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Centre Stage Romance - Erina Tail Yellow

Doubts cloud Twilight’s mind but with the love of her life, Vinyl, at her side she’ll find the voice that she never had.

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Chapter 4: Turnabout Parents Pt. 1 (Memory Lane)

Chapter 4
Memory Lane

The early evening sun’s golden light glinted off the golden spires of Canterlot castle. The light meddled with the red, brown and yellow leaves like a gentle fire that filled the parks throughout the city. But yet clouds of gray and black speckled the sky.

“I hope it doesn’t rain.” Twilight wondered as she looked up at the slightly gray clouds that hung in the air.

“Oh yeah it’d be a real shame if someone were to ruin you perfect mane.” Vinyl laughed as she ran magic sparks through her own mane to make it especially wild.

Twilight let out a humph “You're spending too much time with Rarity.”

Vinyl cleared her throat obnoxiously. “Seeing that we are in Canterlot I wonder how Jet Set and Upper Crust are? Being as they are very important ponies I’d imagine they are dreadfully busy. The upper class I just adore them. Then again… I am the consort to The Princess of Friendship that makes me upper class as well. Don’t you think so darling?” The last word was drawn out for maximum effectiveness. Vinyl played with her mane with one hoof to drive the point home.

“Ugh, tell me again why I fell in love with you?” Twilight muttered as she face hooved.

“Fate.” Vinyl smirked.

Twilight let out a louder grunt of annoyance “Why is it always fate?”

“It was written in the very stars that are a part of your name that you and I would live out eternity together.” Vinyl sighed. “We were just meant to be.”

Twilight's head dropped lower “That’s it; you're spending less time with Luna.”

“Ah man. She is the fuckin’ coolest though.” Vinyl whined.

“Vinyl Scratch, watch your language.” Twilight snapped.

“What’s with the mood swings doll?” Vinyl asked.

Twilight let out a soft sigh “I’m just stressed. I have my duties as a princess and then there's us. It’s been one heck of a ride, especially after the press found out.”

“Speaking of which. What runt leaked that again?” Vinyl demanded as her temper began to flare up.

“I’ll give you one guess. Their name starts with a D.” Twilight replied.

“That little shit has no idea what chaos is until I’m trying to ring his fuckin’ neck. I hate reporters. I’m practically assaulted by them after every one of my shows now. It’s a damn disaster!” Vinyl huffed angrily.

“Yep, that’s why I had the cloaks we’re wearing commissioned. Their enchanted with a spell that makes pony’s not give us a second thought as we pass by. Come on we're almost at my parent's house.” Twilight said with a smile once again gracing her face.

“You’re really happy to introduce me to your folks.” Vinyl smiled brightly. “Your happiness is contagious.”

“Our love my Darling is that of a fate, for it was weaved into the very fabric of time itself: that I Twilight Sparkle and you Vinyl Scratch shall be together in what can only be described as zen.” Twilight said as she increased her cadance.

“And you said I wasn’t allowed around Luna.” Vinyl chuckled. “Still... it’s just too cute to see you all worked up.”

“Now now, I thought you liked me when I’m like this.” Twilight gave a slight flick of the tail that gently tickled Vinyl’s muzzle.

Vinyl smirked. “The street’s not really the best place for that; is it?”

“Don’t get any ideas, these cloaks are good but not that good.” Twilight teased.

“Who's to say I was the one getting ideas.” The musician purred.

“Those red cheeks do.” The Lavender Alicorn replied as she turned to face Vinyl, whose cheeks were indeed a bright shade of crimson.

“Stupid sexy Twilight.” Vinyl grumbled.

“There's no time to be standing around, we’re here.” Twilight said as she pointed at an oddly normal house that looked exactly like the rest, if it weren’t for the giant observatory on top.

“Huh. For the parents of not only a princess but a saviour of Equestria multiple times over; this is pretty underwhelming.” Vinyl conceded.

“Well my parents want a nondescript house because they’re a bit famous themselves.” Twilight admitted as she rubbed the back of her head.

“Oh, yeah? Nice. Can’t say I’ve heard of ‘em before though. Shows how small my circles are.” Vinyl laughed nervously.

