• Published 12th Sep 2017
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A Post Nuclear Interactive Story (Wars of Change - Shadows of the old world) - Soviet_Pony_Need_OCs

'Fire Tan' A former Red guard marks-mare finds herself in a post cold war nuclear Apocalypse world, after finding her former commander 'red shine' she finds her self in the midst of an invasion on USA mainland.

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Chapter One page one The last Signal

Chapter One

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The Last Signal

In a town on the outskirts of Mosscow the day started out like any other, with the familiar shine in the sky that never seems to be bright enough to warm up the earth and the smell of rust from the outdated farm equipment of the locals. It was just like any other day The Pegasus clearing the sky and making sure that enough sunlight gets to the field for the Earth Ponies to grow their crops and the Unicorns working in the factory to keep the export going, everything was normal. Fire Tan had just finished her shift as the town security, her main duties are enforcing laws and making sure everypony stays in line, although her small build made it seem like she poses no threat, but the SVT-40 that is always around her proved otherwise. As the day had ended she had just begun to her trot towards home when she remembered that her house key was still left in the Commissar’s office building’s security lounge, with a few quick trip back she made her way to the Commissar’s office building, it was a sturdy building made out of well-cut white stones with made a great contrast with the surrounding houses which are mostly wooden cabins. She stepped in and sure enough, the commissar was already waiting for her. His office was well decorated with paintings wood flooring and with the old radio broadcasting the old red army choirs.

He looked at Fire Tan and asked ‘’looking for dis dah?’’ he held up the keys for her to see.

‘’my bad, comrade commissar Hammer Will.’’ Fire Tan said with a bit of nervousness.

‘’Remember the time you forgot your ammo on that convoy ambush against the rebels in Fin-land?’’ He laughed.

‘’Yeah…… about dat.’’ She blushed.

‘’Here you go comrade, and please don’t lose it again.’’ Fire Tan grabbed the keys and was about turn around and dash for the door when a flash appeared on the horizon. It was a flash like no other, almost like the sun had crashed into earth, and as the initial light died down, the blinding lights were replaced with the familiar Rainboom cloud that had appeared on every security poster except unlike the poster this one was just a plain brown. As the town folks regained their senses they all realized what was happening, the SIMM (Solar Interstellar Magic Missile) had hit Mosscow. There was a few moments of quiet before the roaring thunder of the blast wave was heard on the horizon. Fire Tan while still dazed was dragged off by Hammer Will into a hidden shelter that was behind one of the giant paintings.

‘’Aghhh!’’ as Fire Tan regained her senses, Hammer Will was already up.

‘’12 marekrov ammo, 5 days of food ration. We can survive here till the initial fallout dies out.’’ Hammer Will said.

‘’What about the others?!’’ Fire Tan asked.

‘’They won’t make it.’’ Hammer Will said with a dark and cold tone. The thought of that the no pony would survive sent a cold shock down her spine. But knowing the effects of the Solar Blast and the heat it would have gave off, she calmed herself and sat down. The bunker was in total silence the only sounds are the muffled cracking of the fire outside. Cozy cabins were turned into ovens and the world outside was burning, a few screams of agony could be heard, each one of them pierced Fire Tan’s heart. She never thought she would ever be so helpless that she can’t lend a hand to the ones who needs it, and all she could do is sit. The only other sound was the old radio, still playing as if nothing happened. As the day came to an end, the radio stopped along with it.

‘’I guess the signal died.’’ Hammer Will said. And with that the Last signal and the Old world died.