• Published 26th May 2018
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Manehatten MediTech - MetalBrony20

A mare, down on her luck, decides to sign up to a new project to pave the way for obesity, in the name of science!

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Day 163 - The aftermath or The blobs go on parade

"This is the EBC with some breaking news, the cure to obesity has finally come, or so that's what the Manehatten based company Manehatten MediTech is saying. After years of research, testing and finalisation, they are now ready to release the product onto the market." The morning news presenter, a stallion by the name of Paper Prompt announced in a distinctly neutral voice. "It had been over 5 months since testing began of the new drug, which only needs one application before the effects are permanent. We have a camera crew down at the centre to interview the head of the project, Dr Lab Set, can you please fill us in on the details the project?" The picture changed to that of the grey stallion at Manehatten MediTech, a small grin set upon his muzzle. He was standing in front of a large blue background, with large curved shaded lines flowing down it. "Why yes Paper Prompt, we have confirmed that the effects of the drug have remained active in all test subjects that have participated in testing."

"So just what is it that the drug does Doctor? I'm sure the viewers would love to know just what this new apparent miracle cure does."

"Well the mixture is designed to cut out the dangerous side effects of putting on sever amounts of fat. It removes issues with the circulatory and respiratory systems, meaning that they will not be blocked from problems like cholesterol build up, and prevent issues with insulin response. Additionally, it strengthens your heart, diaphragm and improves healing of the skin. This helps to offset the issues of having so much weight pressing down on these parts of your body, as well as preventing damage to skin tissue." He paused for a couple of seconds. "In fact, we have some of the individuals in this room who worked on the project. Would you like to meet some of the test subjects?"

Before Paper could respond, the camera began to zoom out quite far from Labs body, only for it to become apparent that the background wasn't actually a background, but an enormous blob. The thing was gargantuan, large folds and rolls of fat ringing the mass of blueberry coloured lard. It rested upon a large mattress, the memory foam squashed and compressed so much that only a light bit couple be seen under the oozing reserves of blubber. Around the mass, a small ring of grey rubbery material laying was pinned down by its apparent gargantuan weight, as the camera began to pan around to the front. They discovered a long tube snaking it way up to the face of the thing, only for it to become apparent that the thing was actually a pony. Her face was simply crowed with fat. A pair of cheeks larger then footballs sagged from the sheer mass of them onto the ring of neck fat, as wide as the wheels on the taxis in the city. Below her head, a huge collection of chins drooped low, cascading down her face and neck like a waterfall. The mares blue-green eyes were squints as they tried to stay open amongst the tide of fat. Her messy emerald green mane stuck out at odd angles, most likely from sheer neglect.

Looking down, it was discovered that the mares hooves had simply disappeared, large divots in the swollen legs to show where they had been drowned and swallowed as if the fat had become sentinent. The largest part of her body however was a belly which escaped all meanings of the word obese. It was simply like an additional mattress of blubber spread out beneath her. It let out audible glorps and groans as the sound boom was directed towards the thick, juicy roll. Rounding off the blob was a pair of what was apparently her ass, two saggy, wrinkled, fold laden globs of fat, giving the impression of two oversized exercise balls filled with jelly, both of which where heavily dimpled by cellulite. Across her back, it was ringed by rolls which could be likened to in appearance to waves of the ocean, lapping up against her head and butt. Labs horn ignited with his aura, which surrounded the hose jammed into the blobs mouth. It tried to suck at the now non existent tube, before realising there was nothing there. Blinking her pale blue eyes, she attempted to look over her cascade of rolls and folds down at the camera.

"This is our largest patient, Miss Lapis Lake, the first test subject for the project. Miss Lake, may you give the audience a few words, if you may?" A look of concentration crossed Lakes visage as she was collecting her thoughts amongst her food addled mind, the camera focusing on the blobby, near inequine fact, leaving viewers at home stunned just how large this mare was.

"Ah...jusht...wanyt to...sayhh...that...ah...think...more...pohnyes...would enjoy...beyying...fat...if there...wash...no...consequenshes." The mare attempted to speak past the mass of lard pressing against her throat and face, giving her a surring lisp. "If the...only isshuee...ish...mobility...then...you...can....eat...tashty things...all dayh!"

