• Published 18th Nov 2017
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When I was just a filly - Kunama Windrider

An aternate universe. An alternate personality. What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

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Wishing is no good

"You want to...leave? Here? Fluttershy, you're an alicorn like you've always wanted to be, a pony loves you, you're better than Twilight!" She rounded on Twilight. "You're not always the centre of attention (except in Discords eyes) and you are so kind and caring! Surely you don't want to give that up? If you leave, you lose Flash Sentry." She looked meaningfully at Fluttershy. Twilight suddenly had a thought. Has Fluttershy always wanted to be better than me? She looked sideways at her friend- no, sister- and wondered. Fluttershy looked pained. She doesn't want to give up Flash, Twilight realised. She saw in Luna's eyes that this was what she had wanted. Luna has no right to manipulate a pony! Fluttershy looked up, her eyes welling with tears.

"I'll stay," she said.

"Fluttershy, no!" screamed Twilight. Than she thought that if she had been at home and had wanted to come here she would do the same. For her special somepony. She hung her head in defeat. "I'll stay too," she muttered.

"Splendid!" cried Luna. "I'll make your sleeping arrangements. Fluttershy will get the best bedroom." She trotted out, humming Fluttershy was obviously her favourite niece. Fluttershy looked miserably at the clock and jumped.

"I'll be late to meet Flash!" she cried. She raced out of Luna's quarter's, leaving Twilight alone in the blue room, to ponder and think about her Flash Sentry.

Fluttershy raced through the now-dark castle, hoping to catch Flash. As she skidded around the final corner, she saw him rolling dice desolately. She shuddered to a stop right in front of him, causing him to look up. His face split into a wide grin

"You came!" he cried, enveloping her in a hug. His warm breath stirred her mane. "I didn't think you would." His whisper tickled her ears. She broke free.

"Luna kept us a little longer than intended," she explained. "I came as-" He held a hoof up to her mouth.

"Shh," he said. "Somepony's coming." Guards stomped through the castle.

"Find him! His love for the princess is forbidden!" ordered the lead guard. "He must not contaminate the royal line!" They stomped away, splitting up. One guard stayed in their hallway.

"How do we leave?" whispered Flash. "One of them is bound to explore!" Fluttershy stretched out her wings.

"You forget theses." She grinned.

A few minutes later, they were sitting by the lake, leaning into each other. "What'll I do without you?" Fluttershy murmured.

"Mope around all day. Sob. Give up magic ," he teased. Fluttershy sat up.

"Cheeky!" she cried, giving him a gentle shove. "I arrest you!" They collapsed in giggles.

"Flutters? I love you."

"Me too. I think I'm great." They laughed together for a little while. "Well, I would have to be. That is, for somepony like you to fall in love with me." She felt (and looked) sheepish and scuffed the ground with her dainty, yellow hooves. Flash Sentry's orange foreleg reached out and patted her back. He really didn't know what to do.

"Oh, Flash! I'm so scared! What if they find you- if they find us? What will they do to you?" she wailed, bursting into tears. They fell like raindrops onto the ground. She was surprised to find that they blossomed into flowers, but with wicked thorns. Her heart ached with fear for him and love too. She didn't want to, but she had to let him go.

"You must run," she whispered. "Like the wind. Fly, even, though a fat lot of good that'll do. You have to. You may even have to leave Equestria. Go. Please. If not for yourself, do it for me!" Hooves thundered not far away, beating like her heart, ticking like a clock. "Who cares if I die? You must go."

"You could come," he whispered, looking as if he was torn in two. She was tempted, but she had to stay.

"No. I must distract them long enough for you to go. Now run!"

"I won't leave you!" he cried. "I love you!" Fluttershy grinded her teeth.

"Then as your princess, I order you to go!" He stepped backwards, looking hurt. Does he know why I'm doing it? I hope so. "Run!" He did. She turned to face the guards alone. Without him.

Author's Note:

Everyone remember that this is Alt. Universe! :pinkiehappy: Not real! :pinkiegasp: