A Post Nuclear Interactive Story (Wars of Change - Shadows of the old world)

by Soviet_Pony_Need_OCs

First published

'Fire Tan' A former Red guard marks-mare finds herself in a post cold war nuclear Apocalypse world, after finding her former commander 'red shine' she finds her self in the midst of an invasion on USA mainland.

'Fire Tan' A former Red guard marks-mare finds herself in a post cold war nuclear Apocalypse world, after finding her former commander 'red shine' she finds her self in the midst of an invasion on USA mainland.

There are no Real Plot line besides my general idea because the story is by the reader's ideas and the OC owner's decision upon events.

Chapter 0 beginning

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Chapter One

The Old World

A misty morning on the West Germaney wall, soldiers patrolling the checkpoints are just having an average day as usual. Talking jokes about the supposed war and sipping coffee in the morning light, while most of the barrack is still asleep. This seemed as normal as any day, when suddenly the roaring thunder of the MI-24 Hinds escorted by the soaring SU-25 and Pegasus soldiers taking out the unexpected patrol helicopter and the Hinds sending whoever that is still in the slumber in the barracks to hell with their 122mm anti-ground missiles and covering the ground with lead as the tide of Soviet war machine rushed towards the front lead by T-80s and T-62s and elite guards leaped off of their BTR-80 and their 7.62mm bullets pierced the bodies of the guarding soldiers...... This was how everyone thought the end of the world would have started. Or so was what might have happened in another world.

1990. The USSPR (Union of Soviet Socialist Pony Republic) under the leadership of Marekhail Gormanechev after suffering great both political loss and military loss in both the war against Afghanistan and the Coltan Missile crisis. In one last desperate attempt to turn the tide and keep the Union standing, a invasion of Alaska was conducted on 1990/12/19 hoping that the Americans won’t respond overly aggressive. Unfortunately, what was meant to be a conventional conflict turned nuclear when a weather balloon launch that happened the next day was mistaken for a SIMM (Solar Interstellar Magic Missile) launch. Knowing full well, that if in a full out war situation they would need every second they have to launch as many missile as possible, and with the leadership being under extreme pressure the order was given without any thought, it was soon later when the missiles were launched, They realized their mistake. As the missiles made their way across the planet. The world had seemed to be in a fury of self-destruction as it seemed as every nation unleashed hell upon each other. The war ended abruptly, without victors only fire.

1991. A year had passed, although the heat from the larger SIMMs had faded, many places around the world still was filled with wasteland that was just solid rocks as the intense heat reduced the ground to molten rocks and eventually cooled down. As the winter had finally passed, and the sun shined again over the cooling planet and under the flags of the old world, a new chapter of war had begun.

Chapter One page one The last Signal

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Chapter One

Page 1

The Last Signal

In a town on the outskirts of Mosscow the day started out like any other, with the familiar shine in the sky that never seems to be bright enough to warm up the earth and the smell of rust from the outdated farm equipment of the locals. It was just like any other day The Pegasus clearing the sky and making sure that enough sunlight gets to the field for the Earth Ponies to grow their crops and the Unicorns working in the factory to keep the export going, everything was normal. Fire Tan had just finished her shift as the town security, her main duties are enforcing laws and making sure everypony stays in line, although her small build made it seem like she poses no threat, but the SVT-40 that is always around her proved otherwise. As the day had ended she had just begun to her trot towards home when she remembered that her house key was still left in the Commissar’s office building’s security lounge, with a few quick trip back she made her way to the Commissar’s office building, it was a sturdy building made out of well-cut white stones with made a great contrast with the surrounding houses which are mostly wooden cabins. She stepped in and sure enough, the commissar was already waiting for her. His office was well decorated with paintings wood flooring and with the old radio broadcasting the old red army choirs.

He looked at Fire Tan and asked ‘’looking for dis dah?’’ he held up the keys for her to see.

‘’my bad, comrade commissar Hammer Will.’’ Fire Tan said with a bit of nervousness.

‘’Remember the time you forgot your ammo on that convoy ambush against the rebels in Fin-land?’’ He laughed.

‘’Yeah…… about dat.’’ She blushed.

‘’Here you go comrade, and please don’t lose it again.’’ Fire Tan grabbed the keys and was about turn around and dash for the door when a flash appeared on the horizon. It was a flash like no other, almost like the sun had crashed into earth, and as the initial light died down, the blinding lights were replaced with the familiar Rainboom cloud that had appeared on every security poster except unlike the poster this one was just a plain brown. As the town folks regained their senses they all realized what was happening, the SIMM (Solar Interstellar Magic Missile) had hit Mosscow. There was a few moments of quiet before the roaring thunder of the blast wave was heard on the horizon. Fire Tan while still dazed was dragged off by Hammer Will into a hidden shelter that was behind one of the giant paintings.

‘’Aghhh!’’ as Fire Tan regained her senses, Hammer Will was already up.

‘’12 marekrov ammo, 5 days of food ration. We can survive here till the initial fallout dies out.’’ Hammer Will said.

‘’What about the others?!’’ Fire Tan asked.

‘’They won’t make it.’’ Hammer Will said with a dark and cold tone. The thought of that the no pony would survive sent a cold shock down her spine. But knowing the effects of the Solar Blast and the heat it would have gave off, she calmed herself and sat down. The bunker was in total silence the only sounds are the muffled cracking of the fire outside. Cozy cabins were turned into ovens and the world outside was burning, a few screams of agony could be heard, each one of them pierced Fire Tan’s heart. She never thought she would ever be so helpless that she can’t lend a hand to the ones who needs it, and all she could do is sit. The only other sound was the old radio, still playing as if nothing happened. As the day came to an end, the radio stopped along with it.

‘’I guess the signal died.’’ Hammer Will said. And with that the Last signal and the Old world died.

Chapter One page two First Encounter

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Chapter One

Page 2

First Encounter

As the first day had finally passed in the bunker, both ponies had gone without sleep, as they got up for the morning Hammer Will served up some canned hay, although both weren’t in the mood to eat, there wasn't much else to do.

‘’Well, are we gonna try to find some pony folks outside?’’ Fire Tan broke the silence and spoke up.

‘’I’m gonna check it out later today, although there might be survivors, it’s most likely that they won’t be friendly. Our first priority would be to check on the armory, and make sure NOPONY gets their hands on those weapons, the last thing we want is an-’’

Hammer Will was cut off by the sound of a shotgun blast, and it seem to be on the bunker door.

‘’Get The F**k out of there you Communist F**ks!’’ a heavy grunt was heard outside followed by a loud kick on the door.

‘’Damn it! I knew this would happen. Why didn't I keep the Weapons down here in the First place?’’ Hammer Will said with frustration. ‘’You stay here! That's an Order!’’ He said as he walked up towards the door.

Fire Tan watched Hammer Will as he approached the door, ‘’what do you want from us?’’ he said.

The pony outside didn't respond, but judging by the voice he was a stallion. After a few moments it would have almost seemed that the threat was over and they can resume their breakfast/planning session. When suddenly with a loud bang, The Bunker door was rammed open and an object was thrown inside the bunker.

‘’Grenade!’’ Hammer Will grabbed the Grenade and tried to toss it outside the door as slammed close and the grenade bounced back inside the bunker. As both ponies ducked for cover the grenade went off.

As Fire Tan was Once again dazed from the explosion she sees three figures rush inside, they saw Fire Tan in the corner.

‘’ So it was this lil bi**h that was locking us out?’’ one of the stallion said to the other.

