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My Little Pony: Eternal Harmony - LightOfTriumph

Luster Dawn moves to Ponyville on her Mentor's instructions, and comes into contact with a threat even Twilight never faced.

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Chapter 1: Luster Dawn's New Job

It was just her imagination. It was just that she was moving to a new place. She had visited Ponyville once before, and found every creature there very friendly. There was, however, a world of difference between visiting a place and moving there. Especially when it meant starting a new job.

She was too old to enroll in the Ponyville School of Friendship, so the Princess had gotten her a position as an aide to the Headmare, Starlight Glimmer. Luster was obviously eager to learn, but it was quite a big change. Especially since she had prepared for the wrong kind of town.

Princess Twilight had sold Ponyville as a tiny, quaint little hamlet, that was very quiet and peaceful. During the first visit, Twilight had learned that a lot can change in twenty years.

It was the home of six national heroines, one of which had become the kingdom's monarch. Situated in it was the premier apple farm in all of Equestria. It was where Carousel Fashions got its start. It was home to no less than three wonderbolts. Including the Squad Leader.

The town had grown quite a bit, in population and activity, since Princess Twilight had moved there.

Luster Dawn looked at the door, and took a deep breath. Despite her fears, she was determined to finish her course of study. She put on her game face and knocked at the door.

"Come in," said a kind but beleaguered voice from inside. Luster opened the door to find the Headmare looking over many official papers. It was only when she looked up that Luster realized how tired she was. "Oh, you're here. Luster Dawn, right? I'm sorry if I've got your name wrong, it's just been very hectic."

"Luster Dawn, yes ma'am," Luster nodded. "Princess Twilight said you'd be expecting me."

"I was, yes," Starlight said, getting up from her desk. "I've been looking for a second assistant for a while now, and as you can see from the state of my office, I desperately need one."

"You already have an assistant?" Luster said, getting a little worried about the necessity of her position.

"Yeah, you'll probably meet her in a few minutes," Starlight said, taking one last look at the papers on her desk. "Bless that Kirin, she's the only one who keeps me even this organized. Not an easy job. Unfortunately, she's usually only good at putting out whatever the current fire is. Twilight tells me that you're good at planning for the future."

Luster felt a little more uncomfortable. "That's what I've always been told, Ma'am," she said nervously.

"You can stop with the Ma'am, you can call me Starlight," the Headmare said softly. "Why don't you start by telling me a little about yourself."

Luster Dawn took a deep breath and put her thoughts in order. "Well," she said cautiously. "I enrolled in Twilight's school as soon as I was able to, and I was able to learn magic directly from her. She's been my idol ever since I was a filly... She's amazing, and she managed to bring the whole continent together in unity..."

"She didn't do it alone," Starlight pointed out. "She had help."

"I know,' Luster nodded. "The council is also amazing. The fact that they were able to reach the goals they set out for themselves, and save Equestria so many times is... Its utterly mind blowing. They've earned their statue in the Canterlot gardens."

"So Twilight sent you here to learn about Friendship," Starlight nodded. "But I'm a little confused. What are you missing? You seem to understand the value that Twilight's friends hold for her, but you're not interested in making your own. What's the problem?"

Luster thought long and hard about how to answer that question. "It just seems like that's not the method I should take to make myself a better mage," Luster said finally.

Starlight gave a little smile. "You know what I used to do at this school before I became the headmare?" Starlight asked.

"Princess Twilight said you were the Student Counselor," Luster answered.

"That's right," Starlight nodded. "I prided myself in being able to tell what the students were feeling at any given moment. That ability came from a part of my past I'm not proud of. You're not distant, Luster. You're scared."

Luster looked at the floor. Starlight was right on the money, but did she know why?

Starlight walked in front of her desk. "I promise you, there's nothing to be afraid of," Starlight smiled. "The ponies and other creatures here are some of the kindest folks you'll ever meet. They will accept you, no matter who you are, as long as you're willing to open up."

Luster gave a hollow laugh and shook her head. That answered her question, Starlight did not understand why she was afraid of making friends. She made the same mistake that Princess Twilight did. Its not that she was afraid she wouldn't be able to...

"Well, I know what your first assignment is," Starlight said, giving the self satisfied smile that came with a brilliant idea. "I need you to get a layout of the town. There are going to be times where I'm going to need something from Ponyville and I can't have you getting lost." Her horn lit up with a blue aura, and her voice was broadcast across the entire school. "Ms. Breeze, please report to the Headmare's office. Once again, that's Mercury Breeze to the headmare's office."

"Mercury Breeze?" Luster Dawn asked incredulously.

"Remember that Kirin I was talking about earlier?" Starlight clarified. "The one who's excellent in a crisis, but has a problem with Future Proofing? Yeah, that would be her. Shes a little... Chatty. Most Kirin are, especially ones that were born when she was. Makes sense, considering. She's been living here since she was very young. Her family moved to Ponyville just after Twilight moved out. So, I can't think of anyone who would work better as a tour guide."

"Well," Luster said nervously. "I suppose that's probably wise. But if it's alright with you, attendants from the school took my luggage, I was hoping to see where I'll be staying before--"

Starlight raised a hoof to stop her. "Of course," she said calmly. "Your apartment is on school grounds. Mercury will take you there and give you some time to unpack."

