• Published 5th Jun 2020
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My little Pony Isekai: The Wolf. - Fernando1717

In his way back to the Digital World, one digimon is pulled out of his route toward a magical world to combat a familiar threat, but more importantly, to find a new beginning for himself. Magic of friendship meets the Crest of Friendship!

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1.- Restart.

" Goodbye... I promise, I'll always remember you, Matt ". The fur covered reptile Digimon said to his partner as both cried for the last time in front of each other, he even saw how his Digivice, the physical link of their partnership turning into dust.

His partner, the once human boy and now human adult offer him one last awkward save of his hand, not words, simply a wave. Not that he didn't cry, he was crying all right, as was him and the other two next to them, the other Digimon and Chosen Digidestinated. But his human partner wasn't giving him words because he didn't care, he remained in silent because he considered this not a goodbye forever, but a ' I'll see you later ' moment. The hope of each other seen again just as strong as his love for his brother and parents, as strong for his girlfriend and friends.

" See ya Matt ". Gabumon said finally as the light pulled him and Agumon away into the sky where the wormhole that would take them back to their original home was waiting.
A weird experience every time but unavoidable, his friend Tentomon once tried to explain all the science behind it as his partner Izzy explained to him but Gabumon wasn't really paying attention, nor was the rest of the group now that he thought about it.

" Don't worry Gabumon ". Agumon said after blowing his nose from the snot he was quickly accumulating. " I'm sure we'll see them again! ". His friend tried to cheer him up despite he been just as sad as he himself was.

" Yeah ". Gabumon said in response. " One day ". The other reptile responded with a nod and another blow from his nose. " You better clean that up fast, unless you want to turn into a Sukamon when we get there! ". Gabumon said joking.

" What? Nooo! I don't want to turn into one! ". The other Digimon panic and started blowing his nose faster and harder, Gabumon smiled for his friend antics and felt a bit of piece knowing that he would still have him when both arrived at their old home, he wouldn't be lonely.

His smile disappeared when he felt the data in his body stir. He looked up and saw the wormhole even closer, he knew what was coming, his data would be re-arrenged into a Digi-egg so that he can be transported safely through the connection pass all the way back to the Main Server and from there to the place where all the Digimon were reincarnated, the Restart patch.

If he was lucky then he would find Agumon there as he hatched as well, if not then he could ask Elecmon about it so he wasn't so worried. Gabumon took one last look bellow but now it was too far to notice if Matt was still there, Gabumon send him one last goodbye in his mind.

" Is time! ". The always energetic Agumon said as both their bodies started deconstruction. The sensation was as weird as always, similar to slowly sinking into a body of thick liquid that turned the body numb as it descended, in front of him a small oval shaped object started to form, too small to contain his body as it was but as more of his body turned into pure data and moved inside the egg it was obvious that eventually every single particle of his body would be undoubtedly fit inside.

Gabumon turned to see his reptile friend with his eyes closed waiting for the process to be done with, it was a weird contrast compared with his usual loud and carefree demeanor, he turned back to his own egg now, the Digi egg was now half formed in exchange from a full arm and leg and a good chunk of his belly.

The forming egg was now taking a color and more defined shape, his became light blue with short darker blue horizontal strips. Agumon's was orange with yellow circles.
As more of his body went into the egg more did he realized that this was his last time feeling this, experiencing this, at the last second his heart felt like a hole was carved inside.


" Thanks for coming so fast, I was fearing that this mission would have to be postponed until the rest of your group was back, we are facing many problems around the kingdom and even my sister is far up on the frontier dealing with some horrible monster that are harming ponies, those are really alarming times for Equestria ".

" Y-you, you said, mo-monsters? ". Asked the yellow pegasus Fluttershy, bearer of the Element of Kindness.

" Like, real monsters? Or just our typical end of the week kind of monster? ". Asked the pink Earth pony Pinkie Pie, bearer of the Element of Laughter.