‘’wait. I thought I heard a Stallion’s voic-’’ three gun shots gone off. And the three stallions fell over. It would have appeared that all three of them didn't realize that Hammer Will was in the opposite corner and had his marekrov lock and loaded.

As Hammer Will got back up, he patted the dust off of his coat and reached for Fire Tan. ‘’grab my hoof.’’

Fire Tan nodded and held on his hoof, Hammer Will pulled her up and said: ‘’ this is not gonna be safe for us anymore, we should go check the armory and make a run for Leningrad I know the garrison commander there.’’

‘’Red Shine, right?’’ Fire Tan asked.

‘’How do you know his name?’’ Hammer Will asked back.

‘’He was my former commander when I still served in the 14th Guards Division.

‘’Well, we better not keep him waiting then, that is if he still is alive. Pack your bags and grab all the food you can carry, we gotta go, fast.’’

Chapter One page three 'Home'

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Chapter One

Page 3


As the Two ponies finished packing their bags, it was time to make a run out of the town, as they checked for any remaining hostile, Fire Tan looked outside the bunker and though one of the blasted open front door saw the world in ruins, any wood made houses were burned to the ground, a few stone structure can still be made out what they use to be, the blast from the magic was so strong that even the commissar’s office had been badly damaged, cracks littering the wall, fortunately the structure was still relatively stable.

‘’Gee, good thing that repair on the office came on time, or else we would all be meat cakes.’’ Fire Tan thought to herself.

‘’Come on, we need to see if anything is still left in the armory, a marekrov with 9 rounds won’t keep us safe.’’ Hammer Will said.

As he and Fire Tan made their way to the security lounge where the armory was located, It would have appear that the armory doors had been opened, it seems like Fire Tan also forgot to lock the door before she left for home.

‘’That tis ODD, the door isn’t damaged at all and nobody here knows how to pick look, wait, the keys were with you when the war started right?’’ as Hammer Will said that he turned around and stared at Fire Tan in a disappointed look.

‘’Well…You see...I...Well…Uhm, I was in a hurry so I didn't really remember……’’ Fire Tan said embarrassed.

‘’Whelp, there goes our chance to rearm.’’ Hammer Will said as he hoofpalmed.

‘’Wait! I still have an idea, I kept my service rifle in my house across the town! I think I kept some ammo with it.’’ Fire Tan said as she sprung up in excitement.

‘’ Now that you mentioned that I think I’ll check my safe, I think I left some equipment there when I first arrived here for political officer duty.’’ Hammer Will said. ‘’And no way it would have been missing, since you weren’t in charge of the password.’’ he said to Fire Tan.

‘’I’m sorry about the armory.’’ Fire Tan said with her head down.

‘’Nah, is just a joke comrade, I don’t blame you.’’ Hammer Will said as her reached around Fire Tan’s shoulders to try to cheer her up.

Sure enough, after checking the safe, there was a well-kept, military standard issued flak vest and some ammo for the marekrov that Hammer Will is carrying.

‘’ alright lets go search your house.’’ Hammer Will said as e field dressed himself and rearmed his gun.

The way to Fire Tans house was short, but along that path she felt like as if it was an eternity, she could remember all the houses and the pony-folks who use to live in them, but now? All that reminds her of her ‘Home’ was just burning ash and the dead silence on the streets accompanied by the (1.Solar Shadows) of the victims still carved into the earth. Although, the town had just gone through a solar blast it was odd that there wasn’t any sign that any other pony besides the three stallions that had attacked them had survived. After arriving to Fire Tan’s house, or what’s remaining of it, they heard noises from the ruins of the house.

‘’Come on get it open already!’’ an unknown voice said worried and weak

‘’ Okay, Okay! It’s almost open, I just need to make sure that we get was in there, I’ve seem that rifle stashed in here, if we get that we can defend ourselves.’’ Said

Another voice, but this one feels like a stallion.

‘’Upon closer inspection, they appear to be a couple that had survived. One of them was picking the lock, or at least trying to and the other one is slumped against the wall.

‘’Hey put your hooves up!’’ Hammer Will shouted and rushed out before Fire Tan could have said or done anything different, The Stallion ran towards his partner and attempted to carry his partner. Realizing Hammer Will had a gun, the stallion seemed to have gave up and began sobbing.

‘’First the Missiles hit and then my wife gets shot and now you? Now what? You’re going to shoot us or rob us?’’ The Stallion cried out as he slowing slump down on the wall besides who seems to be his wife.

‘’Hey I know you! You’re Ms. Kommniov from the Ammo Factory!’’ Fire Tan jumped up out of the cover and called out. ‘’What happened to you?’’

‘’ She’s been shot! That's What!’’ The Stallion yelled

‘’ Watch who you’re speaking to! This here is former Captain of the 14 Guard Division.’’ Hammer Will replied with a harsh voice.

‘’ Yeah right like if any-pony still gives a flying feather about your stupid union!’’ The Stallion replied with a scent of sarcasm.

‘’YOU bastard! I have the authority to execute you in the name of treason against the motherland!’’ Hammer Will shouted as he leveled his gun towards the stallions head.

‘’ Stop it! Both of you! We are all in this together, I will not stand idle and watch my former comrade and town-folks tear each other apart!’’ Fire Tan Shouted with an unusual authority.

The two stallions stopped and levelled their minds, after that Fire Tan went to retrieve her rifle, it’s an old SVT-40, and it’s the family passing that has gone through Fire Tan’s family it started with her grandfather ‘Fire Blaze’ who used it in the great patriotic war against Germaney and then her father ‘Fire Glow’ who continued to use it in the Vladivostok Campaign against China and now Fire Tan serving her though the Finnish Campaign, throughout all these years the shine had worn off and appeared in a bleached brown it has a USSPR sign engraved on the stock, although a relic from a long gone time, it still works well as it was well conditioned and well kept. Now with the rifle by her side she is ready for the wasteland.

‘’Lets patch up Ms. Kommniov up and get settle for the night, Fire Tan! You’re on watch!’’ Hammer Will said. ‘’ and you civilian, keep your wife safe and watch what you say!’’

With that the party of four prepared for the night, and tomorrow they will set for Leningrad.

1. Solar Shadow, it's a direct reference to nuclear shadow, where the immense heat caused by a nuclear detonation bleach the earth and the shadow are casted by the object or pony that was in that position when the blast occurred, in this case the SIMM blast.

Chapter One page four The Night

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Chapter One

Page 4

The Night

The night was calm with no signs of life anywhere, the only thing that stands out in the landscape is the blue moon and the bright clear stars hanging in the sky, everything else is just a reminder of the old world, after the initial heat that evaporated the town, the only structures standing are the Commissar’s office and the other stone made structures. As Fire Tan looks around her she sees the small camp the rest of the group had made, a small fire is surrounded by the other 3 ponies, sitting around the fire, Ms.Tommniov and her husband slumping together sleeping while Hammer Will is still awake. As she turns back around she hears a familiar tune from behind her, turning around again, Hammer Will was playing a Harmonica. The song was Moscow nights, feeling curious and having nothing to do she turned around and asked Hammer Will:

‘’Where did you get that?’’ Fire Tan asked with a sense of awkwardness, she never was good at talking to superiors, they usually make her nervous.

‘’hmm?’’ Noticing Fire Tan’s presence, he stops and cleans it with a cloth from his pocket and gently puts it back into a brass case with carvings on it. ‘’I got this back when I was serving in Finland.’’

‘’You served in Finland too?’’ Fire Tan said slightly surprised. ‘’Never heard of you. Why were you there and how did you get the Harmonica?’’

