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Guardian of Harmony - Corvus Eclipse

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Chapter 3 - It was pity that changed his fate

Below the mountains there was a forest that was moving along the chain for a great distance Ember could not really estimate. At least he would have enough space to hide in.

- I might get used to an outside living.

He found a glade where he could sleep on soft grass. In the case he could not find any sleep he would be able to watch the sky of the night and praise it beauty. Trying to focus and clear his mind he did not fell that he was not alone in this place. The fade in his mind and the little information about himself made him feel bad and completely forgetting his guarding instincts. Something touched him at the shoulder and brought forth something he did not experience for a very long time: he got scared by it. Ember shouted and jumped forward losing his balance what made him fall directly on his face. The horns went fully through the earth; not that it hurt him but it was humiliating in any case.

- I would lose my job if my chef would have caught me like that… - he thought and turned around to see what has touched him. Ember saw her right away; it was Luna.

- Oh my apologies Ember I did not intend to scare you.

- Nothing to be sorry about princess. – He got up with the taste of earth and grass in his mouth that he apparently not had. – How did you find me? – Asked the guardian and started to remove the earth and some worms that were attached to his horns.

Luna smiled sincerely; - I admit it was not easy to spot you after you disappeared in the sky. I noticed you later entering the cave then I just followed you to this glade.

- Thanks for coming by. I did not expect to see you so fast again. – Ember grabbed his right arm. – I feel lonely…

- I know that feeling way too well Ember. – She came closer to him and sat down on the ground. – How was your day?

Ember started his rather colorful story. He told her everything what occurred during the travel he even talked openly about feelings he did not share with the others. Like her sister she listened patiently, of course he did not want to bother her with everything that was bothering his mind and soul, if he had one. After he finished Luna looked up to the sky that was already filled with stars;

- Every time I feel bad I look up in the sky. The stars always had a good influence on me and my intuition tells me that you are the same type as I am at that point. – She smiled but did not stop to watch the sky; Ember followed her example and started to watch them with her.

- Look Ember! – She pointed at the sky. – A Pegasus!

Right after he heard it Ember ran out of line of sight between the trees that were big enough to keep him unseen. Luna was still pointing at the sky but looking at him with a confused look;

- Why are you hiding?

- I have decided that I will remain hidden until I have adapted to the surface environment. Is the Pegasus gone?

The princess started to hearty laugh of this statement. She fell on her back rolling around on the ground. Even from the distance Ember could see that she was laughing so hard that tears appeared in her eyes. After a longer time she finally caught up;

- Come here I will show you something.

He went back on his place with some hesitation what made Luna giggle more; in fact he felt humiliated once again. The guardian tried to hide this feeling as good as possible but his ears betrayed him because they went down right after Luna giggled:

- What is it you want me to show?

Her horn started to glow with a blue shine that had refreshing effect for his eyes. Then he noticed that something was going on in the sky. Lines started to web around several stars creating a shape he could not really recognize.

- This my friend is the Pegasus I have mentioned before.

- You gave a name to a star?

- No. Not a single star, we call it a constellation. – Once more she looked up in the sky.

– While I was a small filly it was always so hard to keep their locations and names in mind. I do remember how father always helped me while I was lost in the sea of stars. The same way as I did for you.

- What are they good for? – He simply could not understand why somebody would create things like that.

- Long before my life started the poets, farmers and astronomers have made up those imaginary things. The purpose of the constellations is to help us to tell which star is which no more and no less. Thousands of stars can appear in the sky in a really dark night Ember; it is a very difficult task to find out which one is which. In all if you find a constellation you know you will be able to split the sky in bits. They are used as mnemonics or as I always say memory aids.

- There are so many things I have to find out in this world. – Said Ember that was trying to find other constellations. – Hm. You have shown me that the sky has constellations, let me show you something too.

Ember looked around and found the thing he was looking for; a stone that was not far from them. He helped Luna to get up; together they went to the stone that was completely alone in this glade. Ember touched the rough surface of the lonely stone and looked at the princess.

- You want to show me a stone?

- Far more than that Luna. Try to free your mind from every thought, every bothering memory that might distract you and listen to the symphony of the stone.

Luna closed her eyes. Ember could see that she was fighting against her own mind but after a while she gave up with a head shake. Her expression was awfully tense now.

- Let me help you then. – He touched her forehead and got right away shocked by something. Apparently only the guardian got shocked; the princess of the night was aware that something happend but she was not sure what it was.

– That was awkward…

After the small unexplained accident he connected with her like he did with the ponies in the underground. He cleared her mind from thoughts that seemed not to have an end and then he let her be silent. Her facial expression became incredibly relaxed. With closed eyes she waited for the symphony; finally the symphony that could not be explained with words filled the air around them. You simply had to hear it yourself to understand how they both felt right now. Luna was thrilled by it; Ember could see that she was fascinated by it that’s why he let her listen to it a bit longer. He cut off the connection between two different species that seemed to have no similarities. Since they connected though both of them could see, that they were not that different from each other.

His soul came back to his body with a feeling of loneliness. For the first time he seemed to have enjoyed connecting with a creature like that. Luna seemed to feel the same way. She did not say anything but her eyes and body language did say more than words could ever do. The princess of the night touched the stone with her hoof;

- How is that possible Ember?

- There are many things in that world that cannot be explained regardless if they are on the surface or below. I believe that everything around us has a soul, a voice and an own story. I mean the natural things that have not been manipulated by the inhabitants of this world.

- Thank you so much for that experience. – She looked at him and right away he saw that tears started to slide down her cheek. – Nopony ever gave me a present like that. In fact you gave me two presents.

- Two? – Asked Ember that did not understood what the incarnation of the night had in mind.

- For the first time since I came back to this world my mind has finally be free of any bad memories.

Ember was speechless; the only thing he dared to do was gently as possible to wipe away the tears.

– So do I thank you Lady of the Night.

All of the sudden an incredibly mighty pain went though his head all the way along his spine. Ember cried out of pain and moved away from Luna that was way too shocked by the sudden shouting to understand what was happening to him. Ember fell down on his knee holding his head that seemed to explode from the inside. The physical and mental pain made him roar in the most inhuman way his lungs were able to perform; nearly the same way like he did in the chamber. Nothing could have endured the pain that has overcome the guardian. He was roaring so loudly that he woke up every living creature that was sleeping nearby. What both of them did not know and see was the fact that he was so loud that he woke up Ponyville and the creatures of the Everfree Forest.

