• Published 27th Nov 2019
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A Shattered Heart - Broman

A Villian strives to have a normal life in the city of Maretropolis. It's more difficult then it sounds.

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“You will never take me alive, Power Ponies!” The Mane-iac screamed as her hair whipped out like a whip and attacking the heroes. The power Ponies all dodged her attacks, and quickly spread themselves out inside the warehouse, ready for their counterattack. Zapp flew up high, using her powered necklace and began causing a storm to appear over her head. Thunderbolts began crashing down around her, striking at the Mane-iac with pinpoint accuracy. She shouted and cursed as they hit true and she quickly regained her composure.

“Your little light show will not stop me!” she yelled as she quickly recovered, lashing out her hair to seize the nuisance. However, before she could seize her, Fili-second came out and intervened.

“I don’t think so,” she gave a giggle and began creating static by rubbing her feet together in a blinding pace. Static appeared on the end of her fingers and she quickly pointed at the incoming hair. Once it touches, the static coursed back into her body and the Mane-iac took the full force like a lightning rod. She flew back, crashing into several crates and boxes, scattering the contents everywhere. The Mane-iac shook her head, trying to regain her senses, when she felt something clutch her lower legs. She cried out and looked down, seeing a chain that had ribbons on the end, and she beheld Radiance power holding her down with a smirk on her countenance. Just as she tried to break the chains, a loud booming noise came in front of her. She turned and saw the hulking mass that is the Saddle Rager standing before her. Her eyes went to pinpricks as she felt her hands clenched together in her massive one and lifted up to be face to face with the beast.

“This is going to hurt you, a lot more then it’s going to hurt me,” Saddle Rager said, then adding, “sorry,” before whipping her body and slamming her into the ground, knocking the wind out of her. This happened several times, her body striking against the solid concrete again and again until she could hear bones crack. She felt blood in her mouth and she screamed out as she was struck on the ground, before being thrown straight into the air.

Her body hung in the air for a moment, allowing her to take in a few seconds of precious breath, before dropping down. However, it was only temporary, as a thick rope latched itself around her upper body, and forcing her arms to stay at her sides. She screamed out as the bounds tightened and Mistress Mare-velous held the end of the rope, holding her in place as she was suspended in the air. As the last gasp of breath tore at her very lungs she could do nothing but be held suspended and could only think of them, those accursed Power Ponies.

They always messed with her plans, always defeating her at every corner. Every waking moment she can never stop them, no matter how many times she tries. Now, it seems all that has come to an end. As she struggled in the confines she looked up and beheld the Masked Matter-Horn. She floated in the air, her wings outstretched and her horn glowed to great luminous grace, appearing to all the world as a goddess sent from the heavens. It was a glorious sight to behold. Her horn charged in a radiant purple, the magic dancing at the tip of her horn as she readied for the final blow.

So, this is it? She thought, as she focused on her nemesis before her. The Masked Matter-Horn lifted her hands up to where her magic came forth, forming into a ball of energy into the palm of her hands.

“Mane-iac! Your reign of terror, ends this day!” she said, like so many times before. She had heard that phrase so many times, countless times that made her mind rage of defeat and that she would not accept it. But now, it was different.

She really wanted this to happen.

“Then end it!” she screamed out, the ends of her hair lashing out in a final attempt to seize her, but it was merely a ruse, to goad her into delivering the final blow. The Masked Matter-Horn wasted no time, sending the ball of energy straight at her. Her only field of vision was her mass of hair attempting to seize her and the ball of energy coming right at her. As the deathblow ever neared, she closed her eyes and a smile appeared on her face.

Yes, let this suffering end, she thought as the ball of energy struck her home and her field of vision turned white.


An alarm clock sounded off and kept its constant tone, awakening it’s only sleeping occupant. A light purple hand reached out and calmly tapped the button, stopping the alarm and revealing the time.

It read 8:00 o’clock in the morning.

The occupant brought the covers out and stretched her hands out to the farthest extent. She yawned and brought her feet over the side of the bed, revealing polyester pajama bottoms and a black tank top. As she finished stretching out her kinks and a few audible pops from her back she stood up from bed and headed to the bathroom, but not before grabbing a towel off a hanging rack along with a clean pair of work pants and another tank top.

“Well, time to get ready.” she said, entering the bathroom and turning on the shower. Hot water began to pour out as she undressed. Once the last of her clothes left her she hopped inside and quickly did her business. After a minute under the shower she began to apply shampoo and conditioner and began to clean her long green hair, the ends of her fingers rubbing softly into her scalp, and allowing her skin to breath and to absorb the nutrients. She did this for several minutes, cleaning her hair and body, and the warm water soothed her aches and pains. After another minute of showering, and after the shampoo was rinsed out, she turned off the shower and grabbed the towel and exited out of the shower. After securing the towel around her she grabbed a brush off her counter and began to brush her long hair, which stretched all the way down to the middle of her back. As she brushed for a few moments, tending to her morning task, she thought back to the dream she had.

“That was quite some dream,” she said as she continued to brush her hair.

More like a nightmare, a voice replied in her head, sounding bitter by the experience.

