being alone as she felt she was doomed to be! She must have been wrong about her sister. She must truly love her if she sent company to dwell in the punishment with her. Overjoyed, she ran over and picked up the comparatively small unicorn and hugged him. At first, he wasn't expecting such an outburst, but soon accepted it and hugged her back. It was very awkward, as though he wasn't really familiar with intimate actions.

The tears of joy poured out uncontrollably from her eyes. This was not how a Princess should act, but she didn't really care. It was just her and him on the moon, surrounded by a sea of nothingness. Who was there to judge the aching couple? She didn't make a noise so he wouldn't know she was crying. It was for joy, but he may mistake it for sadness. "Don't you see?" She told him, "We're not to suffer this banishment alone!" They released the hug, the princess holding him up like a doll. "What be your name?"

"Tedapple Dedekker, but ponies just call me Teddy," the colt responded with a slight hesitation. Little did she know that Teddy was hiding his pain. The more she smiled, the more his heart hurt. It wasn't the fact she was happy that irked him. It was the fact that she was happy, and soon won't be in time. The higher they go, the harder they fall, as they say.

It was the perfect punishment.

"Our name is Princess Luna" she told him as she set him down on the ground.

"Nice to meet you, Princess" he bowed as an act of respect.

"Don't feels rather wrong to act in custom being that we were sent here for breaking such customs." He got up and nodded. "So. What were you sent here for?"

What would be the best way to put this? "Uh...Treason." Hopefully she won't ask too many questions about that... "You?"

"Supposedly trying to bring forth eternal darkness. We don't remember much though. We don't know if we trust our sister's judgment in justice."

'You and me both.' He mumbled before asking a question of his own. "Do you remember any details of your past?"

"Now that you mention it...not really..." And she never will. "How long is your banishment? You are not immortal as I, so surely they wouldn't condemn you to a life sentence."

And there it was. The million bit question. The one who's answer will tear her heart out. She thought she wouldn't have to suffer alone, but him being here is just to taunt her and make everything worse for her. She will have to suffer it alone. He was just a false hope. So, he resorted to a white lie. "They never said." Seven days. That's all he had. After that, he'll be sent away, and Luna would be left alone, ultimately changing into Nightmare Moon and becoming what her sister claimed her to be. For all he knows, he might be the reason she becomes Nightmare Moon! "What about you?" He already knew the answer, but wanted to make conversation.

"We don't really know either. 'Twas forced upon us rather suddenly." she stated, with hopeful eyes. "We are so glad my sister was loving enough to give us company! If not, we would undeniably have drowned in the dark loneliness."

'If you only knew what was brewing back in Canterlot...' He thought to himself. "Ya..." he responded simply.

Seven days with the original version of his crush. The crush that was so far above him he had no hope in going the next step. He was but a lowly villain while this magnificent Princess that stood before him? She was a thing of beauty. And her political stature just makes it all the more impossible. Now his chances have ran away with the same hope she will lose in seven days. Seven days. What can he do in seven days?
(Three weeks before Teddy was banished, over one thousand years after Luna's banishment.)

"Welcome to Ponyville, my friend!" the grey unicorn with a yellow mane greeted me. "I was told by Princess Celestia you needed a home, so I am offering mine. You are welcome to follow me if you wish."

I followed the pony, of course. I mean, a free home! Who wouldn't pass that up? "Name's Frank Einstein." he said.

"Call me Teddy" I replied.

Ahh. Frank Einstein. The well-known mathematician that appeared apparently out of the blue. No record of parents, let alone his existence. Rumor has it he is a unicorn that doesn't fear darkness. I was told he once fought a dragon single hoofedly and returned without a single scratch on him. The dragon thing sounded unlikely, but here in Equestria, weird things tend to happen. He was present at the death of Royal Blue, poor girl, which was one of the most pivotal moments in political history. Never been much for politics. The Frank pony was also known for his heterochromia. One green eye. One blue. And despite the ostensible rumors, it is obvious he has been hit in the face with a bunch of surprises. I may be his last.

Frank trotted to a big tree that contained windows and balconies. I really hope this is not the definition of a mansion in Ponyville... It wasn't until I walked inside the front door that I noticed it was a library. Library. Mansion. Who cares? They're both big. Plenty of room to roam around and set up my...things.

The unicorn in front of me quickly and turned around. "The guest room is to the left. Feel free to make yourself at home. I will be preparing dinner shortly. Would you care for some hay fries and burgers?"

I nodded. Without saying a word, I took my stuff to the specified guest room. His eyes followed my trot until I closed the door behind me, secluding myself. The way I like it. Ponies would consider this rude, but my host did not seem to complain. I pulled the mechanical pencil out of my pocket. I didn't want to risk breaking it as I unpacked, so I set it on the table for now, and took my things out of my bag. My stuff only contained some tools and a few clothes, though. Not much.

I opened my journal to the last page i had written on. There lay a sketch that I drew the day before, one of the many sketches I made throughout the journal of the same pony. Nightmare Moon. The most beautiful creation in the entire universe, gone to waste by means that was unfamiliar to me. If only I could have worked with her, then we would never have failed.

A knock on the door broke me from my thoughts, so I quickly closed my journal and set it down. "Come in" I told the pony who was polite enough as to ask permission to go into a room in a house that they probably own.

The door opened, revealing a purple unicorn mare. I quickly slid the journal onto the floor like a schoolfilly hiding something from her parents. "Are you settling in well?" she asked in a very homey tone.

"Yes, thank you" I responded

"Would you like a tour?" I nodded. Who knows what's in store within a library inside of a tree. Secret rooms. Forbidden books. Anything! I followed her to the massive book shelves with multi-colored literature.

"This is the fiction section, filled with marvelous series such as Daring Do. I have the entire series minus one because a friend checked it out. Here are some books by Randy Alicorn and Franklin Pretty. This is the history section which includes books on the Elements of Harmony, the shadow realm, Fadrealm, and the Princess's lineage. This is the section wit......"

Her ranting about the book nonsense faded from my conscience. 'Those last two books sound interesting.' As I followed the host, whom I wasn't listening to, I kept thinking about those two books.


"....and this goes to our basement. It's more of a laboratory than a--"

I definitely heard that loud and clear. "You have a LAB?!"

She froze at the sudden question before nodding. "Would you mind if I work in there every now and again?" I asked. " I am an inventor and I have never actually been able to have access to a proper lab."

"Be my guest, Teddy."

I grinned. A sincere grin at first, one that would belong to a little foal on Hearths Warming Day. But when she turned away, it morphed to a smirk. Not a mischievous smirk either, but one of pure malice. My mind was twitching to get to work, to scratch the inventive itch. I thought back to my journal... This is going to be almost too easy!


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Teddy looked out to the night sky. Well...technically...this isn't the night, for there is no day. Despite the sun reflecting off of the moon, there was no atmosphere to capture the rays. No atmosphere. Wait...How was he breathing?!

The stars flickered as they always did. "Night" had never been so beautiful. He turned to the princess and looked into her eyes, which reflected the starlight, setting tiny twinkles in her eyes and making them sparkle. Teddy smiled. This truly was paradise, at the same time a nightmare. No pun intended, if that can be considered a pun. He felt like he really was losing his mind, even though he lost it long ago.

"Why art thou staring at us?" Luna asked the unicorn.

He looked away. "I guess I just phased out and you happened to be in the direction I was looking." That was a lame excuse, but it's partially true, right? His mind WAS swallowed by her eyes.

She giggled. "Sure you were, Teddy. Sure you were" Her happy demeanor quickly left as Teddy turned away, biting his lip. "Is something the matter?"

Something indeed was "the matter", but he daren't say. Here he was with the pony he had admired all of his life, but she knows nothing about him. He was but an insect to her. She could never know could she? She would hate him and thus hate herself even more.

"Teddy?" She walked around him to face him, her muzzle close, not as close as he wanted, but too close considering the circumstances. "Is there something you are hiding from us?"

He shook his head. "I was just thinking. All my friends and family. Will I ever see them again?" He had no friends and was practically disowned from his family. Of course, he hated his father with a passion. His mother died when he was young, but his sister...

Her face strung tight across her skull as she put her hooves to it. She broke down right there. A Princess. Crying. Right in front of him. Teddy came up to her, dispite his size difference, and hugged her, letting her cry on his shoulder.... Well...more like his back. 'Nice going Teddy. You made the Princess cry'

"General Notion.......Bubbles.....Cotton Candy....." She was remembering her friends that will be dead when her banishment is over and done with. Teddy began patting her on the back. "...never to be seen again...We didn't even get to say goodbye"

Teddy wasn't much for knowing just what to say to a hurting mare, or for anypony for that matter, but he had to try his hardest. Who else would comfort her? Surely not that rock. Or that one. "You'll make new friends..." was all he could say.

"If we are as evil as my sister made us out to be, how can we possibly expect society to accept me again?" Teddy could feel her getting a tad colder. "My friends knew the truth... They would have been able to tell everypony how I wasn't what my sister made me appear to be..." She paused before asking "Why is it that I forgot about them?"