Even with his enormous size Ember was shaking like a frightened child that begged for the end of the pain he felt now. The princess came at his side, he could see that she was saying something but he did not understand anything. The only thing he was able to do was to watch her lips move while talking. With a hasty head shake, that nearly made him hit her with his horn and pointing at his ears, he tried to tell her that he was not able to hear her words. Luna closed her eyes. Her horn started to glow with its blue shine; he could feel the tip of it touch his skin. Some sort of energy started to flow from the touched point, spreading around his entire body. It did make the pain weaker as glad as he was for it; it did not end his agony.

The fire in his bones, the acid on his soul were poisoning his mind; soon the pain started to fade away not by Luna’s spell he was sure of that. His breath normalized and sweat was running all along his decimated body. Ember wanted to get up but Luna stopped him. Weak as he felt now a mare of a not really strong stature could push him down on the ground. His bones felt like they have been filled with liquid metal, making them feel extremely heavy; at least his mental pain did not leave any kind of unwanted activities. Ember did feel different in fact it seemed that Luna has grown a bit.

- Water… please I need water…

He got up this time;

- Not far from here is a pond. – She wanted to squeeze under his arm at that moment he noticed that his size changed, still bigger than her but way smaller than he was before the attack.

- Don’t touch me… please. – Disgusted by his own body he followed Luna that was moving backwards to keep him in her sight. Finally he could smell again far better than he did in the beginning. The pond that she has mentioned was indeed not far away from the glade; it seemed to be big and deep enough for his new size. Soon he reached it and entered it. The water started to vaporize, he moaned relieved and dived totally into the water. After this refreshing bath Ember got up surprised how great he felt now. Every single pain was gone; he seemed like he was born anew. The water itself seemed not to be corrupted in any way; it seemed thought that it has become clearer.

- Are you alright Ember? – asked Luna with clapped ears. – You did scare me back there….

- Forgive me… if I could hold it I would have endured the pain. Right now I feel like the pain has never happened; in fact I feel great.

- Are you sure? That was quite a trip…

- I actually never felt better since I can remember! Can it be that I have finally adapted?

- I hope so I would not like to see you in such agony again.

- The same counts for me princess. – He yawned without any control. – By the spirits I am so tired.

- You should get some rest now Ember.

Ember went back to the glade, searched for a comfortable place close to the trees. Luna was following him quietly after he finally found a good place to sleep his body gave up alone and he fell down on his back; gladly before he hid his wings in his body. The princess of the night sat down on his side. In all she really reminded him of her sister even if they were like water and fire or in that case light and darkness. – They both are really similar in their own way. – He thought.

- You look like you have something to say. – said the guardian with a weak voice.

- Hehe no I don’t have anything to say.

- I can see in your eyes that there is still something.

- I will wait till you fall asleep then I will leave. My sister is already a bit angry at me.

- Oh… why is she angry?

- Well let’s say I should be working now.

- I hope that those meetings are not the reason for that.

- And if I would say they are?

Ember mumbled something in a dead language with a rather weak sound;

- You know I would have never imagined that this world has such wonderful side. My life was based on constant survival, fights and death. I have been alone for thousand years in the depths of the underground, guarding the crystals that were my only purpose and a curse in the same way. Here though I can relax and think for my own and I started to get used to companionship.

- If that would be possible I would like to see how the under….

Ember fell asleep. The missing blaze of his eyes was gone what made the environment around him a bit darker. Luna smiled and watched the sleeping guardian for a while; Ember was snoring quietly. Even if he looked really weird without his open eyes she found it strangely cute how a mysterious and big creature acted like a normal pony. She came closer to him and touched his cheek with her nose then she opened her wings and flew away with a feeling of loneliness.

The shine of the sun woke Ember from his nice sleep he would like to continue for a bit longer. Still sleepy he tried to remember where he was. His head hurt him badly like he would have a really bad hangover. The guardian got up and stretched his exhausted body. Everything around him, including himself was wet what probably meant that it was raining during his sleep. Not sure what time it might be right now he moved along in the wood. Besides the headache Ember did not have any other pain he had to endure; after many thoughts he decided to wait longer with his appearance in the city of Ponyville. The area around the mountains was abandoned and totally in the grasp of the nature. He could hear several arts of birds singing in the crowns of the trees.

The forest was full of life what he could verify through the auras he could see nearly everywhere. The time passed and soon the guardian realized that he had to face a small problem. He did not have anything to do. Then he had the idea of searching for new symphonies in the world of Equestria. If a stone or a rock were able to have their own individual symphonies maybe other things might have their own too; at least he believed in it. Ember touched a nearby tree that seemed to be very old compared to the trees that were surrounding it. Once he freed his mind from anything that might have interrupted the process. Everything around him, every single noise was gone like something has simply muted it. He waited pretty long for a reaction sadly nothing special occurred.

Ember was about to cut the connection with the tree but then he could feel some kind of presence that he could not identify. Then he heard a voice in his mind;

- Hoho so many years have passed since somebody has talked to me.

- Who are you? – asked Ember in his mind. The voice had the sound of an old and wise woman that has been woke up roughly from her sleep.

- In my time I had many names. Right now I prefer to simply be called Grandmother.

- I must admit that I did not expect to talk with a tree…

- Why are you so surprised about it Ember?

- How do you know my name?

- If you did not notice it, we have established a strong connection guardian of the crystals.

- I have noticed it Grandmother but I am not able to read your… thoughts.

- The very nature of a tree is to preserve it personality under a strong bark. Even though a tree is pulsing with life it is not the same as a living creature like you.

- I see…

- The world has changed as it inhabitants. I have never seen your kind in these woods; what are you exactly?

- I don’t know Grandmother… I have lost my memories in the depths of the underground.

- A lost memory might return on its own but most of the time the circumstances demand that we will look for it, instead to wait for it to appear out of the misty fog.

- I have so many unanswered questions that seem to grow and grow with each passing minute. My mind has revealed some old memories… but they were so blur and short that they have only born more questions that remained unanswered. I am not even sure what I am Grandmother…

- You should know Ember that the matter of fact is not what you are but who you are. Do not concentrate only on one thing; do not let it control your choices. We all have the chance to achieve the best in this life. Instead of confusing yourself with the past you should move on and keep it up with the now.

