• Published 30th Jan 2017
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A Foolish Friend - The Real Darkness

Shadow Aura casted a regretable spell that a long gone friend advised against. Now he struggles to remain secluded from other ponies as Equestria advances and his lifestyle is forced to change.

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A Day to Forget

Author's Note:

This story starts just before the season 7 finale, it may contain spoilers if you aren't caught up.

50,000 Moons Ago

The spell I was studying up on was almost ready, thanks to Starswirl's own time travel spell, I can finally do the impossible. I can have immortality without the need to become an alicorn.

"Shadow Aura! Open up, it's time we discuss our findings for the week!" I heard Starswirl from the door at a promptly time, I knew he could sense my levitation spells being used so much. I was flying books, scrolls, journals, and so many more records of magic about my home. I had already gathered a substantial amount of them on my study desk. I unlocked the door for my dear friend.

"Come on in, don't mind the chaos!" I shouted as I scanned my eyes around my library, looking at various books to decide which would be pulled from the shelf next. I owned thousands of them and magnification spells surely did help read titles from many yards away.

I heard the clip clopping of his hooves as he trotted with excitement into my library. He stopped at the door, watching all my tomes fly across the room and back, mesmerized for a moment.

"Ooooooooh, you only get like this when you've found something splendid! We'll start with you and what you're doing right now." He moved from the door to my study desk, smiling like the excited foal he'll always have in him.

He stood, reading the various scrolls I pulled as I worked, my dark grey magic aura illuminating the room.

"With your recent discovery in time travel magic, I've taken to experiment with it and I found a spell for-" I spoke so quickly I was as happy as a colt getting his cutiemark.

"You know it's a bad idea..." Starswirl turned to me, the bells on his hat ringing. Those bells couldn't even combat the grim sound in his voice at all. I knew I was about to get lectured.

The one thing that always set me and Starswirl apart was magic, while he held to a lot of morals, I was a bit more loose with them. I wanted to better Equestria with magic, donate to it the way Starswirl has been doing, but more.

"But just imagine all the progress I could do! I can make Equestria so much better and research into magic and new spells would become so much easier since my mind and maybe yours would never have to leave unfinished work and-" He stopped me on my rambling.

"You know you'll get lonely and that won't happen once I'm gone and everypony else you know are." And here came the boring talk.

"Then at least let me work in peace, I won't even be casting it on myself, this is just more knowledge for our wonderful world." It was my worst excuse yet.

"I won't stop you, but think about what you're doing. I know your common excuses, Shadow Aura. I'll be off now, I don't wish to interrupt this." He responded, trotting his way out.

I didn't stop his depart, I was too busy finding the rest of the pieces for this spell and I had it all out in front of me in an hour. My library was in good condition, but would definitely need a sorting after this. Starswirl's Time Travel spell laid open on my large desk, besides it was a repeateron spell, a slow-mode spell, and an infiniter spell. With this combination I could do the unthinkable!

I trotted over to my large window, looking at myself in the reflection, my well kept white mane still brushed behind my ears and risen up like a cockatoo's crest. My grey fur was always clean after my morning bath and my refusal to go outside and spend a moment away from my studies and research. I contemplated my reasonings in my head for just a bit, my sharp blue pupils staring back at me.

"I can deal with whatever comes my way. I can handle anything with my magic. Starswirl needs to believe more in my decisions." My thoughts became vocal after a while. I was going to do this spell.

I continued to stare out at the plains below the cliff of the great mountain we were on. Few unicorns lived here with us, but we all kept to ourselves for the most part. I turned back and headed to my desk, reading over each spell so I knew them before I poured my magic into each. My large circular library began to light up in grey, the color of my magic aura. My silvery grey mane wisped into three sections as I filled my body with magic. My red coat shined brighter than any combination of water and light could.

"Just a little more..." I put as much magic as I had into it. My entire library began to burn with the amount of light coming from me and the spells that now floated in front of me. Soon after, a large wave hit me, the spell being complete. My glass window shattered when the force hit it. The booming sound behind it echoed off into the distance.

