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My Little Phantom - DannyPhantom79

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Chapter 1

(Voice: David Kaufman Voice when playful Mikey Tmnt(2012) voice when smug Kick Buttowski and voice when angry Clifford Chapin)

It was stormy night everypony we’re in their homes. Foals are bored cause they can’t go outside, the adults were enjoying the silence and the rain. But families would play indoor games to pass the time everyone was having fun.

But there’s one who’s isn’t happy.

Hiding in the alley was a teenage colt not older than 15. He had a spiky midnight mane and tail, a blueish coat with faded black hooves, his wings were blue with faded but really shiny black feathers, dark sapphire eyes that shine in the dark, his muzzle was curved instead of squared like a stallion but everyone can tell he was a boy. His cutie mark was the strangest one. It was a black D surrounding a P. Nopony, not even he knows what it stands for.

Now let’s start the story.

Hey everyone my name is DyKaiowyn or Kaio your choice and you may be wondering, “Kaio why you’re not at home? Where’s your family?” To put it simple……I’m an orphan ……
I grew up in an orphanage till I was 11 but the problem was I was the only one their. I don’t know why the caretakers hated me they just do and nopony wanted to adopt me so that was a major disappointment. I’ve been through even foster home across Equestria and it was the same response “We don’t like you.” Or “You’re Magicless” “You should just give up.” Or “Why are you here, you shouldn’t even be born.” That last one pierced my soul I almost gave up but remained hopeful.

I’m also born without magic. Earth ponies have a special connection to nature, animals, and plants. Though they lack the ability to consciously cast spells like unicorns or to fly and walk on clouds like Pegasi, their connection to nature makes them "just as necessary" as and "perhaps more important" than the other ponies.
I was born a Pegasus but I couldn’t fly or walk on clouds. Being magicless put a huge target on my head

After I turned 12, the caretakers threw me out and told me to go make myself useful. I’ll admit that hurt a little but they’re right I have no home, food, or money. And here’s another problem, no pony wanted to hire me and all they said was the same “We don’t like you.”

They didn’t even sugar coat it so I survived with pure determination and willpower and fighting for myself these ponies were relentless. So three years later I show some descent muscle that doesn’t look much but get me angry and I. Will. HIT.

I always see foals spending time with their parents or make friends and I’ll admit I’m a little jealous at that but also sad. Every time I try to make a friend everyone would scream and run or throw mean slurs that hit deep. No pony even know my name or my birthday either. No pony even knows I exist

I used to get chased around town when I ask for money and when they catch me I get beaten up to the brink of death. It happens every time and it happens near the middle of Ponyville so they can see my suffering. Hell, even the Mayor gets in on it. But it stopped a couple of months later when I started fighting back and won. So I began to train myself just in case somepony stronger than me tries to attack.

One time I was on a quest to find my parents. It was hard and gruesome i also had gotten attacked a couple times and still won but I found them. As the naive colt I was, I thought they would want me back so we can be a family again but my so called father’s word struck me to the core.

” We never wanted you, you were just a mistake and you’ll always be one”

For the first time in years I cried. I could help but to cry. What he said made lose faith in adults. Now every time I meet one I give them an Angry Birds Terence style glare and I always say “Mmmh” in a deep voice that always works. That time I hated everyone.

Sure there were somepony out there willing to help me, but I always get terrible ones.
At that point of time I learned two lessons.
1:Life sucks
2:You have to fend for yourself; no one will help you.
So yeah that’s all to my story and to be honest it sucks. A rumble of thunder startled me out of my thoughts. “Looks like the rain’s getting worse, better find some shelter quick.” Kaio said as he walked away but unbeknownst to him a strangely green lightning bolt struck down with devastating boom pretty much scaring everyone out of there skin as it aimed for Kaio. But Kaio dodge to late as the bolt struck him.


Kaio had broken his arm once, when he was 9. When he was 10 he broke a couple of ribs. When he was 11 he fractured his skull. And when he was 12, he had to fight with broken arms. He had thought that had hurt.

It was nothing compared to this.

This was everything. This was fire, and ice, and a thousand needles made liquid and injected into his blood. His bones burned. He screamed. He screamed. He screamed. He felt his genetic code changing by the minute.

Although a miracle happened, he was extremely luckily, the radioactive lightning was ectoplasm absorbed by his DNA by completely making him half pony and half ghost. As the lighting finally stopped, we see a steaming passed out Kaio in the pouring rain with a new appearance. He now had a snow white mane and tail and glowing green eyes, his coat inverted colors from blueish white to midnight starry black as his hooves faded to white. His wing became black with white feathers. His cutie mark went from black to white.

His body was steaming, pain was everywhere he tried to get up but he fainted.
Then a blueish white ring appeared before traveling through his body changing him back to normal.

Unknown to him, he will be everypony’s ghostly hero along with the Main 6