- It is easier to say than to do it wise tree. Right now I do not have any purpose in this world… I feel so worthless.

- Indeed it is true that it is easier to say than to do. Let me ask you something. If somebody loses everything he owns has he truly lost his worth?

- I don’t know…

- So how can you see what your life is worth or where your value lies?

Ember did not say anything. The grandmother seemed to clear her throat in his mind that simply sounded disgusting.
- We all have a purpose in this world even if we might not know what it is now.

- I just wish that all the things that happened to me never have happened… - His own voice sounded broken and even his fiery eyes somehow started to feel wet.

- You are not the first and not the last being that has spoken those words Ember. But it is not for you to decide where the seams of the fate have leaded you. But now you have the chance to decide what to do with your life and the time that has been given to you. Everything lies in your own hands Ember and do not forget that you are no longer alone in this wonderful world.

The guardian wanted to say something but he got interrupted by the old tree.

- I am glad that I have met you Ember but for now excuse the old oak… I am tired and need some sleep. I hope we will meet again!

- May your roots grow deep and strong Grandmother.

- May the shadow always grant you protection Ember.

Then the connection has been cut and Embers spirit return into his body. Grandmother’s words have been burned into his mind and for some reason his soul felt a little bit revealed from its pain and sorrow. This was probably the most interesting conversation that he has ever participated and he was sure that it would not be the last.

He felt strangely thirsty, he went back to the pound drank out of it several times and moved on. Ember decided to move along the border between the forest and the mountains. The local fauna seemed to not be afraid of his presence in their small kingdom. Several times small birds have land on his horns and sang their songs that Ember started to enjoy. He did not feel hungry yet he had a strange feeling in his belly that he simply ignored by continuing his small journey. The forest seemed to be pretty young but there were many old looking trees all around the place. The only strange thing about the flora of this world was the fact that the most trees did not match to each other. The underground mushrooms may look the same on the first sight but he did find out, that mushrooms that were growing within each other could only be together if the sap would cooperate with the mushroom that started to melt with the host.

If it would not be the case the connection would lead to the destruction of both mushrooms. Ember was glad that it was not the case in this forest, the stain of the rotten mushrooms could make even his eyes teary. After a while he reached the far end of the forest that lead into the direction of Ponyville. Suddenly Ember heard some noises coming not far away from him to be more exact above him. Up on a rather bright mountain track he noticed a group of small ponies that were moving along it. It seemed like they were playing a game. The constant laughing made it hard to count the number of them that were on the track, one of them started to jump from rock to rock that were decorating the path;

- Gah! I told you that she would slow us down! Why did we take her with us?

- Yeah that’s right! She won’t be able to get up here in the first place.

- That’s not true! I can do it.

Ember could recognize that the last voice was a female one the rest seemed to be males. After he heard the female Ember noticed a strange sound that he could not really identify. Some sort of metallic sound if he was not wrong:

- You should go back to your mommy!

- Guys let’s just leave her behind she won’t make it anyway.


Then Ember heard a crack on the track followed by the girls scream. Something happened but he was not sure what but one was certainly sure; the girl must have fallen into the woods. The boys were yelling in panic and ran away right to the city. He did not wait for an invitation. Right away he started to look for the filly that has fallen not far from him. Soon he heard her crying and yelling for help; Ember stopped behind a tree used a spell that would camouflage him with the close environment. He saw the filly on the ground, she had white fur, light blue hair that was right now ruined and full of leafs. Something strange was attached to her back legs; some sort of the device that was on wheels. Probably the thing that was making those metallic sounds. The filly was trying to get up, she could not move on though, the wheels were broken and bent out of its proper form:

- Help! Please help! Mommy! Daddy! Anypony!

Ember sighed. His sigh was loud enough that the filly heard him. He removed the camouflage spell and move straight to the pony that was looking at him with big teary eyes and open mouth. If you get really scared you can`t really let out a sound out of you. That was the filly’s case now. She tried to crawl away from him but she knew that she could not escape the beast that appeared out of nowhere. She started to cry even louder after he reached her; the guardian squat down in front of her:

- Don’t be afraid little one. – The filly looked at him. The sight of that young creature, that was frightened and probably injured from the fall deeply touched his heart – I won’t harm you.

- You… you can talk?

- It seems like it.

- Mommy told me not to talk with strangers…

Ember laughed hearty about it: - That is a good thing your mommy taught you. Allow me to introduce myself; I am Ember.

The filly relaxed a bit but he could still see how tense her body was: - How may I call you little one?

- Sugar Heart.

- Nice to meet you Sugar Heart. Now please tell me what were you kids doing up there on the track? – He made a swift movement with his finger and removed the leafs from her hair through the kind help of the magic.

- We were playing the traveler ponies.

Ember looked at the broken device; it was sure she would have never made it through.

- Why did you follow them?

- They are always making fun of me because I can’t walk like them. I wanted to prove that they are wrong.

- She is handicapped… - he thought and felt bad for her.

- Are you hurt?

- My back hurts me.

- Allow me to check if everything is okay.

The filly nodded, he touched her back with one finger. His eyes changed their color; he could see the organs, bones and nerves. He focused on the spine that was fractured and dislocated in the lower section, the damage seemed to be permanent but he knew that he was able to heal it but he was not sure if he should do it; that would mean that his cover would be blown and he was not certain if the sudden attacks have stop for good.

- Is it bad? – asked the filly that was way too afraid to look at him.

- Just a moment little one…

He could not stand the fact that such young creature at the beginning of her life already had such big burden on her small back.

You have the chance to decide what to do with your life and the time that has been given to you. Everything lies in your hands.

The voice of the Grandmother echoed in his mind. Once more he looked at the filly that was shaking in front of him on the ground. Deep in his heart he knew what he wanted to do since he saw Sugar Heart all alone in the shadow of the mountain. He followed his instinct and finally has decided what to do.

