• Published 9th Jun 2017
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Embers Fall - CrimsonWave

A clan of evil electronic music producers go to the desert to wreak some havoc. Hilarity and possible destruction ensues.

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16 - Music to Their Ears

As Seashore took the stage to a rousing ovation in Reino, Obscurus Noctis and her crew were also giving a big performance tonight on their way to the Neighvada Desert. Where they chose to perform, however, was much to be desired.

The Tantabus and Traintruck rolled up near a rather rundown-looking building in downtown Kimberwicke Falls, with a flickering sign.

"'Tap of the Falls'; this is it?" questioned Eight Track. "This is where you got your gig?"

"It's the only appropriate venue in the city; I kind of had no choice." Obscurus defended. "Everything else sounded like a country music venue or a sports bar. I don't think I'm classified as country, but that may give me ideas for the future."

"Oh boy, can't wait to hear that next single drop." Train Spot sarcastically replied. "But that may have given me ideas too."

They trotted inside; it didn't look too bad, but it definitely wasn't the kind of high-class venue they were used to. There was a lot of wood, and the dancefloor area was decorated with blinking Hearth's Warming lights. There was a TV trying to show a hoofball game, but with very bad reception.

"Yep, gonna have a real party in here tonight." Wave Rider whispered to Train Spot sarcastically. His suit had brighter-looking lights than the rest of the room. "And there's barely anyone here yet."

"Though, it's only 8:30. Give it time." assured Train Spot, as she adjusted her goggles.

A unicorn bartender noticed their arrival; "Welcome to the Tap! I presume you're the musicians I booked for tonight?"

"You have presumed correctly, barkeep." said Obscurus.

"Wait, hold on a second! You look like some of those electronic music-type DJs." the Barkeep observed.

"Again, you've presumed correctly. What were you expecting, today's best hits and yesterday's classics?" Obscurus replied. "We're the kind of disk jockeys that produce and perform."

"In that case, let me make a few, ahem, 'adjustments'." The barkeeper walked over to a closet behind the bar and began messing with a few switches and buttons.

Suddenly, an entire armada of lighting effects began to activate; black lights turned on everywhere, and even the row of bottles behind the bar itself was now rainbow-colored. Last but not least, a set curtains on the stage drew open to reveal large speakers, a video screen, and a pair of laser machines among other things. All four of them gasped at the sight.

"Sorry about that. I really like musicians like you, but I usually keep all this extra stuff turned off because my regulars aren't really into the atmosphere." the barkeeper explained. "So on the off chance that I do host acts like you..." He winked and grinned.

"Now this is more like it!" applauded Train Spot. "How do you like these apples, Obscurus? Wait ... Obscurus?"

Meanwhile, Obscurus was metaphorically drooling over their choices in audio equipment.

"Your speakers are 1980's Technis. I absolutely, positively adore Technis; they are, by far, the best speakers money can buy,. she acknowledged. "Especially those from the 1980's; the newer models aren't as rich."

"Also, I'm really digging the atmosphere, but do you think you could turn the Hearth's Warming lights back on?" requested Obscurus "They added a nice kitsch to things."

"If you say so." replied the barkeeper. He went back into the closet to conjure some holiday cheer.

Obscurus trotted back to the bar. "Have you hosted any big names here before?"

"Not really." the barkeeper replied. "Though, you mentioned something about going to that Embers thing in Neighvada; I've actually hosted some shows with this DJ who's been there a lot. The 'Demon of Diamonds' or something to that effect."

"If it's the pony I think it is, I think her name was 'Diamond Diablo'." Wave Rider added.

"She's actually been helping us out with our first trip there." said Obscurus.

"While I'm here, I'm just wondering; where are y'all from?" the barkeeper asked.

"We drove all the way from Seaddle, Me and Eight Track moved there from Mareami a while back." answered Obscurus. "The clubs there were just so majestic. But at the same time, you had to pay a hoof and a leg just to get in, and getting booked to play at one was a completely different story..."

"Well, you're always welcome here!" the barkeeper exclaimed. "Unless Ol' Stallion Jones and The Bluegrass Bonanza get booked instead; in that case, see you tomorrow." Obscurus and Wave Rider laughed.

"He tends to prefer Sunday nights, by the way." the barkeeper added after an awkward pause. "If you need help setting up your mixers, just holler for me. In the meantime, I gotta do some last-minute promotional activities so you'll actually have an audience."

"Unless there's something unusual about your rig, it should be relatively straightforward." noted Obscurus