"Pri--Celestia must of done something to your head," Teddy reasoned, careful not to spoil the future. He's seen the movies.

"What were you going to say? Princess? Is she no longer a Princess?"

Teddy resorted to not responding. That wasn't what he was going to say, but it's good that she thinks she knows. The smile returned to her face. "So she was found out! Oh, thank the stars!"

"Yes...thank the stars" Teddy repeated in a terrible attempt to sound just as excited. He looked back out at the sky. This was nothing like the sky he looked at when he peered out his window at home at it. It was so much more extravagant. Upon looking into the windows on Princess Luna's face, he feels it to be the same.

They sat in eachother's forehooves until they passed out for the "night".
______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ( A few days after Teddy moved in)

I touched the cold, black metal before me. The machine. The invention. The ultimatum. It was about the size of me, but a tad longer. The lazer pointer protruded about a few feet, rings surrounding it at even intervals. The control panel was the only light in the room, illuminating red and green and white light. It caused a nice ambiance for such a dark machine. I threw a blanket over it and pushed it into a closet.

Back to the table I walked, chuckling within myself. There laid a few writing utensils that I then placed in my side pocket. I am a writer, that's what I do. Hehe. I heard the door upstairs open and close just after, so I walked up the basement stairs and greeted them as normal as I could. Well, tried to. I stopped short at what I saw that followed them.

"Teddy, this is Princess Luna." Mr. Einstein introduced.

"N-n-nightmare moon!!!" I couldn't believe it! Nightmare Moon standing right in front of me! I was thrilled beyond belief! I instantly bowed before the most amazing being in the entire universe. Nightmare Moon! Salvation!

Luna looked down, ashamed, her cheeks turning a soft red, almost completely covered by her coat. Twilight trotted over to Teddy after seeing this response. "Nightmare Moon is dead now. You don't have to fear her anymore.. She's a changed pony." The unicorn signaled for me to stop bowing by putting her hoof under my chin. I didn't comprehend what she said for a few minutes. Nightmare Moon's eyes were...more beautiful then I imagined. "Her name is Princess Luna" she continued. "Call her Princess Luna"

Her eyes were...breath taking. A thought came to me, an old cliche that writers tend to use in romantic books. Being a writer, it came to me too. "Eyes are the windows to the soul". Was her soul as beautiful as her eyes portray? But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. My "beautiful" is different from other's. I would see the Nightmare as beautiful while all of these other blind fools saw her as evil. Is she beautiful in the dark sense or beautiful in the goody-four-hoof sense? Or maybe she's just plain gorgeous. Just thinking about it made his head swim into an almost drunken state.

Luna cocked her head to the side. "Is he allright? He seems...asleep...yet with his eyes agape..."

I straitened my head, which was leaning to the right, and shook myself out of the trance. "Yes. Sorry. I phase out sometimes."

After a long silence, Frank chimed in. "WELL, We wanted to go out for dinner, the three of us, and we were wondering if you would like to join, Teddy. You haven't left the basement for about a week."

"Sure thing" Dinner with my hero. Fantastic! I withheld my excitement expertly, because my dad taught me how to master emotions. Dad. Ugh.

I looked at her lunar breastplate then back to her face. What would she think of the machine I built? Maybe it'll make up for my lack of magical ability. All I can do is levitate, and the things I levitate can't be that heavy. The machine will blow her away for sure. It might even pull the Nightmare back out of her.

"Hang on. I need to get a book before we go. Fluttershy asked me to get it for her" Twilight left Teddy's side and ran through her bookshelves as she rummaged through the plethora of literature.

Luna looked at me quizzically. "So...your name is...Theodore?"

"Tedapple. But ponies call me Teddy." I answered a bit too hastily.

"I see you are a writer. For your cutie mark, I see, is a quill and scroll." Referencing the mark made me turn around a look at it before looking back at the Princess.

"I write every now and then." I then looked over at Frank, who hasn't said a word, staring over at the purple unicorn rummaging through covers, looking like he was debating on helping or not. He was mumbling to himself, probably inattentive to the conversation beside him. Not long afterwards, he galloped over to help Twi find the book, even though he probably had no idea which one he was looking for. "I thought you were Nightmare Moon"

"Please...I'd rather not remember that day." She said, looking down again.

"Nightmare Moon was beautiful" That made her look at me first with confusion, then concern.

"Nightmare Moon was pure evil" she explained. "How can she be beautiful?"

Any cliche writer would expect a response saying "Because the rough edges are beautiful as well" or something. But I wasn't normally cliche... "She wanted eternal night. And the night is beautiful" I said, looking to the sky, which was really the roof of the library. "And Nightmare Moon being beautiful made me automatically assume you were still her. Her idea was just amazing! Darkness could purify Equestria!" Everything around me froze. Oops. Apparently I'm the only pony that sees beauty in the dark alicorn with jealousy riding her soul.

Frank and Twilight just stared at me. "Was it something I said?" I asked. What i said wasn't really that absurd, was it? Frank slowly trotted up to me. "Did you just say that Nightmare Moon should have won? Do you not see all of the good that came out of her defeat? Without the day, things die. Crops can't grow. And that means no food. Vitamin D plummets to nearly zero. Ponies would start to die."

I knew I had to save myself from this...and fast! "I just thought the night was amazing, and that it should last forever. I...didn't really think about the collateral damage. I'm sorry."

Another awkward silence followed. It was broken with Luna stating "M-May we go for the meal?"

"That sounds like a brilliant idea" Twilight states, forgetting about the book she was searching for and walking outside. Frank followed, digging for his wallet. Luna didn't leave right away.

"Who...who are you?" is all she asked.

"Tedapple Dedekker, but ponies call me Teddy"

"That is it? Just a name?"

"Just a name."

She shook her head and walked out, not offering me to follow. I followed, though, thinking 'I am such a moron...'

A Dinner With Royalty

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"...and then Twi said 'We don't have those books'" Everypony at the table started laughing besides Twilight.

"It was an honest mistake" Twilight claimed in defense. "It's not my fault bookworms are trolled so easily."

"But I love you for your bookworm-ness" Frank said, giving her a kiss.

The princess put her hooves under her chin "It's always adoring witnessing two who are meant for eachother show their emotions." Luna commented.

I nodded in agreement. "Yes, it is."

"Teddy," Frank finally acknowledged the newcomer. "What was that you were saying in the library?"

"I said a lot of things in the library. Are you talking about when I said you should get a pet fish, or when I was attacked by Owl-delicious--"

"Owlicious" the three corrected in unison.

"When the owl attacked me and I said--"

"It'd be best not to repeat in front of Princess Luna" Twilight said.

"Teddy, you know what I'm talking about. The thing about Nightmare Moon. When you said, 'Darkness could purify Equestria'" Frank pressed.

"Well," I explained, "Nightmare Moon has always been my role model. And I've always loved the night. Light burns the eyes while darkness casts the shade, protection."

"Nightmare Moon was evil" Luna said once more. "Please tell us how you see that as admiring."

"It's not that. It's the fact that she never gave up. She was destroyed, but she still held firm"

"But what about Twilight and her friends? They didn't give up either, and they saved me"

"I was never aware that she was destroyed by ponies. I thought it was a natural occurrence. I'm sure the heroes were brave and persistent as their foe."

Twilight jumped in. "That was announced all over Equestria. We had a party and everything! Unless you live under a rock, you couldn't have missed it!"

His lack of response was conspicuous.

Frank changed the subject. "How far have you two gotten in the designated book for our book club. Deception by Randy Alicorn?"

"I finished it," Twi started. "Don't you find it odd how Don--"

"Don't spoil it!!!" objected Frank. "And stop reading ahead of everypony else. It's not fair."

"It was a good book" Twilight explained.

Luna said, "I have gotten to page 197. 'Tis difficult to read with my pile of responsibilities"

"I'm on 354. Where we were supposed to be."

"I'm on page 501" Twilight told them.

"There is no 501."


"Stop rubbing it in." As Frank said this, he gave Twilight a short scruff of her mane.

"Mess up my hair one more time..." She scolded, trying to fix it without her brush.

"You can mess up my hair"

"Your hair is always messy"

"Don't tell me that! My future self will know something my past self didn't, thus creating a paradox and ripping the very fabric of reality!"

"You're such a nerd" Twily said.

The rest of the conversations slipped from my hearing. I just let Nightmare Moon take my mind away.

I started listening again when Nightmare started cleaning up her plate. "I'm sorry, but I must be off. Many royal duties to fulfill." Luna told them, throwing away her food wrappings and finishing her drink.

Frank and Twilight thanked her for joining. Nightmare turned away, but just before she took off, I spoke.

"Your eyes are like juicy watermelons painted blue" I said out of nowhere, awed

Luna stopped, and looked at me. She opened her mouth, about to say something, but flew away instead.

