• Published 31st Dec 2019
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My Little Rarity: Alternate Is Magic - Twilight Star

What if Rarity was born in Canterlot instead of Ponyville? What if Celestia became Daybreaker instead of Luna becoming Nightmare Moon? What if instead of Rarity becoming a stylist, she becomes Luna's student?

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Sleepover (Edited)

It’s been a few days and Rarity has spent most of the days with her friends. Tonight, there was going to be a sleepover at Citrus Blush’s house. Rarity was excited to sleep with her friends. Rarity had already asked her parents if she could go, and they left.

Rarity was now packing her sleeping things in her backpack. Her backpack was pink with pale blue diamond designs. In the backpack there was her sleep mask, a picture of her with her family, her brush and her sleeping bag. Rarity closed the bag with her magic and looked at the balcony. It was already night. The party must have already begun. Rarity went downstairs and saw her mother at the door waiting for her.

“Got everything you need, daughter?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

“Yes, Mother,” answered Rarity.

“Well, shall we going?” Cookie Crumbles opened the door with her magic.

Citrus Blush was waiting for her friends to arrive. She was wearing orange pajamas with makeup design.

“Will they come?” asked Citrus Blush. “Or did they forget?”

Citrus Blush hoped her friends hadn’t forgotten. She began to sweat nervously. Until, she heard a knock at the door. Citrus Blush’s ears brightened and she went to the door. Arriving at the door, she opened it with her magic and was glad to see that one of her friends came.

“Coco Pommel!” Citrus Blush hugged Coco Pommel. “You could come!”

Coco Pommel hugged her back. “Of course I could come. Have the others arrived yet?”

Citrus Blush left the hug. “Not yet. You were the first to arrive.”

“Well, can I organize my things in your room?”


Coco Pommel climbed the stairs and upon arriving in the room, she saw that it was very spacious. Coco Pommel put her sleeping bag on the floor and looked at Citrus Blush.

“And now?”

“Now we wait for the others.”

Suddenly, somepony rang the bell. Citrus Blush walked to the door with Coco Pommel behind her. When Citrus Blush opened the door, she smiled.

“Cayenne! North Point!”

The three unicorns embraced.

“Are you all here, Citrus Blush?” asked North Point.

“No. Rarity hasn’t come yet,” answered Citrus Blush.

Coco Pommel was worried. “Will she not come?”

Like magic, they heard footsteps. The four fillies looked at the door and saw Rarity with her mother.

“I’m here, darlings,” said Rarity with a smile. Her friends went to her to hug her and Rarity hugged them back.

“Well, daughter. I’m going,” said Cookie Crumbles. “Goodbye. I’ll pick you up tomorrow in the morning. ”

“Bye, Mother.” Rarity watched her mother leave.

Citrus Blush left the hug to close the door and looked at Coco Pommel. “Let’s play a new board game that I won.”

Coco Pommel saw Citrus Blush climb the stairs. She looked at her friends before following. Rarity and her other friends did the same. Cayenne placed her sleeping bag on the right side of Cirtus Blush and Cayenne’s bed beside Rarity’s sleeping bag, which was next to Coco Pommel’s.

“Now what?” asked Rarity. “What will we do?”

“I already know, darlings.” Citrus Blush brought a sparkling pink box while smiling.

Rarity recognized what this box was. “A toy makeup box.”

“That’s right, Rarity. Do you have it at home?”

“My mom has one for real,” answered Rarity. “But one of toy I don’t have.”

“Rarity, why don’t you ask your mom to buy you a toy makeup box for you?” asked Citrus Blush.

Rarity thought before speaking. “Until it’s not a bad idea. I just hope that don’t give me an allergy.”

“Don’t worry, Rarity. It won’t be allergic,” said Citrus Blush. “After all, it’s not real makeup.”

Rarity smiled. “You’re right.”

Citrus Blush took the Kabuki Brush and put some shadow on it.

“Who wants to shade?” Citrus Blush looked at her friends

“Me! Me!” shouted Rarity all excitedly.

Citrus Blush went to Rarity. “Rarity, could you close both eyes?”

“Sure, darling.” Rarity closed both eyes.

Citrus Blush walked over to Rarity and started to brow. The color that she was passing was light blue. When she was done, Citrus Blush put the brush back into the makeup case.

“You can open your eyes, Rarity,” said Citrus Blush.

Rarity opened her eyes. “Can I look in the mirror?”


Since the makeup case had a mirror, Rarity went to see herself in that mirror and not in the bathroom mirror. Seeing herself in the mirror, Rarity loved how her eyebrow was.

“I’m fabulous!”

Citrus Blush was glad that Rarity liked it. She looked at her other friends.

“Who would like to be next?”

“Me!” shouted Coco Pommel.

Citrus Blush took two false eyelashes out of the make-up box. “I would like to put on lies.”

“Yes, please.” Coco Pommel sat down.

Citrus Blush placed the two false eyelashes on Coco Pommel’s eyelid. “Ready. Would you like to look in the mirror?”


Citrus Blush looked in the small mirror of the makeup case. “Oh my Luna. How beautiful I look like that.”

“Can I put two false eyelashes shades too, Citrus Blush?” asked Rarity.

“Of course you can, Rarity.” Citrus Blush handed Rarity two false eyelashes.

Rarity took both false eyelashes with her magic and closed her right eye before placing it in the eyelid and blinking for a moment. Then, she put the other false eyelashes on her left eye and looked in the mirror.

“I’m so fabulous.” Rarity smiled. “Can I keep using this?”

Citrus Blush approached Rarity. “As much as I like you did, you won’t be able to keep wear this makeup.”

Rarity looked sad when she heard what Citrus Blush said. “What? But why not?”

“We’re foals yet, Rarity,” answered Citrus Blush. “Foals don’t and cannot wear makeup. Just mares.”

“But this is fake makeup, darling,” said Rarity. “It’s not true. If it were real, I would understand. But not being able to wear fake makeup? Oh please, honey.”

“I understand, Rarity. But it is better that our parents don’t know that we are wearing makeup. Even if it’s fake makeup,” said Citrus Blush.

Rarity didn’t want to agree with this argument. “But I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.”

“Never know.”

“Citrus Blush! Call your friends to come to dinner!”

Citrus Blush looked at the door. “Ok, mom.”

Citrus Blush looked at Rarity and Coco Pommel. “Rarity, Coco Pommel. Could you two take off your makeups?”

“Yes.” Coco Pommel pulled out both false hairs off with a hoof.

As much as Rarity didn’t want to have to take off her makeup, she did what her friend asked. She first took off her false eyelashes with a hoof and then removed the shadow from her eyebrows.

Rarity’s friends left the room when Rarity had finished taking off her makeup. But before Rarity left the room, she closed the makeup box with her magic before accompanying her friends.

After dinner, Rarity and her friends decided, instead of continuing playing makeup, they thought about playing pillow fight. They were laughing and having a great time. Coco Pommel hit the pillow on Rarity. Rarity fell back before hitting Coco Pommel back, Citrus Blush attacked Cayenne and North Point attacked Coco Pommel.

After two hours, they got tired and went to sleep. Each went to her sleeping bag. Rarity put on her sleep mask before falling asleep.

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