‘’You ask a lot of questions you know that comrade? But since you asked, I’ll tell you.’’ Hammer Will paused for a second, ‘’before I was selected to be a political officer I use to serve in the 14 Guards Division just like you, I had a special pony there, ‘Berry Sunshine’ she was a combat engineer, her skills are amazing but her cooking?’’ He stopped and rubbed his belly with his hoof to show his appreciation.

‘’Well, she isn’t here when I got here, you guys broke up?’’ Fire Tan asked.

‘’No, she’s gone, the supply convoy she was in was ambushed she never made it out, after the news I went to her bunk to weep for her and under the pillow I found this…’’ pulling his Harmonica out again. The carving was ‘to my fair Hammer Will’ with that he paused in silence.

‘’I’m sorry, sir didn't know.’’ Fire Tan said as she reached over trying to comfort Hammer Will, but before she could reach him, Hammer Will caught her hoof in the

Air and moved in closer.

‘’You look just like her you know that? ’Hammer will said with a look that Fire Tan had never seen before. ‘’shy, well discipline, deadly with a rifle and most importantly….’’ Hammer Will said as he reached for Fire Tan’s Mane.

‘’STOP!! Comrade! You’re scaring me!’’ Fire Tan yelled out, waking the couples in the other corner. She had never seen that look in Hammer Will’s eyes, it was like a kid seeing a Candy, an obsessive look.

Realizing his mistake. Hammer Will stopped and regained his senses. ‘’That was my fault comrade, sorry, it’s just that you reminded me of her.’’ Hammer Will sensing the awkwardness, ‘’I’ll take the shift now I’ll wake you up when your shift is up.

‘’ye-ah….’’ Fire Tan replied with uncertainty. Still shaken by her experience, she calms the couples and tried to sleep. On her bedroll, she just kept rethinking what Hammer Will said, eventually she came to the conclusion that Hammer Will just got too lonely and took her for his special some-pony. ’’Yeah…that's it.’’ she whispered to herself as she fell asleep.

(The next day)

Fire Tan woke up to see Hammer Will sitting beside her. Still awake.

‘’did you sleep? You never called me up.’’ Fire Tan asked confused at why she didn't get called.

‘’No, can’t stand waking you up.’’ Hammer Will Replied with a smile.

(End of the page)

Chapter One page five The Path to Leningrad

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Chapter One

Page 5

The Path to Leningrad

As the morning sun risen over the group of survivors. Fire Tan and Hammer Will had awaken and after packing up and tearing down the camp, Hammer Tan consulted the other two ponies.

‘’ We are heading for Leningrad comrades, I know a garrison commander there, he will ensure our safety, and if he isn’t there, we still have the Leningrad fort garrison, they can’t have fallen.’’ Hammer Will said as he picked up his backpack and was about to leave when Ms. Tommniov called out.

‘’I’m still wounded, I can’t walk across half of the Union! Why don’t we head to Moscow instead, I’m sure the Kremlin can keep the city stable.’’ As she said that the stallion beside her nodded.

‘’Okay, that won’t work, first of all a SIMM was detonated on Moscow, the heat could have evaporated everything and every-pony there, and even if the SIMM didn't what do you think about the rebels? Even out here far from downtown we already had rebels, Goddess knows what could be there?’’ Hammer Will replied ‘’actually what is your name Civilian?’’ He said as he pointed at the stallion.

‘’Names Mr. Tommislav, about time you asked for that, Civilian isn’t my name you know?’’ The stallion replied with a tone that was slightly more friendly than usual.

As Mr. Tommislav finished his sentence, Mr. Tommniov called out to Hammer Will worried, ‘’ If Moscow is destroyed what makes Leningrad different?’’

‘’The Leningrad fort has a nuclear shelter that is both self-sufficient and well protected by a garrison and both me and Former Captain Fire Tan here are the garrison commander’s friend, so we have a better chance there, plus if we find a working automobile we can make the trip in days, until then we will take care of you and your wife.’’ Hammer Will finished by patting Fire Tan’s shoulder saying ‘’Plus Fire Tan here can pick an apple clean off a tree with her rifle from more than 500 yards, right?’’ He said jokingly.

Fire Tan smiled slightly with shyness at the complement. After the group picked up their belonging, they were on their way.

The trip was long and dull and the land was odd, fleshly melt snow and cloud blocking the sun, the world seemed dark and unsettling the first hours was filled with jokes and random conversations but soon it was just complaints after complaint, it would seem that Ms. Tommniov is having a hard time with her wounds and Mr. Tommislav is also tired after having to help his wife walking through the wasteland. Along the road a few cars can be seen, but they all seem burned out or busted. After another few more hours. The sigh of a small town was up ahead.

‘’Finally~ I’m almost gonna faint!’’ Fire Tan said with great relief and instantly collapsed on the ground laughing, ‘’I don’t even know if we are gonna be able to find

ANYTHING today, I hope I can find something to drink in the town.’’

Hammer Will laughed and pulled her up from the ground, ‘’I’m sure the Blast didn't burn out ALL the food, I’m sure there are something left there.’’

Just then a window on one of the town house opened and an object poked out of it slowly a shine coming from it.

Having a soldier instinct. ‘’Get DOWN!’’ Hammer Will yelled as he pushed Fire Tan beside a busted car, and ducked behind a tree while Mr. Tommislav tugged Ms. Tommniov behind the car that Fire Tan was at.

‘’On your left!’’ Hammer Will called out to Fire Tan.

‘’Pulling out her rifle, she laid steady aim though the window of the car and held her breath.

‘’Don't shoot yet! I’ll distract him!’’ Hammer Will said as he poked his ushanka out.

It was silence no movement no fired shots nothing, suddenly the pony though the window seemed to have moved sticking the object out even more, as if he was aiming.

‘’NOW!’’ Hammer will called out and the shot was fired in the heat of the moment, the bullet gracefully glided through the air and with a ‘thump’ the pony though the window was down.

‘’Alright threat gone. Move up.’’ Hammer Will signalled the group to move up as he drawn out his pistol.

After finally getting to the house where the pony was seen they busted into the room and found the pony dead on the floor, the shot killed her instantly.

Only then they realized their mistake, the object seemed like a scope was simply a binocular, she appeared to be simply a survivor that just happened to have seen by Hammer Will and Fire Tan.

‘’Damn…’’ Hammer Will said almost with a sense of grief, lowering his hat.

‘’We didn't need to shoot her, but I shot her…’’ Fire Tan saddened, ‘’I never wanted to kill someone innocent.

‘’You should go take a rest I’ll Take care of the body.’’ Hammer Will said while trying to comfort her.

As the group settled down Mr. Tommislav and his wife asked Fire Tan what was wrong but she didn't reply.

As Fire Tan sat down on a chair still thinking back to the event, Hammer Will walked by and put down a bottle of Vodka down.

‘’drink that, it’ll make you feel better comrade.’’ Hammer Will said.

Fire Tan didn’t reply.

Chapter One page seven The Tone from the grave

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Chapter One

Page 7

The Tone from the grave

A new day had arrived and after informing and the group felt overjoyed after hearing the news of the newly found vehicle, Hammer Will consulted the group that he can drive and that there are enough fuel in the car already for them to go long enough that they will reach the next little town or whatever awaits them down the road.

‘’With that car and if we get lucky with finding fuel we can reach Leningrad in maybe a few more days, and with enough food I think we are set for success!’’ Hammer Will said to the group gladly.

As the group moved towards to car and began to move their belonging on to the olden moskvitch. Fire Tan pulled Hammer Will from the group and asked.

‘’You did check the security office right?’’ Fire Tan said slightly concerned. ‘’We could use everything we can find.’’