" It is still unknown, My sister Luna will report to me as soon as she has more information, in the mean time I have a mission for you two, one that I believe will need both of your abilities ". Said the Sun Princess.

" I-if you think we are capable, I mean, maybe it could be for the best to wait for Twi-! ".

" Ha! Don't sweat it Princess! I'm sure that the two of us can deal with any monster that come our way! Right Fluttershy? Hey! Where are you going? ". Pinkie asked as the yellow pegasus tried to make her way out of the Royal chamber. Before she could make a excuse or run away her pink friend appeared next to her and grabbed her by the tail pulling her back toward the throne. " Wow! Fluttershy is eager to go out and defeat the evil monster! Don't worry Shy, we'll be there in no time but first Let's hear the rest! ".

" Thank you to both of you, the kingdom and this humble Princess thanks thee. Now then, this sis what we know so far, as you probably know by now, Ponyville is not the only town established near the Everfree forest, there's actually a few more located north and west from the forest, they were stablish as soon as the forest became less dangerous, some of those towns had reported seen what seems like a black cat that is causing mischief and stirring trouble among the ponifolk ".

" A black cat? ". Fluttershy asked suddenly now more interested at the news that an animal was involved.

" Correct, this... cat creature was reported as been able to talk with a rather explicit vocabulary, and also to be able to walk in two legs and it seems to be pretty agile ".
Celestia explained.

" A talking cat? Now we're getting into the weird stuff there, I bet you that that's just an alien from a different world which is own by a different company trying to fight for the most original show that can sell the best toys or all tiiiiime! ". Pinkie rambled.

" U-uh, sure, something like, like I was saying, ahem, I need you to investigate this case and prevent this mysterious cat figure from causing more chaos, capture it if necessary, or if you can, convince it to change its ways but stop it, can I count on you?".
Celestia watched them with anticipation.

" Hm, I, I think we should wait until somepony else can-! ".

" Sure thing princess! Leave it to us! With us behind this, that evil kitty is as good as cat-ptured! Get it? Get it? ". Pinkie said elbowing her winged friend after her pun that made her cringe even more that the elbow itself.

" Wonderful! Then I'll leave this to you. Oh by the way would you mind a little suggestion from me? ". Asked Celestia excited.

" Hm, well, if it is really a-! ".

" Sure Princess, to ahead, we're all ears! ". Pinkie said cutting Fluttershy short once again.

" Well, it would be faster for you if you cross through the Everfree forest rather that go around since the train doesn't cover those town yet, you can use the old castle of the Princess to pass the night! ". Said Celestia.

" Pa-pa-pa-pass the night in the forest? In the castle? THE NIGHT!? ". Babbled Fluttershy with terror.

" Nice idea Princess! Come on Fluttershy, we have to pack out stuff, adventure here we goooo! ". Pinkie pulled the yellow pegasus who led marks in the granite floor trying to resist the pink natural disaster.

Celestia smiled as her two subjects antics, the smile didn't last long however as Celestia saw the new reports send from the other bearers informing the appearance of other weird individuals. Twilight and Rarity were on Manehattan dealing with a pony with the ability to reflect anything thrown at him, magic included. Another report from Applejack and Rainbow who also found trouble in the form of two stallions that were chasing one another using road signs and knives, plus her sister who was been accompanied by a stallion hunter from another land, and those were the phenomenon she knew about! What other crazy things could be happening around the kingdom without nopony knowing.

This started to look like a bigger scheme rather that separated incidents but the only one who could put such convoluted plan in work was still imprisoned in a statue. With a heavy sigh Celestia went back to the reports and her paperwork.


" Come on Fluttershy, a brand new mission awaits, imagine when we rest of the girls comes back and we tell them about our super duper incredible no holdsbar adventure in the Everfree forest, they're gonna be like, whaaaa? You two defeated the bad guys without us? They're gonna be sooo jealous! This is gonna be aweeeeesome! ".