“Well I could understand that with my dad, but my mom you might know. She wrote The Celestia Code.” Twilight clarified.

“Sounds neat. I guess in order to recognize authors you need to read books. I think the most I’ve read in the past year was a series of comic books.” Vinyl joked.

A small smile graced the Lavender Alicorn’s lips “Well it looks like you have to it read and tell me all about it, before we have any fun.”

“ I bet I could finish it in two days. Maybe even one if I really try.” Vinyl bragged.

“Oh really it’s two hundred and fifty pages long and thanks to a favour I know you read at twenty-five words a minute. So good luck.” Twilight mentioned as she patted Vinyl on the back with her wing. Vinyl was still in shock by her marefriend’s own knowledge of her academic skills.

Vinyl groaned. “Okay. We’ve been out front for a few minutes. I suggest we don’t keep your parents waiting much longer.” She said once she had recovered.

“It’s only been fifteen minutes.” Twilight giggled.

“And you decided to count because?” Vinyl pondered.

“Each minute I spend with the mare that I love is priceless and I want as many as I can have.” Twilight replied as she gave Vinyl a deep passionate kiss.

Vinyl broke the embrace and began walking towards the front door. When she reached it she gave a light knock. After a short wait the door was opened by a blue unicorn with a navy mane. Vinyl spoke first. “Hey! You’re Night Light, right?”

Twilight joined her marefriend. “Hi dad.” She said casually.

He smiled. “It’s good to see you too Little Light.” Her father said as he ruffled her hair. “Please come in. And Twilight remember what I said about cloaks in the house.”

“Dad.” Twilight whined jokingly as she and Vinyl walked in.

They took off their cloaks and hung them on a rack by the door before following Night Light further into the home. Twilight’s childhood home wasn’t anything special. Certainly nothing that would be expected of royalty. Vinyl glanced at the photos framed along the entry hall of the home. The photos along the right side appeared to be some of Twilight’s greatest achievements. Starting the line was a picture of Twilight the day she’d been accepted into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. Her parents appeared to be in shock of something. There was also a picture of Twilight just after she’d saved Luna and another photo of The Elements of Harmony returning the statue of Discord to Canterlot Castle. “Wow.” Vinyl muttered.

Along the left side seemed to be family portraits. The first portrait she saw appeared to be a time when Shining was still present. There were only two more portraits with him before he disappeared. The next featured a more downcast Twilight in contrast to her happy parents. After a few more pictures she saw that Twilight now had a book in every portrait. Each was different and the titles seemed to be more advanced as the years went on. Eventually Twilight disappeared as well; leaving only Night Light and Twilight Velvet cast in reminiscence for the remainder of the photos.

After leaving the entry hall they were greeted by a pale grey mare. She hugged Twilight gently and then turned to Vinyl. She gave the musician a concerned look and then turned back to her daughter. “This must be ummm…” She turned to Vinyl, again. “ What is your name?”

Vinyl paused for a second and then reached a hoof out and said “The name’s Vinyl Scratch.”

“Hello Vinyl.” Velvet greeted stiffly. “You two make yourselves comfortable in the living room. Dinner should ready in about an hour. Night Light, dearest, would you mind keeping our guests entertained?”

Vinyl looked at Twilight. “Guests?” She whispered.

Twilight simply shrugged and mouthed ‘Yes, that’s what we are.’ as she moved to sit on the couch in the living room. Vinyl followed closely behind and sat next to her.

Night Light entered the living room not long after, carrying a photo album in his magical grasp. He set it down on the table and glanced at Twilight tentatively.

Twilight gave him a confused look.

Night Light just gave back a more confused look.

Twilight raised an eyebrow to further convey her own confusion.

Night Light mimicked his daughter’s actions.

Twilight ruffled her wings in slight agitation.

Vinyl threw up her forelegs in frustration and shouted. “Can somepony please tell me what in the hell is going on?!”

Twilight broke from her trance like state and turned towards Vinyl. She returned to looking confused. “I’m not really all that sure. Dad?”