Luster took a deep breath. This was it. She was going to take Princess Twilight's advice and try to open up. Meet with more creatures. Expand her horizons. No more keeping herself separated from the world. The only way for her magic to evolve was to try, really try, to make some friends.

She hoped nothing would happen to make this harder than it was already going to be.

It was at that point the door exploded open. A kirin galloped into the room. Frantically looking for some work to do. "I was across campus when I got the call!" She said in a hurried tone. "Sorry I'm late, but Professor Scootaloo needed my help with a demonstration, and then I needed to help Professor Belle with some paperwork, because Professor Bloom needs to chip in to the Applebucking, but THEN I had to prepare for the new assistant coming in, because her luggage was almost sent to the wrong room. This day has just been a complete mess all around. I hope the new pony can handle all this pressure because the stress is getting close to driving me insane! Seriously I-" It was only then that she noticed Luster was in the room. "Oh, hi there. Are you new?"

The room stood silent for a few moments, as if the atmosphere itself needed to catch its breath after the Kirin's chatter. Luster didn't quite know what to do with herself. Luckily, Starlight was there to make the save.

"Luster Dawn," Starlight sighed with the world weariness of a Mare who had been through all of this before. "Meet Mercury Breeze. My other assistant. Mercury Breeze, meet your new coworker."

Scratch sat on Twilight's throne, gently smiling at his handiwork.

Looking at the scene, you would think that he had dispatched the two guards himself. With him sitting smugly on the throne, with the two guards laying bruised and unconscious at his feet, it was a reasonable conclusion to come to. The thing was that all Scratch actually did was talk. The right words, whispered into the right ears, at the right time caused these two guards, once fast friends, to come to blows. Now he was alone in the Throne room, waiting for the report of the incident to get back to the princess, and for the princess to come running.

She heard hoofsteps clomping down the hallway, barreling toward the door. It took her long enough to get here. Scratch knew she had her hob to do, but it was still very rude to keep him waiting this long.

The door flew open to reveal princess Twilight Sparkle, behind her five palace guards. When she took her first step in, Scratch slammed the door behind her, locking it tight. He listened to the guards try in vain to open the door with more than a little satisfaction.

That left the two of them alone. Scratch and Twilight looked at each other. Each waiting for the other to pounce. Scratch decided to ease Twilight's mind by making the first move. "What's so special about Luster Dawn?" he asked frankly.

Twilight didn't answer, merely staring down the Warden of Tartarus.

"Why does she get the whole... well... 'Friendship is Magic,' treatment?" he continued. "You've had other students with just as much magic potential. Some of them also had friendship problems. So why? Why couldn't she learn about friendship here in Canterlot? It's not as if you aren't a good teacher. You are. You've proven that time and time again over two decades. So what's different now? What makes you so convinced you're going to fail with this mare? What's different about this one. I mean if I can see the potential in this one, I don't..."

Scratch trailed off when he saw Twilight's face. He saw the shadow of fear wash across her face when he mentioned Luster's potential. Suddenly something became very clear to Scratch.

"I... See potential in her. I do. That's the problem," Scratch reasoned. "It's not that you see something different about her, you see something all too familiar. That girl reminds you a little too much of your biggest failure. As a teacher. As a princess. As a friend. Oho, this is rich..."

"I sent her to Ponyville to prove she had a choice," Twilight said firmly, not giving an inch.

"To her or to yourself?" Scratch asked. The question hung in the air for a few seconds. "Well, don't worry. She definitely does have a choice on how to live her life... Unfortunately."

"If we're going to fight, we'd better start," Twilight growled. "I have better things to do with my day than to waste it fighting you."

"Oh, we're not going to fight," Scratch clarified. "You're just going to come with me."

"What makes you think I'm not going to put up a fight?" Twilight said, her horn glowing with a magenta aura.

"Five guards outside the door," Scratch said calmly. "Around two hundred more in the castle proper. About three hundred more on the palace grounds. Fifty visiting dignitaries from other kingdoms. Thirty two of which brought family. Twenty nine of those include children."

Twilight stood stunned and looked at Scratch. Horrified at what he was implying.

"See, we could fight," Scratch said calmly. "You do outclass me in terms of magic, but just barely. A fight between the two of us would take hours. But the thing is... I won't be aiming for you. And how many of the over one thousand souls that are here at this very moment do you think I can get to before you manage to put me down?"

Twilight started a hole through Scratch before finally closing her eyes in defeat.

Scratch opened up a rectangular portal in the wall of the throne room. It led back to his home, the prison Tartarus.

"You coming?" Scratch sighed, growing impatient with the whole ordeal. "I could probably levitate you through, but I've gotta be honest, you've put on a few, and I'm not up for trying."

Twilight walked forward, keeping her regal dignity the whole way. She stopped just short of the portal. "Whatever it is you're planning," she said calmly. "My friends are going to stop you."

Scratch seemed to consider the thought. "I mean... I guess they could," he said incredulously. "They are getting on a bit, though."

Twilight stepped through the portal and looked back at Scratch.

"Oh, by the way, Twily?" Scrach said as the portal closed. The evil smile cutting it's way across his face once again. "Game on."

By the time the guards burst into the throne room, it was empty. Save for two unconscious guards.

Author's Note:

Well, here it is. The beginning of what will probably be my last fanfiction I will ever write. Maybe my last fanfiction saga, we'll see how it goes over.

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