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My Little Arkham 2 - The JGBrony1875

Twilight and her friends have returned to Gotham, discovering a newly arrived threat to takeover the city. Can they make it through?

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Chapter 1

Equestria – a very peaceful place inhabited by the gentlest, kindest creatures called ponies – is a land where crime and chaos were an uncommon occasion. This kingdom had four current rulers who guided their subjects throughout the land, all united in harmony to bring this land to peace.

In the Royal Castle in Canterlot, Princess Luna quietly wandered the still corridors. She paced, deep in worried pondering before eventually approaching a pair of stallions of the Royal Guard. Both bowed in respect to the Princess of the Night.

Nodding her head in acknowledgement and gratitude, she gestured for the two guardsponies to rise. When both guards rose, standing at full attention, Luna asked, "Have any of you seen where my sister has gone to?"

"Yes, Your Majesty," one guard responded, pointing his hoof in the direction of the hallway leading to the Royal Sisters’ chambers. "Not too long ago, we saw Her Majesty proceed to her sleeping quarters."

Luna smiled at the guards and gave a gracious nod before she left, allowing them to continue their duties.

As she continues to walk down the halls. She began to drift away in her thoughts about that recent incident where she and the rest of her allies were abducted by changelings. Somehow she is still a tad bit affected by this incident. That had only been a month ago; Luna hated when evil lurks around and intends take this lovely land of ponies away from her and the other princesses. And in result, all of that evil has always failed to accomplish their goals, no matter how many pointless attempts they've made. Just look at Queen Chrysalis; she had just failed at yet another attempt to take over Equestria. Concerning Chrysalis, she is nowhere to be seen since then. Does Luna expect Chrysalis to strike again at Equestria in the future? Of course she does. When? She has no answer to that.

Luna's train of thought came to a stop just as soon as she spotted Celestia's bedroom door nearby. She approached the door to gently knock on it, she stood by the door to wait for Celestia to respond. After a few minutes, there was no response from the older princess. Luna began to grow impatient, she knocked on the door once more, and again not an answer from the other side. Her ears flattened, her eyes narrowed into a suspicious but curious look. That was strange. She knew Celestia is in her room at the moment, according to the guards she had asked. She knew Celestia couldn't be asleep at this time since it is only in the middle of the afternoon.

"Sister, are you in there?" she asked in a slightly louder tone for her sister to hear her voice through the door. She continued knocking, growing mildly concern.

She took a grip on the doorknob to find it shockingly unlocked. She hesitated to open the door, knowing that it was never a good idea to peek inside her sister's room without permission. But does she have a choice? Something could've happen to her dear sister that she didn't know of. She silently twist the knob as careful as possible, holding her breath as she did. She was able to just get the door to an ajar point without making any creaking.

Her left eye peeked into view to see a small portion of Celestia's chamber through creak of the door. Her eye couldn't catch any glimpse of her at this angle. She gently moved forced door slightly more open so her head can fit in through. This time she was able to see Celestia. She appears to be meditating at the moment. But for how long?

"Sister?" Luna called out with a mildly toned voice. Only for Celestia to let a loud gasp as with her eyes instantly widening from her slumber. Luna looked at Celestia with her jaw slightly agape, trotting to her side. "Sister, is everything alright? Are you hurt?" she asked with concern.

Celestia sighed. "I'm fine, Luna." Luna breathed in relief to her sister's words. "I'm thankful for your worries, dear sister," said Celestia grinning at her sister caringly.

Luna gave out a sheepish smile across her muzzle. "Oh it's nothing, Tia," Luna stated with embarrassment. "I only arrived here just to see how you were doing." Her smile faded as Celestia began to give her a serious look. A sign that Luna knows that there might be something serious happening. "What is it, sister?"

"Luna, there is something that you need to know about what I have seen during my meditation." Luna curiously eyed at her with interest. Celestia continued, "I've just felt a strange disturbance." Not sure how to utter these words in the process. "A disturbance that felt...very unusual. This disturbance is somehow not here in Equestria." Luna quirked an eyebrow at her sister's words.

"Huh?" She tilted her head. "What are you speaking about?"

"I'm afraid it's very complicated to explain to you, sister."

Luna looked at her bewilderedly, having no idea what in Tartarus she is talking about. "What do you mean, Tia?" she asked. She could hear a soft, quiet sigh coming from her older sister. Luna's concern began to grow further. "Is something bothering you?"

Celestia stared down at the floor in thought. She had seen visions of that city during her meditation. Instead of ponies, this world is inhabited by bipedal creatures who are called "humans" according to Twilight. Hadn't she heard of this pony from Ponyville named Lyra being obsessed with these creature?