Frank nudged me out of my trance again. "You're really losing it, kid."

I nodded. "Pretty much"

Frank's look of concern was the last thing I saw before I phased out to my thoughts again.

The two love birds talked and I just sat there. It was a very long time before I actually started listening again. Both spoke about their amazing brothers. The brothers watched out for them, they said. Loved them. Protected them. "What about you, Teddy?" Frank asked.

"Huh? I don't know. I don't have any brothers"

"Only child then? I'm sure you had fun." I didn't answer.

"So. When's Nightma--Luna coming back?" I threw in

"You can see the Princess by yourself. We see her every week." Twilight answered.

I wanted to see the Princess again. Soon. I stopped listening to the rest of their nonsense chatter until the dinner was over.
"Your eyes are like juicy watermelons painted blue" Princess Luna looked at the non-blinking weirdo for a bit. She almost was going to ask what he meant by that, but thought differently. She flew away toward the castle.

Pegasi sharing her airspace either landed out of fear or respect. The Pegasus known for her wall eyes flew by, smiling cheerfully at her. The poor mare ran into a cart and knocked over a bunch of fruit, getting an earful from the owner. Luna saw the expression on Derpy's face and felt sorry for her. The fruit stand was suddenly lifted by a royal blue aura and set back as it was. Derpy flew away, not knowing what happened, but at least she was happy again. Luna eventually flew through her room window.

"I've been waiting for you" came the familiar, soothing male voice.

"Greatings, TJ." Luna replied, as she trotted to her bed and took off her shoes. TJ, or Thigil Jacobs, sat down next to her, kissing her passionately on the lips. Luna kissed back. There was nopony she loved more than the white alicorn before her. His red mane clashed beautifully against his coat, but matched the eyes to complete his breathtaking appearance.

"Did you have fun with your friends today?" TJ asked.

"Quite. They are housing this other pony...Teddy. He say the least. I think he may favor me, in an extreme fashion."

Thigil nuzzled her. "But nopony loves you as I." He was holding a ring in front of her face. She didn't really notice it until he said "Which is why I ask you to marry me"

The ring gleamed, reflecting the solar rays in a prism of colors. It was the most beautiful ring Luna has ever seen, impossibly beautiful.

Luna's face went from pale to red. It was barely noticeable, of course, due to the darkness of the coat. She laughed in pure happiness as she hugged the alicorn. "Of course!"

Never has anypony accepted her THIS much despite her past. Thigil was the one. Her true love. Thigil was the one perfect diamond, just like the diamond shining the prism in her eyes.

During the hug, a notebook was raised in a golden aura, behind Luna. A pen floated up as it wrote "Take care of Teddy" and it was set down. She didn't notice.

The two kissed passionately once more.

Then Luna woke up. When did she fall asleep? Was that all a dream? She looked back and forth. No TJ. The Princess sighed as she sat up from her bed.

Does Teddy even exist then? Or was he part of the dream? If it was a dream... TJ was definitly real, for a fact. Maybe Teddy was a symbol for something? Something she has overlooked?

Maybe this is just what she hopes to happen. Maybe. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
What if he saw her only on the scheduled weekday that his hosts set up rather than going himself? The planet would be covered in darkness. He would be the new king cheese in town. And Luna would have fallen under the spell of the TRUE villain. But of course, he went to see her, and none of that happened.

And look where he is now.

He heard Luna squirm in her sleep. He had gotten up about an hour earlier, remembering how he met her.

"" Teddy tried to find the right word.

"Good Night, Ted. How did you sleep?"

"Good I guess." She smiled. He smiled back. "What about you?"

"We slept well."

"Day" 2 of banishment. Teddy wouldn't have known that if it weren't for his watch. They slept through most of yesterday. Of course, he really needed it, due to the lack of sleep down on Equestrian soil.

Teddy bit his lip. He wants to say something, but he shouldn't. Not yet. It's not the right time.

Luna nuzzled him out of nowhere. Or was that his imagination? Her face got as close as it did the day before. "Do you want to learn how to move the stars as we have done for many years?"

That was...absurd! Only she and her sister can move the night! Not only that, he was very weak in magic, even for a normal unicorn. Even if she could teach him, it would never work. "I'm not...very powerful in magic..." Teddy replied. He lifted up a rock with his telekenesis, and it fell 10 seconds later in a flickering aura. Teddy sighed. "See?"

"On the contrary. We sense strong magic within you. You must unlock it."

"" He was afraid to access his magical potential after she said it that way.

"We sense fear. There is nothing to fear, little one. If you learn the way to harness your power, you may do great things"

"May" is right. You can also do great evil. "True... But..."

"I'd like to teach you. We have an eternity, so why not try?"

"Sounds fun" 'Shes my mentor. The pony I love teaching me magic that won't matter in 5 days anyway, but just the fact it's happening is making me happy!' He gleamed.

"Let us start right away!" Luna insisted.

Moments later, Teddy gasped heavily for breath. "I can't do it..." He squeaked. The sweat on his brow was obvious.

"You can do it Teddy! We believe in you!" Luna pushed on.

Teddy grunted before giving his task one last shot. The rock that is about the size of him was lifted centimeters before hitting the ground again. Teddy collapsed along with it

Luna trotted over to him, nosing him. "You will achieve this feat.. We assure you." Teddy smiled up at her and allowed her to aid him. She pushed him up using her muzzle as a lever under his chin.

"Luna...I don't need magic to do good."

"We are aware, Teddy. It is just that you are letting yourself down. You're not allowing yourself to get to your full potential."

Teddy looked into her eyes. Her eyes just smiled at him. They reflected more starlight then the Luna of the future, or his past, poor mare. "I...I..."

"It's fine to be scared. This is all new to you" She was staring directly back into his irises. Teddy's heart was on the verge of melting.

"Maybe learning magic wasn't the best idea," he said "I'd rather just spend time with you. We don't have much time, so I'd like to use it well."

"Are you suggesting these eternity will pass so quickly because you will be having fun with us?" That's not at all what he meant...sort of. He agreed with the statement, yes, but he was in the thought process of the seven days. Teddy really needs to watch what he says.

"Of course! I've never had as much fun as being with you"

She smiled. "You are so kind. The kindest we've known. Would you like to rule with us after the banishment has surpassed? Well...if Celestia finds it fit for me to rule once more."


Her eyes made her reaction apparent. "But....why?"

"I'm not a leader. I won't be fit to be your prince."

She slid closer to him. "We can help you. We can figure something out..."

Teddy felt the tears in his eyes but tried not to let them out. " time is limited. I'm mortal. You're immortal. I..."

The realization hit Luna like a sledge hammer to the face. "You...can't survive the banishment... Moreover ruling by my side..."


"This isn't your fault, Teddy. I'm sure there has to be a way to fix this. I will fix this!"

I? What happened to the royal "we"?

'There has to be a spell or something...' Luna thought, desperately.

Teddy couldn't hold back his pain any longer and his face exploded with the salty fluid. This is worse then he would ever had guessed. She wants him to be king, wanting to help him as much as she can. But she can't fix the problem set before them. Teddy had 5 and a half more days to live. 6 days until Luna is overcome by her inner beast.

When Teddy left his thoughts, he realized he was in Luna's forehooves. She held him close to her, his head resting on her chest. "I will protect you, Teddy. As you would protect me." That caused another gush of tears. Luna continued to hold him close to her heart, letting him know he wasn't alone.

After about 20 minutes, Teddy fell asleep in her grasp. Luna slowly laid down, keeping him close to her side. The princess placed her wing over him as a blanket, and tried to make him comfortable. She took off his watch so it didn't get broken in his sleep. Her horn glowed and grabbed the watch in its power.

A line was exposed as she removed the watch. A scar. The sliver on his left hoof went all the way around it. She would have to ask him about that...

"Goodnight Teddy bear" She laid her head down next to him, wing still extended over his body. "I love you..."

She knew he couldn't hear, but she felt good saying it nonetheless.

As her eyes closed, the whisper inside of her head spoke yet again. "The night will last forever...."

It is everlasting night here. Hopefully that won't strengthen the whisper to a yell...
"Dad? Where are you going?"

The black pony with the red eye left the house responding, "Business." He closed and locked the door behind him. He looked through the dark forest in his excitement. Teddy was going to die in 5 days. He couldn't wait. He needed another dose of death to keep him alive until then.

The Timberwolf didn't see it coming.

Pancake Plans

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It was Friday. One day after I first met Nightmare Moon. I was tweaking the machine, determined to capture her heart. Nightmare Moon was somewhere in that princess. I just knew it. Once eternal darkness has fallen, she would run to me and ask to join me in the dictatorship. I will, of course, oblige.

But is her being Nightmare Moon the real thing attracting me to her?

I checked out my mechanical pencil, making sure it wasn't broken, and smirked. I placed it back on the table, setting a clicky pen beside it. I trotted out of the lab just when the door to the house opened. Frank walked in. "Morning Ted. Have you eaten breakfast yet? Hopefully Twilight didn't burn the pancakes again."

