• Published 9th Sep 2017
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Escape from the Moon - Evilhumour

A mare finds herself trapped on the moon and must solve the mysteries of who she is, why she’s there, and how to escape.

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Chapter Five

Doa leaned into her bed and began to fix her feathers on her wings as she usually did before she took her naps or slept for the night. Pulling out a few broken feathers, she flicked her wings free of any dead ones and pushed them under her bed. She might one day try and make a blanket out of them, she did have feathers collected after fifty one days of being up here all by herself.

She wasn’t looking forwards to taking a nap; not with her dying over and over again in them, but there was little else for her to do up here.

Closing her eyes as she braced herself for the horrors to come, Doa willed herself to sleep.

Her throat was ripped open by her own thaumatics, her mouth spasming
She had been thrown down a pit, slamming into spikes and remaining there for several days.
Her spacesuit had come apart while she was bouncing on the moon, sending her corpse flying into space forever with her mouth moving in some final shout
She had placed her hooves on her neck and twisted hard, falling to the ground with a smile on her face
She was freezing to death on the station, the heat stolen away, with her teeth chattering some wordless cry
She had withered away to nothing, all the food gone, with her croaking out her last words
She had been riddled with weapon fire, bleeding out against a wall.
There was a tremendous pain as if something had exploded from her chest, and then nothing
Something reached out of the wall and took hold of one leg, ripping it out of its socket and laughing as she bled out.
She finished tying her bed sheet into a knot, testing the strength of it before she was satisfied it would hold tight to the railing, then slipped the other end around her neck. Taking a deep breath, she threw herself off the edge, the noose tightening around her neck with her body and wings twitching for all of a few seconds, then she was still

Doa shot up in her bed, her chest heaving from the intensity of the nightmares. Flicking her wings around her, she quickly darted towards her bathroom to splash some cold water in her face.

She groaned, leaning on the counter as she tried to collect herself. She never had a good night’s sleep, not with her dying all the time.

Doa could remember how she acted when her throat was ripped out, some final cry of pa-

Doa blinked a couple of times before splashing herself with more water as to hide her actions.

It was a long shot, but she would just need to wait until the next day when the flare happened and she had complete privacy.

All she could do now was go over four of her dream deaths and replay them over and over again in her head.

She had gotten good at measuring time in her head, counting down the seconds in her head until the flare would come. She had even planned things so she would be in the bathroom when the flare would happen, the fact she had to be using the toilet at the time aside. As she was washing her hooves, she counted down from five to four, three, two, one-

The cameras’ lights died and she could test her hypothesis.

She began to mouth what she had been saying her nightmares into her mirror and as she thought, she could make out words!

“F-fl-flar-flare,” Doa said to herself, as the first word came to her and she rolled her eyes at how she should have expected it. If she had to give herself a word so she knew the message was safe, it would be flare.

She moved her mouth to make the second word, a much shorter one than the other two. “B-bd-bed,” Doa blinked as she said that word to herself. How was her bed involved in all this?

The last one was the longest of the three, one she had repeated twice in her death dreams. “Com-pu-t, computer,” Doa said to herself, eyes widening in joy as she realized what she had been telling herself in her dreams. Somehow her bed had the answer to the computer! She had to check her bed n-

She schooled her face and walked out of the bathroom. Her time was up and she would have to wait until the next flare.

It had been the longest five days in her life. Doa had spent her time writing journals entries, exploring the perimeter of the cameras outside, exercising her wings, horn and body-which were all improving thankfully, albeit incredibly slow- but it was finally here. Doa looked at the computer, just finishing her fifty seventh entry and saying she wanted to take a nap. She did the count down in her head, knowing she would reach her bedroom in five, four, three, two -

The cameras died as she stepped inside and practically threw herself under the bed, and started to sneeze with all of her feathers brushing against her face.

Stop and think Doa, she lectured herself. It won’t be anything that is written down.
Doa stopped herself and thought of what tools she had to write a message to herself that would both last and be undetected.

All she had was her hoof and her horn… she began to feel around the corners of the bed for anything-

She was still pushing out her feathers out from under the bed when she found it, near the front of her bed. There were scratched in letters and symbols, C8E07A5FF2GE, and she was about to shout with joy when she realized that her feathers were out from under her bed and she would need to move fast to hide them back under the bed and get herself into bed.

Doing her best to shove all of her feathers into bed with her mind struggling to remember how much time she had left before the cameras came back online. Flaring her horn as much as she could, she forced her feathers back under bed and dove under the covers, trying to still herself and go to sleep.

With her tail twitching, Doa knew she was just five more days away from learning what was on that computer.

She was biting her lip as she waited for the next flare to occur. Doa had been out all day so she would have a reason to spend a lot of more time to write on the computer.

Final note to self, I do not care if I lose a quarter of my food supply, find a way to burn all supplies of spaghetti.


She saved the journal just as the flare hit. She then exited the account and went to the other one.

Administrator account
Please insert password

Doa saw the white box where she had to put in the password and was to type it in when she froze. It could be a trick by those holding her in place but shook it from her mind. Her thoughts were the only thing she had.

Come to me Doa

That and the voices in her head telling her to do stuff.

She typed in C8E07A5FF2GE into the box and hit enter.

Doa smiled as it actually worked; at long last she could finally see what was being hidden from here. The screen loaded up to show a desktop full of overlapping folders

Her smile fell from her face with a sense of dread and horror as she moved over to one of them and opened it up.

“No, no,” she said trembling, her mind struggling to comprehend what was in front of her.

It was full of journal entries from her.

She closed the folder and stared at the screen.

“How long have I been here?” she whimpered to herself, tears beginning to fall from her face. She logged out from the account and curled up into a ball under the table, holding her wings close to her as she sobbed to herself. What did these ponies want from her? Why were they doing this to her?


Come to me Doa

Come to me

Come to me

Come to me Doa

Except for that voice.

Pulling herself out from the table, the green mare knew exactly what she would. She would discover what that voice was; even if it killed her.

Or had killed her in the past.

Sighing into her hoof, Doa knew this was going to end one way or another.