• Published 31st Jan 2013
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Observations and Preservations - Tolerance

The final puzzle solved, Twilight Sparkle discovers that everything she's ever known is wrong.

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Twilight burst through the door to the library. "Spike! I need you to help me pack for trip, and I need to leave as soon as possible." She grabbed her saddlebags and set them down on the floor. Items from around the room began to defy gravity as they were enveloped in Twilight's magic and started marching towards the awaiting bag.

Spike let out an unamused sigh, "Help you pack for what? Are we going somewhere?"

"Not we, just me. I don't know how long I'll be gone though, so we should probably prepare for about a month."

"A whole month? What's the rush all of a sudden?" Spike asked, unsure how he could help with Twilight's own magic-assisted packing.

"There's no time to explain!" Twilight exclaimed. Just then, there was a sudden knock on the door, which brought all of the items held within Twilight's magical grasp to a halt. Spike started to move towards the door. "Wait!" she shouted, dropping everything as she rushed past Spike to the door. "I should probably get that. You should just finish up here."

Spike looked around the room at all of the items now haphazardly strewn about. "Figures..."

Twilight opened the door only to see one of the nondescript guardsponies standing before her. "Oh, hello there! Um, if this is about convincing Discord to turn all of the sunflowers in Equestria into little miniature suns, I can assure you that I had nothing to do with it. And if that is all, then I hope you have a lovely day." she added as she quickly attempted to close the door.

The guard pony only grunted as he forced the door back open so that his escort could approach.

"Twilight Sparkle!" Princess Luna announced as she pushed her way past Twilight nodding to the soldier to close the door behind her. "We know very well that you are not responsible for that particular fiasco," She leaned closer to Twilight in order to whisper conspiratorially in her ear, "because that particular joke belongs to me." Rising back up, "That is not why we are here." Luna observed the fact that Spike was moving about the room, picking items off of the floor and placing them in a saddle bag. The Princess's mood quickly turned sour, "But from what I can see, I suspect you know exactly the reason for our presence today."

"Princess, listen I can explain-"

"When I decided to teach you how to explore the mind of another, it was not so that you might use it in such a way! I expected better from you, Twilight Sparkle. Such reckless behavior shall not go unpunished." The Princess of the Night stamped her hoof on the ground for emphasis, slightly cracking the floor as she did so.

"Fine! I'll admit what I did, and I'll accept any punishment you have for me. But first there's something that both you and your sister must know. There's a threat to not just Equestria, but our entire world! Starswirl thinks that-"

"Starswirl the Bearded still lives, does he? Is that why you felt the need to steal from the vault?"

"Well, yes. The stone was part of a ritual that allows for communication with a point outside of our world. When I cast the spell, Starswirl was on the other end. He told me that our world is in danger, every world is in danger."

"Do you believe what Starswirl says to be true?" Luna questioned.

"Yes, I do. When he jumped through the rift, he thought he was sacrificing himself to save us. He has no reason to lie to me now, regardless of what you may think of him."

"It's true that I still wish to see Starswirl punished for his actions that day. I firmly believe that nopony's wrongful actions should go unpunished, including yours, Twilight. If what he told you is true however, then I suppose that we can delay judgment. At least until our sister learns of this."

"You mean she doesn't know that you're here questioning me?"

"When we came here we only held suspicions. You are one of the few ponies who even knew of that gem, after all. Your admittance to your crimes only confirmed our suspicions."

"So then, what happens now?"

"First, we go and tell Celestia everything. I think we've all kept enough secrets from each other, don't you? Even I am unsure what may happen to you afterwards, however..."