Getting back your life

by JulietTara

First published

A new student comes to canterlot high. Does she know more about equestria than people think?

Buttercup is a new student at canterlot high.

After a series of strange incidents at the school, people start to accuse her.

Does Sunset realise that she's a pony like herself?

Meeting Buttercup

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Meeting Buttercup

It was a normal schoolday at canterlot high. The schoolyear had just begun and everyone was happy to finally have a normal year without any magic incidents.

The main seven (also human Twilight) were meeting up for lunch in the cafetaria.

"I am really looking forward to this year." Sunset said after everyone got their food. "It's our last one. We better make it count."

Rainbow Dash looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Hey it's just school. No need to look forward to it."

As Sunset wanted to answer to that, the cafetaria door opens and about 5 younger students came in. One of which was unknown to all of them. She had brown skin with tan-ish arms and legs, white hands and feet and blonde hair. Under the 5 girls were Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom who seemed to be laughing along the new girl.

Those three seemed to be a little younger than her.

"Does anyone of you know her? I know i haven't been on this school for too long, but I think I didn't see her before." Twilight asked.

"I guess she must be new, Darling. I think Sweetie Belle knows her thought. I guess I could ask her about this girl after school."

"Well, if she's new, we could just introduce ourselfs, right?" Sunset spoke. "She must be really nice if she already found some friends here."

"We can do it some other time.. if you want to.. it's getting late and our classes begin soon.." Fluttershy whispered after finishing her salad.

Everyone stood up and walked to their next class which they all had together. Soon Sunset parted from the others: "You guys go ahead, I'll catch up later."

Sunset then walked to the bathroom. After she opened the door she saw the new girl dropping something. She was standing in front of a mirror with both hands on the counter and a lipstick falling from her face. It fell on the counter and then rolled over the edge and fell to the floor. It stoped rolling right before Sunsets shoes. She quickly picked it up and held it up towards the girl.

"Eh.. hehehe you um.. scared me. Sorry, I'll just leave." She said, as she took the lipstick from Sunset's hand.

As the girl wanted to walk pass her, Sunset stopped her. "No, it's okay, stay if you want. I just wanted to freshen up a bit. You're new here right?"

"Um.. yes I am. My names Buttercup. Yours?"

"Sunset Shimmer. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too."

The two girls stood next to each other as they refreshed their make-up. Even if Sunset couldn't explain it, she felt something around this girl.

Something she didn't feel for a long, long time.

It felt like home.

After thinking about how stupid that must sound, she forgot that thought really fast. After some time Buttercup was done and put her make-up back into her bag. She left some seconds after that.

Right before the bell was ringing, Sunset got into her class and sat down next to her friends.

"I met the new girl. Her name's Buttercup. She seems really nice."

"Oh really? Well how'd that happen?" Applejack asked.

"We met at the bathroom actually. We talked a little bit and she seemed like a really nice girl. Thought I don't really know that much about her now." Sunset answered.

The teacher came into the room and started the class.


After the last class ended, everyone proceeded to the hallway.

"Have you heard something about Buttercup again, Sunset?" Rarity asked after everyone put their books into their lockers.

"Not yet. I haven't even seen her again since this morning."

"Well, I'm still going to ask Sweetie Belle today when I come home. I might even ask her to model for me one day. I really like her colours and style. It's really inspiring."

As they walked out of the school, they saw Buttercup with some other girls, talking and laughing.

"Seems like you don't have to wait for Sweetie Belle to get informations. Just go over and talk to her right now." Rainbow said as she looked over to the group of younger girls.

"You're right, come on girls, let's introduce ourselfs."

As everyone walked over to the others, Sunset stayed behind. "Just go ahead, I'll be there in a minute. I'll just go write something to Twilight.
..Um, the other Twilight of course."

After some Okays and waves, she walked over to some stairs and sat down.

She began writing. About everything she did today and about Buttercup.
As the first few words from Twilight started to apear on the page, Sunset began to smile. It had begun to be a routin for her. Like a diary which could talk back.

After what felt like hours for Sunset she noticed that she wasn't alone.