- It might sting a bit Sugar Heart but only for a while I promise. Now close your eyes and think of something nice okay?
She nodded and close her eyes as Ember asked. He started to focus energy in his hand, the eyes turned into a light green color. He put his hand on her back what made her shiver even more. Slowly he started to send the energy into the fractured and dislocated areas of the spine, in his mind he could see that the damage started to heal. He bound the nerves together, the dislocated sections started to go back on the proper place; Sugar Heart moaned and started to cry. His free hand moved to her head and patted the poor filly gently:

- Juts a little bit more. Don’t worry you are not alone.

He checked everything several times to be sure he did not miss anything, it seemed like he healed the damage for good. After the check he ended the connection with her body and started a new spell that had only one purpose: to remove pain. The task was done and with it he took of the broken device from her.

- It is done. – He patted her again. – Now Sugar Heart stand up.

- What? I can’t do that!

- Try it young one.

The filly got up first with her front legs. Ember could see that she was moving her back legs with a big shock; finally she started to get up. She did it! Ember sighted relived in his mind. A failure could have had some bad side effects. Sugar Heart looked at her back legs and started to move them through the air, then she even performed some circles what in the end made her cheer happily.

- I can walk! I can walk! – She started to jump up and down but Ember grabbed her in the air and said;

- Hold on happy one! You may move now but you can’t outburst like that.

- Why not!? I feel like I could move mountains!

- I have healed your disability but your muscles in the back legs are still too weak for running around.

- Ahw…

- I said you can’t run but I did not say you can’t move.

- Put me down then! I want to try it out!

He did as she asked and put her on the ground with unsure steps she was moving forward followed by Ember that was right behind her. He let her enjoy her first steps, to hear her laugh of happiness made him feel in a way he has never felt before.

- We should bring you back to your home. I am sure your parents are worried about you.

- Yeah I guess so…

- I hope you are not afraid of heights?

- No I am not!

- Shall I show you your country form above?

- You can fly?!

Right away his wings came out of his back: - It looks like it.

- Cool!

- Hold on. – He grabbed her gently and went with her to the glade. It was quiet easy to find it back because he had only to follow the stomped remains of bushes. His own private path to his glade isn’t that nice?

- I have never seen you around here.

- I arrived just recently with some other ponies. Okay are you ready?

- Yeah!

With a mighty swing of his wings he catapulted himself into the air. The filly was not afraid in fact she liked it; Ember let his wings catch the wind and started to soar in the sky. Sugar Heart was deeply fascinated by the sight of her country, right after they have left the glade they both could see the town of Ponyville; farther away carved to a mountain Ember noticed an enormous castle. Ivory towers with golden spires featured the very first sight. Rivers and waterfalls seemed to run through that majestic city. He assumed that it was the place Twilight Sparkle called Canterlot. The guardian flew in the direction of Ponyville a bit above some clouds; the girl stretched out for it and laughed happily. Ember noticed that at the street, that was leading into Ponyville a small crowd of ponies started to gather. With a spell he zoomed in to see what was going on. Right away he saw his friends that freed him from the slavery of the crystals. Some of them were trying to calm down a mare that seemed to cry, that might be Sugar Hearts mother.

- I think your friends already alerted your parents. I can see them down there.

- Bring me to my parents please! I don’t want them to be worried.

Slowly he started to lower his flight soon the ponies on the ground noticed the black spot on the sky that was growing and moving right towards them. Some of them ran away the others did not move at all.

- Close your eyes. – He said and landed on the street creating a small dust cloud that has been blown away by a swing of his wings. Ember moved towards the group. On the half way Sugar Heart started to wave at the gathered ponies:

- Mommy! Daddy!

The parents did not react the way the filly probably expected. Good twenty steps away from the group, Ember stopped and looked at the filly he was still holding.

- Go to your parents and live a happy life as a healthy pony. – Go before they will call the guards – he thought.

He put her gently on the ground. The parents noticed that she did not have the device on her back legs as probably did the other ponies. Ember helped her to find the balance and then gave her a small push into her new life. She moved towards her parents that looked at her like she would be a ghost. The surprised faces of his friends said more than any book could ever say. After Sugar Heart reached her mother she made some circles around her:

- Look mommy I can walk!

The mare bowed down and touched her daughter’s legs still unable to understand that her Sugar Heart could really walk. Finally after the ice has been broken she hugged her and started to cry of happiness. A stallion approached them, probably the father of his small patient and touched the nose of his child with his own. All ponies were right now focused on the small filly that could walk normally now. Ember let the family enjoy their reunion and the miracle that occurred on the small filly. The guardian turned around and prepared to jump into the sky; probably he would go back to the woods…

- Ember wait!

He stopped and turned around. It was the filly who called after him. She got free of her moms hug and went back to him still with a dazed movement. The parents called her back but she did not listen. After she reached him she pulled him on his wing and asked:

- Where are you going?

- I am not sure little one.

- Come with me I will introduce you to my parents.

- I don’t think that is a good idea. – He looked at the parents that were extremely worried about his close range to their child.

- My mommy is a great cook you know! Come on you have to taste her soup: it’s delicious!

She started to pull his wing even stronger that’s why he gave up and followed her. After he has reached the group Sugar Hear went on the side of her parents that right now were more focused on him than on her. There was a big tension in the air between the ponies and the creature of the Underground followed by an awkward silence.

- Mommy, daddy that is Ember! – said the filly that shattered the silence with her voice and bright smile on her face.

- A pleasure to meet you. – hoping he has chosen the right words he waited for a reaction. The father offered him his hoof; Ember grabbed it and sealed it with the probably most ancient way of greeting. The mood changed right away after the ponies realized that he was not a threat to them. The mare pulled her child to her and bowed before him:

- Thank you for bringing my child back. – She kissed Sugar Heart on the head and hugged her again. It was noticeable that she still could not believe that everything that was happening right now was not simply a nice dream.

- We will never be able to pay you off for that mister Ember. – said the father. – Again thank you.

- No problem. – said Ember a bit tense what made his wings disappear in his back nearly all by its own. Gladly it did not scare anypony.

- Please be our guest! You both came back in the right time for lunch! – said the mare. – Your favorite carrot soup darling.

- Yay!

- I…. – he looked at his friends that were smiling and nodding at him. – If that is not a problem for you…

- Of course it is not a problem! – said the filly. – You are the one who healed me so you deserve the biggest portion.

