• Published 25th Mar 2017
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What About Mothball - CAPTAIN YOSHI HD

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The Vampire Story

Screwball was standing on a bench in front of her whole family. "Thanks for coming, everypony.", she said. "I would've made you come here if it wasn't important."

"I love important.", Cherry said.

"Me two.", Raspberry said.

"Me three.", Blueberry said.

"I want to know about the funny moments you had together.", Screwball said.

"We'd be happy to tell you all about them.", Lightning said.

"Lets start with the vampire joke.", Screwball said.

Mothball and Discord looked at each other and started laughing. "I don't if I can get that out of my head.", Discord laughed. "It's so hysterical."

"But, we must, big guy.", Mothball said. "It all started when we were helping Big Mac pack apples in his cart."

"Actually, that wasn't me, that was my sister, Applejack.", Big Mac said.

"Well, look who's talking, because I'm right here.", Applejack said.

"Whatever.", Mothball said. "Then we saw a vampire that looked just like Ms. Fluttershy, and... uh..."

"As a matter of fact, that was really me, I became that vampire.", Fluttershy said.

"Oh, so you knew about that joke before I told you.", Mothball chuckled. "You were licking your lips at Applejack and Big Mac's flanks, and you said, I've come to suck in your flanks." He and Fluttershy started laughing.

"My mom was the vampire?", Screwball asked.

"Yeah.", Apple Blossom said, giggling. "We were running for our lives."

"Isn't that hilarious?", Dinky asked.

"You should've seen it.", Cinnamon Roll said.

"Oh I should've?", Screwball asked.

"You'd be laughing your flank off.", Thunder said.

"If you would go back in time, you would've seen it happen.", Soarin said.

"I would have, but time travel doesn't even exist.", Screwball said.

"Hello, alicorn listening to what you're talking about, I've tried a time traveling spell.", Twilight said.

"Oh, sorry, Aunt Twily.", Screwball said. "You just need to recreate everything that lead to these jokes."

"Um, I wouldn't think that's possible.", Cinnamon Stick said.

"I think it would be a brilliant idea.", Spike said.

"Should we show her the memories of the weekend you missed out on?", Mothball asked.

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