• Published 25th Mar 2017
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What About Mothball - CAPTAIN YOSHI HD

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A Sticky Situation

Screwball was walking down the streets of Ponyville, still thinking about Mothball telling jokes to her friends and family. "How are my family friends still liking him when he's telling jokes to them?", she asked herself. "Meh, I bet he didn't tell a joke to the Apple Family, the Pie Family, or Apple Blossom's family. Then, she heard laughing at Sugar Cube Corner. She looked through the door window and saw Cinnamon Stick, Cinnamon Roll, Apple Blossom, the Tri-Pies, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Spike, Big Mac, Cheerilee, and Red Shoes laughing their butts off.

"What's gotten into you guys?", she asked.

"We were talking about the best weekend ever.", Mothball said.

"Applejack told me she was on a pirate ship and she imitated a parrot saying...", Mothball started, then he began doing a parrot dance, side to side. "POLY WANT A CRACKER! POLY WANT A CRACKER! PIECES OF EYE! PIECES OF EYE!"

The ponies and dragon in hysterics. Then, Mothball began to get into hysterics. Then, he coughed. "Ouch, laughed too hard again, I guess.", he said, rubbing his neck to fix it.

"It was hilarious, we should've taken a picture for you.", Pinkie said.

"Let me help you with that.", Mothball said. He stuck his hooves in peanut jars and did a tap dance which made the ponies and dragon go hysterical again. He laughed again, then he coughed again. "Ow, not again."

"You okay, hon?", Apple Blossom asked.

"I'm okay, whenever I laugh too much, my throat gets a little dry.", Mothball said.

"Oh my gosh, same!", Raspberry said.

Mothball kicked the jars off. "Wow, this has a become a sticky situation.", he laughed. And the ponies and dragon joined him in laughter.

"Shucks, Screwy, we haven't even asked how your playdate with Zany went.", Cinnemon Roll said.

"How was it?", Cinnemon Stick asked.

"It was fine.", Screwball said. "And I got to tell you, telling inside jokes can be one way to have a relationship between friends."

"Well, I am sorry you haven't seen everything we did.", Mothball said, making a puppy face.

Applejack nudged a hoof into Mothball's side. "Don't you worry about Screwy.", she said.

"Yeah, I bet you and Zany were having a fun time.", Cheerilee said.

"He's with AppleSpike, right?", Spike asked.

"Yes, why?", Screwball asked.

"We're just making sure, he's safe.", Big Mac said.

"Yeah, don't want him to wonder off again.", Cherry said.

"Just like that one time when he snuck into that birthday party and he got on the bounce house.", Blueberry said.

"Yeah, that was pretty surprising.", Screwball said.