"Hey! I heard that" The padding of hooves in slippers came from the direction of the kitchen. Twilight stood there in her messy apron. "Let me inform you that my pancakes are quite the delicacy!"

"Did somebody say pancakes?" The door opened once more, exposing a royal blue Pegasus.

"Hey bro!" Frank hoof-bumped the Pegasus. "Haven't seen you in a while." The Pegasus trotted inside after Frank welcomed him in.

"How has Rainbow been?" Twi asked, picking the spatula up once more.

"After that invitation to the Academy, I haven't seen her in a while." The Pegasus answered.

I cleared my throat. I didn't like being ignored.

"Oh. Teddy. This is William Penn. I think the two of you will get along well. He's also a writer, like you." Frank introduced.

"Hi" I greeted.

"Hiya" Will then looked around. "Outnumbered by unicorns again?!"

"Unicorns are the best!" Frank challenged.





"GUYS!" Twi interjected.

"What? We're just having a little fun," Frank told her, turning around toward the kitchen. "Join us for breakfast, Will"

"I already had breakfast. I was just popping by. Anyway. I hope to see you again Ted-- Where'd he go?"

The remaining two unicorns turned around as one. "Teddy?!" They called.

The toilet flushed and the three laughed at their silliness. "Anywho. I better be off." Will bid his farewell and walked back out from where he came from.

I returned to the scene and Twi turned back, once again, to the stove. Her cookbook sat in front of her face in her magic. "Twi saw the cookbook and thought she could cook something up." Frank explained. "Celestia help us if the pancakes aren't even worthy to be sentenced to the moon" Instantly after he said that, a spatula flew through the air, striking his face, leaving a bit of batter on his cheek. "I love you, honey." He called to her

"Pancakes are ready" The golden-brown breakfast was as fluffy as could be, a sliver of butter sat atop them, sliding slightly as the syrup slowed down the melting process. One bite and Frank complimented her for a job well done.

I, on the other hoof, wasn't hungry. I ate half of the pancake and left the rest on the plate. The baby dragon was happy to eat mine.

Baby dragon? I hadn't seen him before.

"Are you a dragon?" I asked curiously.

"Yep. I'm Spike"

"Hello Spike. I'm Teddy" The baby dragon smiled at me. "Are you like Twilight's watchdog?"

And then the smile dropped. "No! IIIIII'm Twilight's number one assistant!" He said it proudly, pointing to himself.

"Oh, sorry." He smiled again. "I'm sure you're a great assistant, Sport"

"Sport. I like that. But it's Spike, not Sport. You can call me Sport if you want to, I guess." He mumbled something about a rarity and excused himself from the table.

"Nice kid you got there" I told Twilight.

"Yeah. I couldn't get anything done without him"

"Where'd Frank disappear to?"

"Oh. He teaches at Ponyville High. You would know that if you wouldn't hermit yourself in the basement."

"Just when he thought school was over..."

She didn't respond to that statement. "You know what? I'm going to take you out. You haven't really seen much of Ponyville. I'm surprised you even know what a pony looks like. "

I took her plate, Spike's, and mine, and placed them in the sink for her. "Let's get to it."

This was a side of me I never knew. I wasn't lying, plotting, or thinking evil thoughts. No, I was socializing. Nopony has been this kind to me before. I felt like returning the favor. Maybe I should even call the whole eternal night thing off. No. No. I have to win Nightmare Moon's heart. Who cares how it will affect others. My love is Nightmare Moon, not these other lives that have no reason to live. But until then, I can be nice. I guess.

Twilight opened the door and we both trotted outside. "Spiiiike! Watch the library when I'm gone"

"Yes, Twi" came the voice from upstairs.

"So he IS like your watchdog." The look on her face told me to shut up.
The red eyed pony slouched down in the grove of the trees. Clear. Prism should be here any minute to tell of the progress with destroying Teddy. They both had the same goal, although for separate reasons.

A red alicorn jumped from the trees. Prince Red Moon? Where was Prism? "King Prism sent me to give you a message"

"Next time, he should talk to my face and not send his precious prince." He spit on the Prince's face with those last two words.

"You must not question King Prism's tactics, Redeye."

Redeye gave a little laugh. "I can do what I want, Reddy"

"I'm not to intervene in what goes on between you two" Red Moon objected.

"Oh. And being a messenger isn't intervening a bit."

Red Moon ignored the snotty comment. "Teddy is on the moon with Luna. The perfect torture for both of them. We are changing history as we spe--."

"Eh. I could have done better" Redeye interrupted. "Carry on"

"When the moon goes from half to new, he will be executed by the guillotine."

"Excellent. I will be there." He was about to leave before he thought about something. "Teddy is a unicorn. He can escape an execution very easily"

"He isn't very magically inclined, but Lord Prism will take his magical ability completely away."

"Removing the horn, I presume. Perfect."

"Yes. Lord Prism thinks of everything."

"I will check on our little prisoners at the late of today." He smirked up at the red pony. "Now run along back to your little kingy before you burn the forest down." He nodded and flew away.

It took every ounce of strength to prevent him from killing Red. The alicorn had two red eyes, just like Eval, his father. The only reason he helps Prism is because he has the ability to get rid of Teddy. After that, he's going down. Six feet under the bloody ground.

Funny. He heard that Celestia gave the order for Teddy's execution. But ol' Reddy said Prism did. The image of the King aiming a gun at Celestia's head gave him the feeling of excitement. And jealousy. He should be the one threatening the great princess with a bullet.

But wouldn't Thigil stop Prism if he knew about all of this? Red was the only one who knew about Thigil and Luna's affair. He half-hopes Thigil will take Prism down. Less work for him. But a lot less fun...

Redeye threw a knife and it ripped through the air, striking a squirrel trying to scurry up a tree. It gave one last squeak before laying limp against the tree in its own blood. Oooh! Dinner!
Teddy slept well that night. He was nice and warm, unlike the night before. He didn't want to open his eyes, yet couldn't wait to open them. He was so tired, but he has to spend as much time with Luna as possible. Maybe he can stop Nightmare Moon from ever existing.

But that would change time and everything after it will collapse. Is that such a good idea?

He would have never have got to know Luna. He wouldn't be here on the moon with her TO stop it. It would create a paradox. Twi and her friends would have never have strengthened their friendship, and Twi would go back to Canterlot, never to meet Frank and defeat Midnight.

But Luna would live with eternal guilt at what she had done. Something that wasn't even her fault.

Teddy slowly opened his eyes. The wing of the Princess was still on top of him, pulling him close to her. She was still sound asleep.

Ted's cheeks turned a different shade. If only these moments could last forever.

As Luna slept back all of those night she lost sleep, Teddy scooted closer to her, hugging her side almost. Her body heat warmed his immensely. She doesn't even mind that he is that close. She trusts him completely. Which, in a way, isn't good. He's been lying to her. About nearly everything.

Teddy had stopped crying an hour ago. Luna was still snoozing away at day three. The first two days felt wasted, and he didn't know why. If only they could play checkers or chess or something.

For some strange reason his dreams have been the memories of how this all came to be. The next part in that misadventure that has yet to come still hung as a burden in his heart.

His eyes dilated when he noticed his watch was off, exposing his scar. He looked up at Luna in fear. Maybe she didn't see it. It was actually his father's doing; Teddy was punished for not looking like him. It is what stole most of his magical ability.

Teddy replaced his watch quickly, as if the scar was a sacred note that could be seen by anyone. He can't let her know now. It's too soon.

Luna stood up suddenly, throwing Teddy backwards and causing his head to hit a rock, hard. She was screaming something about nightmares, blood and death. The last thing he saw was the blood leaking from his head as his vision faded.

"Teddy! HELP!" Luna cried.

And that faded also.

Heroism Doesn't Taste Like Snozberries

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Half of me felt like my land lord--Wait...she's not my landlord. I'm not paying to stay... So... Host. Yes. Half of me felt like my host was forcing the socialism on me, but the other half of me felt like I wanted this. She didn't know about the two books I had "checked out", and I was currently carrying around in my bag. The book on Fadrealm and the Princesses' Lineage. Two completely unrelated books that interested me for no reason whatsoever.

And with that I started conversation. "What do you know about Fadrealm?"

The question seemed to throw my host off guard. " do you ask?" I simply just stared at her.

I didn't really think about a reason before now. "I am a writer. That's what I do." Hopefully that implies a reason...

"This doesn't have to do with that Nightmare Moon spaz, does it?"

"Nononononononono. I was just wondering if it was some sort of mythology. I have been trying to write a new story" Truth is, I haven't wrote a story in ages.

"Well, Fadrealm is a world of creatures that we call Marenites. If you want to understand more I have the book in my library, but other than that book any other information is restricted access."

"Restricted? Why is that?" I knew this was pushing it, but according to the book Fadrealm was a world of 100% darkness. I would need to have some connection to it in order to power my machine.

