• Published 18th Jul 2012
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A walk in everfree

Twilight woke up the next day to find that Spike was sleeping. Normally, she'd wake him up if he overslept, but she figured that she'd let it go considering what he went through the previous evening. She decided to check on him. Twilight quietly trotted over to his bed, taking careful steps to ensure that he doesn't wake up. Once by his bed, she looked over him.

Spike didn't look too well. He had a glum facial expression while he slept, eye bags formed under his eyes due to all of the previous night's crying, and dried tears were scattered across his cheeks. Twilight felt a tear form on her eye as she looked at her Number One Assistant's melancholy state.

She decided that she would do his usual chores, he may need a break after what happened. She started on the mess she made last night.

She really needs to learn how to clean up a bit before she goes to sleep...

When Spike woke up, he realized he overslept.

"Oh no, Twilight's going to be furious!"

He frantically ran down the stairs to where Twilight was working and apologized for waking up late.

“It's okay, Spike.” Twilight assured. “I figured that you needed a break considering what you went through.”

All of the events that occurred in the previous night rushed back into Spike's mind.

“You came too late.”


“I'm sorry, Spike...”

“Oh.” said Spike in a cold tone. “Thanks, Twilight...”

“No problem, Spike.”

Spike did nothing the entire day except ponder about the previous night. He thought about what could of happened differently, what he did wrong, why Rarity would deject him in such a manner, and why she did not share mutual feelings. Whilst in this process, he almost never left his bed. He didn't have to since Twilight did all of his work for him. Maybe when this is all over, he could properly thank her by doing something for her in return. But as for now, Rarity was all that tenanted his mind.

This went on for weeks. Spike did not even see the light of day since the evening he was rejected by Rarity. Twilight began to worry. She tried to think of ideas to get him out of the library, but couldn't come up with anything.

Then all of a sudden, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie came crashing into the library, falling onto Twilight. Once they all got back up and dusted off, Twilight glared at them

“What the buck is going on!?”

“Sorry, Twi, but we just got done pranking Cranky,” Rainbow dash laughed

“You should of seen it! The look on his face was priceless!”

Twilight thought for a moment, and then an idea popped into her head. Maybe following Pinkie and Rainbow to go pranking would be a good way to cheer Spike up!

“Girls, can Spike maybe follow you two go pranking? He's been feeling down since... you know...”

“Oh.” Rainbow soberly responded. “Man, that must have been tough on the little guy.”

“Yeah, he hasn't gone out in days. You think that you can help him out?”

“Sure!” said Pinkie. “The more the merrier! If Spike comes along, It'll be even more fun! Right, Rainbow?”

“Yep. We'd be happy to bring Spike along.”

Spike walked down the stairs to see what all the commotion was about.

“Hi Rainbow, hi Pinkie.” Spike said uncaringly.

“Hey Spike! Say, do you want to follow me and Pinkie go pranking?”

“Yeah, we were going to get Octavia next! Come on Spike, join the fun!”

“Sorry, I can't do that.”

“Aww, why not?” Pinkie questioned.

“I have stuff to think about. Maybe next time.”

“You sure? It's going to be a pretty good prank!” Rainbow added.


“Okay, your choice. Pinkie, do you have the bucket of fish?”

“I sure do!”

Pinkie pulled a random bucket of fish out from behind her back. Strange, Twilight never noticed that Pinkie was holding anything. She really did make Twilight wonder sometimes.

“Cool, let's go then!”

And with that, the two mares promptly left out the door. Great, now what was Twilight going to do to get him out of the library?

The answer came a few hours later when Twilight heard a light, almost unnoticeable knock. Once told to enter, Fluttershy came in, asking for Spike. Twilight did not question what Fluttershy wanted with him, as long as it got him out. It's not healthy staying inside this long.

“Spike, you have a visitor!”

Spike came down to the ground floor, not looking dejected, but fairly content.

“Hey, Fluttershy. What's up?”

“Um... Hi spike. Can you help me with something?”

“What do you need?”

“I need your help studying dragons, um, if that's okay with you. I don't know any other dragons and umm... your the only one that i'm not scared of...”

“Sure, but maybe some other time. I have stuff to think about.”

“Okay, thank you Spike. Come by my cottage when your ready.”

“Later, Fluttershy.

“Bye, Spike.”

Fluttershy walked out, quietly closing the door behind her. Once gone, Twilight sighed. Well, at least he was going to go out soon.

It was now about early evening. About an hour after Fluttershy left, Another visitor came knocking. Once prompted to come in, a familiar orange farm pony walked inside.

“Hi, Applejack! Whats up?”

“Twi, Ah'm just gonna get to the point. Ah need help with the farm.”

“What's going on?”

“Big Mac got his back injured while pulling a cart, and Ah' can't buck all the trees all by mahself. Ah'd appreciate any help Ah can get.”

“Okay. Think Spike would be able to help too?"

“Ah don't care, as long as the job get's done.”

“Spike! We need your help at Sweet Apple Acres!”

Spike came down, looking fairly normal, with his usual cheery smile. Twilight thought maybe, just maybe, this would be enough of a reason to get him out...

“Sorry, can't help you, I have stuff to think about."

“Awe, come on, Spike! You've had plenty of time to think! Didn't you hear Applejack? She needs all the help she can get!”

“Sorry, Twi, but I wouldn't be able to do much anyway...”

“It's okay, Spike, Ah'm sure we can get other ponies to help."

