• Published 21st Jul 2012
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A lesson on love - Darkwings

Rainbow Dash, the one you'd least expect to fall in love, has a letter to write after a mission.

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Pie Prince...?

Chapter 2
Pie Prince...?

When the Wonderbolts were told about the situation in all Equestria, it came as a big surprise. For Soarin, the surprise was quite literal, as the pie he was searching for fell on top of his head after the ear splitting roar of their manager from the radio. How did that old stallion manage to do that was a mystery, simply because the radio station was miles away from the training base.

The young stallion had hurried off, taking flight right from the window with bits of the forgotten apple pie still adoring his mane.

Spitfire had told them of the situation during the flight to the meeting point. Soon, they were joined by the other pegasi.

And all of them were going fanfilly on them. Yes, even the stallions.

However, Soarin wasn’t interested at all. He didn’t even bother giving them a second glance. His gaze was locked on the horizon, waiting,his mind wondering to the young mare that had saved their lives...and his pie once! Was she even going to be there? From what he understood, the best fliers were chosen for this. There was simply no way she wasn’t going to be there.

Even if she wasn’t chosen, with her spunk it was impossible.

At least, that was what he thought.

A small grin appeared on his face as his sharp green eyes noticed a blue blur in the distance.

Yup, the Pie Saver with a rainbow mane.

Rainbow Dash….

She reached them very fast, just as he thought.

However his smile turned to a frown when he noticed the state she was in. The mare herself probably didn’t know that.
The bags under her eyes indicating tiredness and lack of sleep,and the right wing, bent slightly at an odd angle. What did she do to hurt herself?

His frown deepened with worry, seeing her try to catch her breath.

“All right everypony!”, yelled Spitfire, finally making him turn his attention to her. She was giving instructions. Soarin didn’t even need to listen. They always did the same thing in such cases - divide to groups and deal with the threat. His attention was on a certain mare again.

Even through the fatigue, she looked confident and strong. He resisted the urge to sigh. She probably hated them by now.

They didn’t tend to keep promises. He really wanted to hang out with the pony that saved his life that day, but the manager just had to come up with an excuse to give them more publicity. He hated it. And the Gala as well. First he acted like a total douche, pigging out right in front of her, then he was dragged by fans and his captain to take photos and sign autographs…right at the time when she tried to start a conversation.

And she looked so beautiful that day too….

Shaking his head from the memories, he focused on the orders.

Something didn’t add up. Why was Spit leaving her and a few others outside the decided teams? He wouldn’t have minded having her on his team. He could keep an eye on her, and maybe apologize too…

The frown turned to a small scowl that rivaled a pout when Spitfire asked her to be the leader of her own team, one dealing with the huge black cloud coming from the Everfree forest.

Is she out of her mind? For Celestia’s sake, that cloud is the biggest of them all, and I bet my apple pie the most dangerous! Why is she sending her of all ponies!

Of course, his captains reason was acceptable and made sense.

But that didn't mean he liked it.

Nevertheless, Soarin couldn’t do anything but watch as his pie saver agreed enthusiastically.

Good luck, he thought as he gave her one last worried glance before taking off in the opposite direction.

Now, I just have to finish this quickly, and come back!

A drop of sweat rolled down his cheek as he tried to think of something to do. Nothing seemed to work on the weird black cloud with a hurricane buzzing inside! They were lucky it wasn’t that big, or they would have been goners for sure.

Soarin had thought of everything - flying in circles, trying to squeeze the thing from all directions, cutting it through with high speed, even gathering some normal white clouds and trying to do something with them (this made it worse, making the white clouds darken and add up to the main one).

Nothing worked.

The four pegasi that were on his team were already out of breath, all having the same sour look on their faces.

“Stallion up will you! Our fellow pegasi are risking their lives out there for Equestria! We should too!”, he yelled, using his ‘angry’ voice. Spitfire called it his ‘where the hay did you hide my apple pie’ voice.

Instantly the four stallions strengthened up, guilty faces flashing right in front of him.

He sighed. They really were getting nowhere.

