• Published 3rd Jul 2016
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Getting back your life - JulietTara

A new student comes to canterlot high. Does she know more about equestria than people think?

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Meeting Buttercup

Meeting Buttercup

It was a normal schoolday at canterlot high. The schoolyear had just begun and everyone was happy to finally have a normal year without any magic incidents.

The main seven (also human Twilight) were meeting up for lunch in the cafetaria.

"I am really looking forward to this year." Sunset said after everyone got their food. "It's our last one. We better make it count."

Rainbow Dash looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Hey it's just school. No need to look forward to it."

As Sunset wanted to answer to that, the cafetaria door opens and about 5 younger students came in. One of which was unknown to all of them. She had brown skin with tan-ish arms and legs, white hands and feet and blonde hair. Under the 5 girls were Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom who seemed to be laughing along the new girl.

Those three seemed to be a little younger than her.

"Does anyone of you know her? I know i haven't been on this school for too long, but I think I didn't see her before." Twilight asked.

"I guess she must be new, Darling. I think Sweetie Belle knows her thought. I guess I could ask her about this girl after school."

"Well, if she's new, we could just introduce ourselfs, right?" Sunset spoke. "She must be really nice if she already found some friends here."

"We can do it some other time.. if you want to.. it's getting late and our classes begin soon.." Fluttershy whispered after finishing her salad.

Everyone stood up and walked to their next class which they all had together. Soon Sunset parted from the others: "You guys go ahead, I'll catch up later."

Sunset then walked to the bathroom. After she opened the door she saw the new girl dropping something. She was standing in front of a mirror with both hands on the counter and a lipstick falling from her face. It fell on the counter and then rolled over the edge and fell to the floor. It stoped rolling right before Sunsets shoes. She quickly picked it up and held it up towards the girl.

"Eh.. hehehe you um.. scared me. Sorry, I'll just leave." She said, as she took the lipstick from Sunset's hand.

As the girl wanted to walk pass her, Sunset stopped her. "No, it's okay, stay if you want. I just wanted to freshen up a bit. You're new here right?"

"Um.. yes I am. My names Buttercup. Yours?"

"Sunset Shimmer. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too."

The two girls stood next to each other as they refreshed their make-up. Even if Sunset couldn't explain it, she felt something around this girl.

Something she didn't feel for a long, long time.

It felt like home.

After thinking about how stupid that must sound, she forgot that thought really fast. After some time Buttercup was done and put her make-up back into her bag. She left some seconds after that.

Right before the bell was ringing, Sunset got into her class and sat down next to her friends.

"I met the new girl. Her name's Buttercup. She seems really nice."

"Oh really? Well how'd that happen?" Applejack asked.

"We met at the bathroom actually. We talked a little bit and she seemed like a really nice girl. Thought I don't really know that much about her now." Sunset answered.

The teacher came into the room and started the class.


After the last class ended, everyone proceeded to the hallway.

"Have you heard something about Buttercup again, Sunset?" Rarity asked after everyone put their books into their lockers.

"Not yet. I haven't even seen her again since this morning."

"Well, I'm still going to ask Sweetie Belle today when I come home. I might even ask her to model for me one day. I really like her colours and style. It's really inspiring."

As they walked out of the school, they saw Buttercup with some other girls, talking and laughing.

"Seems like you don't have to wait for Sweetie Belle to get informations. Just go over and talk to her right now." Rainbow said as she looked over to the group of younger girls.

"You're right, come on girls, let's introduce ourselfs."

As everyone walked over to the others, Sunset stayed behind. "Just go ahead, I'll be there in a minute. I'll just go write something to Twilight.
..Um, the other Twilight of course."

After some Okays and waves, she walked over to some stairs and sat down.

She began writing. About everything she did today and about Buttercup.
As the first few words from Twilight started to apear on the page, Sunset began to smile. It had begun to be a routin for her. Like a diary which could talk back.

After what felt like hours for Sunset she noticed that she wasn't alone.

"Whatcha doing there?" Buttercup's voice came from behind her. She must have walked over while she was busy writing.

Sunset smashed the book close and put it away in highspeed.

"Um, nothing, why? Uh.. why aren't you with your friends anymore?"

"Oh I was bored talking about the same stuff all the time and your friends said that you wanted to do some homework or something."

"Oh um.. okay. Well, uh.. I have to go, so sorry. It was nice to see you again thought. Bye!"

"Uh-huh, yeah. See you tomorrow Sunset."

Sunset quickly collected her bag and met up with her friends before going home.

Author's Note:

I really hope that you like my little fanfiction. :D

And I hope I have enough ideas to finish it too. cx

See you in the next chapter!