Twilight was going to interject, but Applejack cut her off.

“Let's go, Twi. We got ah' ton of trees to be buckin'.”

With that, Applejack and Twilight left. Spike was now left alone to his thoughts. He curled into his bed and once again started to ponder. Unfortunately for him, this was interrupted by yet another knock on the door. Spike sighed.

“Come in!”

Spike heard the door open and checked to see who it was. He was surprised to see who was at the door.


“Hello, Spike.”

“Sorry, Twilight went to go help Applejack, I can tell her you came by though.”

“I came here to see you, Spike. Do you have a moment?”

“Um... sure. Whats up?”

“Spike, I'm terribly sorry for what happened a few weeks ago. I was aware of your crush, and...”

Spike interjected.

“It's okay, Rarity, I got over that. I understand, I'm just not your type...”

“Oh, to the contrary, Spike”


“Spike, you want to know why I like this fellow? He's kind, generous, and caring, much like you, darling.”

“So.. you like him because he's like me?”

“Yes, Spike. I want you to know, you ARE my type. But your simply much too young. I just wanted to clear this up. I also came to check on you, Twilight told me that you've been doing quite drearily.”

“Thanks, but I'm fine. I've gotten over the incident.”

“How about me?”

“I'm over you too. I think I'm not going to take love lightly anymore, I really don't want to go though heartbreak again.”

“Good to know, darling. And Sweetie Belle told me you brought me a present?”

“She Pinkie Promised not to tell!”

“She thought that she might as well tell me, seeing as you ran out the door, crying. She became quite defensive of you, calling me heartless and such.”

“Oh. Well, it's in that corner if you still want it. Here, let me get it for you.”

Spike walked over to the corner where he threw the gift, picked it up, and gave it to Rarity. Rarity opened the box, and took the sapphire out. Her eyes gleamed as she saw the radiant sapphire sparkle in rays of the evening sun.

“This sapphire is at the peak of perfection! It's worth more then my boutique!”

“Nice, isn't it?”

“Spike... I can't accept this.”

Spike was caught a bit off guard by this comment.

“But.. don't you want it?”

“I don't deserve it. It was supposed to be a gift to show your love for me, And I rejected you. Keep it, maybe you can save it for someone else you think is special.”

Rarity placed the sapphire back in the box, re-wrapped it, and softly placed it back into Spike's hands.

“Really? You mean it? I mean, I'm probably just going to eat it or something...”

“I mean it. With all you've been though, you truly deserve it.”

“Wow, thanks Rarity.”

“No, thank you Spike. Even though I may not have had mutual feelings, I did appreciate all of your help. Without you, I may not have been able to get many things done in Carousel Boutique.”

“Naw, I didn't do much...”

“I mean it, Spike. If you weren't there to help, I might have been stuck thinking about mere things such as the shade of color I was going to use for a design. I can never truly thank you for all that you've done, you really were a great help.”

“You sure?”

“I'm sure. Now, on to more pressing concerns. Twilight informed me that you haven't gone out for weeks.”

“Yeah, I spent all that time thinking about... you know...”

“That doesn't matter Spike. It's unhealthy to stay inside that long. You need to get some fresh air, darling.”

“Ok, but I'll do that tomorrow. It's late, and I'm getting tired.”

“Okay, I'll leave you to your sleep, then. Goodnight, spike.”

“Goodnight, Rarity, see you soon.”

Once Rarity left, Spike walked back to bed, with much more to think about. Was Spike actually her type? Did she date this guy just because he reminded her of Spike? Did Rarity truly...

You know what? Forget it. Spike did not want to get entangled with Rarity again. Considering the recent events, It's best not to take love lightly anymore.

Spike drifted into deep sleep, content with the day's events.

Spike woke up the next morning to find Twilight asleep in her bed. She must of came home late after helping Applejack yesterday. Since he felt better, He decided to do his chores. He finished long before Twilight usually wakes up, so he decided to do her chores too considering that she did his for a few weeks.

Once Spike was done, it was afternoon, and Twilight was still asleep. She must have been bucking pretty late if she was still asleep at this time. For the time though, Spike had nothing to do. He'd finished all of the chores already, and had nothing else planned for the day.

Maybe Twilight and Rarity were right, he should go out. It's been too long since the last time, and he needed some fresh air. He left a note for Twilight saying that he's done all of their chores for the day and went out to do something.

Once he left, He noticed how it was once again a beautiful day. He breathed in the fresh air and made a sigh of release. It felt as if all of his emotions that piled up within the past few weeks had disentangled, and his mind was free of any vexation that collected in his time inside.

“It's a good day for a walk.” Spike monologued.

Spike walked for hours, free of worry and unaware of his surroundings. He actually didn't notice that he was in the Everfree Forest until he tripped on something. As soon as he realized where he was, he decided that he better go back. But out of his curiosity, he decided to check out what he tripped on.

It was a purple wizard hat coated with yellow and blue stars. It was in bad shape, riddled with tears and holes. Spike had an odd feeling about it.

“I've seen this somewhere before...”

Spike pondered about it for a few moments, but then he heard a small moan nearby. He folded the hat and comically stored it behind his back, and then went to investigate the noise. As he moved closer to the origin of the sound, the moan's increasingly got louder. He also noticed that the being making the noises sounded in... pain. He quickly paced to the origin of the pained moans.

Spike was shocked when he found out what was making the noises.