‘’I thought you checked that!’’ Hammer Will replied almost with a tone of surprise.

After a moment of thought he realized her situation and decide to go check it for himself.

Good Luck for Hammer Will again, the keys he had were useable on every security office in the OMID (Outer Moscow Industrial District), and as it would seem that this town’s population was decimated, as the armory remains untouched and is still full of weapons, unfortunately for him though is that although this armory well stocked, the heavier weapons were locked with a gun lock, and sadly that lock required a different key than the one that Hammer Will had.

‘’Guess my luck just had to run out.’’ He sighed, but realizing he could still pick up some ammo, he stocked up some more 7.62x51 SVT-40 rounds and 7.62x25 Marekov rounds, as a bonus two more Marekov Pistol was found, content with the fact that he can now fully arm every one he went back to the car and after a quick training session where He taught Mr. Tommislav and Ms. Tommniov how to arm the gun, reload aim etc. Skills that the common folks usually don’t have as the Union had banned the common use of firearms.

Finally sure it was time to leave they got on the moskvitch and fired it up. With a crisp ramming sound the car roared to life, and they group drove towards the end of the town.

Just as they were about to leave the town, a stallion walked up the road, the group prepared or at least tried (the two civilians) for a hostile. But upon getting closer, the stallion became clear, a brown bodied stallion with a messy white mane, dressed in a duster and a shirt, on his head was a navy cap, with the black sea navy logo on it, and on his belt was a Nagant Revolver. He looked like an older fella.

The Stallion waved at them and Hammer Will told the group to act calm, after driving closer and stooping by him, Hammer Will rolled down the window.

‘’Isn’t that just nice? Another ALIVE pony… oh wait ponies, you got yourself a nice group there, and the mare in the side seat she yours?’’ He said with a deep but friendly tone as he walked closer and set his hooves on the car door. ‘’Nice car, where you find this?’’

‘’Good day to you comrade! I’ll answer those two question, no she is no-pony’s mare and we found that car in the ruins of the General store garage.’’ Hammer Will said with a tone mixed with both uncertainty and caution.

‘’How about ya get off and we have a chat, haven’t been days since I’ve talked to some-pony else.’’ The Stallion said and signalled the group to get off the car.

In caution Fire Tan whispered to Mr. Tommislav and Ms. Tommniov to stay inside the car and make sure that they are prepared.

As Hammer Will got off the car, although uncertain about the stallion he tried to be casual. They sat down by the car and the stallion pulled out his flask and drank from it. As he is doing so he heard a *click* in the car. His ear twitched but his expression didn't change, all he did was he quietly put down his flask and screwed it back close and placed it back into the coat, as he was doing so he intentionally lifted the coat a bit to reveal the revolver.

‘’Marekov, a bit rusty on the safety the click sounds a bit soft. In the back seat of the car eh? So much for hospitality here.’’ He said with a faint simile. ‘’Anyway I came from Odessa if you can’t tell that from my hat, got caught up in this and well I came here with my partner, what about you?’’

‘’I was stationed in the 5th factory district of the OMID, we are at the 6th one right now. Had to walk quite a way to this place, how is the rest of the country.’’ Hammer Will replied.

‘’Oh the rest of the country? Well it’s either burned or in chaos. All the news station are down, at least the ones in Moscow. The cities either fell or are in martial law, I heard the Kremlin is now secured by a bunch of crazy KGB officers and the premier is nowhere to be found. For me? That doesn’t matter now, we are heading for the lower parts and gonna try to settle there and sit this though.’’ The stallion said as he kept his causal mood.

‘’Why did Marekhail Gormanechev start this war anyways? I thought he wanted a peaceful solution.’’ Hammer Will asked.

‘’Welp, she wasn’t in control of this, the KGB had been trying to undermine her since she got on, and after the Coltan Missile crisis, they leaped at the chance and started an already planned attack on Alaska and they were on their way to get rid of her when the whole war started, Marekhail didn't even understand what happened, she thought the Americans launched an attack and with that the world ended, apparently some-pony mistook a balloon launch for a missile, stupid eh?’’ The stallion finished and stood back up, ‘’well that was a good chat, I should be going now.’’

‘’Thanks comrade.’’ Hammer Will said.

‘’Hold on a second, ya seen a mare here? I had her scouting her while I dealt with a camp down the road.’’ The stallion said.

It was that moment that Hammer Will felt extremely uneasy. ‘’I haven’t seen her comrade.’’ He sees the mare’s grave on the side of the car. ‘’at least he won’t know.’’ he thought to himself with relief.

Just then the stallion pulled out a hoof-held radio and called on it.

*BUZZ……….BUZZ* it came from the grave.

Chapter One page eight The 13 Punch

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Chapter One

Page 8

The 13 punchs

As the Stallion realized that the radio sound is coming from the dirt pile beside the car, he slowly walks towards it confused at first.
As Hammer Will looks behind him, he can see that Ms.Tommniov is signalling him to get in the car, Hammer Will knew that the stallion would know what happened and that they were the ones who had done it if they were to just drive away.
"Damn it! I should have made a deeper grave for her!" Hammer Will thought to himself, in both slight panic and concerned for the stallion’s reaction, he reached to his pistol and carefully armed it.
The stallion didn’t seem to notice it, as he walked towards to the dirt pile and after a few moments the stallion’s body tensed up as if something struck him. He slowly turns around, and clears his throat.
"Sh-She's under there. Isn’t she?" The stallion spoke this time the easy feel was gone, it was replaced with a dark and pressuring voice.
"Comrade… It wa-" Hammer Will was cut off before he could have finished.
Spiffyo: "FUCK OFF! The damned city and now this? YOU? And these morons?" The Stallion yelled and pulled out his Nagant Revolver in speed unimaginable and fired a round,
the bullet struck Hammer Will and Hammer Will swung back a bit but quickly recovered as his flak vest just happened to stopped the bullet.
Hammer Will ducked behind the car and the crew in the car all pulled their gun out though the window at the stallion. Right before they were about to fire, Hammer Will called out and stopped the crew.
"It wasn’t our fault comrade and we don't want to put you down with your partner there." Hammer Will said as he stayed behind the car and signalled the rest of the crew to slowly move out the car and get into cover behind the car.
The stallion, still in rage charged at them as he drew fire, the bullets struck the car but the bulky steel car was able to deflect the small 7.62x38 round. After another few shots he ran dry.
The whole crew moved out and had their sights on him. Hammer Will slowly walked out towards the stallion.
"What is he doing?!" Mr.Tommislav said to Fire Tan worriedly.
"He know what he is doing trust me." Although unsure herself she took a deep breath and place the crosshair on the stallion’s head. Although confident of her skills, she still worried about Hammer Will, he was always too bold.
Hammer Will walked up to the dazed stallion who seemed to have given up and have kneeled on one knee. "Comrade, I’m sorry about what happened to your partner but, we are heading to Leningrad,
it’s safe there we know the garrison there. Let’s not be enemies, alright?" He said with a sincere tone as he passed his pistol to the stallion.
"What is he doing!?!" Mr. Tommislav yelled out "is he insane?!"
Spiffyo: Fire Tan at this point also worried and concerned replied "This is an Officer’s way of showing respect, with his own weapon. It shows that-"
Fire Tan was interrupted as 12 rapid gunshots ran through the air and was followed by a thump, when she looked back at Hammer Will, he was on the floor.
In that moment an unexplainable rage occurred in Fire Tan as all thoughts ran through her mind about Hammer Will."Die you Bastard!!" Fire Tan said before jumping out of the cover and firing 10 rounds, the first round hit its mark and crippled the stallion as he made a run but the recoil threw her aim off for the rest,
dropping the gun she ran towards Hammer Will, Tommislav and Tommniov now just realizing what had happened opened fire. Unfortunately the Stallion ran off.
"Oh God! Are you Okay!?!" Fire Tan screamed as she panicked and grabbed Hammer Will as she tried to find the wound, it was just then she realized that the stallion was stupid enough to fire 12 rounds at his vest.
"It’s nice to have you holding me, you know that?" Hammer Will turned his head around and said, although in pain there was a smile.
Realizing the situation Fire Tan felt a tidal wave of awkwardness, "Damn you! you scared me." she got back up and started a walk of shame back to her rifle.
Hammer Will, getting back up and realizing that the stallion had fled, turned around and said to Fire Tan.’’ Be more professional next time, make sure there are no threats before you hug me, haha.’’ He laughed. Fire Tan didn't reply.
After a bit of clean up, the crew got back on the car, as the engine drummed, they were finally at peace.
"Does it hurt?" Fire Tan asked with worries.
"Nah, I’m fine comrade." Hammer replied with a smile.