She somehow detected a huge threat in the city of Gotham, the same place where Twilight and her friends were trapped in as prisoners in Arkham City by Hugo Strange. Celestia couldn't even comprehend how she was able to sense a threat in a city which is not even in the same world she lives in. Twilight has given her descriptions and information about Gotham City from her experience after the time she returned home. The way she described this city was very negative.

She recalled hearing from Twilight that Gotham is the most dangerous and frightening city she had ever been in. She heard that the city has an extremely high crime rate. Twilight spoke of this particular event called 'Protocol 10' that she helped Batman stop this event. She had also been informed about Twilight and the others having adventures with Gotham's hero, who protects the city by the name of Batman.

A man by the name of Victor Fries, a former enemy of Batman whom Fluttershy managed to befriend, was convinced by Fluttershy herself to bring along his wife to stay here in Equestria so he and Nora could have a much more peaceful living environment than they had in Gotham. They moved in at the Crystal Empire not too long ago, and Celestia couldn't be more happy than seeing happiness in someone or somepony who had lacked such feeling for so many years. Celestia couldn't be more proud of Fluttershy's doings. Fluttershy not only reformed Discord by giving him kindness and friendship, but also someone cold as Mr. Freeze, who got reformed in a similar fashion"

Hmm, does she hear somepony calling out her name?

"SISTER," Luna called out in a tone almost as loud as her Royal Canterlot Voice. Celestia regained her senses to see Luna giving her a look of both worry and frustration. "Please, could you please explain about what in Equestria is happening?"

Celestia's eyes widened in realization, she was stuck in her train of thought for a couple minutes without knowing and Luna probably called her name to her more than once. She couldn't say she blamed her sister for being worried for her own well-being. "Apologies for worrying you, Luna. I got carried away from my thoughts," she said, to which Luna rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Luna," Celestia began saying, which Luna completely responded with a curious gaze, "do you recall that place, Gotham City? That city where Twilight and her friends were once trapped in over 3 years ago?"

"Yes, I do recall, but why are you speaking of this," she questioned uncertainley.

"I-I somehow just had a vision about Gotham City. It's under attack by a large threat, the citizens are forced to evacuate," she said with a worried tone. "We have to do something to stop it." Luna gave her a puzzled look. Thinking how is it even possible for Celestia to detect any threats that are in another world? How can Gotham be in any of her concerns since it is a corrupt city? There is possibly no hope of saving this city if you ask her.

"How do you know of this, Tia?" asked Luna.

"I-I really don't know. I was able to send Twilight letters when she was at Arkham, so I'm assuming my magic is somehow connected to Gotham. Despite it being in a different world."

Despite her disbelief, Luna felt slightly bothered by the fact that Celestia actually had any care towards this horrendous city. She asked, "Anyways, why are you so concerned about the safety of this city? It's already corrupted as it is, sister. Isn't there no hope of saving this dreadful city? Should we just let it be destroyed?"

"There are still innocent beings that reside there and I assume that this Batman might need assistance. We should all have faith, Luna."

There was a silent pause between the sisters until Luna hung her head down in shame. "I'm sorry, Tia. I should've handled it better," she said with guilt.

"It's okay, Luna. I could understand your opinions towards this city." Celestia gave her sister a forgiving smile across her cheeks, which Luna responded with a sad one.

Celestia used her magic to levitate a scroll from her desk and a quill from a bowl filled with ink. She unrolled the scroll and began writing.

Luna gazes at her older sister curiously, "What are you doing?"

"I'm writing a letter to Princess Twilight concerning the events happening in Gotham City."

Luna shot her a baffled look across her face."You're sending Twilight and her friends back into that place?"

"This Batman might need assistance with fending off this threat, Luna." She continued writing the words on the letter." I know it's risky. But this force might be too great for the Batman to handle," she stated, after she has completed the letter, she used her magic to teleport the message through Spike so he can send it to Twilight immediately.

It worried Luna about Twilight and the rest of her friends. The last time they were there, she was told that they had almost gotten killed when they were being thrown into Arkham City. Not to mention all the bruises and wounds that were visible on their bodies and how exhausted they were.

"Are you sure this is the right thing to do, dear sister?"

"I'm positive it is, Luna," she said, she then glanced towards the clock. "I'll be taking the chariot to leave for Ponyville very shortly. I'll be there to explain everything to Twilight and the others when I arrive. Could you stay here to keep the castle in check while I am gone?" she asked as she slowly made her way to the door.

Luna nodded at the request. "Of course I can, Tia."