Pinkie jumped from place to place waiting for Fluttershy to finish packing her things, they have stopped in Sugarcube Corner before arriving at Fluttershy's home to get her saddle bag and now only hers was all they needed to head into the always dangerous Everfree forest.

Fluttershy was trembling every second since Pinkie drag her out of the castle, her fear for that place was as strong as before even if by now they have gone inside multiple times and come out ok. Despite all that, the pegasus couldn't deny this mission , it came directly from the Princess and also it involved a talking cat and Fluttershy wanted to see it. Apart from her saddle bag Fluttershy took out her survival backpack, equipped with everything she could need, she even packed some extra supplies because she was going with Pinkie.

Sucking her fear and keeping it deep down she donned her saddle bag and joined Pinkie in her living room. " I'm ready now ".

" Hurrah! Let's get this trip started then, to the Everfreeeeee! ". Once more Fluttershy shrieked in surprise when Pinkie took her by force and ran like a maniac in the direction of the dangerous forest.


" I, I think we're lost Pinkie, uff, uff, we should, uff we should take a break ". Fluttershy gave up against gravity and laid down on the grass as Pinkie with her boundless energy just kept jumping here and there, by now she was sporting an explorer hat and binoculars that she produced from her fluffy mane. " Shouldn't we check the map Pinkie? By now we should have made it to the castle but I can't see anything yet ".

" Map? We have a map? ". Pinkie asked as she sat next to her, this time pulling out of her mane an ice cream of all things.

" Wait! Didn't you have a map? But what about the big piece of paper that you have been reading since we got into the forest? ". Fluttershy asked as she too pulled out a half hey sandwich.

" Oh! You mean this! ". Pinkie pulled a large paper from her mane and showed it to her.
The ' Map ' was in reality a poster for the new event Trixie was going to perform in Ponyville.

" Pi-Pinkie! What is this? Have you been following this the whole time?! ".

" Of course not silly willy,I kept looking at the poster so that I won't forget to go when the show arrives, aaaand we have been following my Pinkie sense! ".

" Your Pinkie sense? But then, how come we're still lost in the forest? It won't be long before it gets dark and then it will be really dangerous to be here! ". Fluttershy asked in panic, her lunch forgotten now.

" Hmmm, about that, if my Pinkie sense is keeping us here it must be for something important, so here we stay! By the way, are you gonna eat that sandwich? ".

" I, we, I, Pi-Pinkie Pie! ".

" Oh oh, we're practicing introductions for when we arrive? Nice idea Fluttershy! I knew we would make a great team! Ok, my now, Hi! I'm Pinkie! ". The pink pony extended a leg for Fluttershy to hoofbump but the yellow pegasus wasn't listening. In rare occasions, when presented with moments of extreme annoyance, fear or anxiety, Fluttershy sometimes would erupt in bouts of fury to cope with the situation, this was one of those occasions.

" Pinkie! I can believe that you would act this immature! ". Pinkie reacted shocked.

" Have you forgotten how dangerous this place is at night? Have you? Well I haven't! ".
Pinkie's eyes went wide at what she saw.

" I know you're not doing this on purpose or to cause harm to us, but even so, I can't let this slide without a proper lecture young mare! ".

" Uh Fluttershy? ".

" No Pinkie! I'm been serious right now, don't you hear my tone of anger? ". Pinkie was about to say that her ' angry tone ' sounded just a few decibels above her normal tone, but she decided to keep quiet, first to not offend her friend, second, to inform her of the danger approaching.

" We, are on an important mission, given to us by Princess Celestia no less, we must do or best to accomplish this and remain safe and sound to return back to our families and friends! ".

" Fluttershy! ". Pinkie called again but Fluttershy continued.

" Imagine of you gets injured, imagine of something awful happens to you, who do you think has to inform the Cakes of your condition, hmm? Who's gonna tell Gummy that you were injured because you didn't payed enough attention? ".

" Flu-Fluttershy?! ". Pinkie asked again.

" You feel bad right? You don't want that to happen, right? Then please, for our same and our safe return, take this more seriously! ".