Chapter One page ninth Caught in the lines of fire

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Chapter One

Page 9

Caught in the lines of fire

The day was calm for most of the day, Fire Tan and Hammer Will switched shift on the road, the road was narrow and there are always debris of destroyed cars or whatever was there when the SIMM hit, the landscape was flat and dead with no green or life to be seen anywhere, the drive quickly becomes dull and the two tried to keep each other companied while the two couples in the back seat slept though most of their drive.

‘’Comrade Hammer Will, do you ACTUALLY think that there will still be anyone left in Leningrad to keep order? I know I brought up the whole idea, but I’m starting to get worried you know? Not many things to trust out there now, if it’s really like how that stallion described, order might have fallen.’’ Breaking the silence Fire Tan spoke worried about the situation.

Hammer Will turned around to see the small mare clutching her hooves and her expression filled uncertainty.

‘’Hey that's not like you, when was the last time you were uncertain of anything? Remember Finland? You can survive up there, WE can do it again here. Plus you really think that our professionally trained military can be overrun by some pathetic rebels? Keep that talking up and I might have to have you write a report to me, Ha just kidding, we’re fine.’’ Hammer Will said as he took his right hoof off the wheel and laid on Fire Tan’s shoulder as comfort.

Fire Tan slightly surprised at the hoof placed on her shoulder replied with less of uncertainty.

‘’Well, I mean I’m starting to think what if the cities have really fallen? Remember the Red October? Where unarmed ponies of the working class under Vladimare Lenin fought back the Tsarist troops and restored the revolution?’’ Fire Tan said still uncertain.

‘’Hey they only had maxims and armor cars, plus they are Imperialists, they CAN’T compare to the Iron Willed soldiers of the union! Also we are way more advanced with automatic weapons and Tanks a few rebels is nothing to count for.’’ Hammer Will said, spoken like a true commissar.

After hearing that Fire Tan thought about it and made up her mind that Hammer Will must be right, there are no chances that the rebels could over thrown the Union and that the government will soon recover.

‘’Yeah… I guess I had my doubts for a second, thank you comrade.’’ Fire Tan said now looking much more positive.

‘’There we go! That's the sprit!’’ Hammer Will said happily.

The old moskvitch was a slow machine barely reaching the speed limit, the day seemed so long and boring, it almost felt like they were driving though a desert. When they heard a noise. It was an engine noise.

‘’Another Car, wait there are a group of them! They all have blue bandanas tied to their radio posts! What is this?’’ Hammer Will said as he looked though the side mirror.

‘’What do we do?’’ Fire Tan said as she checked her ammo.

‘’Wake the civilians up.’’ Hammer Will said. ‘’And be quiet, they might not be hostiles.’’

Fire Tan woke up Mr. Tommislav and Ms. Tommniov and told them to get prepared.

‘’They might be rescue teams!’’ Mr. Tommislav said.

‘’No, no rescue teams come in Civilian vehicles, and they don't have blue bandanas.’’ Hammer Will said now concerned.

The car was silent besides the drumming of the engine and the closing sounds of the convoys behind them.

‘’C-could they be rebels?’’ Ms. Tommniov said speaking everyone’s worries out.

‘’Drive! Fast!’’ Mr. Tommislav said.

‘’No, if they have weapons, they will gun us down if anything, wait one of them is driving up.’’ Hammer Will said.

The car drove up beside them, a stallion poked his head though the window and asked.

‘’Hey, We were supposed to go together, and you forgot your bandanas, ya wanna get shot or something?’’ He said as he reached over and passed Hammer Will a bandana.

As he passed the bandana, on the edge of his vision he saw the USSPR coat of arms on Hammer Will’s coat, his expression suddenly changed he looked up to see Hammer Will pointing a gun at his head.

*Bang!* A clear shot ran through the air the convoy stopped for a second before realizing what has happened.

Hammer Will grabbing his opportunity unloaded the gun killing the driving and with a ram, the other car rolled off and crashed into a ditch.

Now the Convoy has noticed them they started closing up and firing at the car.

Hammer Will flooring the gas pedal told the group to retaliate. Fire Tan poked out and fired, but unfortunately the unstable condition and the range made it hard to aim.

‘’Don’t use up your ammo guys, wait till they are close, just keep their distance.’’ Fire Tan shouted.

Mr. Tommislav and Fire Tan kept the convoy from getting too close while the convoy fired back.

‘’Good thing they don’t have any rifles’’ Hammer Will said. ‘’Or we would be dead.’’

The chase continued for a while until the convoy stopped their firing.

‘’HA! They ran dry! We made it Comrades!’’ Hammer Will said as he turned around to congratulate the group.

‘’We haven’t used up much ammo either’’ Fire Tan said.

The group was in joy when Mr. Tommniov spoke again.

‘’What is that they are holding?’’ Ms. Tommniov said.

Fire Tan looked out of the window using her scope she sees that one of the cars had an RPG. She tried to aim to fire but to no use, luckily they don't seem to know where the safety is

Coming back in, Hammer Will asked Fire Tan what did she see, after telling Hammer Will the situation they made a plan.

‘’When they Fire, turn hard and stop the car and I’ll kill the pony using the RPG, we have enough distance and they don’t seem to have ammo left.’’ Fire Tan said and Hammer nodded his head in approval.

‘’So what did you see?’’ Ms. Tommniov said worried.

‘’It was a RPG, don't worry we got a plan.’’ Fire Tan said with a calming voice.

Ms. Tommniov nodded and tried to look a bit more relaxed.

Just then the rocket was fired, a long stream of smoke trail followed.

‘’NOW!’’ Fire Tan said as Hammer Will slammed on the brakes and turned stooping the car at a 90 degree angle facing Fire Tan right at the convoy.

Fire Tan quickly propping up her rifle on the door and with a deep breath she connected the two points and a quick pull on the trigger, a round flow through the air and the pony wielding the RPG fell out of the car he was in.

Just then another engine sound was heard, this time a Mi-24 Hind it came straight down the road towards the group’s car and the convoy. Hammer Will slammed on the gas driving it off the road.

Just then the Hind opened fire, volleys of 122mm rockets carpeted the road in a deadly storm of lead and explosion, the Hind had obliterated whoever was still on the road. Hammer Will started to drive away as fast as he can. In his rear view mirror he witnessed the devastation. A few lucky survivors were quickly gunned down before turning around towards the group’s moskvitch.

‘’Is- It looking at US?!?!?’’ Ms. Tommniov screamed in panic as she tried to get off the car but Mr. Tommislav held her back.