Suddenly, an enormous BOOM was heard and all the ponies turned to face the direction it came from.
They were nearly blinded by the rainbow that had spiraled up to the skies.

“Whoa..”, muttered one of the ponies, in awe.
But for Soarin, a simple ‘whoa’ wasn’t enough.

Pie saver…

Instantly, the cloud behind them paled to a sparkling white and dispersed into nothingness. The hurricane raging inside it died down to a simple spring breeze.

This of course, left all the pegasi there gaping.

The light blue pegasi however, grinned.

I knew you were special….

He returned alone, as the others were too tired. He had decided it would be right to let them get the rest they needed. It was only fair. Plus Spitfire never said they all had to return. Just the leaders were enough for a simple ‘Everything went ok’.

When he arrived, all the other Wonderbolts were there. It seemed that all leaders had let the subordinates go to sleep.

And from what it seemed,it was the Rainboom that had cleared all the hurricane clouds.

“Wait”, Soarin glanced around. “Where is the pie saver?”

“Oh, Rainbow Dash? My team met the ponies from her group on the way. They said they were done and were on the way home, to sleep”, stated Spitfire. “It seems she was the one who did the Sonic Rainboom, cool eh? Who knew it would clear everything!”

This didn’t help the churning of Soarin’s stomach.

“But did they say where she was?”

The yellow pegasus thought for a bit. “No, but she is probably already asleep. Lets just head home as well, our job is done here.”

The worry doubled. “No, you guys go ahead, I’ll come back later.”

One of the stallions gave a chuckle. “Geez Soarin, what do you want to do it such a place anyway? Get some pie?”

Said pegasus narrowed his eyes dangerously (though the goggles prevented that, so the effect was lost).

True, even if they were partners in flight, that didn’t mean he had to be friends with them. In fact, his only friend on the team was Spitfire.

And he didn’t like this particular pony at all. Not one bit.

“Alright, see you later then”, said Spitfire with a slight shake of her head. Soarin knew it meant ‘don’t you start a fight now’.
At least she was letting him of the hook. She could have easily ordered him to return to the base.

Giving her a small ‘thank you’ smile, he dashed off in the direction of the mystical forest. He was headed towards the rapidly disappearing trail of the rainbow.

His eyes widened at the destruction once he neared area.

Torn earth, lightning strikes here and there, rocks scattered everywhere, everything blackened..and something red on it.

He flew to take a closer look.
Blood!!!, he thought frantically as his head darted back and forth in panic. He was searching for some kind of evidence..
But did he want to find it? Hay no, he'd rather this was just another animal......

He landed on the ground and galloped further. He didn’t have to go far as something blue caught his eye.

A single feather.

From a pegasi wing.

He gulped, his heart aching with worry for some reason.

Something had happened to the pie saver for sure!
Where is she!!!
Why did I think she could deal with it alone …after all the evidence that it had dark magic in it?

Killing the guilt inside, he opened his wings and flew further, towards the mountain.

A howl.

Buck it! Daemostera…not now, why now? They shouldn’t even be outside… unless there…is a wounded creature near their lair!

Not even thinking that those monsters were really fast, vicious, had a fetish for blood AND fed off negative feelings, he rushed there as fast as he could, sudden strength returning to him. All he could think about was helping her, the mare with the most beautiful rainbow mane.

He saw her, sprawled on the ground, looking like a mess. Her wings, obviously broken, were crimson from all the blood. Her mane, the multiple colors once gleaming like the sun itself were all messed with twigs, blood and dirt.

And there, peeking through the dark bushes were the monsters.

Their crimson eyes contrasting with the blackness around, focused on their prey.

Her. His pie saver.

“Dash!!!”, he screamed out as he neared her. She didn't stir. His heart started beating uncontrollably. She couldn’t…right?

“Answer, Rainbow Dash please!!”

A slight movement of her eyelids caught his attention, but then it died down. She had either fallen asleep or had fainted from the fatigue and pain.

Another howl echoed through the mountain. Soarin jumped in front of the battered pegasus in a protective manner and growled.

"Get away...from her!", he roared. If one saw him now, they probably wouldn't recognize the happy go lucky, pie obsessed Soarin.