- Oh Celestia… Thank you my friend thank you! – said the father and bowed before him once more what made Ember feel uncomfortable.

- We will await you in our home. – The mare looked at the girls. – Would you be so nice and show him the way? I will prepare more food for all of us!

- Of course. – said the girls in the same time.

The family and other ponies that he did not know went back to the city leaving behind Ember and the girls. Right away they started to throw cheerful congratulations at him.

- Ember that is just outstanding! You gave the filly a new life and you gave even a bigger present to her parents. – All ponies seemed to be touched by his work.

- I could not stand the fact that she was handicapped in such young age.

- How did you do that? – asked Twilight what he was expecting since he left the glade.

- I will try to explain it later. – He looked at the colorful Ponyville. – Right now I am not sure if I should enter that place.

- I am sure that everypony is chatting only about you Ember. – said Rarity. – Gossip spreads out like fire in Ponyville.

– Great….

- What’s the matter? You can’t just chicken out now! – said Rainbow Dash and made some circles around his head.

- I am not afraid of entering this place, it is just… last night I had another attack.

- Oh you poor fellah. What happened to you this time? – asked AJ and took of her hat.

He quickly explained what happened in the night;

- But right after it I felt like I had changed my skin.

- Your concern is understandable. – said Rarity. – Maybe you should really wait with that?

- Still there is one little filly that would be angry at me if I won’t appear and taste her moms *famous* soup.

- *Famous* is not good enough. – It was Pinkie that started to talk. – It is like you would taste the heaven itself!

- Eeyup! Granny Smith always looks out for an opportunity to eat that soup. – said and laughed about it.

- Now all your comments made me hungry….. – complained Ember and touched his belly.

- Then you have already lost this round.

- By the way girls…

- Yeah? – All of them asked in the same time.

- What is that thing… How did that mare call it? A Carrot?

The ponies started to laugh so hard that most of them besides Rarity were rolling around on the ground, never in his life had he felt as stupid as he did now.

- Wait girls… - Only Fluttershy was not laughing at his question. – He is serious.

The ponies stopped to laugh and looked at him like he would not have a face... wait a second!

- You have to be kiddin’ me Ember. – said Applejack.

The ponies started to call out other plants that were apparently their food and of course none of the mentioned things were familiar to him. They seemed to be depressed by the fact he did not know the so called vegetables.

- Now you really have to go there and by Celestia I will buy every kind of vegetables that can be bought here! – said Twilight and stomped one time right after she saw that Ember was going to say something. This round was hers.

- By the way Ember… - Rainbow Dash was looking at him with a rather inspective look from the sky. – Is it just me or you got smaller?

- My size has changed since the attack. I even tried to change my size as I did in the Underground but it just did not work… I am afraid that I have lost that gift for good.

- Right now you are a little bit bigger than Princess Celestia.

- I will miss that ability. – Thought Ember. Suddenly his belly started to rebel that is why he said:

- Let’s go to Sugar Hearts house. Staying around here will not fill up my belly.

Ember followed the ponies and in no time he became a center of attention in the city of Ponyville. Every time he passed a stand or a shop the ponies froze at his sight. The mares were whispering around, the fillies were pointing at him with their hooves and the stallions were openly saying something about him. Applejack noticed that Ember was frustrated by the unwanted attention so she convinced the girls to use some alleys not the main street.

- I have never felt like such a minority in my life….

- Ahw come on Ember it was not that bad. – said Rarity. – I would like such attention.

- All the ponies I passed by were gawking at me till we got here!

- Sugar Hearts house is not far away from here. – said Fluttershy. – Don’t worry Ember things will change I promise.

- Twitcha twitch! Twitcha Twitch! – yelled Pinkie. Her tail started to shake in a very strange way. All of the sudden the ponies took cover.

- What are you… argh! – Something fell down on his head and busted right away. Ember felt earth on his skin and he noticed that a flower was hanging on one of his horns.

- Oh I am so sorry is everypony… - the mare that looked down, screamed loudly and closed the wooden window with a loud bash.

- We totally forgot about that girls… - said Rarity and grinned at Ember.

- What was that all about?! – His eyes blazed up with a higher intensity what always meant that he got angry.

- Pinkie Pies weird senses. If something unusual is going to happen her body reacts to it.

- If Pinkie is the twitchin’ you better listen. – said AJ that was looking in the sky like she would be looking for something to fall again.

Ember could not believe what he heard right now. Such senses were remarkable! If he would have had something like that, he would have never got injured so many times while he was still in the underground. His eyes stopped to blaze and became normal. Ember nodded and all of the continued their way to Sugar Hearts house. Its location was on the very edge of Ponyville what made Ember relax a bit. Luckily they did not meet more ponies on the street after they have left the alley. Rainbow Dash knocked on the door of the house that seemed to be some sort of a restaurant; left of the entrance there was a garden where the guests were probably eating their food. The door opened and Sugar Heart greeted them with a hearty hello and a smile that would even melt the heart of the Underground Dragon.

Ember let the ladies first go inside then he went in himself. Actually he was glad that his size has changed, otherwise he would have never get through the door. Right now he could enter it without any problems; he did not have to bow down or to crawl. The filly jumped right into his hands. Without having a choice he catch her and started to put her up and down, like a father that was happy to see his child after a day full of work. Sugar Heart enjoyed it and would probably want it to continue for a longer time but her mom called her into the kitchen. Right after he put her down on the ground Ember looked around. It was a simple house but it had that strange aura that gave him the feeling of protection and trust; things he would have never acquire in the tunnels of the underground. The air was filled with an interesting smell that made him even hungrier. His belly made its own symphony that everypony could hear it.

- Wow Ember you really are hungry. – said Twilight. – Come on girls lets help in the kitchen.

They left Ember alone in the living room. Sugar Heart came back and gave him a nice society afford while the girls were helping in the kitchen. She showed him her paintings, toys and other things that were her possession. Ember showed her some simple magical tricks like the butterflies that were made of pure light he caught with his will. He did not see that the girls, including the parents of the filly were watching them. To see a creature like Ember watching over a small girl like Sugar Heart was truly a untypical sight.

- Where did you learn all those things Ember?

- I don’t know little one.

- What do you mean?

- I lost my memory.

- What does that mean?

- If somepony lose his or her memory, the pony cannot remember things he once did. My case is pretty bad… I don’t even remember my true name.