"Thank you, sister. I should return by the end of the day." And with that, Celestia made her departure from the room. Leaving Luna actually uncomfortable about this whole situation. Clearly she is worried about the elements' wellbeing, but she trusts Celestia to the fullest. She could never doubt Celestia's decision no matter how much she disagrees with it.

Twilight is currently busy working on some modifications on the crystal mirror in a small room somewhere in the Castle of Friendship. She's been modifying this mirror for the past 4 months now during her spare time. This is the same mirror that transported her to the other world where she met everypony's human counterparts while chasing Sunset Shimmer. She also met her first crush who happened to be the human counterpart of a particular pegasus guard in the Crystal Palace who she is very fond of. But all of that has nothing to do with her reasonings of this project. It isn't even at completion at the moment.

It has been days since Twilight has spent time with her friends due to her being so busy with royal duties and working on this particular project. And not just her, but the rest of her friends as well. Applejack has been constantly bucking some apple trees with Big Macintosh at Sweet Apple Acres since it's Apple Bucking Season. Rarity was busy with finishing her dress orders at the Carousel Boutique. Rainbow Dash is busy training with the Wonderbolts to improve her status in the rankings. And Pinkie has been busy working endlessly in Sugarcube Corner due to the Cakes going out on vacation.

As Twilight continues to work on her project. Spike suddenly rushed inside the room, startling Twilight from her focusing. "Twilight! The Princess just sent me a letter," he said before revealing her the scroll. "Here, it said she wants us to gather up the others outside the castle because she is coming over. She said it's urgent!"

The word urgent coming out from his mouth caused Twilight to gaze at him with interest. "What could possibly be urgent?" she asked with a questioned expression. She used her magic to levitate the letter from Spikes paw and unrolled the scroll. Hovering it close in front of her as she read intently.

Dear, Princess Twilight Sparkle

I apologize for interrupting your daily activities, but I have a very important announcement to deliver you this afternoon. I'm afraid I can't tell you through this letter I have sent to you because there is much I have to say. But right now, I only need you to gather up all your friends right now before I arrive there at three o'clock in the afternoon. I'll be looking forward to arrive there.

Yours truly, Princess Celestia

Twilight's jaw dropped nearly to the floor at the news. How could Princess Celestia be coming over to Ponyville all of a sudden? Twilight glances towards the clock and it read 2:10. She needs fifty minutes to gather up her friends before three strikes. She turned her attention back at her assistant. "Spike, I need you to go call the others over here before three. I'll have to get myself ready when you're at it."

Spike nodded at her orders. "As your number one assistant, you can count on me, Twilight," he stated with a salute, which Twilight playfully rolled her eyes in response.

"Well you're gonna need it," she sarcastically said, sporting a playful smile on her muzzle. A sound of Knocking reached their ears from behind the front door. Spike opened the door to see Applejack standing outside the front entrance. Spike was surprised about the fact that one of Twilight's friends has already arrived.

Applejack grinned down at the dragon. "Well, howdy there, Sugarcube. Ah' just wanted to drop by to see how you and Twilight are doin'." Spike welcomed her to enter inside to greet Twilight.

"Hey, Applejack," said Spike. "Hold on a minute, I got to go get the others, I'll be right back!" The second he finished, Spike already went zooming in a hurry out the door. Applejack looked towards Spike's direction astonishingly. She had no idea he could actually run that fast with those stubby little legs of his.

Applejack switched her attention to Twilight, smiled at her cheerly. Having been awhile from not seeing each other. "Howdy there, Twilight. Spike seems to be in a rush 'bout something Ah' guess. Ah' hope Ah'm not interrupting something right now."She looked over her shoulder towards the entrance. Twilight used her magic to shut the door.

"It's nothing, Applejack. I've just had Spike go out and call the others to come over." She gave her friend a more serious look much to Applejack's confusion. "In fact, you actually came in just at the right time because there is something that you really need to know."

Applejack raised up an eyebrow towards the words coming from Twilight's mouth. "And why's that?"

Twilight levitated the letter towards Applejack for her to take it in her hooves. "Princess Celestia sent me this letter and announced that she is coming over to tell us some big news," she said as Applejack continues to read through the letter closely. "I have a bad feeling about this, Applejack. There could be serious trouble happening in Equestria."

"Well, this better be good," AJ commented as she returned the letter to Twilight. "Ah' wonder what the hay is going on."

"Well, we're about to find out," Twilight said simply . Applejack could completely make it clear from the look on Twilight's face that this is very serious.