"Whatcha doing there?" Buttercup's voice came from behind her. She must have walked over while she was busy writing.

Sunset smashed the book close and put it away in highspeed.

"Um, nothing, why? Uh.. why aren't you with your friends anymore?"

"Oh I was bored talking about the same stuff all the time and your friends said that you wanted to do some homework or something."

"Oh um.. okay. Well, uh.. I have to go, so sorry. It was nice to see you again thought. Bye!"

"Uh-huh, yeah. See you tomorrow Sunset."

Sunset quickly collected her bag and met up with her friends before going home.


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The first few classes passed really fast for Sunset and her friends, so they soon found themselves walking to the cafetaria.

They got their food and sat down on their usual table.

They started chatting a bit and everyone ate their meal. They still had some time till their next class, so they kept chatting for a bit longer.

After Twilight looked up for a second, she realized that Buttercup was nowhere to be seen.

"Huh.. is it weird that Buttercup is nowhere around?"

Everyone looked up and searched to room for the girl. She just wasn't here.

"Well maybe she ain't eating anything right now. Or she's just sick." Applejack said and started talking to Rarity again.

Agreeing that they still got a bit time, they wanted to go outside the school to get some fresh air. But once they were outside, they couldn't believe what they saw.

Buttercup was standing in front of the portal with one hand inside and noting something in a book with the other.

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Rainbow Dash yelled as they started running towards her. Buttercup was obviously scared and shocked as she quickly got her things and ran back inside of the school.

A chase began.

The main 7 ran after Buttercup as fast as they could and right before Rainbow could grab her she turned into an empty classroom and smashed the door closed.

As they quickly opened the door, noone was there.

"WHAT!? But she was RIGHT here! She ran in here! You guys saw that right!?" Rainbow Dash yelled.

"I can't believe it.. Where did she go?" Applejack wondered while searching the room for Buttercup.

While everyone else was searching every inch of the room for Buttercup, Sunset started to notice something.

In the bathroom today.. She had both of her hands on the counter.. How could the lipstick have fallen down from in front of her face? And it really didn't look like she was throwing it or something..

Suddenly Sunset got Goosbumps. The air was different for her.. Somehow it was electrifying.

"Come on guys.. let's go." She said while thinking over everything that had happened.

After school they sat together in front of the portal.

Sunset had written to Twilight through the book, hoping to get answers. Though the only thing that she wrote back was "Did you talk to HER about it?"

She sighed and looked up from the book. The wheels in her head still turning. What am I missing?

Suddenly she shot out of her sitting position into a standing one. "GUYS!"

Everyone looked up to her.

"Okay. It may sound crazy and completly stupid, but could it be that Buttercup's from.. over there?" Sunset gestured towards the portal.

"Wait, you think that she's a pony? Like you? Is that even possible?" Even thought Twilight didn't know about Equestria for that long, she caught on to the hint really quick.

"Well it DOES make sence now. In the bathroom yesterday. When I met her. I guess she must have refreshed her make-up before I walked in. I must have scared her when I opened the door so she let her lipstick fall down. Both of her hands were on the counter the whole time though. I saw the lipstick falling down from infront of her face but her hands weren't even near it.. Like if she had levitated it. And today in the classroom, when she just disappeard into thin air? I could feel that there was a ton of magic in the air. I'm guessing that she must have teleported somewhere else. It just makes sence."

After some time Applejack spoke up: "No it doesn't.. Not even YOU can control the magic in this world. So why should she be able to? I'm just guessing she just hid in the classroom and we didn't find her."

"Why don't you just talk to her?.. She's coming right now.." Fluttershy whispered while watching Buttercup coming out of the school. She was with Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom again, before they waved goodbye to each other and parted. The CMC went home, but Buttercup went back into the school after looking around a bit.

"Well where is she going?" Twilight asked.

"Let's find out guys! Come on!" As soon as those words left Pinkie Pie's mouth, all of them were running back into the school. Looking around a bit, they soon found Buttercup walking into the library.

What is she doing in there at this time.. School is closing soon, why isn't she just going home? Sunset opened the door for her friends and herself and soon they found themselves in the middle of the library.