- Could you heal it like you did with my legs?

- I did try it child but it does not work the same way as it would work with the body.

- I don’t understand.

- The mind is different than the body. It has no form or shape and cannot be cured the same way. Most of the time it is not possible to heal it, the only thing that can heal it is time. – Or the memory remains lost for good. – Thought the Guardian but he did not intend to let a thought like that ruin the atmosphere he enjoyed.

Right now he noticed that the ponies started to go out into the garden. It looked like everybody would eat outside what made him grumble something in his strange language. Fluttershy came to them and said to Sugar Heart:

- Your mother asked me to tell you that she wants to show you something.

The filly wanted to charge but Ember grabbed her by the tail.

- Please listen to my advice and don’t run wild.

- Okay. – After that she went out to the garden.

- I still can’t believe that she is walking without that device.

- I did what I could for her. The rest lies in her own hooves. – He got used to the pony terms but still he found it odd that he was using them.

- Sometimes if I had free time I was babysitting in this house. Even then she was a happy filly that was always laughing and smiling despites her burden.

- Laughing is the best medicine after love. I just could not let her stay like that.

- Your generosity was a ticket into Ponyville Ember. I am sure that things will go fine for you.

- I just can’t stop thinking of my old life Fluttershy… I do not know the feeling of security or love.

- Those things are always there but sometimes we just need a push towards them.

- I might need a kick for that.

- Fluttershy, Ember the food is ready!

Both of them moved out to the door that was leading into the garden. Ember stopped at it though not sure if that was a good idea to feast outside. The filly’s mother saw his strange behavior:

- Is something wrong?

- My presence might scare off your customers.

- Oh please don’t worry too much about it Mister Ember. – She said and patted Sugar Heart that was standing next to her. – My customers would dare to face a dragon if they will get the chance to taste my food.

Ember entered the garden and looked around for a place to sit. Sugar Heart wanted him to sit next to her. There were piles of hay for everybody but he refused to sit on it that’s why he sat down on the ground. After he took his place he looked back at the street: right now the street in this part of Ponyville was empty.

Twilight and Rarity brought forth the already filled plates with their telekinetic magic. The smell that hit him made his belly acting like a baby that wanted his food RIGHT NOW. The soup had an orange color in the middle he saw that something white floating on the surface of the soup what made it look interesting. The plates have been dealt around the table that have been put together of at least four separate tables. After everypony sat down on its place the guests started to eat using spoons what was kind of weird to look at. How could they hold a spoon with a hoof? Whatever the answer was he started to imitate them. The guardian was using the spoon very unhandy what made him feel stupid after everypony started to look at him.

- What’s the matter Ember? You don’t like the soup? – asked Sugar Heart irritated.

- No it is just…. Well… - he did not know how to express his problem. Kindly Twilight explained it in a rather embarrassing way. After several attempts his fingers got used of handling the spoon and finally he tasted the soup. Ember did not realize that after he tasted it he let out a loud mmmmm.

- Ember how can you eat without a mouth? – Asked Sugar Heart that was watching his every movement since he started to eat.

- It might be that I have a mouth and we all just don’t see it. – He laughed and continued to eat. – By the way dear inviters how may I call you?

- Oh by Celestia! – said the mare and let her spoon fall on the table. – How unkind from our side to not introduce our self. My name is Cherry Berry and this is my beloved husband:

- Butterscotch.

- We are the owners of this small restaurant.

- I would not find any good word to describe your soup. It is unbelievably good Ms Cherry Berry. – The sound of their names made him even hungrier. – May I ask for another round?

- Of course! – said the mare that got a bit red at her face.

Soon the soup went out because of Embers enormous appetite. It seemed though that Cheery Berry was happy to see somebody appreciate her work. Right after the soup Butterscotch brought other specialties of the house; among them there was a thing he called a hay sandwich. Ember was not sure if he should try it though. He did not hide it and apologized, gladly they were not offended. The atmosphere got better and better with each minute; Ember could really get used to a normal life like that. Time passed incredibly fast but something made him look back on the street. The sight he saw made him nearly let his fork fall out of his hand. The street that some time ago was empty was full with ponies not only on the ground; even the air was filled with them. They all were gawking at him like he would be an animal in a zoo.

Ember made a damped growl that only the ponies at the table could hear it. Then the others noticed the huge crowd too that remained silent; Applejack looked at him with a concerned face. She knew right away that the eyes of the ponies were literally penetrating him. His companions tried to let him forget the big crowd behind him by continuing the conversation, sadly a bit too late. Ember could not stop thinking about the crowd that continued to penetrate him with their eyes. The fork he was holding broke in small pieces because of the immense pressure he created with his grip. After that he got up, excused for the broken tool, turned around to the crowd and moved towards them what made them make some steps back from him.

- Is there something I can help you with? – He tried to sound kind but he pretty much failed at it. He sounded more like an angry customer than a friendly traveler that was visiting the city.

A tan mare with gray mane and a fancy looking collar approached out of the crowd. She was wearing glasses that had the shape of a half moon; behind him the ponies took their positions while Twilight went on his side:

- Ember that is the Mayor of Ponyville.

- Indeed I am the Mayor of this town. - She cleared her throat loudly. – Please excuse us for that inconvenient behavior but we were not sure how to make the first step.

- A simple Hello would have been enough.

- May I ask what is your name stranger?

- You may call me Ember Mrs. Mayor.

- Ember I see. In the name of everypony in the town of Ponyville I would like to thank you in the name of its inhabitants and the family of Sugar Heart for bringing her back home and ever more importantly: for healing her disability. Here forth allow me to welcome you in the city of Ponyville Mister Ember.

The crowd started to stomp with their hooves. Ember heard that the ponies were cheering and yelling congratulations while the Mayor greeted him with a hoof shake. Totally surprised by that he did not know what to say or how to act, the mayor lifted her hoof and the crowd went silent:

- I have just received a letter from Princess Celestia dear Ember. She is inviting you and your friends to the Canterlot palace. Together with the princess the High Council of Equestria will await your arrival.

- Wow! – said Twilight. – You got an invitation from the Princess and from the High Council!

- Why do I have the feeling that this meeting will put me into the world of politics?

