• Published 18th Nov 2017
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When I was just a filly - Kunama Windrider

An aternate universe. An alternate personality. What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

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Oh no, there's no leaving is there?

Author's Note:

Some events are similar to the episodes, but not all.



"Yeah, look at those wings!" Twilight was surprised. Fluttershy had actually become an alicorn! She should found a way to... to... ummmmm. Her memories slipped away like soap. What was I thinking? "Congratulations, Fluttershy!" I whispered.

"Thanks, but why?" she replied.

"YOU'RE AN ALICORN!" screamed Rainbow Dash.

"I can give you flying lessons," Pinkie put in. "You'll never be as good as me, though," she added.

"CELEBRATION!" sang Rainbow, hopping around like a bunny. "Let me organise a party! All of Ponyville will be there! Can I organise it at the Golden Oak Library? It'll be AMAZING! Let's see, balloons, check! Hats! Check! Party food..." Her voice faded into the distance, carried off by the wind. But Twilight couldn't shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong.

Let's see, darling, yer coat's all derty," Apple Jack muttered in the boutique.

"Oh, it is? Sorry, I've spent so much time talking with Twilight on how to get mmmpphhmmmmppphhhhhh," she replied, stuffing her hoof in her mouth.

"Get where?"

"Ho- no where, just nowhere! A ha ha ha..." She laughed awkwardly. "Have you got the measurements yet?"

"Done. But-"

"Bye!" Fluttershy sped out at the speed of light.

"What was that all about?" wondered Apple Jack. I'm missin' somthang...