The pink earth pony broke in tears and hugged her friend. " Bwaaaaah! I'm sorry Fluttershy! I'm really really sorry! You're right, you're absolutely right! I should be more careful, could you forgive me? ".

" There there, I forgive you Pinkie, I know I can be sound like a real meanie when I get upset but what I said needed to be said, I hope you have learned your lesson ". Fluttershy said as she returned the hug.

" I sure did Fluttershy, I sure did, now I will be more careful, Pinkie promise ". She did her signature gesture to seal the deal.

" Good, now then, what were you trying to said back then? ".

" Oh nothing important, just that something is falling from the sky and is going to crash near us, look, is almost here ". Pinkie pointed to the bright object coming at terminal speed.

" What?! ". Fluttershy just managed to turn and see the meteorite straight just a few meters away from them, a flash almost as strong as the one they saw when Twilight became an Alicorn blinded both mares, an incredible boom was heard that traveled for miles away scaring off even the more ferocious of predators. Both mare were hurled back y the force of the impact followed by an unnatural quietness, just as it came, it was gone, and both mares were still alive.

" Well, that was anticlimactic ". Said Pinkie as she removed invisible dust from her fur.
" You can let go now ". Sha said to the butter colored mare that was trembling and cutting the circulation from her leg.

" So-sorry ".

" Hey look! There's something over there! ". Pinkie jumped without fear toward where the rock landed, still scared, Fluttershy followed. When she arrived to the impact zone she found the area unchanged.

" That's... weird, there's no crater, no heat, everything seems the same! ". Commented Fluttershy surprised.

" Yeah, what did I tell you, anticlimactic, well, nothing to see I guess, oh except for the weird egg over there ". Fluttershy followed her sight and was perplexed as to how she missed the object.

Carefully she approached the oval shaped rock, indeed it looked like an egg, the shape was an instant giveaway. " This is..! ". Her fear was replaced with wonder as she approached more, the egg was just there, laying over what seemed to be a pelt of some animal, the egg was the same color as the pelt.

" Wow! Imagine the size of the omelet you can make with an egg this big! ".

" Pinkie! What are you even saying we can't harm this poor little egg! We must protect it! ". Fluttershy said passionately as her animal lover instinct took over.

" But, you just broke it ".

" Wha are you ta-oh I touched it ". Fluttershy realize too late that she made contact with the egg and now it begun to crack. " Oh princesses! I hope I didn't hurt the little hatchling! ". The egg continued to crack until a light erupted from the inside forcing the mares to cover their eyes, when the light dissipated, a small red blob appeared.

" Uh, what is that? ". Pinkie touched the blob with the tip of her hoof and then took a lick at it. " Hmm, it is not strawberry jelly ".

" Pinkie! ". The warning came to late, the small blob stirred at the contact and slowly started to move, from the top part three small bumps appeared, then a mouth that opened with a yawn, finally two eyes set on the girls, first in Fluttershy, then in Pinkie.

" Puni?! ". The newborn spoke.


Author's Note:

One of the few things I did during the Pandemic was watch movies I really wanted but for one thing or another couldn't. And Digimon Adventure Tri was long overdue.

When I did watched I pulled my kids to watch with me and I was static when they liked it, they loved it so much that I was like " do you want to see when they were kids? " And they were like " Whaaaat? ", Then I called an old friend from Mexico and asked him to send me the original 90' series with latin audio and it was a blast!

I liked the serie so much the first time I saw it back when I was a kid, maybe due to the state my life was at that time, my parents were getting divorced and fighting for my and my brother's custody so I related a lot with Matt and his brother TK.

Also the fact that this was the first anime I saw after my original 4 helped too, those been The adventures of Gamba the mouse, Saint Seiya, Captain Tsubasa(Supercampeones) and Macross(Robotech).

Can't wait so see The Last Evolution. Anyway, thanks for reading, this is also part of the Isekai Series along " The Knight " and two more I have planned for the future. Hope you like it.

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