- It certainly will Ember. Even though the Princess is our all powerful ruler every political move must go by the High Council. They represent the best interests of this land and of its inhabitants you know.

Ember sighted. - Looks like I have no other choice eh? So be it… When do I have to go to Canterlot Ms Mayor?

- Under normal circumstance I would have say: As fast as possible! But according to the letter, the Princess mentioned that special preparations had to be done until you will be allowed to meet with her Excellency and the High Council. Gladly I am happy to report that those preparations are already in motion. That is why the audience will take place tomorrow in the evening.

- Why do I have a bad feeling about it? – He thought and turned around to the restaurant owners. – Thank you for your invitation and for the grandiose meals Mrs. Cherry Berry and Mr. Butterscotch. I certainly will visit you more often.

- The doors of our home will be always open for you Ember. – said Butterscotch. – Again thank you for everything.

The crowd started to spread around, everypony going back to work or home. Ember looked at his small companions: - Traveling will be my new hobby if it will continue that way.

- Oh Ember I feel so happy for you! The ponies of this town welcomed you with open arms. – said Fluttershy and made a cute sounding wohoo.

- I admit that I did not expect that… I felt like I am a zoo attraction or something.

- With time the ponies will get used to you. Don’t worry too much pardner. – said Applejack.

- Oh I am just thrilled! I love travels to Canterlot! – Rarity seemed like she was not really talking to them more like she was thinking loud.

- I will go to the Sugarcube Corner and see how I can help Mr. and Mrs. Cake! See you later! – said Pinkie Pie and hoped away.

- I better go back to the farm. Big Mac is all alone in the acres right now. Bye bye – said Applejack and left the group.

The ponies split up leaving Twilight and him alone.

- You seem to be bothered Ember.

- I am Twilight Sparkle.

- Because of the meeting?

- Politics means always problems and I don’t want to push myself into something.

- Oh don’t worry it should be fine.

- Twilight please stop pretending you don’t know what the meeting will be about…

- Yeah you are right… I am afraid that together with the High Council there will be a meeting with the Magi Court of Equestria.

- I can tell right away that I will not answer anything if I will hear something about my abilities.

- Your abilities are unique Ember! It is a matter of fact that the Magi Court would like to find out more about it. We the ponies know not much about healing magic… maybe the Court would like to change it who knows? Anyway if you would be willing to help it might be a huge step forward for the magical studies.

- I understand that it has to be fascinating for you all but I did not and I will not change my mind until I will be sure of what things you may be capable of. Till that time I will not answer or teach anypony. The only thing I might offer is to heal those that really need it nothing more.

- You still think it would change our life in an unpredictable way?

- Yes. I understand that it might sound unethical to you if I say I will not share my wisdom that might have save life but the risk is way too high and I will not take all the responsibility for things that may resolve out of it.

- Still…

- No Twilight! No still and no but! You saw Zecoras story! The shadow creature gave them wisdom and that gift has been abused! I will not allow that such a thing will happen while I am here.

- I will respect your choice even if I think it is not right.

- As I said I will not change my mind until I will find out what you ponies have managed to find out all by yourself. Try to understand my situation.

- Your concern is understandable. Be assured though that the Magi Court will not be so easy to convince. In fact I am afraid that they might give you some hard time.

- If they will try it on the hard way I will play by their own rules. Do you think that both princesses will be at those meetings?

- It is sure that Princess Celestia will be at those meetings but I am not certain about Princess Luna.

- I see…

- After thinking twice I do think that it might have not been a good idea to mention your abilities to her…

- You just did what had to be done don’t blame yourself for that. Even if you would not mention it I am sure the thing that happened to Sugar Heart would get their attention anyway.

- Yeah you’re right… oh look we arrived at my home!

Ember looked upon Twilights home that was a living tree! Fascinated he continued to watch it. He could sense that the tree was still alive even though he did not need his senses to see it; leafs and healthy bark was confirming it. As every house the tree had a door, windows and even a balcony that was being held by a mighty branch. Beneath the balcony he noticed a huge beehive; bees were flying in and out of it. On the top of the tree Ember noticed an observation spot where Twilight was probably studying the stars. At the side of the red door there was a shield with a picture of a book. It seemed that her home was a library as well! That had to be a certainly matching mix for a scholar like her.

- Impressive Twilight really impressive.

- What do you mean?

- The fact that you ponies are able to live in a tree without taking its life.

The door to her home was smaller than the door of the restaurant so he had to bow down a bit. The first thing he saw even if he was still outside were the bookshelves filled with books that seemed to have all kinds of colors and sizes. Twilight closed the door and looked around. Some shelves were empty and the books were on the ground creating small book towers.

- It seems that Spike is cleaning up.

- Spike?

- Oh didn’t I mention him? He is my assistant and friend who help me here in the library. We know each other since he hatched from his egg.

- He hatched from an egg? – Ember asked surprised. – What kind of creature is he?

- Spike is a dragon. – Twilight saw that Embers shoulder got a little bit tense. – A baby dragon.

- Twilight? – The question came from the direction of the book towers. – Is that you?

One of the stacked book towers started to move towards them with an impressive looking balance. Ember could not see the carrier behind the stack.

- Yes Spike I am back!

- Oh man Twilight I was worried about you! – Suddenly Spike made a strange noise, the stacked books started to move from left to right and threaten to fall down. Ember helped him and grabbed the stack.

- Thanks Twi…. – for the first time Ember saw the little creature that was called Spike. A purple and green male dragon that was standing on two legs like Ember. Spike looked shocked; he shouted one more time and fell down on the ground.

- I will never get used to such reactions…

He put down the books on the ground; Twilight was already on Spikes side checking on him:

- He will be fine… maybe you should go out of the sight only for a small while? – She smiled at him but it was obviously that saying those words were hard for her. He nodded and sat down on the stairs that lead to the upper floor, he saw more bookshelves what did not surprise him. Spike started to wake up with and tired moan:

- I should not work that much Twilight… I saw a monster helping me hold the books….

- How shall I say it Spike… - she laughed nervous. – That monster was not an imagination. He sits on the stairs now. Look. – She helped her friend to get up and pointed at Ember with her horn. Spike was afraid to move closer to him. It was amusing to see a dragon that was showing signs of fear.

- What is that thing? – The baby dragon finally asked. – I have never seen something like that before, not even in our books!

