• Published 13th Dec 2018
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It Sleeps Beneath Foal Mountain - the7Saviors

Something isn't quite right about Tree of Harmony, and Twilight Sparkle will do whatever she can to find out what. The mystery she stumbles upon however, reaches much farther than she knows, and she'll soon find some secrets are best kept hidden...

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I am Twilight Sparkle no more.

It all began with the Tree of Harmony.

I bore witness to something I may not have been meant to see, and that may very well have been the catalyst that sent me spiraling down into a world of impossibility and madness.

The Tree reached out to me, spoke to me, showed me things I could have never conceived of before, or could've ever hoped to understand, not as I was. I was still far too young, too eager to know the truth... too foolish.

Perhaps taking advantage of my foolish curiosity, the Tree showed me a dream. It was a dream so vivid as to be more akin to a vision than a creation of my own subconscious.

It was unlike any kind of dream I'd had before, and in the days that followed I had many more like it. They were visions of horrendous and unspeakable things—things I would've once shuddered to think about... but now...

Now I am getting ahead of myself.

My name was Twilight Sparkle, and I was once the Princess of Friendship. I thought myself a champion of 'Harmony' along with those who were once dear to me. To some, I was a friend, to others, I was family, to one... I was once a faithful student.

I've studied and mastered spells thought to be impossible for any unicorn to learn. I've brought several powerful villains to their knees and have made them see the error of their ways, I've opened an institute promoting the ways of friendship and 'Harmony', all of this with the help of those who were once dear to me.

My dear, dear friends... but no longer.

In my obsessions I threw away those connections, I threw away everything I had ever known and loved all for the sake of 'Harmony'... the true 'Harmony'. I delved deeply, perhaps too deeply, into the secrets of our world—secrets that may have been best left as they were.

Secrets that changed everything I knew about myself, my friends, ponykind... and 'Harmony'.

It is no longer for me to say, whether I had made a horrible mistake or not, but at the very least, I can tell you of the madness I had wrought, the horrors I had unleashed. I could tell you of the Tree of Harmony and its true nature. I would tell you of my story, and maybe then, you'll be able to decide for yourself if I did the right thing.

It is no longer for me to say, for I am no longer of that world.

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