• Published 28th Nov 2021
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Hold On - Script Singer

Script finds out what it's like to be loved

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Script Singer dropped her lunch and plopped on the table in the break room, exhausted. She loved working at her second job, but it grew tiring for her day after day.

She worked at ponyville’s local book store. She loved talking to customers and sharing stories with them, but sometimes, the days get overwhelming. Especially around the holidays and rush hours.

She opened up her lunch box and pulled out a daisy sandwich trying to take her mind off of the chaos. Today was busier than usual with the holidays coming up. Ponies rushing to get last-minute gifts.

“Is this seat taken?” A voice said.

Script looked up, startled. The stallion was a dark orange with a fire red mane and spikes along his back. Probably has Dragon ancestors.

“Go ahead.” Script said.

The stranger sat down next to her putting his own lunch down. “I’m Ember Flame.” He introduced himself with an offered hoof.

“Script Singer.”

"So, what do you do here?” Ember asked.

“Oh, I just sell books, sometimes I stock shelves but I'm not too good at it. What about you?”

“I work in restoration. I'm the pony you give the old and worn out books to, to make them look like new, or I will be, I'm just an apprentice right now.”

“Oh, that’s nice.”

Script and Ember talked for the entire half-hour lunch break, hardly touching their food. The bell ringing reminded the two of their jobs.

“Oh, has it been half an hour already?” Script said checking her watch. “I’d better get back down there.”

“Yeah, I should get back to work too,” Ember said, getting up and grabbing his lunch. “I’ll catch ya later?”

“Yeah, sounds good!”


Weeks passed and Script and Ember got to know each other more. They would often sit together during breaks and talk. Until finally, Ember got the courage to ask Script on a date and she said yes. They decided to go see a movie.

Script was excited about the date, a little nervous too. This wasn’t her first date, but something about him felt different, special.

They go on the date after they both get off work. The day was slow, so their boss let them off early, but the wait was tortuous all the same.

"Ready to go?"

Script turned around to find Ember standing by the front door. "Y-yeah."

“Wow, you look beautiful.” He uttered.

Script only blushed as her mane fell into her face slightly. “Oh, it’s just me. It’s not like I’m dressed up at all.”

“Still, doesn't change the truth.”

Script let out a soft giggle as Ember held out his foreleg and the two left waving goodbye to their co-workers.


After the movie, Ember walked Script home.

“Thanks for tonight, I had a lot of fun!” Script said.

“Yeah, me too,” Ember replied, rubbing the back of his neck. “I uh, actually had one last surprise for you, before you go…” His face turned bright red.


The kiss lasted for only a moment, more of a peck on the cheek, really. Script stopped walking, processing what just happened. Ember stopped walking as well and stared into Script’s eyes.

“Look, Script, I…” He stuttered. “I really like you. You’re amazing, beautiful, and care so much about others.”

Script stared at the ground, kicking her hoof around. “I’m not that pretty…” She said with a blush.

“You are to me,” he confessed.

A smile slowly appeared on Script’s face. “I like you, too,” She whispered. She then pulled him into a hug, it didn't last too terribly long and when she pulled away, she wasn’t sure what to do, so they just stood there awkwardly for a few minutes.

“I should get back home, it’s late.” She said, “Thanks again for tonight.”

Ember nodded his head. “Yeah, I can’t wait for the next one.”

"Is this your way of asking me on another date?" Script giggled as the two began walking again. They talked the whole way to Scripts home, just laughing and chatting, before bidding each other goodnight.