Night Light, too, broke from his trance and looked to his daughter. “I wanted to know if you wanted to go through the photo album.”

“And you didn’t think you could ask?” Vinyl blurted out before Twilight could answer more responsibly.

Night Light shrunk back as his daughter stepped in between him and her marefriend. “Vinyl what is going on?!”

“You haven’t noticed it yet, have you?” Vinyl deadpanned. She then grabbed Twilight with a lazy hoof and started dragging her towards the entrance. “Sorry Mr. … uhhhh… Light. I’m just gonna need her for a sec.”

Twilight remained extraordinarily confused as she was rushed back to front door of her parent’s home. She figured that once they arrived she would get a more thorough explanation. She didn’t.

Once they were back at the door Vinyl turned to her. “Twilight look at the frames along the left side.”

Twilight briefly glanced along the left side of the hallway quizzically. “That’s a nice new addition. It’s kinda flattering.”

Vinyl sighed. “Now look along the left. And I mean really look.”

Twilight obliged. She of course began with the first picture that was hung. It was a picture of her entire family. Her mother and father sat in the back. Her dad was holding her and her mom was holding or more like supporting Shining.

She moved down the hallway a little. The next picture that caught her eye was the year that Shining had graduated. It was the only portrait with five in it as Shining had insisted that Cadance be a part of it. Twilight sighed reminiscently.

She preceded down the hallway only to notice that after about two or three portraits her brother was no longer present. She remembered that he had been quite absent while attending boot camp. She made a mental note of that.

Twilight finished walking the length of the hallway but as she did she realised something. Books. Stacks and stacks of books on either edge of the photos. Along with the fact that she was reading increasingly advanced titles in each photo. That was until she too was sparse in the photos and after some time she was just gone.

That left just her parents. Alone. For Celestia knows how long. Twilight immediately ran to her marefriend. Vinyl was slightly startled when she was nearly toppled over by the sheer force of the hug that was being inflicted upon her.

Twilight sobbed heavily into Vinyl’s shoulder. Vinyl hushed her and spoke gently. “Everything’s gonna be okay.”
“I… left... them.” Twilight said through choked sobs.

Vinyl gently stroked Twilight’s mane. “Look.” Vinyl pulled away to look the lavender alicorn in the eyes. “This can be fixed.” She smiled warmly. “You just had to know the problem was there. That’s step one.”

Twilight and Vinyl moved back to the living room slowly. Once they reached it Twilight made a beeline for the tissue box sitting on a coffee table. She then proceeded to run to her dad and gave him a strangling hug. “I’m so sorry.” She muttered.

Night Light was quite shocked at first but then moved to comfort his daughter. “Little Light.” He whispered. “It’s okay. You’re fine.”

“I left you.” Twilight whimpered.

Night Light shuddered as he remembered the first year his daughter hadn’t come home. “It’s not your fault.” He said despite his memories telling him otherwise.

Twilight sniffled and finally let go. “Okay.

Vinyl moved into to comfort her marefriend as Night Light picked the photo album off the table and quickly moved it to a bookshelf elsewhere in the room. He put a hoof to his chin as he thought of something to do. Eventually an idea sparked. “How about a tour of the house?” He asked calmly.

Twilight and Vinyl looked up. They looked at each other and nodded. “That sounds like a great idea dad.” Twilight spoke.

“Alright.” Night Light said as he made his way to the stairs.

Twilight began following; her head was still hung low but she knew everything would be fine. It had to be. She turned to look at Vinyl who was moving at the same slow pace. She smiled. “Should we tell him first?” Twilight whispered.

“Huh?” Vinyl said. “Oh… I mean if there’s an opportunity I don’t see why not. I just would’ve figured you’d want them both to find out at the same time.”

Twilight looked around as she thought. The house really hadn’t changed much in fifteen years. There seemed to be more of her parent’s awards along the walls now. Good for them she thought. “Vinyl I think it should be fine.” Twilight assured.

Vinyl nodded as their tour guide seemed to stop for no apparent reason. Night Light gestured to the door on his left. “And on your left you’ll see the door to Princess Twilight’s childhood bedroom.” He addressed jokingly. He held a hoof in front of his mouth as if it were a PA microphone.