For the past month nothing has happened, she definitely will not be the only one wondering what was on Princess Celestia's mind to tell the news. Did Chrysalis return? Has Tirek escaped from Tartarus to invade Equestria again? Or has Sombra somehow resurrected to once again take over the Crystal Empire and enslave the crystal ponies who inhabit the beautiful city? Who knows but things could get ugly.

Rarity has spent the majority of the week to finish up this last order of dresses. Her elegant purple mane is unkept due to the frustrations and stresses she's gone through. Suddenly, she heard a knock through the front door which she let out a groan with a hint of exhaustion and irritation. "Sweetie Belle! Could you be a dear and answer the door for me?" she called up to her little sister who is currently hanging out in her bedroom.

"Coming!" Sweetie called out from her bedroom. She trotted out from the door, she took small steps down the staircase carefully. When she finally stopped by the door, she open the door to find an exhausted Spike clutching his mid area. Was this dragon ran all the way over here? What could make him in such a hurry?

"Spike?" she said with confusion, "Did you just ran all the way here from the castle?"

Spike placed his claw on the doorframe to help support his balance as he rapidly breathes for air. "Sorry...I...just need...to see Rarity...right away...for a moment now..." he said in between his breaths.

Sweetie Belle turned her head away from the young drake. "Rarity! Spike is here! He said he wanted to see you!" she called out inside.

"Tell him that I'm too busy finishing my orders at the moment and to come back later once I am finished!" Spike heard Rarity's elegant voice respond from inside the Carousel Boutique. He could also hear the exhaustion in her voice when he heard her. She's been working on these orders for the past week now with almost no breaks during this process. Spike stepped through the entrance way.

"But Rarity, it's urgent! Twilight's just gotten a letter from the Princess. She told her that she is coming over at around three o'clock." Sweetie expressed a look of excitement about the news that Spike has told.

Rarity immediately stood up from her desk with a loud gasp in panic. "Oh my! How come I never knew of this?" She glanced up to the clock, only half until three. "My goodness, I have to get ready! I can't go meet with the princess without looking proper!" she exclaimed, her little sister rolled her eyes at her overreaction.

"You look nice enough like always, Rarity. The princess is probably only coming over to pay Twilight a visit for a couple of hours, no big deal," she said with an annoyed tone, Rarity stared at the small filly in pure shock.

"Sweetie Belle! A lady should always has to look proper when royalty comes by. Especially Princess Celestia herself pays a visit to Ponyville."

Spike usually reacts with a dreamy sigh with heart shaped pupils. He has this crush he harbors for her for quite awhile. But he tries his hardest to shrug off her beauty which he actually was successful in trying.

He says, "Rarity, the Princess says she has to tell some critical news. You guys might be on a rescue mission again."

Rarity began to wonder to herself if Equestria could be threatened by a new evil force coming here, she shivered at the thought. She prayed that is not the case, but it is highly possible. She has a terrible feeling that Chrysalis might have returned to get revenge since their last encounter.

"Well, alright then. If it's that important, then I suppose I should go see what this is all about," she said which Spike smiled in response. The fashionista glanced towards her young sibling. "Sweetie Belle, you are to stay put in the Boutique while I'm away. Be sure to take proper care of Opal as well."

Rarity began to walk with Spike out the door. But she felt a tug on her hind leg which ceased her from walking. She looked over her shoulder to see Sweetie Belle clutching her leg with a pleading look across her face. "Can I go? Please? I promise that I'll behave," Sweetie Belle pleaded while giving Rarity the most innocent, cutest pleading eyes she could muster that could even make an enraged Manticore hesitate from attacking her.

Rarity stressfully groaned in response towards her behavior. "Oh Sweetie Belle, please don't do this to me. I was already in enough stress from finishing those orders and now I have to put a stop to it temporarily."

Sweetie Belle ignored her as she continues to give the look.

Finally, Rarity loudly groaned in frustration. "Oh Alright! You can go!" she cried in defeat, the filly's smile widened across her muzzle in eager. Rarity took note of that and then quickly thought of a way. "Not so fast, silly filly! You can only go in under one condition," she said with an assertive tone in her voice, causing Sweetie's smile to fall down into a frown in response.

"And what's that?"

"You have to stay by my side at all times. I don't want you wondering around Twilight's castle when we're speaking with the princess. Okay?" Sweetie Belle merely nodded without protesting or starting an argument, but the disappointment in her face was noticeable. "Good," she said as they began to exit out the door to head towards the castle. Spike then waved them goodbye as he went off to notify the others.