‘’We have a better chance in a car, at least that's faster.

To the groups luck the road to Moscow was up ahead.

‘’We’ll be fine once we reach the city plenty of place to hide there.’’ Hammer Will said.

He speeded up the car and raced to Moscow, the drive was short but at this moment it wasn't, the Hind closed in the engine roaring the sound hammering into every-pony’s head, fear and silence packed the car.

The tunnel leading into the city was close, but the Hind was closer. They needed a distraction, FAST.

In the moment Mr. Tommislav opened the window and throw his coat outside the window.

That earned the group just enough time as the Hind turned and ripped the coat to shreds, the group drove into the tunnel and into Moscow.

Chapter One page ten Hind and the Find

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Chapter One

Page 10

The Hind and The Find

‘’Damn that was close! Good one civilian!’’ Hammer Will said as he showed a sign of approval towards Mr. Tommislav as he came to a stop inside the tunnel out of the reach of the chasing Hind.

‘’Thanks comrade, that was close.’’ Mr. Tommislav said as he swept some sweat off and chuckled.

For one second it seemed as that the threat was over it was then until they realize that the tunnel is closed off by collapsed rocks, they were trapped with no apparent escape but the exit.

Before anyone had a chance to panic, Fire Tan said with a supposing calming voice but her shyness shows that she is nervous.

‘’We can wait, the Hind can’t. Once they run out of fuel then we are good.’’

‘’Yeah, she is right guys, we’re fine.’’ Mr. Tommislav said as he held Ms. Tommniov in his arms while trying to calm her down.

Just then Hammer Will realized that the roaring sound of the Hind isn’t going away, a thought flashed in his mind but unsure about it he told the group to get off the car. And before he knew it a blast ring of dust generated by the wind from the Hind’s propeller is seen by the entrance of the tunnel, he knew what that means, the Hind is going to lower itself down low enough that it can shoot any-pony in the tunnel making the group sitting ducks.

‘’Take cover!’’ Hammer Will called out to Mr. Tommislav and his wife while he turns around and tells Fire Tan to get to a nearby cement blockade for firing position.

The Hind slowly lowers itself just enough that the laser guided Gatling turret can cover the tunnel, the gun slowly turned with a mechanical grinding noise *Gak Gak Gak*, the sound was so familiar to the two veterans, back in the army they praised that sound as it meant that a 20mm auto cannon will soon shred their enemies, but this time? It’s pointing at them, after a few moment the Hind fired at the car and swiftly put it out of commission with ease.

‘’Damn it!’’ Hammer Will grunted, without telling Fire Tan he began to slowly move up while signalling Fire Tan to ceasefire.

Fire Tan tense over what Hammer Will was trying to do focused her aim on the laser pointer.

Dodging the laser and the sight Hammer Will slowly get close, just then the Hind seems to have given up as it began to elevate.

Not letting this one go, Fire Tan fired at the Hind, hitting its armor plate, angering the pilot, the Hind lowered and winded up the Gun, blasts of 20mms flew at Fire Tan’s cover. Fire Tan ducked down as she felt the pounding of the powerful 20mm rounds on her cover, it almost seemed endless suddenly it stopped it seemed to be reloading, Fire Tan looked up and found Hammer Will Besides the Helicopter.

Hammer Will, knowing how these things work fired a round at the window latch, and with a tug he pulled it open, the Helicopter system failed to understand why the latch was open in mid-flight and enabled emergency turning the alarms, the gunner confused was shot before he realized what has happened, reaching in Hammer Will attempted to shoot the pilot, in a panic the pilot lifted to full throttle, lifting the Helicopter into the air, and along with it Hammer Will, who is half inside and half hanging, the plane tangled in the air like a untamed mustang, until the panicking pilot finally crashed it, as the pilot crawled out of the Helicopter, Hammer Will held her by gun point.

‘’I surrender Comrade! There is no need!’’ The mare pled in panic, as the group gathered, Fire Tan walked up.

‘’What should we do?’’ Fire Tan said with her rifle at hand.

‘’Maybe we can get some information from her.’’ Hammer Will thought, tossing her to the ground, the gun was still held at her head.

‘’Talk NOW, if I’m not impressed with what I hear from you, then you’re dead.’’ Hammer Will said with a sense of bloodlust.

The mare panicked and started to tear up, her words were muddy and unrecognizable.

‘’Give her some rest, then we ask her, she seems to be cooperating.’’ Fire Tan said to Hammer Will as she pulled the stressed mare up and handed her some food.

The mare thanked and after a bit she told the group all she knew.

‘’I am- or was a pilot serving in the red army, my unit was sent to wipe out the rebel movement here, they called themselves ‘free Russia’ or something, anyways I thought you guys were rebels but now that I think about it, you guys didn't have a bandana, sorry about that civilians.’’ She said with a slightly more relaxed tone.

‘’CIVILANS? Are you blind? You are looking at the Commissar of the Moscow Industry district! And this here is the former Captain of the 14th Guards brigade, if I ever make it to your senior officer, you would have a LOT to explain for today!’’ Hammer Will said furiously.

‘’Wha~t?’’ The mare said until seeing the ranks on Hammer Will coming to a surprise she scrambled to stand at attention. ‘’2nd Lieutenant Red Glare at your service sir… SIR!’’ she said nervously.

‘’Whatever your discharged after this, now how do we return to your headquarter?’’ Hammer Will said still tense over the situation.

‘’Well we would have to go through the city and it isn’t good……’’

She said nervously.

‘’Coward, who bad could it be?’’ Hammer Will said.

‘’That bad.’’ she said as she pointed at the ruined city covered in smoke along with the constant gunfire that could be heard, the kremlin still stands proud over the horizon but the odd flag on it seemed unsettling.

With that they walked towards the city.

Chapter One page eleven The Kremlin Stands

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Chapter One

Page 11

The Kremlin Stands

As the group sneaked inside the city though the rubber, they were surrounded by ruins their former Capital, buildings laying in ruins like a fallen giant roads blocked with the ruins of cars and the aftermath of mass panic can be seen everywhere, fires are still be seen burning and gunfire could be heard, dead ponies laid all over the roads some of them were dead by heat burned to crisp while others seemed to have died in the after math of the war.

Mr. Tommislav covered her wife’s eyes as the group walked through the rubber. Fire Tan was shocked by the devastation while Hammer Will on the other hand seemed to be more worried than shocked.

‘’We should be careful, these ruins can be perfect for ambushes, keep your eyes out, Lieutenant Red Glare scout ahead, and don't try to run.’’ Hammer Will said as he drew out his pistol.

‘’But I’m in the Air Force! I can’t scout!’’ Red Glare said reluctantly.

‘’It’s an order!’’ Hammer Will said with a determined tone.

‘’Why can’t the she go?’’ Red Glare said as she pointed at Fire Tan, ‘’She was in the Marks-Mare detachment wasn’t she?’’

‘’Last Time, its an ORDER!’’ Hammer Will said again with the same tone, clearly he still isn’t over the incident.

‘’I’ll go instead, she isn’t meant for this.’’ Fire Tan said as she walked up and said.

‘’Comrade, she tried to kill you! That was live ammunition!’’ Hammer Will said with a confused tone.

‘’It wasn’t her fault, she didn't know, how about this? I’ll go with her.’’ Fire Tan said as she grabbed Red Glare by her hand and ran off before Hammer Will can finish.

As Hammer Will began to set up camp, Fire Tan and Red Glare was on the move.

‘’Damn your Commissar is crazy!’’ Red Glare said with a sudden burst of emotions, ‘’I can’t believe he almost shot me!’’ tears can almost be seen in her eyes.

