• Published 30th Jul 2012
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Return of the Manticores - MarcDaJohnson

The old ponytales speak of beasts that ravaged Equestria long ago, but they're just ponytales right?

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Author's Notes

Welcome everyone and thanks for viewing. First off, this is my first non-mature story and any feedback you can give would be greatly appreciated, especially combat mechanics as so far they have proved challenging to say the least. That being said, there will be plenty of fighting taking place, but no blood or gore. I decided to take this route to keep the Everyone rating, but I would rate it closer to E-10+. If at any point you feel I crossed the line for Everyone, please let me know and I'll deal with it. Also, CH1 & 2 have been merged to avoid bumping the story with this addition and to improve continuity. Well that's all I've got, hope you enjoy the show.