“Shut up, no one asked your opinion,” she replied back, not once stopping her quest in straightening out her elegant hair. After continuing to brush her long hair, making sure it was fully straightened out, the voice returned.

I think that dream was of our glorious loss. At the top of the ladder and brought down into its grave, wouldn’t you agree? The voice said, sounding a bit in grief at the mere thought and the mare paused in her task, closed her eyes and shook her head in response.

“That loss is what finally made me see what I really was. If it weren't for that night, I wouldn’t be here now,” she said. However, as she opened her green eyes, her left side had red within.

“You mean we wouldn’t be here,” the voice replied and the mare saw her own reflection in the mirror speaking back at her.

“Go away, you're not in control of me,” the mare replied in a calm manner and resumed to brush her hair.

“Oh I know that you are, but you will never be rid of me,” the voice said, and the mare notices her left eye glow from the red tint before disappearing a moment later, returning to her natural green.

I know of your thoughts, the voice added, her words prying at her like a snake to its prey, I know of your deepest desires, those little grudges that have festered within you, waiting to be unleashed upon this city. I know what it's like to be treated so differently and to have them all hate you for it, the voice said as the mare finished brushing her mane and began to look about the room, Right now, you still hold those feelings of rancor within. How you longed to get back on top of things and how you-

“If you are done ranting, can you help me find my bra and underwear?” the mare asked, cutting off the voice within her head. The voice was silent for a moment before a deep sigh came from within.

You really like to kill the mood, don’t you, the voice asked, the mare simply shrugged her shoulders. Without a second thought her hair moved outward beyond the bathroom door, returning a moment later with her bra and panties.

“I wondered where they went,” she said, seizing them and began to put them on, giving a small hum as she slipped on the panties and began to fix her bra.

You’ve had them where they always were, at the end of the bed like a hooker after their night out on the town.

“I am not a hooker. Besides, ” the mare said as she slipped the bra on and made sure the strap clicked behind her,” I think I like the way I look now compared to what I was before.” she said, as she looked at herself in the mirror, posing like a model with the latest style and trend. She looked at her tone body and the muscled look that would give any athletic mare a run for her money. From the shapely legs to the curved muscles around her abs, she was in pristine condition.

Of course you aren’t. Our body was more special that way. Alluring the most feeble minded fools to do our bidding. Oh how I longed to be back in that suit and show the raw sex appeal that I would unleash upon the masses.

“Are my breasts getting bigger though?” she said, completely disregarding the voice in her head.

You're ignoring me are you? The voice replied back in annoyance, not bothering to answer the mare's question.

“This is a D cup bra, but maybe it would be time to buy a bigger size?” she said, giving herself another look in the mirror before putting on her work pants and clean tank top.

You fret over how our body looks like some pansy model. How were we reduced to such a state I will never know.

“You're not helping, Mane-iac,” she said as she exited the bathroom and back into her bedroom. She quickly looked around and observed her bedroom. It was a modest one, with her own bed, dresser, a table and a shoe box filled with several pairs of shoes and a window that had a perfect view of the grand park in the center of Maretropolis. She looked outside and saw the large oak trees and in full summer bloom. People were already up and about, the city coming alive in the early morning hours.

After admiring the scenery before her she went to her queen sized bed and did the routine task of making it. She fluffed the pillows, folded the extra blanket and tucked the covers into the sides, although, her task was quickened with the aid of her hair. After completing the task she grabbed a pair of socks and exited her bedroom and was straight into the living room and kitchen.

It was standard, as most apartments were, but she had this specially made. She had custom carpets that felt warm to the touch, a high end table made of the finest wood, and a large couch that was comfortable, even best to sleep on during work nights. However, the biggest kicker, was the seventy inch flat screen T.V. She could watch whatever she wanted and have the perfect view to boot. She took a second to admire it all before heading into the kitchen.

All of this is frivolous. Why have these useless knick knacks and furnishings that do nothing for us. It’s all a waste of money, Rosalind, The Mane-iac moaned in much distress.

“It’s not wasteful. They serve their purpose, and don’t call me Rosalind, it’s Rosie,” she replied, her hair stretched out and seized the remote, turning on the television in the process. MT news came on, showing an important newscaster. Normally she wouldn’t watch the morning news but she didn’t mind on hearing what is going on. She watched what was on, grabbing cereal, a bowl and a milk carton out of the fridge. As she poured the milk she heard a mocking laugh from the Mane-iac.

Oh that old name? Rosalind Locks, the hair fashionista extraordinaire? I don’t recall that name, but I do recall the accident when you fell into that vat. Oh how I relish when I was born and my powers unleashed.

“I don’t like that memory at all, I never could remember anything when you took over,” she said softly with a heavy heart on that memory. She walked over to the table and began to eat her breakfast with a small uplifting smile, “But that is going to change.”

You think that you can run away from this? The Mane-iac asked, Rosie continued to eat in silence. When something comes along, whenever there is something valuable out there, you know I’ll be creeping along, and hoping to come forth once again.

