• Published 9th Jun 2017
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Embers Fall - CrimsonWave

A clan of evil electronic music producers go to the desert to wreak some havoc. Hilarity and possible destruction ensues.

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17 - They've Got to Find a Way

After their "Clausula Only" concert at The Tap, Obscurus & Co. checked into a double-bed suite at a small hotel nearby.

"I guess that was a success!" exclaimed Train Spot, who had lept onto one of the beds. "Did you get a count of attendance?"

"I counted at least 12 during out set." noted Wave Rider. "Not bad for a city of 20,000, scheduling your gig on such short notice, and in a city that I didn't think even had an electronic music culture of any size to begin with."

"And the owner slash bartender of that place appears to really enjoy my music in particular." acknowledged Obscurus. ". He burned my latest digital release to a CD-R right before we left, just so I could autograph-"

Suddenly, the frame of Train Spot's bed fell apart. Everypony else chuckled at their perdicament.

"Uh, if anyone asks, it was like this when we got here." advised Wave Rider.

"It was made of wood, and it has a coil spring mattress. That's how old it was." Train Spot reported. "Who cut the corners on our accommodations?"

Eight Track blushed in embarrassment, and quietly went back to his phone.

"He thought it would be too embarrassing to camp in a relatively populated city." noted Obscurus. "On a related topic, I presume our route to Duskgem is ironed out?"

"To an extent. The only issue I've really noticed is that we'll literally be driving through uninhabited badlands with relatively few services." replied Wave Rider as he dug out a few more maps.

"In other words, get your gas and munchies before civilization ends." added Train Spot, still sitting on the mattress that had fallen on the floor. "Though I deliberately chose a longer route just because it passed through more cities."

"Either way, things dry up once you reach Neighvada, until you reach this little town called Exmoor." continued Wave Rider. "It's the last stop before the Gathering coming from this direction."

"Remind me why we couldn't just book a flight to Reino like everypony else?" queried Obscurus.

"Too much cargo. Way too much." replied Eight Track.

"Now, just so you're aware, the Gathering proper doesn't start until Saturday, but anyone with approved camps and artwork can actually arrive early to set things up." Wave Rider continued. "Despite this, Saturday is considered more of a 'day 0' for last-minute prep, and everypony that absolutely, positively wants to be there from the moment it starts."

"What does this mean to us?" Obscurus questioned.

"Going by our schedule, we have, starting tomorrow, 3 days to set up Eight Track's House of Pancakes, and 9 to set up the magical sentry towers." Train Spot explained. "Shockingly, I was able to get official approval for all of them. I guess they strictly deny the legend of the Titan Below."

"You know, the more I've investigated that legend, the more I've begun to think that it's bonkers." Eight Track admitted. "It feels like elaborate fanfiction; dimensional stabilization, a beast sealed underground in the middle of nowhere, you can summon it by doing this very specific thing, etc."

"Surely, if technology like that existed, there would be official records of it. Plus, I found nothing about such claims outside of communities related to the Gathering. This is probably just an inside joke some artist concocted to justify doing the exact same thing we're doing." Eight Track concluded.

"Yeah. Me and Eight Track were actually discussing that earlier, and I am starting to agree with him." acknowledged Obscurus. "But, let's not forget that you are in the presence of a unicorn with a few tricks up her metaphorical sleeves."

"I said that we were going to show all those uneducated, Gathering newbie, flashyfoal, EDM fans, what this event ... that I have never been to before ... is all about!" Obscurus boasted."Whether it involves summoning a monster, or literally just making one up with my imagination."

She dramatically put on her blue skull bandana, and stood up on the other bed. "Gather around the Blazicorn, everypony. I'm going to tell one of the most immersive campfire stories of all time. Mwhahahahaha! Oh!"

The second bed just fell apart too, sending Obscurus tumbling onto her back. Everypony else was reduced to laughter.

"I'm alright. It was just a soft, yet springy landing." reassured Obscurus, getting back up on all-fours. "Also, Eight Track, could you please remind me to give this place a two-star review when we get home?"

Author's Note:

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