"It is restricted because it must be. I do not want to go into it." Her intensity of that statement signaled me to back off, but the conversation wasn't over yet. "I just noticed you were wearing your saddle bags. Why?"

I didn't have time to answer, for I was knocked down completely by an unseen force. When my vision returned to me, I was staring up into the face of a very pink pony with the stupidest smile on her face. "It's about time you got out of the house!" The mare spoke in a very bubbly voice... "And I thought Twilight needed to get out more. I haven't even had the chance to throw you a welcome to Ponyville party! I don't even know your birthday! I don't even know your name!"

"Please...get off of me" I grumbled. She did some sort of twisted back-flip thing that would be considered impossible if you believed physics existed, which I do.

"My name is Pinkie Pie. Twilight has told me allll about you! Like your mane color! And that's about it! Isn't that amazing?"

"Yeah...fantastic. Call me Teddy."

A very soft voice came from behind me. "Well...that's a very cute and...not" I didn't expect somepony to be behind me, so I jumped giving a slight yell, thus returning a squeak from the now visible yellow pegasus. "I-I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...frighten you..." She said in her own frightened voice.

Before I could respond, a party horn was popped in my mouth and a party hat slapped on my head. "Come on! I need to gather all of Ponyville for your party!" I sighed, causing the noise maker to make the breeeeeeeeh noise. "That's the spirit!"

Twilight giggled softly before levitating the party favor out of my mouth. "Teddy, this is Fluttershy, and this is Pinkie Pie. They are two of my friends." Pinkie was rocking in glee while Fluttershy was looking down at the ground, still feeling like she was at fault for the jump-scare.

Something about her kindness made me feel compassion. This feeling was rather new...for I was normally detached. I was bad with words as well, so I simply levitated my party hat atop her head. Maybe that would make her understand that she was forgiven.

Twilight chimed in. "So what are you two doing out today?"

"We're being those little piggies that went to the market! Doesn't that sound like fun?!" Pinkie yelled while doing this hopping jig.

"I needed to get some salad leaves." Fluttershy answered.

"DON'T FORGET THE PEACHES!" It looked as if Pinkie thought it was the end of the world.

"Oh, yes. Aspen asked if I could get peaches. I nearly forgot. I hope he forgives me."

Twilight smiled. "How does he like the book?"

"Oh, the magic book? I think he enjoys it... Thank you again for letting me borrow it. I hope it's not too much of a burden."

I grumbled, "Isn't that the point of a library?" Luckily, she didn't hear me. I could already hear "Oh, I'm such an idiot" but with some kind of different wording. How can one put themselves down so much yet using such nice terms? Baffling.

"Darkness shall rise--"

Everypony stopped and looked at Pinkie, who was now reading out of a book.

"--My creatures shall come--"

Twilight put a hoof out trying to say "Pinkie....what are you doing?" But Pinkie talked right over her.

"--For this is my prize--"

After that third line, despite how quick everything was going, I finally recognized the poem. My dad used to recite this poem a lot...

"--For now I can roam!" Pinkie giggled. "That made no sense!"

It was a bad time to realize the books that were in my bag were now splayed on the ground. It was also bad timing that Twilight realized what book Pinkie was reading out of. The air right above us tore as if a rift were formed in time and space. Some black pony-looking creatures fell through randomly as if they just wandered through. The rift closed after about five fell through. Twilight seemed to know exactly what was going on and got into a battle-like stance, charging some kind of spell.

I didn't really know what to do. That was the link to Fadrealm! All I would have to do is program that into my machine!

I was so blinded by the future I didn't think about the fact we were being attacked right now.

The black pony-like creatures stared at us, screeching in a bug-like screech. They didn't have a normal snout either. They were like a spider's mouth. Fluttershy was already shaking in her horse shoes, petrified in fear. Pinkie was completely oblivious to the danger and called to them "Hai!"

Twilight released the spell. The magic hit the creatures and simply scattered. "My magic won't work on them!" Twilight said in a tone of panic.

"What are they?" I asked


I knew that poem sounded familiar. My father told me about these creatures. Purely animal, but very dangerous. I used my telekinesis to grab the mechanical pencil I've been so ever careful with. The creatures began moving closer, and I was ready to fight...but I stopped. They can't know what my gadgets did! I would be found out! I looked back at the three ponies. The panicking purple pony, the waving wild wacko, and the positively petrified Pegasus. Wow brain. Really? They were just too innocent for me to simply let them get hurt.

I pushed the top of the pencil with my hoof and threw it in the air. The pencil spun around as it transformed into a sword. I caught the handle in my mouth, already in mid air. I landed on the closest Marenite's head, knocking him out for now. Another lunged at me, in which I simply turned the sword to block it. It bit the sword, letting go seconds later screeching. I grabbed a couple white erasers from my bag and threw it at him, sticking the assaulter to a wall with a web-like substance.

I did a backflip, dodging the charge that was going on while I took care of its brother. In mid air, I threw my sword at it, impaling the creature through the neck and dropping it to the floor. I landed, the final two glaring at me. One spread its wings and took to the air while the other charged at me with it's spider-mouth wide open. I stomped on the edge of the book that was at my hooves, causing it to flip through the air. I turned around really fast and bucked the book during its fall, causing the book to rocket into the creature's face.

I saw the last creature in turning around. It was diving from the sky toward Twilight. I grabbed the sword from the creature's neck while I began running to the unicorn, who was now backing up staring up at the incoming assailant. I threw the sword at the creature, but my aim still needs work. It merely nicked his wing.

Twilight did a tactical dodge roll just as the creature smashed into the ground. After getting to her hooves, she fell again, feeling a sharp pain in her leg.

I finally got there, and I saw the bite mark on her hoof. What? Was there a sixth? Her eyes fluttered closed, and I knew I must work fast.

I yanked out my blue colored pencil and broke it. A blue mist floated from the halves, and I moved it to let Twilight inhale it. She did, and I was relieved. I wasn't too late.

"Well that wasn't very nice" I heard the bubble voice scold. I turned to look at her, assuming she was talking about the five goons, but I saw her glaring at me.

"You do realize those creatures you released were attacking us, right?"

"Attacking us? It looked like you were attacking them!"

"Just shutup so I can send them back!" I grabbed the book and flipped through the pages. I knew there was one word. One very secret, sacred word that must be said by the caster in order to send them back. Ah. Here it is. Now to get Pinkie to say it... "Hey Pinkie, can you sa--"

"I'm not going to do anything you say, meanie."

"Those things attacked Twilight! Look!"

She wasn't looking. Stubborn little...

"Um...Pinkie..." Fluttershy spoke very gently. "Maybe y-you should listen to him..."

"Why? Because he has weapons?"

"No...I just think--"

"What's your name again?" I asked, getting an idea.

"It's Pinkie Pie! I told you already!"


"Pinkie Pie!"

"Derple Ferrrr?"


"Ah! Snarflebit!"

"Oh, Nevermind!" Just as she said that she covered her mouth. The five Marenites suddenly vanished and Twilight gasped into consciousness. Fluttershy and I instantly reacted in rushing to help her up. As we were doing this, I looked back to see that Pinkie had disappeared. Fantastic. Now how will we know the reason behind her sudden turn?

Twilight finally regained her footing with the help of Fluttershy and I, and she asked the question I was fully expecting. "Are my books ok?" Ya know? Scratch that. I was NOT expecting that.

"They're fine, Twilight," Fluttershy responded very gently. "We just wanted to know if you were ok. You just fell down out of nowhere." Ah. She must not want to worry Twilight about the bite that actually took her out. Fluttershy looked back as if she were expecting Pinkie Pie to say something, but of course, she wasn't there. She didn't say anything about it, though.

I guess I will have to bring this part up. "Yeah, Pinks vanished when we were helping Twilight."

Fluttershy looked at me as if I were crazy. "Pinks? As in Pinkie Pie? I don't remember seeing her here."

Ok...what? "She was with you when you told us you were getting peaches or something..."

"Peaches! Oh dear, I almost forgot! I hope Aspen isn't mad at me."

Twilight smiled. "Oh, so your friend is back in town? How is he?"

"He wanted me to thank you for that book you let me borrow. I hope it wasn't too much trouble."

Didn't they just have this conversation? "Twilight, you already asked about Aspirin"

Twilight shook her head. "It's Aspen, and I'm fairly sure this is the first time I asked."

Finally speaking up apparently reminded Fluttershy about something. She got awfully close to me giving a glare that sent shivers down my spine. "And next time somepony falls down, don't just stand there! I don't appreciate the fact that you weren't looking after one of my friends."

But she didn't fall down! And I helped her up too! She was bitten... I looked down at the hoof that was bitten just to find that there was no bite mark at all.

Twilight spoke before I could respond. "It's alright, Fluttershy. He tends to phase out. I believe it is some sort of reality disassociation disorder or something." That made Flutters back down a bit, but she was still giving me a glare.

