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We all know the story of My Little Dashie, but we have to ask, could such a phenomenon happen again? It does when one day, a man deprived of friends and a loving family his whole life finds the Cutie Mark Crusaders, far from home. Through caring for the three fillies, his life flies far past the limits of a certain popular fanfic, and divulges him into a new world that stuns and amazes him.
Though it starts off similar to My Little Dashie, I tried to stay original as possible. So you know, read my stuff, feel some feels, and have a nice day. I apologize in advance for cruddy grammar and the like.

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This should have a 'human' tag.


Very good.

I'd just be careful with your pacing of the timeline of this story. Otherwise you might end up with just a few chapters instead of many.


Did, I Havent Read it yet but is it as touching as My little dashie?! Time to read and find out!


? Odd Figure... But Cool! Moar?

OMG! This was awesome! So very awesome. Tell me you are going to update again soon? I love this story. And I love the Cutie Mark Crusaders! :heart::pinkiehappy::heart:

Wow, most MLD story's are not that good. But this one... damn! I need more. :scootangel:

He calls scootaloo Chicken again I will enter the facnfic and slap him.


it's a term of endearment, get over it :)

Not nearly as god as my little dashie, it's readable, I guess.

Good to see you back. Just a few things I want to point out two things here.

1. This chapter is too short compared to the other to chapters.

2. In the last chapter, a good portion of the beggining was repeated from chapter 1.

Solution?: Go back to chapter 2 and get rid of the repeated part, then perhaps fuse chapter 2 and 3 together?

Otherwise your good.:pinkiehappy:

Oh I see now. I was confused when I first read this chapter but now I see that you broke up chapter 1 some and put it into chapter two. Alright. I was entertained during this whole exchange with the woman. Now the secret is out with My Little Pony and it didn't happen in a good way.:facehoof:

So was so good. I god I need a moment:applecry:... but then the love:heart:they had again made this so great. Please don't stop this story anytime soon. It is absolutely awesome. It's just too cute.:scootangel:

MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAAAAR!! :pinkiecrazy:

don't worry guys, i'll be updating the story soon enough so that chapter 3 isn't a little stub :twilightsmile:

Mr. Ups, i am pretty shur vu know vat i vant. More, more auf tsis story. *points pistol at you*, Ve vouldnt vant an-E trouble now vould ve. :pinkiecrazy:

If Luna takes the CMC away from him i'm gonna be :flutterrage:

princess Luna? DUN DUN DUNN

God damn cliffhangers.. :ajbemused:
Oh and FIRST!!!!!

Holy shit....:pinkiegasp:

OMG :flutterrage: so intense cant wait for it to be finished

Holy crap, his ex was Chrysalis?! sdsdljflsdjfo;sjfkld. He better mentally contact Luna immediately. Or find some way of getting her back. Otherwise his world is gonna be screwed.

Holy hell!!!:pinkiegasp: I did NOT see that one coming

The situation is so tense that you could use it as a violin string

I NEED MOAR!!!:flutterrage:

i was just expecting it to end like mld (my little dashie) not that.

i am the master of cliffhangers

oh it's not over. :pinkiecrazy:
i knew from the start of this story that i didn't want people to pass it off as "just another mld rip." so yeah huge plot twist and bam. :rainbowwild:

965537 i already knew it wasnt the end since if you just to stop and leave it unfinished you would have a ton of dislikes in a small matter of time.

965537 You really love cliff hangers don't you? And why do you keep making a chapter and then post more into it later? I keep getting confused when I read the end of a chapter then when you update again with the next chapter you also put more into the previous chapter. Queen Chrysalis really got sent to the worst planet possible since her race thrives on love. I would think all her followers would be very weak.:unsuresweetie: As always update this great story ASAP.

Comment posted by Amazing Ups deleted Jun 11th, 2013


i have no idea how to edit these chapters properly, I've been traveling for the past week typing this up on a word document and then posting it piece by piece when i stop at hotels.:twilightoops: so i'm sorry if it's a mess guys

973954 Well now I read the second part of chapter 4 and enjoyed it. So you have been traveling and write this in your free time? That is real dedication. I'm happy writing this is so important to you. Look forward to all future updates.:ajsmug:


Hope you can keep throwing these little updates to us every now and again. Love your work.:yay:

Y U SO NICE ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

:twilightsheepish: Guess I'm just a naturally friendly guy who knows a good story when he sees one. Have a good rest of the summer. :twilightsmile:

As long as you come back, take all the time you need. The longer you take, the longer it'll take to complete. The longer it takes to complete, the longer I have something to hope for. :twilightsmile:

I get the feeling this is going to turn out like Taken.
"I know who you are. I know what you want. I know what you're looking for, and I won't give it to you. But what I do know, is that I am a father. I have kids, even though they're not my blood. Kids I'd very much die to protect. Kids that make me a nightmare to ponies like you. If you stop your plans now, that will be the end of it. I will not look for you. I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you."
Other than that, I am interested... keep going, sir.

Comment posted by Amazing Ups deleted Jun 11th, 2013

That long... FOR THIS TINY THING!!!:twilightangry2:

Just read the other comment...

lol guess what guys
i'm not dead :trollestia:

about time

So she basically mind-controlled him into maybe someday becoming her husband? Oh s***, this won't end well, unless you're planning some epic fight later.

I know right...

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