"It may sound odd, what you can do to your bod." The sound of rhyming appeared from beside Lake, for as was revealed, behind the blue blob sat a mound of white and black lard. It was a Zebra, judging from the rhyming dialect and the fact she still had a recognisable face, with only a large double chin and cricket ball sized cheeks. The same couldn't be said about the rest of her body. The largest part of her was her booty. If Lakes were hills, these were a mountain range. The two mounds of blubber were easily as large as taxi cart, the cutie mark stretched greatly, though the fact that the two plot cheeks mostly kept their shape meant that they were still recognisable. Her belly was divided into 2 rolls, not as large in comparison to Lakes, but still a mass of plush adipose, oozing from her body and pooling against the mattress she sat on, overflowing it slightly and gave the impression of melting chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The top fold was the largest, flopping onto her lower roll which had been split into two by her cavernous belly button. Her body was patterned in overstretched stripes, wrapping around most of her body in anaconda thick bands of black.. Her fore hooves could still be seen, not yet engulfed by the tide of blubber that had swallowed Lakes. The same couldn't be said by her rear hooves, with only the tip of them poking out of their sleeves of flab. She stared down at the camera from her elevated position, owing to her vastly overblown plot pushing her up above where Lakes head was.

"The process is relaxing and nice, while you won't be thin as mice, as your body grows, and fat reserves overblows, you feel that your have you own personal pillows, owing to all that pudge that billows." Using the little mobility in her fore legs, she slapped at the nearest roll, sending her body wobbling and shaking all over for several seconds. "Before I came, the problems of many overweight pony folk for me were the same, but after the injections pain, I was feeling right as rain." She adjusted her body, shifting ever so slightly to move where her rolls sagged, resulting in slightly more fat slipping off the mattress onto the floor. "Some may scorn and moan, but please know this thought from deep in my bones, Zenechka the zebra is fat and fab, with more rolls then you could grab, but I enjoy as my body balloons and grows and if you were to try this miracle drug your enjoyment too will show!"

With that, the camera panned outward to a wide shot of Lab with both mares, looking dwarfed by the two despite being the stallion bring taller then the average individual. Paper Prompt was still speechless, only just recovering, his wings were outstretched and a reddish blush had appeared on his face. "How much do these two weight? They look absolutely massive!"

"These two are the fattest equines in Equestria, looking at the record books, and comparing the mass of the two, I can confirm that Zenechka is 1687 lbs but Lake is a whopping 1928 lbs, that's over double the previous record owner!" He patted a thick belly roll of Lakes, sending it wobbling, jiggling propagating around the butter ball followed by deep sloshing and glorping. "There bodies have been built using our other products we have been developing, such as our Digestant Accelerator and Weight Gain Shake, two products which have enabled the rapid development of adipose on the body." He composed himself for a couple of moments and then continued. "The drug and a lot of our new products will be available for sale at this centre and will be able to be purchased at your local pharmacy soon, our first batch was dispatched just this morning. You can order online if your wish from our website for all of our new products, such as our new revolutionary Decathaum-caoutchou suits, the clothes you can wear anywhere, anytime!"

"I see, well thank you for that Dr Set." The feed from Lab Set was cut, the picture cutting back to the studio. "Next, we see the reactions to the news from the Idoneitatem Administratum and the..." But a good majority of ponies at home were not listening, instead they were debating the proposal with friends and family, some, however, were rushing to their computers to place orders for the products. Some dialled their phones and others went to their computers, which was very true for one grey coloured mare, with a purple and charcoal coloured mane. A record surrounded by bright orange and red bolts was stamped onto her shapely plot. She wore an aubergine coloured shirt and was furiously typing away at the keyboard, opening the webpage for the medical centre and a messenger programme called 'Eris'.

She simply typed one thing into the application 'Guys, have you heard the news?' All replies said the same thing, a resounding yes. The profile pic for a brown stallion in a red scarf appeared, followed by a short message 'We're going to get so fat, aren't we?'. A second image appeared, this one of a green stallion with a blue beard and mane. 'Of course, that goes without saying.' The grey mare rubbed her hooves together, a small smile alighting her chubby cheeks. Giggling, she placed an order for a large assortment of products, not caring about the dent in her wallet she was making "Oh, this is gonna be so fun!"

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Comments ( 6 )

Really love your stories.
Do you take story comissions?

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the fact you took time to read my fan fics!
Sorry, but I don't take commissions. Mainly because I go in and out of writing phases and I don't have a paypal account set up. You could PM me a suggestion if you want, but not promises if it gets done.

Great story (in more than one way :raritywink:)! Hope the future brings more like that.
The OCs at the end seem familiar, did I recognize WG enthusiasts Magna-Save, Winterlight and Lupin Quill?

Yep, you got them right! Thanks for the support!

Nice story.
Kinda remind me Sleipnir Colony by Archy.
The inventions had to start somehow.

Gonna make a sequel?

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