“Daaaaaaaaaad.” Twilight whined playfully.

Night Light put his hoof down. “Come on. I’ve always wanted to do that. But jokes aside… You want to see your old room?”

Twilight looked at Vinyl but all she got was muffled laughter as Vinyl mimicked Twilight’s tour guide father. She rolled her eyes. “I’d love to.”

They slowly moved into the room. Set against the back was a large bed with an ornately decorated headboard. On the other side of the room was a desk. It was still littered with papers coated in ancient symbols so arcane that the princesses themselves barely understood them. Twilight rushed to the desk.

“I thought I’d lost all of this!” The lavender alicorn shouted gleefully.

Vinyl and Night Light chuckled. Her father was the first to speak “I didn’t know what wasn’t important when your mom asked me to clean your room out. So I didn’t.”

“Sounds like something I’d do.” Vinyl agreed.

Twilight ignored them as she continued to dig through various notes and charts. She was about halfway through her desk when she found something particularly useful. “Vinyl.” She shouted frantically. “I think I found something for you.”

Vinyl smirked. “I like where this is going.”

Twilight threw a piece of paper and Vinyl caught it mid-air as Twilight went back to digging through old notes.
Vinyl wasn’t a very adept magic user as proof by the fact that she barely understood what was written on the paper in front of her. It took a second for it to click in her head that the paper had a title scribbled across the top in probably drunken scrawl. She evaluated it closely and eventually came to understand what it said. “Twilight! This is a cure for hangovers!”

Twilight just laughed in response. “Yeah. Minuette gave it to me as a graduation present but I never really had much use for it myself.” Vinyl tossed the paper back to her and she put it into to an increasingly large stack of “useful” spells.

This went on for several minutes as Twilight found years of lost research showed them off and they went into a stack that Vinyl assumed was going to be taken home. Eventually her father called off the frenzy and every paper Twilight was holding in her magic fell dramatically as she lost concentration. However, she quickly collected herself and the papers as they were sorted into neat stacks lining every inch of the once cluttered desk.

Twilight walked back over to Vinyl and draped a wing over her back. “That… was nice.” She said through heavy breaths.

Her marefriend just chuckled and levitated the wing off of her back. “I’d imagine it was nerd.” Vinyl said playfully.

Twilight gasped. “How dare you!”

“Hey, babe, I’m just kidding.”Vinyl assured.

Twilight smiled. “I knew you were.”

Night Light cleared his throat which brought the couple’s attention back to him. “ Thanks for cleaning the room for me Little Light.” He gave a nod in his daughter’s direction. “I think the only other room of interest would be my observatory.”

Twilight gave him a puzzled look. “But what about Mom’s office?”

Night Light looked down. “Uhh… Yeah even I’m not much allowed in there nowadays. It’s become kind of like a quarantine zone for your mother.”

Vinyl stepped forward. “What do you mean?”

Night Light poked at the ground with a hoof. “This is the most time she’s spent out of there in about two moons.” He finally looked back up. “I thinks that’s enough of that. Observatory?”

Twilight shook her head. “Yeah, sure.”

They moved swiftly out of Twilight’s room and took a turn sending them down another hallway. At the end they approached a large vault door. “Improved security?” Twilight asked.

“Nah. I just like the look of the door.” Night Light chuckled. “Makes me feel important.” He lit his horn and turned the door’s oversized lock system.

After sometime the door finally opened to reveal an immaculate metal staircase. At the top was an even more if not just just as immaculate observatory floor and at the center sat a telescope that most only ever dreamed of owning. It was currently aimed at the spot that the moon was set to rise from.

Every step taken echoed through the large dome. Vinyl glanced at the telescope and began walking towards it. “So you must be one of the top astronomers in Canterlot to have this setup for personal use.” She stated coolly.

“Yeah. You could say that.” Night Light replied.

Twilight sat in awe at the top of the stairs. She was speechless. After sitting like that for a few moments she got up and moved to the telescope where her father and marefriend were. “I forgot how nice it was up here.”