About half an hour later, Spike had already informed the rest of the group about Princess Celestia's visit. They have all gathered up outside the front entrance of the Castle of Friendship, all awaiting for the upcoming arrival of the Equestrian ruler.

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy all stood there by the entrance door. Sweetie Belle was beside Rarity, she has also brought along Scootaloo and Apple Bloom to be occupied with to keep her from boredom while the adults had eir conversation.

The six ponies gazed towards the horizon as their eyes glinting with anticipation. Twilight stood in the center of the group as she seems to have the most expectancy written on her expressions. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the Princess of the Sun at the moment.

The wind feels very breezy and chilly on this day, the wind brushed passed the group's fur and manes as it felt relaxing for the waiting mares as they awaited for their princess. The sun is shining brightly in the sky which appears to be a beautiful sight, Celestia has outdone herself on this day of Autumn. Like always, the ponies continue to be living in the peaceful town of Ponyville, despite some possible trouble, invasion, or an S.O.S call happening at this current time somewhere in Equestria. But what seems to be a very bad time, is that what kind of trouble could be happening in a beautiful day like this?

Rainbow Dash ruined this moment of peace as she growled with impatience which caught the others' attention. "This is taking forever," she complained before turning to Twilight. "You had to call me all the way here when I was right in the middle of my Wonderbolt flight training? I have to perform in Fillydelphia in 3 weeks from now. I need time to make sure I'm in good shape and well trained for that. I'm still considered a rookie in the Wonderbolt rankings when it comes to skill."

"Patience, Rainbow Dash, the Princess did say she'd give us news that are important. She should be arriving here any minute now."

"That better be true," she said as she crossed her arms while hovering above the group. Applejack then glared up at the impatient Pegasus who is oblivious to it.

Suddenly, Dash felt a rough grip on her tail as she let out a yelp when she was forced down to the ground, she grunted in pain when her haunches hit the ground. She caressed her backside in pain, she glared up at Applejack finding her firmly gripping her tail between her teeth. "Ow! What the heck, AJ!?" Dash snatched her tail out from Applejack's mouth.

"Can ya show some respect here? If Twilight says that Celestia is comin', then she's comin'!" Applejack scolded Rainbow. Dash forced herself up before she shoved her forehead against Applejack's. AJ grunted trying force Dash back while glaring into one another's eyes while they snarled and growled in their faces. They began to feel a force and a lavender magic aura surrounding their bodies as it pulled the fighting tomboys away from each other.

"That's enough you two!" Twilight's voice called out. They stopped as soon as they heard Twilight's demanding voice. They turn to see the rest of the group who had been silently watching the conflict. Rarity and Pinkie shot out looks of concern towards their friends, Fluttershy seemed a bit shaken about their small bitter argument. Twilight looked at both of them showing a glint of disappointment through her violet eyes.

Both of the tomboys looked at Twilight apologetically, "Twilight, ah' could explain-," Applejack began before she was cut off.

"There's no need for explaining, can we all just be patient for once?" she asked with irritation.

"Sorry." Dash said apologetic.

"That's okay, Rainbow. Princess Celestia should be coming any second now. In fact,-" she gazed up towards the sky in the horizon until her eyes widened with eager, "-She's here!" she exclaimed as everypony around her turned their gazes towards a descending speck approaching from afar.

A pair of pegasus stallion guards can be seen chauffeuring their princess with the flying chariot. As the guards gently landed the chariot in front of the castle, the group immediately trotted to the chariot to greet their princess while the guards stood in guard as they waited for further orders.

Celestia stepped out of the chariot when Twilight and her friends gathered in front of her. "Hello there, Twilight," Celestia greeted with an elegant tone in her voice as she gave Twilight and her friends a cheerful smile."Has there been anything of your concerns lately?"

"Not really," Twilight answered, then a feeling of curiosity washed over her as she stared up at the princess with a questioning gaze. "Princess Celestia, are you going to tell us the news that you came to tell us about? We've been eagerly waiting to know what you want to tell us."

Celestia smiled at that. "Of course," she answered cheerfully before moving towards the castle entrance. She gestured the group to follow her inside the castle, "Now come, let's discuss this inside the castle in the throne room; there will be much to discuss."

Author's Note:

I have to thank Dinodisneylover1 for some help! I’m not sure how I feel about this chapter though. But it’s so much better than when I first wrote it, probably the best written chapter I have ever done. Hope you guys enjoy!

Yes I know this chapter came out faster than expected. It’s because I’ve been planning this story on paper so I can make this as good as possible. I have been planning this story for over a year which is why this story takes place between Seasons 6 & 7. Season 8 hasn’t aired yet when I was first writing this.