• Published 19th Jul 2012
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My Little Cuties - Amazing Ups

A man finds himself in a familiar situation, but finds caring for three fillies isn't as easy as he imagined. Is he gonna care for them the right way, or is a plot twist going to totally screw him over?

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Queen Chrysalis let loose another manic bout of laughter, while I sat crumpled on the ground.

"Yes, that's right. When your dear friend Luna decided to banish me and my changelings from Equestria, she inadvertently sent us here. To your world." Her voice and pronunciation was downright sinister.
"You don't scare me," I said weakly from the floor.

"Oh really?" Well, perhaps my associates can help me with that."

Before my very eyes, the entire room of Agent Smith look-a-likes took their original looks of disgusting, insect-like pony creatures. They stretched out and made themselves comfortable, and continued to chuckle at the dumbfounded look on my face.
Queen Chrysalis cleared her throat, apparently preparing to monologue.

"You see, when I first arrived here in your world, I remained alone and starving, for the longest of times. In Equestria, it was so easy to find love to thrive off of…but here, I discovered that true love was like a rare commodity." Another wretched smile came across the Queen's face.

"And then I found you." She licked her lips.

"Such kindness, and warmth in your heart…delicious. My subjects kept a careful eye on you, every hour of ever day. They discovered your weaknesses, your soft spots. They told me all about those little brats of yours, how you cared for them so much.

"So I thought I could convert you. If I could make you feel the same passion, the same love that you felt for those insufferable 'daughters' of yours, my subjects and I could feast for ages."

All of the changelings were eyeing me hungrily. I sat, terrified.

"But I never expected you to throw me out like that. I tried to manipulate you with my magic, showing you how menial those stupid little ponies were compared to me. And it almost worked, too." A disgruntled look came upon her. "But your love for them wouldn't break."

"That was when it happened. I saw you all, in your little huddle of affection.

"And I wanted to be part of it." She looked ashamed of herself.

"My subjects, they exalt , respect me…but I have never had anyone truly care about me."

She looked at me longingly. "I fell in love with you."

I sat balled up on the floor. Part of me was disgusted. Part of me was terrified. And part of me was oddly flattered.

"But those useless fillies got in the way." Chrysalis snapped out of her little daydream. "But I still love you deeply my darling. So I think I can cut you a deal.

"Come with me. Forget about those little foals, and I'll make you one of us. One of the changelings.

"But not only that, darling. I'll make you my king." She stood there as if it was an offer I couldn't refuse. "With our combined love, we could rule not only over Equestria, but this universe as well!" She sat in anticipation, awaiting my answer.

"Think about it. They don't really love you. They said so themselves. I bet they were happy to leave. After all, they didn't belong with you. Do you remember what your precious Scootaloo said when she found out she didn't?"

I shook my head. None of it was true. None of it.

"Face it darling. They hate you."


"LIES!!" I shouted out at her. "ALL LIES!" My mind raced with tidbits of memories, all the times the girls and I had disagreed, every time we had scuffled.

I looked up from where I laid on the floor. Steamy tears streamed down my face like a river, but my face remained solemn. The surrounding changelings watched eagerly as I began to stand up, so I could speak to Chrysalis face to face.

I looked her in the eye, and mustered my last granule of energy.

"I will never love you."

She looked back at me, stricken. "We'll just see about that."

Her horn began emanating the same green aura from before, and she directed it towards me. I huge wave of magic crashed into me, making me fall onto my knees. My head throbbed with pain. Images of the Queen filled my mind, and I flitted in and out of consciousness. The last thing I saw before blacking out was her pleased face, looking down at me with those big, green, eyes.

Those big, beautiful green eyes.

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