Before anyone could say something they heard some crashing noices in the back of the room.

"Shit.. I have to be careful." They heard Buttercup whisper behind some shelves.

"Sshh.. come on guys.." After Sunset urged her friends to be quiet they looked around the corner while hiding behind the edge of the bookshelf. They saw Buttercup sitting on a chair in front of a table with some books laying around on the floor next to her bag.

"How did she let them fall down, Sunset? She's not even near the-" Pinkie was interrupted by Sunset's hand, silencing her.

They watched curiously as Buttercup stood up and looked over the table. She watched the books as they gently raised from the ground. They were wrapped in a golden aura which carried them through the air where Buttercup then catched them.

"No way!" Rainbow Dash said a bit too loud, which led to Buttercup turning around. Utterly shocked she began to panic.


Sunset turnt towards her friends and gestured to the door. "Could you guys leave us alone for a second?"


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After some grumbling the main six left the room to give Buttercup and Sunset some privacy to talk.

"Uh.. wait I- I can explain! Um.."

"No need for that." Sunset interrupted her.
"I just want to ask you something."

Buttercup began backing away until she bumped against a wall.

"Uh.. you know, I think I really have to go!"

Sunset walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

"Calm down ok. It's not like we never had magic on this school before."

Her eyes went wide at that. "What? What do you mean?"

"Are you from equestria?"

Buttercup looked like a fish out of water, mouth opening and closing a few times.

"Wh- Whaaat? I don't know what you mean ehehe um.. I mean.. uh- what is eque-"

"Me too."


"Okay wait let me get this straight" Buttercup and Sunset were sitting on the table in the back of the library laughing their heads off.
"You really stole the magical crown from a princess to take over equestria? That was a horrible idea!"

"Well, duh. I got that now haha. We are all friends now thought. So.. now that I told you MY story, how about YOU tell me YOURS?"

"Hm, I guess that's fair, well you see-"

Suddenly the doors burst open and the main six came in. Rainbow was going straight to the table with her hands waving in the air.

"You guys have been in here alone for FOREVER. What are you talking about!?"

Buttercup and Sunset exchanged some looks until Sunset spoke up. "Well, we talked about equestria."

The other five quickly caught up to them.

"Wait, so.. she really IS a pony?" Twilight asked.

Hearing this, Buttercup stood up and walked some steps towards the group.
"Uh.. yes, I am."

"And she just wanted to tell me how she got here. So if you guys could give us some privacy for just some min-"

"No it's okay Sunset, they can stay if they want to. It's not like they don't know what magic is. So.. I guess I better start with how I got into this world.."


I always was a pretty curious filly. As a born unicorn I always wanted to learn new different things. Especially spells had a huge impact on me. And I was good at it too i guess. I was invited for an audition for Celestia's school for gifted unicorns but I didn't go there. I never really felt the need to show my ability to anyone, so I kept studying on my own.

I really loved learning spells for things, that are a bit supernatural in this world. Teleportation, mind reading, mind control, but I also learned a lot about healing and rapid cell regeneration. It was a lot of fun until there wasn't much to learn anymore. So I tried to find something else.

I stumbled over many different legens, like the mirror pool for example and at one point I read about the portal to this world i guess.
I wanted to find out more so I went to the place the book was telling me. The crystal empire.

It was hard to get to the portal thought. There were guards literally EVERYWHERE so I had to be sneaky. Of course the portal was closed at that time but I found another book about when it'll open again. So I waited and then went through.

The first thing I noticed was that I was a completly different species that I never even heard from before. I obviously freaked out.
But after some time I got used to it. Then I noticed that my magic didn't work. I could never go through two and a half years without my magic so I had to make a plan.


Sunset saw were this was heading so she interrupted her before. "Yeah I wanted to ask about that already. How can you use magic over here? Not even I can use it in this world."

"Well.. magic is different here. It's scattered everywhere. You just can't really feel it because there is so little of it in one place. So you need something to channel it around you."

Buttercup took her bangs between two fingers and held it back. A little juwel was placed on her forehead, held up by a golden chain.