• Published 26th May 2018
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Manehatten MediTech - MetalBrony20

A mare, down on her luck, decides to sign up to a new project to pave the way for obesity, in the name of science!

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Day 8 - Stretching out

"Oooh, I think I ate a little too much..." A rather overstuffed Lake groaned to herself as she lay back into a large purple sofa. Her belly glorped and groaned as it tried to process the mass of confection she had shoved down her throat. Pressing her hooves into the over stuffed mass, she tried to massage herself to get some relief, resulting in a loud burp sounding out.

It had been little over a week since she had entered the facility. After the drugs had been injected into her, she had been placed into a fairly spacious room. It was well equipped, certainly much better then anything Lake had lived in previously. The room was composed of a large chamber, featuring, impressively, a King plus sized mattress. After a life of living on only single sized ones, it was a lovely place to lay down on, especially since it was memory foam. On one of the walls was a wide plasma TV directly facing the sofa she was slouching on. In front of the sofa was a rather tall and wide coffee table, on which various trays and plates lay empty. Another wall had a bookshelf with a large selection of genres to choose from.

Next to the entrance to the room was a large mirror, for what she assumed to be for personal use to observe her gains. Lastly, there was an additional door leading to a bathroom, with a huge bathtub and an almost comically wide toilet. Really, everything in the room was big, which helped to emphasise, that, as some point, she was going to be able fill them in time. Looking to side of her self, Lake saw how much free room was available on the sofa, almost 5 others could comfortably fit on with considerable breathing room.

Letting out another burp, she stood up and faced the mirror. Already she was making considerable progress. Her cheek bones were no longer prominent, instead covered with a small layer of chub that rounded out her face. Her chin had gotten slightly thicker, as well has her neck. Below, her stuffed belly had been one of the prominent areas for her gain. Without being full, it dipped roughly 2 centimetres, gaining a slight jiggle when she made any large movement. The other prominent area of gain had been her butt. Already, her bony bottom had gained a layer of padding, allowing for more comfortable seating. Wiggling her body, Lake watched as most of her body moved independently as the loose flesh quivered, especially her ass and stomach which wobbled like a pair of blueberry jellies. In addition, her forelegs had gained a small sleeve of fat, not really too large, but enough to start bunching up above her elbows. Overall, her body had softened and she was beginning to feel heavy, though she knew that soon this size would seem pitifully small.

There was a small knock at the door to the room, followed by Sept entering, carrying a curious folded object in her magic. "Good evening Lake, how are you feeling?" An angry glorp from Lakes belly gave her an answer, as the sugar and grease packed globe attempted to break down the huge glob of fattening food into more wobbly lard. "I'm feeling veeeeeery full Sept. Why do I have to stuff so much food in here? It's not like I'm going anywhere fast." Giving her a sympathetic look, Sept gave her a small pat on the withers. "It's just to increase your stomach capacity to maximise your gains. The company wants results fast, and there not going to sit around for any longer then needs be. So they want that gut of yours stretching out sufficiently to allow for greater intakes of food. You'll get used it in time I'm sure." Unfolding the object in her magic, it was revealed to be what look like a dark grey rubber suit with blue highlights. The chest area had the company logo stamped the in the middle, a circle with a trio of smaller ones inside, lines were drawn out from the bottom of these, converging and a single point in the middle.

It was rather underwhelming, almost like a sort of sleeker wetsuit. "What's that for?" Lake enquired, a hoof moving to her stomach to try and calm the gurgling and groaning. "This is another test, well I say test, it's more of a trial run of a new material." Encompassing the whole suit in her magic, Sept stretched it out, with surprisingly little resistance, even when it was pulled and stretched to twice its normal width. "This just came out of the material research department, a new revolution in clothing. The problem with normal clothing is that, well, if you get larger, either through natural growth, or through deliberate muscular or adipose growth. Whatever the cause, you have to replace your wardrobe. This material, Decathaum-caoutchouc, should allow for the clothes to stretch up to 10 times the designs current size."

Sept held it out in front of Lake, prompting her to take it. "So I'm guessing that due to my growth, I'll provide an excellent test subject for it?" Lake mused, holding the material in a free hoof. It felt no different to any other rubber, but the material was more willing to stretch, even a small grab pulled a large section of material. "Exactly! We need to see how it stands up to both prolonged stretching and being clad to a body, so the higher ups decided to give you a trial run with it. Go on, let's see it on." A hole on the back of the suit with no zipper gave access, as Lake stepped into the front leg holes. Getting it on proved to be fairly easy, the very supple material allowing Lake to slip into it. Her belly, which she expected to be constrained by the suit was very comfortable, her larger curves swelling out the fabric.

"Now, here's the cool thing." Sept looked to be bursting with excitement. "Suit, close fully." Sept commanded. Once spoken, the whole open back fused together seamlessly, leaving Lake fully enclosed in the material. Checking herself out in the mirror, her body's curves seemed to be highlighted, if not excentuated, as no part of her mass was compressed. Her blubbery globes were now clad in the material, looking to be even larger then before. Giving an experimental shake of her backside, she noted it still jiggled and shook fairly freely, her tail poking out of a small hole in the back. "The suit has been programmed with magic to allow for virtually constant usage." Holding up a laminated card, it had a number of instructions printed in clear, easy to read font. "Most of these will be available on the standard body glove, especially ones for convenience, such as that one to open the rump area of it to allow for toilet usage, the cleansing function to keep the material clean, and the Magi-aquaporins to allow for water, both perspiration and water to exit, and of need be, enter. The body drying mode is to allow for you wear this in the shower..."

"Wait, wear in the shower? How am I suppose to get clean in this?" Lake looked at Sept incredulously, before placing a hoof on her forehead. "Let me guess, there is a shower function?" A nod was given in return. "Yes once out of the shower, the fabric's magic draws moisture from the surface of the body and forces it out of the Magi-aquaporins. Think of it this way, when you get massive, drying your body with a towel will be nigh impossible. Think of this as a personal assistant." She trotted up to Lake, standing at her side. "In addition, when you are cleaning yourself, water will diffuse through the holes by osmosis, allowing for seamless transition between activities." Placing the command card down on the sofa arm, Sept trotted to the door. "I'm sure it will grow on you in time. I'll see you tomorrow, have a great night." The door opened and closed with a dull click, leaving Lake standing there. "Alright, I suppose so can try it on." Picking up the card, she scanned the options, committing several to memory. "I'll try a shower, it can't be terrible now, can it?"

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