Night Light smiled warmly. “It’s only like this when you can see the wonders of somepony else.” He gestured towards Vinyl who was attempting to figure out the different switches laid out next to the telescope’s eyepiece.

“Aren’t you worried about her messing with something?” Twilight pondered. Vinyl was trying to get creative with what switches to hit.

Her father chuckled. “No. Those are just decorative it’s still run off those custom spells you gave me years ago.”
“You kept those?” Twilight asked as she glanced to Vinyl who was now looking through the eyepiece trying to see if the switches were changing anything.

“Nothing more efficient in all of Equestria.” Night Light replied.

Vinyl got tired of flipping switches without results and moved to Twilight and her father. “Sick setup ya’ got.”
Twilight saw an opportunity and grabbed up Vinyl with a wing and pulled her closer. “She’s pretty cool. Right dad?”

Vinyl glanced at Twilight unsure. “What’re you up to?” She mouthed.

Twilight ignored her.

Night Light looked on as confused as he had been earlier but instead of proceed in silence he spoke. “I guess she is.”
Twilight’s smiled widened and her grip on Vinyl tightened. “That’s great.” Twilight looked around oddly for a moment. “Soooooo…”

Night Light’s confusion grew. “Soooooooo… what?”

Twilight looked at Vinyl. Her marefriend nodded finally having caught up with the lavender alicorn’s train of thought. “Well her and I are…” Twilight giggled. “We’re dating.”

The look on Night Light’s face remained neutral for a moment before breaking into a calm smile. “That’s good.”
Twilight released Vinyl for long enough to spin her around and capture her in a passionate kiss. The kiss lasted several moments. They parted to take a breath. Vinyl had a dumb grin plastered across her muzzle as she stumbled a couple steps from Twilight.

Twilight laughed as she turned to her father. “So, I take it you’re okay with this?”

Night light smiled. “It’s totally fine. I’m really just happy that you’re happy. I know that sounds cheesy because of how many times I’m sure you’ve heard it.”

Twilight nodded. “Actually, I think you’re only the second or third to make that remark. Everypony’s been more concerned with being the first to hear the news.”

Her father shifted uneasily. “Yeah... I knew you had told others before us.”

“Yeah?” Twilight asked.

“I heard it from The Princess of The Night herself.” Night Light concluded.

Twilight scrunched up her muzzle. “You talk to Luna?”

“Being as I am her personal star mapper, I would have to.” Her father explained.

“Oh wow! I didn’t even know that was your position now.” Twilight said. “So she told you before I could then?”

“Yeah. It had ended up interfering with a plan of her’s that I am not allowed to disclose.” Night light replied.

Meanwhile, Vinyl had been looking through the paper’s on Night Light’s desk. Most were simple star charts nothing particularly special until “Hey Twi, baby, why’s there a star chart of your cutie mark over here?”

Twilight looked to her marefriend. “A. Don’t call me baby. I settled for babe but not baby. B. What do you mean a star chart of my cutie mark?”

Vinyl lifted it up “See for yourself.”

Twilight began walking to her father’s desk. Night Light trailed behind nervously. “Dad, why is this here?”

Night Light began to nervously squeak out an answer but was interrupted by somepony calling from downstairs. “Dinner’s ready!”

Twilight grunted and grabbed Vinyl with her magic as she began to move out of the observatory. “I guess I’ll just go see Luna at some point then.” She grumbled. Her father trailed behind them slowly; using his magic to reorganize his desk as he left.

Author's Note:

Huzzah! It's finally out for everyone to see. After this chapter there are only two chapters left. I hope you're all as excited as I am. I wish everyone luck in trying to figure out what will happen next. If you have any thoughts on what may happen next be sure to flood the comments with them. :pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 11 )

Great chapter. I'm interested to see where you take this.

Sounds like Luna had a pretty impressive method of confession. Also how weird would it be to have royalty ask you for help wooing your kin?

that would be a little strange


This is an interesting read. I don't find many Twiscratch stories.

it's definitely pretty niche. be sure to follow for future updates there should be one soon

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thankyou I'm glad you liked it

it is not dead, the finale has just been in the work for a bit as I've worked through some stuff

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