• Published 13th Oct 2021
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Conversations Atop A Hill - Undome Tinwe

Cozy Glow and Princess Flurry Heart discuss love, power, and the ties that bind.

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More Than Thirty Pieces Of Silver

"What would it take for you to betray me?"

Cozy Glow smirked at the question. "You know, normal couples usually ask what they would give up for each other, not what the price of their love is."

Flurry Heart rolled over to kiss her marefriend. "First of all, we're far too extraordinary to be a normal couple. Secondly, I already know the answer to that question, since you gave up the chance to rule alone for me."

"Well, in that case, why bother asking?" Cozy's scarlet eyes burned with disdain, and it thrilled Flurry to see it.

"I said I knew what you'd give up for love, not what it would take to make you give up on love, silly." A playful boop punctuated Flurry's statement.

"That's just asking the same thing with two different wordings," Cozy pointed out, her face scrunching adorably at the contact.

"Au contraire," Flurry said, raising her chin haughtily. "Ponies are naturally risk-averse creatures. We hate losing more than we like gaining, and most of us demand more to give up what we have than to gain something new. Emotional inertia, you could say."

"How irrational." Mirroring her beloved, Cozy also tilted her chin up, refusing to be looked down upon.

The little contest was quickly put to an end when Flurry rolled her eyes and rolled back onto her stomach. "Oh, come on, don't try to tell me you're a perfectly rational being, Miss Gloat-At-My-Enemies-And-Give-Them-A-Chance-To-Defeat-Me."

"It's called psychological warfare," Cozy protested, poking Flurry in the side in a playful huff. "A concept you should be intimately familiar with, as the Princess of Weaponizing Love."

"I'm the Princess of Devotion," Flurry corrected before quirking her lips up in a smirk. "Weaponizing love is just a hobby. Anyways, you didn't answer my original question."

"Obviously, there's nothing that I value more than you." The statement was said with love as Cozy leaned over to nuzzle Flurry.

Flurry laughed at that. "Can you imagine yourself saying that a couple years ago?"

"Absolutely." The nuzzling continued. "But I wouldn't have meant it back then."

That got Flurry to raise an eyebrow. "And you do now?"

Cozy shrugged. "Maybe one day someone'll make me an offer good enough to put a knife through your heart, but I honestly don't think anything can replace the sense of purpose you gave me. You gave me something to devote myself to, and I don't think anyone else could do that."

Flurry grinned. "Aww, I love you too."

"So, what about you?" Cozy asked. "What could someone offer the heir to the Crystal Throne to get her to make a little ol' pegasus disappear?"

There was a moment of silence as Flurry considered her response. "I mean, obviously if my duty to my subjects required it and there was no other way, I'd have to give you up."

"But that's a boring answer," Cozy said.

Flurry nodded. "The spirit of this question is more about personal gain, which is a lot harder." She paused. "The problem is, neither of us have unmet material needs, and we're going to have all the power we want over this world one day, so I guess the only thing left that would be worth more would be to extend that dominion to the multiverse."

"Wow," Cozy breathed. "Most girls only get told they're worth the world to someone, but I'm worth at least two, huh? Lucky me."

"Hey, that's what happens when you win the heart of the Princess of Devotion," Flurry replied, wrapping Cozy up in a tight hug. "It's going to take a lot for me to let you go. Besides, you're just too valuable an ally to me, so it'd be dumb to betray you."

"So why'd you ask me that, anyways?" Cozy asked, squirming in her grasp for a second before settling in comfortably, her head resting just under Flurry's chin. "You know how much I love you."

"A girl still likes to hear it sometimes," Flurry said. "Also, it lets me know if there's anything I might need to offer you to make sure I can sleep soundly at night."

"Well, I am kinda hungry," Cozy said, looking up at her marefriend. "How about you grab me a hayburger from that place on Amore Avenue, and I let you live another night?"

Flurry smiled before leaning down to kiss her. "Deal."