Had I imagined the whole thing? I looked into my saddle bag. Both books were in there. But how? A few seconds ago they were splayed on the ground, and when Twilight woke she asked if her books were ok. I finally got a taste of what it was like to be a hero, and other ponies saw me do it. IT tasted kind of like snozberries. No, wait, that makes no sense. Oranges. Yes. Oranges. But now it seems that none of it actually happened? Why? That hardly seems fair... Does this mean that I just want to be a hero, so I daydreamed or something? I don't understand...

As I beat my head trying to figure out what happened, I hadn't realized that I was now alone. When I did, though, I called their names. "Fluttershy? Twilight?" No response. My first thought was The Marenites got them! After a few more seconds, I reasoned that the Marenite debunkle didn't really happen and they probably left me here alone. So in that, I started to trot back home.

On the way, the latter thought was confirmed. I saw the two mares having a good old conversation at the restaurant. I didn't stop by. I continued my trek to my home. Maybe when Frank gets back from school...No, He just had to be a teacher, didn't he? Anyway, maybe he can help me figure this whole thing out.

It was still a while before I made it to the library, so I picked a random book from my bag and flipped it to a random page.

Locked deep inside the Everfree Forest, Prism was sentenced. 500 years ago Prism tried to take Celestia down, but was unable, thus sentencing him to the Everfree. A magical, invisible field surrounded it. There was a way out, but he had to search for it. It is said the answer is in the ancient books, but the only problem is there were no books in the Everfree. There were only monsters and beasts.

One day, about 53 years ago, a female Pegasus trotted into the forest. The motive was unknown, but she didn't know exactly what she was trotting into either. "Hello?" she called, her voice emitting fear.

According to records, this white-maned Pegasus is the mother of the well-renounced Rainbow Dash, who was able to preform the Sonic Rainboom to rescue a contestant as well as the Wonderbolts, and the mother was probably around the same age too at the time.

Prism saw her coming toward him and he grabbed her. "HEY! LET ME GO!"

Prism, driven mad by the isolation, bubbled back "Come wiff me durrie. Come pway wiff meee" He tried to use his magic to trap her with him, but it backfired and sent a white beam into both of their faces. The mare bucked him back and ran, realizing her mane was rapidly changing colors. It finally settled at a rainbow pattern.

Prism held his face, his eyes turning blood red. He wobbled around like a drunkard, then suddenly his horn glowed bright. Seven bright silhouettes formed a semi circle around him. One red, one orange, one yellow, one blue, one green, and two purple-ish ones. The colors finally settled into seven Alicorns, all with corresponding colors.

An army. He was a King!

The red one was the first to bow and the others followed. All of them were male besides two, the blue one and the purple one. Prism trotted to the red one. "I dub you Prince Red Moon." He then named the others. "Sunset, Sunshine, Nate Shore, Beta Blue, Midnight Blue, Ultra Violent"

Prism finally became a king. And he was planning a rebellion against Equestria.

We have no more records, for the subject vanished soon afterwards.

I closed the book. O...k then. Why did I read that, again?

I went down into the basement, where my machine was. Filled with anger, I ripped off the sheet and opened the book. I programmed the spell into the machine and put necessary restrictions. I didn't care about the heroism since nopony knows about it. I may as well continue with my plan... I stalled a bit, trying to remember what I was doing, then picked up the clicky pen I had set up a while back. I stuck it inside the machine for it to charge and galloped to my diagram. I drew a huge line through the design and threw it to the side. I needed a new angle... Nightmare Moon was not getting away from me this time. I will show her what I can do and she will love me! Not for being a hero, but a villain!

Remember to Forget

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"So this is what you were doing."

The voice made me jump. That's when I noticed there was a pony standing right beside my machine in the shadows.

"This is what you were doing that day... Huh. I truly didn't see that one coming."

The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't put my hoof on it. "Who...Who are you?"

Either the pony didn't hear the question or he was ignoring it. "Based off of what I can tell, this is a negative light mechinism."

"How do you--"

"--know that? Simple. The dehybrophilbic demulitator at the base of the nozzle is some sort of broadcast system for a power source. The optic neuralfier at the tip means that--"

"Ok...ok...stop. What do you want?"

"I want you to shut the machine down before you make a very big mistake." He paused, seeing the position he was in. "Oh, someone's getting feisty!" When he was ranting about how he knew what my machine did, I had picked up the stapler from my desk.

"Who ARE you?" I asked again with a bit more ferocity.

"What do you call your machine? Negative Light Machine? The Darkinator? Black as Ink? What?"

"It has no name."

"No name?"

"Why give it a name?"

"So you can show it off, of course!"

"Why would I show it off? That is where every villain falls."

"So you're a villain?"

I clicked the stapler, sending a plasma bolt into the wall beside the shadow. "You better tell me who you are or I won't miss next time!"

The shadowed figure stayed in the shadows for a bit in silence. He slowly entered the light to reveal the face of Frank. How could I had forgotten the sound Frank's voice? "You really should be better to your guests. Or...your host, for that matter." he said.

"What are you doing here?"

"Now that is where it gets complicated...Well, besides the fact that I live here." He said tapping his mouth with his hoof. "Verrrrry complicated." The charge in the stapler whirred to life. Frank looked down for a second, knowing exactly what was going on. "Afraid I'm going to go spread word about your machine, eh?"

I didn't fire, but I didn't back down either. Over the very short time I knew this stallion, he seemed like some sort of father to me. He was a better father figure than my birth father at least. And here I was about to kill him. "I'm sorry...but I have to." The machine was more important than silly issues of the heart.

Frank looked at me without a single sign of fear in his eyes. "Just take care of me after you're done, OK?" What did he mean by that?

I fired the stapler, causing the bolt to go through his head. I was expecting a mess of blood, but he simply just vaporized. I stood there holding the stapler, feeling my heart race and my rapid breathing. I couldn't believe I just did that! I threw the stapler to the ground and bucked the table in my anger. Why why WHY did I do that?! In my fit I threw some of my gadgets in progress to the floor and kept beating myself up over what I did.

I heard a knock on the door upstairs. No...Please no. Not now. Twilight must be back from her little hangout. How will I explain that I had just obliterated Frank? This is the worst possible thing that could happen! The knocks came again and it occurred to me. Why would Twilight knock to get in her own house? The relief was short lived as I thought of the possibility that she may have accidentally locked herself out or something. The knocks came once more and I reluctantly trotted upstairs.

I opened the door and the knocker fell straight through atop and skittered over me. "Where is she?" The pony asked in a very shaken voice. Definitely male. Twilight isn't male. That's a good thing. I think. But I don't know who this is. That's a bad thing.

"Where is she?" He asked again. It was obvious that he was shaking as if he were suffering from hypothermia. I would have recognized the pony sooner had it not been for the super ragged mane and scarred face. Frank? How can this be?

Frank got into my face, tears in his eyes. "WHERE IS SHE?"

I didn't respond at first. Wasn't he dead? "Who?"

"Twilight. Who else?"

I was so lost. "She...was hanging out...with Fluttershy..."

"Nonono, not THAT one! The other one! The one that needs my help!"

I ignored the fact that this pony was just dead and attempted to help him. He was in terrible shape. " need to rest."

"Can't rest. Must find!" He shook more, his eyes wide as if he were going mad or something. "Must find..."

The words "Take care of me" popped back up in my head. Was he talking about him? "Frank..."

Before I said another word, the clank of a hard thing hitting a metal thing rang through the air, and Frank fell limp to the ground after flying a few feet. Now I could see a pony that was standing behind him. It was a blue earth pony who was holding a pan in his mouth. A pan, which he spit out seconds later. "A pan? Really? That is what you chose for my weapon of choice?"

Could this day get any weirder? "Who...who are you?"

The pony put his hoof on my forehead and rubbed it in circles. "Hello, random pony, or should I say god, considering the circumstances. No wait...demigod would be the better word. No...a lesser god?"

I smacked his hoof away. "What the buck is your deal?"

"Isn't that how you're supposed to great an item of respect?"

"A hoofshake would suffice!"

The blue pony turned around to the pony who he knocked out. "Who is that guy?"

"Who are you?"

"Name's Noteworthy. But you can call me Blues. Or Noteworthy. It really depends on your taste."

I was still trying to process what was going on. "Why are you here?"

Noteworthy laughed. "You put me here, silly!" He could tell by my look that I didn't understand. "Your mind is oscillating between reality and fiction, probably because some dark-magic portal thing has opened on you. So basically, everything that is happening to you since has been both real and fake!" I just stared. "Now I do know how to fix this." He picked up the pan again. "But it'sth gunna hurt." He swung the pan at my face, but I was way too lost to do anything about it.

I woke with a headache on the library floor to the familiar smell of pancakes. I shook my head to try to get my other senses to operate again. The sound of hoofsteps managed to reach my ears as my eyes looked up to the purple figure approached me. "Awake from your drunk stupor, finally?"

