• Published 25th Oct 2020
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In the Eyes of Death - HydeYmir

After showing his powers to the world of Equus, creatures began to fear him. He was used to that anyway. What he wasn’t used to was getting stoned for a thousand years by the celestial sisters...

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Chapter Four: Experiments

A couple years later

“Can you not..” Clay said tiredly as a pony in a lab coat drew some of his blood. The pony's name was Doctor Needle.

Needle sighed. “You ask this every time and my answer is the same… every time.” Needle said as he finished up. He cleaned the tiny wound with magic before walking out of the room.

This has become a daily routine for Clay. Ever since his battle with Shao Dow and the bow user, who he later found out was Shao Dow’s sister, Clay had been captured and brought to a lab where he was experimented on, on a daily basis.

He was barely alive when they brought him in but most of his injuries healed once he was hooked up to a machine that supplied him with healing magic. The only thing that hadn’t healed were his eyes. So here Clay was, blind, being used as a lab rat.

“Fuck…” Clay said as he heard the door to his room open. One person walked in. Not being able to do anything against him because of his blindness and being restrained to his bed, Clay sat there with an emotionless expression on his face. This was the worst part of his day.

“Hello~ this is Red Hoof here again today with experiment 589-D. Today we are using our lovely volunteers Shao Dow, Gentle Breeze, Hazel Showers, Hard Buck, and Subject 1’s gene factors like normal.” The doctor said into a recording device as he hooked up a machine to both of Clay's arms. He patted Clay on the head. “So far, the only changes in Subject Zero have been the thickness of his skin, his regenerative factor, and claw-like appendages from his nails. Now let’s see if any more changes to his genes will take place… Let’s begin the injection.” Hoof pressed a button and a green liquid could be seen flowing through the tubes into Clay.

Clay’s body started violently shaking, which the doctor paid no mind to. After around a minute, all the liquid was injected into the human, Red Hoof turned the machine off and unhooked it from Clay.

“Now onto the testing phase.” Red Hoof electrocuted Clay with magic to get a reaction, nothing happened. When that didn’t work he began doing various other tests to see if he could get the pain to activate the gene factor he had injected Clay with. After an hour of torture, he gave up. “No response or change in the subject.. I believe that my fears were true…. With the subject being blind he can not activate the gene factors of Shao Dow, Gentle Breeze, or Hazel Showers in any way. I was hoping because of this a variation may occur within his cells and produce a new, similar gene factor, but it did not.” With a sigh, he continued. “Experiment 589-D concluded. With this being the last experiment as I have collected all data needed, the subject will be transported to a different unit to be exterminated.” Red Hoof said as he walked out of the room.

Before Clay had time to comprehend what Red Hoof said, multiple people entered his room and dragged him out of it. They brought him to another room where Clay stayed for around half an hour. He struggled against his restraints the whole time trying to find a way out. Because he was malnourished he lost all of his muscle mass and strength.

The door to his room opened.

“Good news.” A voice said to Clay. He recognized it as Doctor Blunt Needle, the one who draws his blood every day. “Good news… kinda. You aren’t going to be exterminated.. yay.” He said in a tired tone. “The boss wants you to go on trial for murdering Sir Blueblood. It’ll take place in two weeks. You won’t reveal anything we’ve done to you because you won’t remember…” Clay could feel Docs approaching him, so he began to thrash around. Soon Needle's hands clasped around Clay's head. Just like that Clay lost consciousness.

Around a day later Clay woke up in a different Cell. And to his surprise, he still remembers everything. Ignoring that for now, he focused on his current situation. He could tell it was a different cell because he could feel that the objects in his surroundings had changed. He could also feel two familiar presences in front of him. He waited for them to say something. However, it seemed that they wanted Clay to say something first.

“I see that you are awake, human!” Starswirl’s was the first to crack. Clay gave him a nod. “And I also see that you have lost your eyesight…” he said in a somewhat sad tone.

“Yes, that is quite apparent.” The woman next to him said.

“It’s good to see you too Starswirl, Faust,” Clay said as he got up. His hands and feet were chained together. He walked to the bars of his cell. “I could really use a trip to the healing pool. I want to be able to see the world again before I get executed.” Clay said, looking at Faust. Even though he could not see, he could still feel. And after the experiments his sense had enchanted greatly, letting him feel his surroundings even more.

“That will not be happening,” Faust said, shutting Clay down instantly. Clay lowered his head in response.

‘I tried.’ He thought, dejected. Before the other two could say anything else Clay spoke. “I confess to killing Adolf Blueblood. I am prepared for my death. So let’s get this over with.” Clay said as he walked back to his bed and took a seat.

Faust sighed. “I said that, that is not happening.” She said as her hands lit up with magic. Clay could feel a warm sensation cover his face before suddenly he could see that world again. He looked up in shock to see the face of Faust with a small smile on her face. He could also see Starswirl’s face of confusion as he stared at my eyes. ‘Wow not even the doctors could heal my eyes when they tried, but she did with little to no effort,’ Clay thought.

“I said that there will be no execution. I don’t care that you kill that pig, the nobles might, but I don’t.” She said with a huff. “My kingdom so I get some leeway. But you will still receive a punishment. And the exact punishment depends on you.”

“A little vague but ok.” Clay commented. Before he could continue, Starswirl spoke up.

“I’m sorry to change the topic but what happened to your right eye.” This confused Clay. He couldn’t exactly look at himself so he gave Starswirl a confused look. Getting his message, the unicorn summoned in a mirror and let Clay look at himself.

In his reflection Clay could see that his face didn’t have scars on it like he imagined it would. He looked to his right eye and like Starswirl pointed out, something had happened to it. His eye now had a concentric circle-shaped iris in it. It reminded him of a bullseye.

“I have no idea.” He lied. “Maybe a mutation in my quirk.” Clay shrugged. He knew that it was most likely caused by the quirk experiments that he went through. He will have to check it out later. If there is a later.

Faust looked at the human skeptically. “Whatever you say.” She shrugged it off, she doesn’t even know what a ‘quirk’ is. Starswirl’s on the other hand looked like he wanted to ask a bunch of questions. Faust noticed this and grabbed his arm. “It is our time to leave. We will see you at the trial. I hope that your punishment isn’t too harsh, and that we can get to know one another.” A smile then appeared on her face. “I hope that we can fight again.” She left, dragging Starswirl along with her.

“Well then. Do I bust out of here or do I accept my punishment?” Clay thought aloud. He knew that he now had multiple quirks. With a thought, his claws came out from his fingernails. The quirks he knew he had was Thick Skin, his skin was now externally durable. He also had a mild regeneration factor now along with his claws, he calls this Sabertooth. And there were three more people whose ‘gene factor’ was injected into him. Shao Dow and his sister, Gentle breeze being two of the three. So that means he most likely has a teleportation quirk and some kind of enhanced vision-related quirk. He had no clue what the last one could be.

This was all things to think more about on a later day.

“Yeah, I’m breaking out of this place.” He said to himself, nodding. The guard outside his cells shook his head after hearing clays little
Pep talk.

Author's Note:

Sorry if the chapter seemed off. I really just wanted him to get his new powers sooo it may seem a lil rushed.

And you may be like “why are you giving him so many quirks?”

Well because he won’t get any magic. Ever. So I decided to beef him up. Hope you enjoy.