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The life of Whaehonah - TheDevilDogLeader1987

The life of a young mare from unknown territory

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The relative search

When Whaehonah grew up, times got tougher than before. She had just gotten through puberty unscathed and was told about her other family members, family that she had never gotten the chance to see.

Whaehonah asked for the names and was told, brother Thyntiuos, Uncle Wjanbranth, sister Senthrio, cousin Chamincio. Whaehonah was sad that she never got the chance to meet the rest of her family and shed some tears. After her last moment of tears, Whaehonah asked where her other family members lived and was given their addresses. The first address was in ponyville not very far from the crystal school also known as the school of friendship. Whaehonah hesitated to travel to this one going by her history with schools, but she wanted to meet the rest of her family more than anything so she went for it.

Whaehonah began her journey to find the other ponies in her family. Whaehonah walked around Ponyville until she saw the school, she walked down the street looking at each house number and eventually found the one she was looking for. Whaehonah walked up to the door, and proceeded to knock. Whaehonah was greeted by a yellow unicorn stallion with a spiked mane and a horn broken close his forehead. "Hello mam, what can do for you?" the unicorn stallion asked. Whaehonah introduced herself and the stallion could tell that they must be related due to the name, and invited her in for a cup of tea. The two discussed some things about their pasts and Thyntiuos was shocked at what Whaehonah had been through. The two finished their tea and Thyntiuos showed Whaehonah something that he had created. A cart that had an engine, Whaehonah asked to drive it to her next destination. Thyntiuos granted her permission to do so, levitated the keys over to her and gave her instructions on how to operate it. Whaehonah was grateful for Thyntiuos giving her the car to drive.

It was gonna be a long trip to the next address, so driving would allow her to travel a lot easier. The next address was in a wasteland of a town. Whaehonah could tell something massive wrecked the town and she knew it wasn't an ersa or anything of this world, it looked like the work of something from a horror story she had read in the past. Whaehonah of course didn't care about that and continued her search for the second address. She drove around the wrecked town for a good while and saw mostly ruins, buildings without roofs, foundations of buildings and buildings that had burned down, not much of the town was left after whatever had paid it a visit. She did eventually find the address she was looking for, a rundown house that seemed untouched by the thing that destroyed the rest of the town and stopped in front of it, then proceeded to the doorway where the door was and tapped on the door facing. She saw a pony walking towards the doorway. A red and blue earth pony mare with a purple mane and tail. Whaehonah didn't even have to introduce herself for this mare to know who she was looking at. "Hi Whaehonah, I'm Senthrio, your sister. What happened to you? You just left us and we didn't know what happened except for what your mom wrote me in her letters. Tell me everything." Whaehonah had no idea how to respond and just let Senthrio invite her in. They sat down at an old blood stained table and Whaehonah told Senthrio the story of what happened. "Well it sounds like we have similar pasts. You were pushed to the breaking point and I came close to having a similar situation." Senthrio said spastically. Whaehonah did have one question in need of an answer, what was her sister doing in a rundown wasted town like this? "So why are you living in an old town like this?" she asked. "Well, I left ponyville, found this place, saw that there was no population, chose a house and decided to live here. I read about a legend that tells the story behind this town and figured nopony would ever come here, nopony else except for you has shown up." Senthrio explained. Whaehonah asked the name of the town but Senthrio had long forgotten the name but Whaehonah was also curious about what wrecked the town and proceeded with her next question. "What happened here?" Whaehonah asked "All I know is a black earth pony stallion caused the town's wreckage." Senthrio explained further. Whaehonah couldn't believe her ears, an earth pony destroyed the town. Whaehonah didn't think about it too much, because whatever happened here was too deep in the pages of history to worry about. After discussing other things with her sister Whaehonah had grown tired and drove over to a nearby motel. She looked for a room that was untouched by whoever destroyed the town but couldn't find one in tact. She then walked next door to the police station which was in better shape except for having no roof but a couple cells that still had tops and had some beds, blankets and pillows. Whaehonah picked the one in the best of condition and went to bed for the night.

In the middle of the night, Whaehonah was awoken by somepony walking down the street. She got up and peered out a window and saw a figure walking towards the car. What gave it away that it wasn't here sister was the fact that the figure had a cutie mark. The figure stopped and looked towards the window. Whaehonah didn't know this pony and hid under the front desk. The figure walked into the doorway of the station and began looking around as if it was scanning for her, it then walked towards where Whaehonah was hiding and spoke "There's no way you can hide from me Whaehonah." it had the voice of a stallion, and spoke as if it knew exactly what she was thinking when she was thinking it. "You are wise to fear me Whaehonah." said the pony. Whaehonah knew he was reading her thoughts and decided to just come out from hiding hoping this pony was not as big of a threat as she thought. "Please don't hurt me, I'm just trying to meet my other family members." Whaehonah pleaded "I know, but I need a better reason to spare your life." the pony demanded. "Please don't hurt me? You don't know what I've been through." Whaehonah begged for her life "I see you were bullied and called a cannibal in school, and you ran out of the town called ponyville. Fine, I'll let you live, this one time. I'm just passing through this shitty town anyway and want to leave it as soon as possible." The pony left and Whaehonah got in the car and drove to the third address on her list, she didn't want to stay here any longer.

When she got out of the town, she stopped in front of the sign to see if she could read it, the letters were hardly visible due to the wood being extremely old and almost totally rotted, however, she managed to make out half the name, (Pova) "I wonder what that used to say." She said curiously to herself. After driving for miles north without stopping for much, Whaehonah found the house past the Crystal Empire, she drove up to it and proceeded to the door. She knocked and stepped back since her mother mentioned that Chamincio was a bit more strange than the other members of the family. After hearing a load of locks being undone Chamincio finally opened the door. "Who are you?" He said. Whaehonah once again introduced herself and Chamincio then changed his attitude a little bit. "What brings you her?" he asked. Whaehonah told him everything expecting Chamincio to want to share his part, but he only apologized and told her to have a good evening. So Whaehonah just went back to the car and went to the final destination close to the changeling hive. When she arrived, Wjanbranth was already outside, so she just went over and introduced herself. "How are you?" he asked "I'm good." she said. "So, what is that awesome contraption you've got?" he asked. "It's called a car, Thyntiuos built it." Whaehonah explained. Wjanbranth did not doubt Whaehonah for a second. "So, he actually pulled it off." he said. Whaehonah and Wjanbranth had a good conversation for a while before she had to leave.

Whaehonah went back to ponyville to return the car to her brother and got an unexpected response instead of a thank you. "You keep it, I built this one, I can build another one." Thyntiuos said returning the keys. "Consider it a belated birthday gift." he explained. Whaehonah couldn't think of anything to say that could possibly describe how thoughtful she was, instead she just gave Thyntiuos a big smile, that was all he needed for a thanks.

Author's Note:

The town that Senthrio lives in is not something that I came up with all by my lonesome. It's actually where someone else's oc is from.

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Comments ( 6 )

Whaehonah's a pun on something, right?

No. It's name from my native language.

ratings disabled. interesting.

It's not finished. When it is completed, ratings will be enabled.

Not to be rude or anything, but sentences said by the characters should be like this “Hello!” And not this (Hello) I hope this helps you

Nothing rude sensed. It's just improvement words from someone who knows what to do.

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