I stood up, a bit wobbly. "What? I didn't drink any--" I saw a few empty apple cider cups laying on the floor. Since when did I drink?

"No matter, I made you some pancakes for your bravery yesterday." Bravery? Was she talking about my fight with the Marenites?

"You remember?" I asked, realizing it was a stupid question in hindsight.

"Of course! How could I forget?" I let off a sigh of relief. "Now, Fluttershy wants to know where you put the raccoon."

...say what?
If you had seen Princess Luna, you would have seen her in a very un-princess-like state. She was digging through a chest as if she were a young foal digging through a toy box. Something Teddy said rung a bell in her head.

After a few minutes of digging, she finally pulled out a dusty, dark blue journal. It was a book of poems she had written on the moon during her long banishment. She has no memory of the moon, so this is the only knowledge of the self she can know. She kept it to remind herself of the pain she had to go through as Nightmare Moon, so she can avoid becoming her again.

She had written all of the poems, ranging from silly limericks to depressing sonatas. That is, besides the first one. The first poem was in a different hoofwriting, a bit messier as if the writer were a non-unicorn. And it didn't have her signature she used on all of the other pages. In fact, there was no signature at all.

Thigil trotted into the room as she stared down at the book. He could see that she was saddened. "What's wrong, sweetie? Aren't you excited about our big day in a few days?"

"Eight days to be exact" Luna said, still staring at the book.

"Why such a demeanor?"

Luna sighed, as if what she was about to say was just silly. "Remember when I told you about that weird pony I met?"

Thigil sat down on the bed next to her. "Ah yes, Teddy? I wrote a letter to take care of him. Hopefully the psychotherapist made it ok."

"Why did you do that?"

"I love helping ponies, no matter how small"

She nuzzled him. "Oh, you."

"Anywho, as you were saying?"

She sighed once more before continuing. "Well, he said something that is in my journal." She had already told him about the book, so she didn't need to explain why that is such a big deal. He just stared at her, nodding in understanding, and prodding her on to continue. The princess flipped to the first page and began to read.

"Juicy watermelons painted blue
Is the last thing I will say to you.

"For a time must come
Where time runs out
And when it does,
please do not pout.

"For when my time hits midnight
And I cease to thrive
I must assure you that
I'm very much live.

"When I speak those words to you,
You will know what you should do."

The soon-to-be couple sat in silence for a short while. Thigil was the first to break the silence. "It sounds like a poem of hope."

Luna looked up at him. "Hope? It sounds fairly depressing to me"

Thigil nods, explaining why he says so. "The author of the poem is basically saying that once they die, they will still be there for whoever this poem was written to."

Luna smiled. "You truly think it so?" She didn't even wait for an answer, since she already knew what it was. "I mean, I have no memory of who it was that gave me this journal, so perhaps the doner wrote this poem to me? For hope?"

The stallion tries to flip it to the next page. "It's very plausible."

Luna saw the aura on the corner and instantly put her hoof down on the page like stomping on a bug. "No, please... Don't read on..."

By the tone of her voice, Thigil caught the signal, and pulled her close to him. "You shouldn't burden yourself."

"I know..." She said, resting her head on his chest. "But I am not ready to share it."

"Perhaps in eight days, you will be ready."

Luna paused a moment. "Why do you want to know of the moon?"

"I would like to help you carry the burden." Luna smiled once more, putting her muzzle under his chin. No more words were exchanged as they sat close together, nuzzling eachother in a very passionate way. After about ten minutes, they were staring at eachother, so close that they could taste the other's breath. They slowly pressed their lips together and had a long bout of a kiss.

Eight days? Eight days is so far away...
Pinkie Pie was hopping through the Everfree in her very strange, cartoonish manner. She didn't appear to know what she was doing, just hopping in a straight line until she ran into something. As it turned out, after running into about five trees, she ran into a house that didn't look like Zecora's hut. Zecora was the only resident she knew of the Everfree. Thusly, she simply opened the door and trotted in. It was dark, but she wasn't scared. She just laughed.

That is, until she heard an ominous female voice behind her. "How did you get in there?"

She nearly jumped, but instead, she turned around toward the voice and respond. "I walked in, silly!"

The other voice started to sound worried. "B-but...the door was locked." After a moment, the voice said "You need to get out of here!"

"It can't be that bad!" Pinkie yelled, hopping around the dark room. "But if you say so!" She dashed to the door, running smack into it. It must had closed behind her. But when she tried to open it, it was locked. "Could you unlock the door first?"

The voice, who still didn't show herself, responded. "I don't have a key... My dad has the only key..."

Just after she said that, there was a noise of the tumblers turning within the door. "Oh goodie!" Pinkie yelled.

"Pony, you need to hide!"

"My name's not pony, silly. It's Pinkie Pie! And I don't know your name. So you must have not been in Ponyville before. Because I know EVERYpony's name in Ponyville."

She sighed. "Just hide!"

"Your dad can't be that bad!" The door opened, revealing the dark figure with a blood red, glowing eye. Instead of screaming, though, Pinkie Pie laughed. "Come with me if you want to live!" It was a perfect mimic of the Terminator.

The stallion simply smiled and said "Shady..." Pinkie felt a sharp pain in the side of her neck and she wobbled to her side, her vision blurring. "Oh dear. Did aaah have too much cider laaaast niiight?" She falls, unconscious.

Redeye smiled. "Perfect"

Ever Danced With The Devil in the Pale Florecent Light?

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I woke to the sound...and smell...of pancakes burning. At least I assumed they were pancakes. I mean, what else does Twilight cook in the morning? Nonetheless, the reek forced me out of bed to check what the hay was going on with the pancakes.

What beheld my eyes once I entered the kitchen caused me to believe that I was still in those weird dream states. Twilight was making pancakes, but she was flipping them as if it were normal. The smell of the well-overcooked batter almost suffocating me as I trotted up to her. I didn't really know what to say, since I didn't really want to offend my host...

"Would you like some pancakes" She asked in her normal, sprightly voice.

"Um..." I mumbled, staring at the crisps that looked more like lumps of charcoal. "Aren't they a...little overdone?"

"Nonsense" Twi said, flipping one of the pancakes as it crumbled into dust.

I just stared at it, not really wanting to continue this conversation. "Where's Frank?"

"Who?" She asked quizzically.

Her asking such a question caught me off guard. Weren't they living together? How could one forget their life partner...if he was her life partner. Come to think of it, they never told me if they were married or dating or anything. They just...lived together. The image of me obliterating Frank came to mind, as well as when he was asking where "she" was. I just stood there in silence. She had to have been messing with me when she asked such a trivial question.

At my silence, she stopped flipping her heaps of what used to be pancakes. "Is Frank a friend of yours or something?" Why was she doing this? "If that's so, you've never introduced him to me. I'd be happy to meet him" She went back to whatever she thinks she is doing with the breakfast.

With that, I ran out of the door. Why couldn't she remember?

I had no idea where I was running, but I literally rolled over the shy yellow pegasus I met earlier, knocking her and her bucket of flowers all over the ground. I scrambled to my feet, not thinking to help up Flutters until I stood there for a few seconds. "Have you seen Frank?" I asked while helping her up off of the ground.

"I-I-I'm sorry, but I don't know any Franks..." No...I couldn't have made him up. I turned and galloped away, leaving Fluttershy behind to clean up the mess of flowers. There's only one more place I can go to prove to myself I didn't make up Frank!

I managed to reach the school after a few minutes of running--well...and walking. I wasn't able to keep running the entire time! Anywho, school was closed that day due to it being the weekend, but the teachers normally went to school to have meetings and set up their class and whatnot. Frank had taken me to his class before, so I knew where to go.

The florescent lights flickered, causing the already dark atmosphere to become a bit more spooky. I'm saying that as if a normal pony were to walk through. Me? I embrace darkness. If this were a horror movie, I would be the monster lurking the hallways, searching for the fresh meat of the spooked mare that always chooses the most predictable moves. Morons.

I circled the bend before the stares and I flinched at the sound of a mop hitting the ground. Don't get me wrong, the sound didn't send shivers down my spine, it was the pony who was holding it. His eyes were blood red. He just stared at me, even stopping what he was doing to stare at me with his red, cold eyes. I recovered from the initial shock and continued on my way. I could still feel the gaze burning on my back, though.

Class 216 appeared on my left eventually, and the light was on. I let out a large sigh of relief, not bothering to knock or go inside. I know it seems strange that a pony like me would care this much about the existence of one stallion. I think I said this earlier, but I never find it bad to reiterate. Frank was the father of my dreams. It seems odd as well since I was about 18 and he was merely 25. least that's what he claims to be. His eyes look so old...older than my birth father's. Physically it seems odd, but mentally it was perfect. I almost thought that I made him up too.