With it done, I surely couldn't stay here anymore, Starswirl would return or the ponies would kick me out with time when they saw what would happen. I had no clue myself if I now had the gift of immortality, but time can prove it for me. I gathered all my books and important belongings from around the house as quickly as I could, some furniture even. I levitated it up along with my large framed map of our known world, studying it. I would head west, not much is known out there after enough travel and it'd be far enough to where nopony would come looking for me. I quickly teleported all my belongings out of my home and left them levitating as I wrote a note to Starswirl with only sparse words on it.

I'm sorry, Starswirl
~Shadow Aura

I joined my items and casted an accelero spell onto my hooves and granted them a lightning speed. The sun was setting by the time I arrived at the ocean and I promptly began to set up a small shelter, gathering wood from nearby trees using more levitation magic to grasp an axe I brought along with me. I soon had a shack built. I know I would spend the next months building a great home to house me for all my research, but I first needed a good rest. I casted a shield and alarm spell over my belongings after I moved my bed into my temporary home. I laid down upon it and slept. I knew that with all this time on my hands, I could create many more spells and research magics that nopony dreamed of. I would have all the time to make progress.

I awoke to the sounds of birds and jumped up and out of my bed.

"What is with this? Why am I in a forest and under a shoddily built shack?" I caught myself in my words and remembered that I left my old home.

I trotted over to my belongings, checking the spell and seeing that nothing was disturbed in the slightest during my sleep. I moved them away and began to cut down even more trees, forming everything I wanted my home to have. It would contain a large foyer that lead off into two wings, a living wing and a study wing. My study wing would have a great windowed library just like mine did as before, except it would have more rooms connected to it. There would be a grand spiral staircase in the center of it, leading to a tall tower with a lunarium at the very peak, to study the skies. It would branch from the side to veer more towards the ocean and contain an alchemy room with another huge room that would be left empty except for torch sconces. On my living wing, I'd install a better bedroom with more room for relaxation and open space, a tea room, a large kitchen in the event I must cook a lot and a dining room to match the size for guests that I may need to cook for. My bathroom would be one to rival simple bedrooms. As I drew up plans in my head, I made them into action with levitation and other magics to move wood into place and keep it there. I was fusing the woods together when I set them just right.

I eventually walked inside of the researcher's dream house to furnish it with all wood, even metal objects being made of the oak. I already had my transfiguration spell in mind when I was fusing the wood together to make one large structure. I soon had the entire house built with the sun just above me. I would change the material of all the wood to suit what it would need to be: ceramic, metal, stone, marble, or glass. I walked outside after all the furniture had been laid out and I looked upon the front of the massive house, smiling to myself.

"This is it, where I make my home now and continue my life for whatever purpose I have." I spoke aloud to the woodland creatures and the trees that now sat organized in front of me.

My horn lit up with a bright grey before shooting a beam out at the structure as I channeled my magic. The house was slowly changing it's compositions. I looked up at it, straining myself while I held the spell, the house slowly changing from wood to a dark grey stone and in some places I turned it into glass and metal. I transfigured the wood into whatever material I wished it to be. By the time I finished, I was mentally drained and dragged myself into my new house, glancing around and seeing the luxurious chaise and throw pillows with it along with a couch and low seated chair. My foyer was an amazing first entrance with a fireplace topping off the looks. All furniture that could be used to rest on circled around the fireplace. A pedestal with a potted fern on top sat to the sides of each archway throughout the house. I trotted to the living wing and entered the long corridor that contained all the rooms I had planned, my bedroom at the extreme end of it, silver doors with black glass greeted me upon my arrival at my door. I trotted in and laid myself upon my new large bed, looking around my room and declaring it fit for a King with silver torch sconces, a wide open space in the center of the room, and it's own separate bathroom with a giant wardrobe.

I levitated my belongings inside, placing them appropriately in my new home, the library half filled of books. I then locked up the entire home, casting another ward and alarm spell to cover my home in the event of an intruder. I shut my eyes and ready to sleep. Then I had a realization. I wasn't hungry, thirsty, or actually tired. I wished to sleep for my major use of magic, but my body must have stopped aging completely. The spell was a success and I could spend all of eternity working on my magic skills, research, and other intellectual pursuits.

The sun was almost down over the horizon when I feel asleep. My mind was kept up by the success of my spell and the future ahead of me.