‘’Well he is pissed so not much you can do, I’ll help you though.’’ Fire Tan said with an assuring smile.

They trekked along a small path made from the gap between two destroyed buildings, their goal is to reach a high point so they can scout the position out to make sure it’s safe.

After a few moments they found a intact building that seems to be rising above the rubble, they began to climb up the still intact stairs.

It seems that the build was a former office building, bodies can be seen everywhere, it seems that they died in an instant, some were still at their desks while other seems to be doing whatever they were doing on that day, their bodies frozen in time, a reminder of the day when the world died. Red Glare seems to be devastated by the scene.

‘’It didn't look so bad on my Helicopter……’’ Red Glare said.

‘’Well it didn’t look so bad from my village either.’’ Fire Tan said.

Seeing that Red Glare didn't seems to well, Fire Tan tried to distract her by asking her where to go and where their base was at. It was also then she decided to take a closer look at her.

She was a slim mare dressed in a flight jacket with a light red coat, yellow tied hair and a pair of golden pupil.

‘’Well our base was besides the Red Square I think we should be able to see it once we get to the top of this building, if now we can at least see the Kremlin. ‘’ Red Glare said.

‘’That's good, we should find supplies there, what happened here after the initial war?’’ Fire Tan asked.

‘’Well after the bombs hit, the KGB took control of the Kremlin and rioters mixed with rebels filled the streets, we tried to help after the initial blast as we knew it was coming and that we were already underground. But we soon lost control and well…… now Moscow is what you see before you.’’ Red Glare said with a sadden tone.

After almost half an hour of stair climbing the group made it to the top, the view was great for scouting, the city is in ruin and the only thing that was appealing in sight of the destroyed skyline and smoke from the fires is the Kremlin that stands alone in the ruined city almost unscratched by the Solar Fires, an unfamiliar flag was hanging from it, a red flag with a crossed double hammer and a red star in the middle.

‘’What is that?’’ Fire Tan said confused and feeling uncertain.

‘’That's the KGB flag, they are on our sides for now, at least before Moscow is secured.’’ We will have to go through their control territory before we can get to the base.’’ Red Glare said.

After making down the direction and another painstaking path down stairs they went back to the group which had rested and gotten prepared, except Ms. Tommniov is still paranoid after seeing the city in ruins.

‘’So what’s the situation. And are you okay?’’ Hammer Will said worried as he walked up to Fire Tan.

‘’We are close to the Kremlin but we will have to go through KGB territory.’’ Fire Tan said as she showed the sketched map to Hammer Will.

‘’The KGB aren’t exactly good news, we should get moving soon before night sets or they decide to turn on the city, they are just another bunch of rebels in uniform.’’ Hammer Will said as he began to gather up the group.

After a quick clean up the group checked their weapon and headed towards the Kremlin, under the ruins of the old world and flags of the new world a new chapter of Moscow was about to begin.

Chapter One twelve The show down

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Chapter One

Page 12

The Showdown

As the group made their way through the rubber of the destroyed city, they found a small path through the middle of a ruined bus going towards the Kremlin. The path was oddly clean and the windows are boarded up, odd place for a barricade it almost seem to be trying to prevent something or someone to shoot through it.

‘’Hold fast, you see the windows on the bus?’’ Hammer Will said as he signals the group to get down.

‘’Yeah, what about it?’’ Fire Tan asked.

‘’Why would they board it up? There is a while towards the actual palace, It doesn’t feel good something is wrong.’’ pausing for a second Hammer Will turns around and tells Red Glare to scout it out.

‘’Just go in there and check it out!’’ Hammer Will said as he pointed his gun at her.

‘’Fine.’’ Red Glare grunted as she slowly walked towards the bus and as soon as she stepped into the bus.

A sudden siren started as the doors on the bus somehow slammed shut trapping her inside the bus.

The group rushed up to the bus, but can’t see what’s happening inside, they hear the surprised gasp of Red Glare followed by a gunshot *Bam* and a sound of impact. They hear the painful cries of Red Glare on the other side.

‘’SHUT UP!’’ Fire Tan shouted, and it seems she understood that and quieted down.

‘’We have to open this up!’’ Fire Tan said worried. Mr. Tommislav nodded in agreement.

‘’No Way! You are not going in there, whatever, whoever there is dangerous and I can’t risk YOU, and the group.’’ Hammer Will shouted as he blocked the entrance.

‘’She is dying in there, she is a comrade! We need to help her what happened to leaving no one behind?’’ Fire Tan cried as she attempted to push Hammer Will away from the door.

Hammer Will held but soon decide to let go, ‘’FINE! I’ll go in but you stay out! Civilian come with me!’’ He said as he pointed at Tommnislav.

Hammer Will stood back and fired a few rounds at the door, with a popping sound the alarm stopped. He bashed through the door and grabbed Red Glare by the hoof and dragged her outside. Just then a bullet pierced Hammer Will’s Hind leg. Tommislav tried to fire back.

‘’Damn it!’’ Fire tan cried as she ran into the bus firing at what seems to be someone in one of the towers up inside the kremlin. She pushed all four of them away from the window and crouched down. Now they are trapped in the interior of the bus any movements towards the door could result in them getting shot now they know what the bus is for, the outer windows towards the outside is boarded up while inside the windows are open and once the doors close the sniper can pick anyone off inside the bus with ease.

‘’7.62x54R FUCK!’’ Hammer Will said as he covered his wounds with his gloves.

‘’Stay back!’’ Fire Tan called out to Ms. Tommniov who is standing outside the bus terrified.

‘’Civilian make sure she doesn't bleed out, I didn't do this to retrieve a corpse!’’ Hammer Will yelled. Tommislav crawled towards Red Glare’s Body she had been shot in her torso.

‘’Agh! I’m gonna die aren’t I?’’ Red Glare Whimpered with a weaken voice.

Tommislav tried to patch her up, but it is only able to stop the bleeding.

‘’Are your organs functional?’’ Fire Tan called out, ‘’Try to breath softly and don't move!’’

Hammer Will crawled to the edge of the door, using his harmonica he sees a glare on what could be on the left side of the kremlin. ‘’left side around 500 meters, can you make the shot?’’

Adjusting her sights ‘’I’ll try.’’ Fire Tan replied as she shift herself into position. ‘’Semi, Auto or bolt?’’ she asked.

‘’We’ll see.’’ Hammer Will said as he grabbed his coat and thrown it into the lines of fire, a few shots pierced it.

‘’Damn it it's a Semi or Automatic rifle.’’ Hammer Will said.

‘’Distract him!’’ Fire Tan said as she gotten ready to fire.

Hammer Will stacked his ushanka up on a seat and as a shot rang through the air the ushanka fell. ‘’NOW!’’ he cried.

Fire Tan leaped up and aimed to the left side of the Kremlin, a pony crossed her sight, a round was fired, a miss as she ducks down a round missed her by an inch.

‘’Wait, that was how many rounds? One hit Red Glare, one miss, three on the coat, one on my ushanka and one almost hit you. That’s 7 rounds if he is using a standard 10 round mag he should be out, he won’t risk reloading as that gives a chance for the opponent to hold him down. So three more rounds and it’s your game!’’ Hammer Will said as he blind fired at the pony’s location, he retaliates and misses. Just then Tommislav jumped up and emptied his magazine at the palace. A shot pierced his thigh.

‘’AGH!’’ he cried in pain as he fell to the floor. Grabbing his thigh and trying to stop the bleeding, ‘’Please don't puncture a blood vessel or something!’’ he whimper.