“Well you haven’t taken over since the last defeat, and I intend to keep it that way.” She replied, taking an interest in the particular subject on T.V. The newscaster was showing graphs and immigration statistics from the Human world called Earth and how they were coming to Equestria and Maretropolis in particular. She smiled at that and she quickly downed the bowl before getting up to clean her dishes.

“More people coming to Maretropolis it seems,” she said as she began cleaning the bowl, using the nearby dish soap and sponge, “That will certainly be good for my business.” she said, finishing cleaning her dishes and heading toward her room to get her work shirt and high heel shoes. Once she grabbed her things and headed back into the living room she could hear a groan in the back of her head, and her alter ego was not pleased.

“Whimper all you like, but this is my life now and I wish to keep it that way.” she said with a huff. She put on her work shirt which resembled a parlor owner but also used for massage clinics. As she was ready to head out the door the newscaster on TV announced something that caught her attention.

“Elections will begin on June 20th, where current mayor Harsh Wind, will be facing against challenger David Bronco. Polls show that David Bronco has a large lead against Harsh Wind and the current mayor is facing an uphill battle to gain the trust of the people and be back in the polls. But after the latest scandals and harsh rhetoric that he has said, it is possible that the long time mayor will lose in the upcoming election. If that comes to pass, this would make David Bronco the first human to become mayor of Maretropolis in Equestria.” the newscaster said, as Rosie gave a knowing nod.

“I got to remember to go out and vote when the time comes, I really like Bronco,” she said, while the Mane-iac gave a huff.

Please, I’d prefer to be there and ruin the election for everybody. The terror that would ensue when those greedy politicians are put in their place.

“Not going to happen.” Rosie said, turning the TV off and heading out the door. She went down the stairs which lead right into her parlor. She was happy with getting this place, for it not only had her home on the second floor, but the main floor was made into her business. The apartment was a mixed use building and she was able to live on the second floor and conduct her parlor below.

As she closed the door behind her she looked about the large room, her own business. Half a dozen massage tables were in the far end, each having a stall for privacy for each of her customers. In the far end was several rooms, each one leading to a spa, sauna, and special spa treatments, respectively. Where she stood in front of the store was six chairs, each facing a mirror and having a line of hair care products, razors, and various sizes of scissors, making her parlor into a spa and salon. In the front there was a front counter and a dozen fancy chairs that would be comfortable for her waiting customers.

It was her small business and she was happy with all of it

This is a travesty. Me, the Powerful Mane-iac, reduced to live a common life, picking at people's feet and overuse by hands until they are bloody raw. This is very unfitting, even for the likes of me.

“Mane-iac, this was once my life. I don’t know how many times I have to remind you of it. I’m just trying to replace what I once had and lost.” she explained, going to her front desk and grabbed the keys within. She looked at her laptop on the desk, which she had turned on and made a note to check her email later today.

Yes, yes. But all that money is spent on this material? Let me tell you, all the money we made over the years, would have set us for life, and you wasted within a full year.

“That’s not just your decision, Mane-iac. I have to maintain my business. I had to purchase furnishings, buy products, help it grow, and take care of-” she was interrupted by a knock at the door. She lifted her head and saw a few people already outside.

“Ah, my employees.”

You mean our servants?

“Shut up,” Rosie said, quickly heading to the door to unlock it, and allowed her workers to come in.

“Hello Milky Wind, Sunny light, and you to Tender Heart.” she said as each of her employees replied to her in kind.

“Nice to see you to!” Milky Wind said back with a smile on her face. She was a pegasus pony with a cheery attitude, and her blue fur and green hair matched her personality.

“It's nice to return, Rosie. I hope I can help.” Sunny Light said in a soft spoken voice as she passed by. She was a unicorn who is a bit shy around other men, but she was comfortable around the one’s she knows best. She had an orange body with a light red hair color.

“It’s nice to see you, miss Locks.” a deep baritone voice came from Tender Heart. Whenever she heard that voice it made Rosie shudder. Tender Heart was an Earth pony who is tall and broad shouldered. He may look intimidating but he has a heart of gold and is well liked by many of the customers, mostly the girls. He had a red body tone with a blue mane. As the three walked in Rosie took a look outside and then called back.

“Is the others coming soon?” she asked. Milky Wind came waved her hand to her.

“I already got a text from them. They should be coming in within thirty minutes.” she said and was already heading in and preparing the store. Sunny Light also helped, moving several towels with her magic, while Tender Heart was moving the few massage tables in place. As they worked Rosie took a step outside and took a look around. The store was located on the corner of the street, right near the heart of downtown Manehattan. She could already see people, both ponies and humans, already moving about as the city was waking up to the new day. Rosie took a step forward and turned to look up at her store, which read in bold letters.

“Rosie’s Parlor, Spa and Salon services”

She looked at the sign again and again, remembering the first day she started her business almost a year ago. She hired a dozen workers, all with talent and care to help their customers, and she had the means to care for them as if they were her own. She took a deep breath and all she could think about is what she can do for the community and making her business thrive.

“Today’s a new day, let's make it spectacular!’ she said out loud, not caring if others nearby could hear her, and headed inside to begin her work day.

Author's Note:

Here is the prologue to the first grand story of mine. Please leave a comment down below on what you think and I will talk to you all later.

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