I stared at the door. If he is real, why is it that Fluttershy and Twilight don't remember him? Maybe it had something to do with Fadrealm? It had me go on this wild ride of dream and reality, so maybe they have the same problem? I have to tell Frank. My hoof knocked on the door, and I stood there for about a minute waiting for Frank to answer. Frank would know what to do. I assume.

The door eventually opened, but it wasn't who I was expecting. It was a white alicorn with a very, very red mane. Definitely not Frank. The alicorn stepped out of Frank's classroom, closing the door behind him. The light flickered above, but neither I nor this new pony took any mind to it.

"So you came," he said with a smirk.

I stared long and hard at him before answering. "Where's Frank?"

A playful grin spread across this alicorn's face. "Frank? Who is Frank?"

I growled a bit before answering. Something about this guy just made me angry. "This is his classroom"

The alicorn looks confused, pointing at the sign on the door. "That doesn't look like the name Frank to me" I looked where he was pointing. Charlie Epps was written on the door.

I look back at the alicorn. "Are you Epps?"

The alicorn looked offended for a moment before laughing and shaking his head. "No! My name is Thigil. Charlie was one of my students and I was just checking up on him."

"No..." I looked down at the floor. "It can't be...I...I didn't make him up. I couldn't have made him up."

"Sorry to say this kid, but it seems like you did" Thigil responded. "Now, it's only polite if you give me your name."

I was so depressed at that moment I didn't care. "Name's Teddy."

Instantly, the alicorn's face turned from a smile to a frown. While I was still off guard, he did a weird spin-around thing and bucked me with his back legs, throwing me up and forcing me to hit the wall. I felt things pop inside of me before I fell to the ground. "WHAT THE HAY WAS THAT FOR?!" I yelled, attempting to regain my hoofing.

He was in mid-spin when he hit me hard on the side of the face with his hoof, which caused me to spiral down the hall and tumble onto the floor. "I knew your father. Your kin has no right messing with the affairs of a pure Princess!"

I was wobbling to my feet. This stallion's strength was like no other... And he hasn't even used his magic nor flying abilities. He is fighting like a mere earth pony, and I, a unicorn, have been tossed around like a.... I grabbed my pen to extend it into a sword, but it was suddenly kicked away by a right hook. The sheer impact against the wall caused to utensil to become nothing more than a dissembled item. "You don't know what you are talking about!" I yelled in desperation.

Thigil threw himself onto me, pinning me to the ground with one hoof. "Your infatuation is but a childish desire. Luna deserves better than a cowardly foal like you!" He used his other hoof to hit my face hard. I could feel the warm blood in my mouth. This guy is really making me mad...

I quickly tossed out my entire supply of erasers, which hit Thigil head-on to the chest and tossed him up toward the ceiling. The goop oozed over his body and virtually plastered him to the ceiling. I get to my hooves, taking a huge leap and hitting Thigil right in the nose. I fell back to the ground on my back, staring up at the loser who called himself worthy of Nightmare Moon.

Thigil's nose was bleeding, but he was smirking. He spread his limbs out at the same time, causing the goop to fly everywhere. He hovered in the air as I was covered in the material, plastering me to the floor. Crap!

He landed over me, laughing under his breath. He took a swing with his right at my face, then his left, then his right, and so on until he was satisfied. My face probably looked like a bloody pulp now. "You stay away from Princess Luna, Teddy. You hear me?!" I couldn't respond, for everything started to fade out. I was loosing consiousnuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...
Teddy tried to open his eyes, but his throbbing head was telling him not to. A high pitched noise screamed in the air, forcing him to hold his ears shut with his hooves. The sharp pain in the back of his neck threatened to take away his consciousness yet again, but that high pitched noise begged for it not to be so.

His eyes felt a cool sensation. He attempted to look around, but his brain still hadn't relearned how the eyes worked yet. He's lucky he's still alive. A hit like that could have ceased all activity in his brain and left him braindead. Well, or at least paralyzed. He reached around to the back of his neck, feeling no blood. Must had been a pretty clean hit. What even happened to throw him into this rock?

The cool sensation in his eyes... He knows what that means. It means he is looking straight into complete darkness. He really didn't want Princess Luna to see his eyes like they are right now...

Speaking of Luna, where is she? The ringing eventually subsided, which turned out to be from his ears anyway. Now able to hear, he pinpointed a location of a lot of noise. He looked straight up, seeing the mare that was all so familiar. The mare that he had many dreams about before his fate started playing games with him.

Nightmare Moon had casted a shadow over the entire moon. For some reason she was still in the air. She looked down at him with a sharp turn of her head. Without a second thought, he rolled over onto his legs and attempted to back away. His brain just realized he had legs and caused him to fall back on the ground.

Nightmare Moon laughed at the pathetic scene displayed--or should I say "splayed"--before her. Teddy stared straight into her eyes. If his eyes were normal right now, they'd probably be dilated. Her right eye was the normal, beautiful color as it always was. But her left eye... It was exactly like his dad's left eye. Blood red.

She laughed again, folding her wings in and letting herself fall toward Teddy. He felt conflicted. Should he catch her? Should he run? Should he fight her?

She lands right on top of him and stood over him like a lion staring down at its wounded prey. He reached for his pen, but couldn't bring himself to actually grab it. This is still Luna's body. And he didn't really study how Nightmare Moon was defeated while her body was unscathed. "Good night, Tedapple" He couldn't figure out if that was a friendly greeting or a threat. "How did you sleep?"

He just stared, not saying a word. He probably couldn't say words anyway. His brain probably forgot that there was a thing on his face called a mouth. "I know how you feel about me, dear Teddy. Well, how you /will/ feel about me as well." More fear flooded his veins. How did she know that? "You probably are curious as to how I knew of your...enFATuation." She took his silence as an answer. "I am able to access your dreams." I continued to look at her fearfully. She put her hoof under his chin. "I have come to make your dreams come true." Here they were, two monsters staring into eachother's reptilian eyes. His brain and heart having an all out war. He could hear the conversation now.

Hardy points one of his veins at Brian. "Stop being such a moron and let us be selfish for once!"

Brian crosses his corticospinal cords and humphs. "Luna is the one who needs love, not this dark witch."

"It's the same body, isn't it? What's the difference in which mare we choose?"

"Why is it even a choice?! Luna likes it when she is herself, so should we!"

"Nightmare Moon also likes who she is. Luna ignored us! Nightmare Moon is actually giving us the time of"

Brian shook his...himself. "Imagine how much this would hurt Princess Luna"

Hardy spiked, threatening an ulcer. "Imagine how much it would hurt us!"

Brian flinched. "I felt that. Don't make me stop working on you"

"When have you ever operated properly?"

"Hmm...I hope i don't forget how to pump blood."

"You moron, that would kill you too!"

"I..." Teddy said.

"Oh great." Brian grunts. "Torgue wants his say in the conversation. He's so hard to control sometimes..."

"I miss it when he talks about explosions. Oh, it makes me skip a beat."

"He only does that when I pass gas."

Teddy shook his head to make his imagination stop so he could actually answer. He looks up at the dark mare. He puts his left hoof up and caresses the jawline on her right side. She smiles as he bends up with his opened mouth, inches away from hers. He says the first words in a while. "Just promise me one thing." He doesn't wait for a response. He had moved his hoof up, wiping a tear away from her face. "As much as I would love to kiss you..." He rolls to his left, bringing his right hoof with him and hitting Nightmare Moon in the jaw very hard. "I want you to stop hurting Luna!"

Brian chuckles.

Hardy yells "Shutup!"

Nightmare Moon laughs as Teddy manages to roll out from under her. "But this is what Luna wants. She wants ponies to love her night!"

"Ponies do! You should see all of the ponies who study the night sky due to its beautiful complication!"

"It's not enough!" She slams her hooves into the moon. "EVERYPONY must love the night, just as EVERYPONY loves the day!"

Teddy pauses before he makes another statement "Is it love if you force it upon them?"


Teddy lets out a small laugh. "It's funny, you know."

"How on Ea--Moon is this funny? I'm raving mad here!"

Teddy takes a casual walk forward. "You're mad at the ponies ignoring you. All my life I've been ignored by you...or Luna. So for once..." He is right in front of her as he does something he probably will regret later. "I'll follow your philosophy." He jumps up and manages to cause Nightmare Moon to flip on her back as he latches on to her neck. He presses his muzzle into hers.

Hardy is bouncing rapidly. "Ha! Hahaha! Yesss! Yesssss!"

Brian simply smiles. "How can you be sure it's not Luna he's actually kissing, I mean, they do share a body, as you said yourself."

The darkness around the moon suddenly started to be sucked into the red eye. Nightmare Moon twitched and jerked, not able to move due to the pin on her neck. The once red eye was black once all of the generated darkness was gone. She blinked a few times, as her body slowly returned to normal. Her eyes became reformed into her natural color as she stopped her jittering. The two continued to kiss for a few minutes before Teddy is suddenly clocked on the side of his face. Luna smiles as she wipes blood from her lip. "That's for hitting me."

Teddy held his jaw. "Fair enough."