In that moment Fire Tan decide to follow up and fire, she fires but again with no hits, just then she realized that the pony wasn't on the left! The shine was just a glare off a window and the sniper is actually on the right side tower. With a quick aim she locks him down, and ducks, the sniper empties his last round and also goes under.

Fire Tan stood up looking at the window where the sniper was suddenly a figure was seen on the move going down the tower, a shot puts him down. A flood of relief busted into her heart as she saw the pony go down.

Just as the group scrambled for the exit they realize that infantries are moving towards them, they scrambled and tried to leave that's when they realize that there are too many wounded to outrun them with 3 wounded out of 5 its impossible to outrun the chasing infantries.

‘’Damn it, we need to hold them off!’’ Hammer Will called out.

‘’With what? We have 3 pistol and a rifle, they have an army!’’ Fire Tan said.

‘’Not ONE step back! Take position we’ll take them at this door!’’ Hammer Will called out. ‘’Civilian keep an eye on the skies and we’ll take care of the rest.’’

The group tense up even the injured was given weapons if it came to it. Red Glare isn’t looking better. She tries to stay awake by talking to herself.

‘’Skies are blue, the cities are grey and I- I’m…..’’ Her weaken voice showing her time is numbered if no help arrives.

Just then a Pegasus flew above them, dressed in full combat gear he looks down and throws a grenade just as they hear the other soldiers reach the opposite side of the bus, they were waiting for the grenade to go off.

Hammer Will grabbed the grenade and thrown it at the Pegasus, a blast in the air knocking him out of the air just then stallions rushed through the door, Hammer Will bashed into two of them while Fire Tan just fired along with Tommislav and Tommniov. among the chaos some-pony dropped a flash bang and with a flash the cluster of ponies now dazed in the panic Hammer Will shot them down with an assault rifle he taken off a soldier’s hand, they didn't expect resistance like this caught with their pants down and disorganized they scrammed back towards their fortress.

Hammer Will ran up fired a few more shots then proceeded to count their spoils of victory also capturing the Pegasus that was knocked down by the explosion.

‘’three assault rifles and plenty of ammo and flak vests, no wonder the marekov didn't do anything to them, with that bastard there we might have our self a bargain tool.’’ Hammer Will said as he began to gather the weapons and supplies.

‘’Are you okay?’’ Fire Tan asked.

‘’I’m fine, take care of your friend there’’ Hammer Will said as he pointed at Red Glare.

‘’This is going to be a tough day.’’ Fire Tan thought to herself as she walked towards Red Glare.

It’s going to be a tough day and it isn’t over yet.

Chapter One thirteen Negotiating the Kremlin

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Chapter One

Page 12

Negotiating the Kremlin

After the group fought off the pursing KGB forces, they quickly scrambled to get ready to bargain with the KGB for supplies to treat the wounds of Red Glare, Tommislav and Hammer Will himself.

‘’You think they really will bargain with us?’’ Fire Tan said worried, ‘’I mean this time they will see us coming and won’t let us off that easily like last time.’’

*sigh* ‘’your right, but what can we do? At least we need them to allow us to pass into the military garrison so we can get help, before this it was just hiding from the Hind and the rebels and we never really had a reason to be here beside to return your little friend there and but now? We need to treat our wounded.’’ Hammer Will said as he roughly picked up the still unconscious stallion and walked towards the bus with his pistol pointed at the stallion’s head and rifle on his back. ‘’You coming with me?’’ He said to Fire Tan.

‘’y-Yes! I’ll cover you.’’ Fire Tan said as she slowly followed behind Hammer Will uncertain of what could happen.

As Hammer Will walked into the bus, the alarm sounded again and soon many armed ponies appeared inside the Kremlin, all ready to fire.

‘’That at least 20 of them!’’ Fire Tan thought, as she gotten even more uncertain, but looking back at Red Glare who won’t survive for long unless she gets medical attention, she decided this had to be done, as Hammer Will walked into the court yard, She set herself up inside the bus by a window, remembering the distance from Hammer Will, she adjust her sights and checks her ammo.

As Hammer Will comes to a stop and show the garrison inside the palace that he is here to have a trade. An intercom broadcast comes online though a hidden speaker.

‘’You Again? Do you have a death wish?’’ The Intercom spoke in a threatening tone.

‘’I’m here to make a deal comrades, this stallion here,’’ Hammer Will says as he points the pistol at his head. ‘’for a medical treatment for my comrades.’’

The Voice in the intercom laughs, ‘’Why should I trade for something if I Can just take it? Plus one soldier isn’t worth the hassle, we can take him back once your dead!’’

‘’Honor of course! Aren’t we are a part of this union?’’ Hammer Will said as he pulled out his party badge.

‘’YOU are a part of THAT union, the OLD union, I’m going to make this country a new! We are no comrades.’’ The Intercom cuts out and then there was silence.

Suddenly an odd noise appeared as both ponies are confused they realized that a Tank had steered out though the back of the Kremlin. A T-80 and it doesn't seem friendly.

‘’Run Him Down!’’ The intercom suddenly came back on.

The Tank roared as it charged at Hammer Will, suddenly it was a game of cat and mouse, the soldiers watched with amusement, some even cheering them on, Hammer Will does his best to dodge the tank but he soon gets exhausted and dodging becomes harder. Fire Tan knew she can’t shoot as this would turn the soldiers aggressive and they would simply shoot Hammer Will down.

Just as Hammer Will seemed to have given up, cornered into an edge and Fire Tan was about to open fire to draw attention, she sees Hammer Will make hoof signal to hold fire, she stops and holds her breath, the tank charges one last time and this time, Hammer Will jumped up on to the hood of the tank and caught the driver off guard and pulled open the latch before he can open it, He slid right in. A burst of gunshots, then there was silence, the soldiers are shocked to see what has happened, just then the turret sprung around and pointed at the Kremlin.

Panic erupted as the soldiers scrambled for cover and some even fired at the tank. Fire Tan picked a few of them off, just then the intercom when back on but this time panicking.

‘’RPG! Get a RPG! Get rid of him, NOW!’’ The intercom screamed hopelessly as the soldiers won’t go close to even showing themselves to the tank and the sniper Fire Tan who are waiting outside.

Hammer Will’s voice came on through the broadcast ‘’NOW can you rethink the trade?’’ He said as he moved the gun a bit to show that he is in control.

‘’yes yes, we’ll send a doctor out right now, just don't do anything that you might regret.’’ The voice on the intercom said but this time without the threatening voice.

A Medic ran out of the Kremlin and ran towards the bus where he treated the group and Red Glares condition improved, as half an hour passed the Medic ran back out followed by Ms. Tommniov who signaled that the Doctor did a good job on the wounded.

‘’As the medic retreated back in, the intercom came back on.

‘’Now can you get out of the tank? Mr…’’ The intercom said.

‘’Hammer Will commissar of the Moscow Industry district. And I’ll leave when my group gets through this place safely.’’ Hammer Will said.

‘’Fine,Keep your weapons down, let them pass.’’ the intercom called out and the soldiers lowered their weapons and the group along Fire Tan slowly passed.

‘’Now that I have done my part of the deal, please give the tank back to us.’’ the voice on the intercom seemed to be getting frustrated.

Knowing not to push his luck, Hammer Will grabbed his weapons and leaped out the tank, not before launching a smoke screen first.

Just as he expected it, as soon as he jumped out the soldiers fired, but the smoke kept him safe.

Making it beyond the compound, they see the Garrison base straight ahead, finally feeling relief and that safety is now far ahead, the group mustered their strength and marched forwards towards the garrison base.