- That *thing* has a name little dragon. – said Ember a bit annoyed by the fact that he was called a thing. He was afraid that this title would follow him for a longer time maybe even forever. – My name is Ember.

- Oh gosh it can speak!

Ember growled at him; not to loud of course at least it was his opinion. What Spike thought right now did not interest him. The dragon found some cover behind Twilight; (she seemed to be afraid too) and looked at him behind her flank.

- Spike please do not call Ember a thing, otherwise… - Ember growled once more. – You heard it yourself.

- I am sorry… - he came out from his cover. – It is just strange to see a creature like you talk normal and even in our own language. I am Spike as Twilight said.

- Pleasure to meet you. – None of us would hear any kind of kindness in his voice if we would be there right now.

- Twilight can we talk privately only for a while.

- Sure! Be right back Ember.

They left him on the stairs and went to the nearest room that lead apparently into the cellar and started to talk quietly. Ember used a spell and increased his hearing so he could understand what they were saying.

- Where did you dig out such a thing?! – asked the dragon that once more called him a thing.

- Stop calling him a thing Spike! He is our guest and a new friend.

- He was growling at me and it looked like he would tear me in pieces!

- You gave him a reason to growl at you! Besides that he would not harm you.

- Don’t lie to him Twi. – Thought Ember. – I harmed a dragon back in the Underground.

- How can you be so sure? He acts so feral…

- Ember risked his own life to protect our lives Spike! He might look scary but he is a creature that is wise, patient and able to show feelings. He has a problem though…

- What do you mean?

- Ember lost his memory. I admit our first meeting was not the kindest but… - she told the dragon what occurred in the chamber; gladly she did not mention the crystals to him. At least he was sure that he could trust her.

- I don’t know Twilight…

- He even healed Sugar Hearts disability! She can move all by herself.

- Wow! Really?!

- The entire city knows already about it how does it come you don’t know?

- I was cleaning up all day long so you can go back to a clean home.

- Ahw! That is so sweet thank you! – Her voice changed right away. – Ember had a very bad time till he reached Ponyville; it might be that he will get sick once more. Even if I don’t really know him he was acting like a good friend. We should not judge him by his look Spike! He deserves a chance as anypony – She giggled. – Otherwise we can expect more growling from his side.

- It seems that Ember is a good guy… I will apologize and welcome him properly in our home.

- That’s the spirit! Let’s go back that is unkind from our side to let him wait so long.

Ember dispelled the spell and his hearing became normal what made his ears feel a bit stump.

- Okay we are back. – said Twilight. – I hope you did not wait long.

- Patience is a very important aspect of guarding Twilight Sparkle. I would be a bad guardian if I would not able to be patient.

Spike went to him and offered him his tiny hand that somehow reminds him of his own:

- I am sorry for calling you out. Please be our guest.

Ember accepted and for filled the greeting. Apparently he grabbed him too strong because he saw and heard Spike moan from it.

- Thank you.

- Spike we have been invited to Canterlot for a meeting with Princess Celestia and the High Council! We will have to leave the city tomorrow. Would you be so kind and help me gather the things I will need to take with me?

- Oh… yeah sure no problem. -said Spike. – You were lucky that you do not have to leave Ponyville today.

- What? Why?

- There was an accident on the trails while you were gone. The next train to Canterlot will be able to go there tomorrow. Besides that all carets are already in order and have their reservations.

- Most of the time things never go on properly…

- If everything would be perfect the world would be indeed a boring place. – said Ember that was looking at a book he found interesting, sadly he was not able to read its symbols.

- You might be right at that but I like it when everything runs properly accorded to a plan.

- If a plan cannot be changed it is a bad plan. By the way what is a train?

Spike thought that he was not serious that’s why he laughed about it but a sharp look in Twilights eyes made him shut his mouth.

- He really doesn’t know what a train is? Oh man how long have you been under the earth?

- Way too long believe me….

Twilight started to explain what that thing called train is. Some sort of a mechanic device that is being used as a transport for long distances.

- I have to study the things that are common in Equestria otherwise I will just look dumb….

- Don’t worry Ember! We are in a library, the lair of wisdom and knowledge. We will help you with that.

- This might take all day Twilight, maybe even more. – said Spike. – Besides that I just cleaned up and you want right away to make a mess as you always do…

Ember laughed silently in his head then he said:

- I might learn many things on a different way. Twilight may I connect with you once more?

- Yeah sure I don’t see any problem in it…

- But I see one that is written on your face. – Ember laughed and scared Spike with it. – I can see the disappointed face of a scholar that wanted to share her knowledge in the old fashion way.

She did not respond at that what he took as a yes. – I will be honored to do some research with you but for now I have to learn the basics. I would not be able to read your books in the first place….

- Really? Why not? I mean you learnt our language in your chamber.

- As you said yourself I only learned the language. Besides that I was not looking more deeply in your mind. My intention back there was to make you leave not to study you.

- Oh that’s right!

- I hope you won’t get a headache from all the knowledge she has in her head. – Spike tried not to giggle at Twilight that looked at him with an ‘’Watch out or I will kick you’’ look.

- I could not ask for a better partner for that then.

- Might I ask you for a favor then?

- Depends what it is Twilight Sparkle.

- I would like to see your thoughts for a short time if that is possible.

Ember was not sure if that was a good idea and to be honest he was afraid of its result.

- You will see only darkness nothing more.

- How can you be so sure about it?

- I have spent much time on investigating my own mind. Every time I saw a thick fog that clouded my memories. Every time I tried to rip thought it I got a shock that hurt me badly; that’s why I am not sure if it is a good idea to do so.

- Ember how does it feel like to lose your memory? –asked Spike that cry out after Twilight stomp on his tail with her back leg.

- How can I describe it? Hmm… It is like you wake up form after a very long time. All of the sudden you are thrown into the reality without knowing where you are and who you are or even worse what you are. First you panic, later you get used to it… but I admit that even after thousands of years I never got used to it. I see the ponies, I see how they live and I see the happy families. Mothers and fathers with their children… Such sight makes you ask yourself if you had a family or somebody you loved…

Ember stopped and went silent for a short while then he turned his head away from them.

- The feeling of being alone in this unknown world is the worst thing.

- You are not alone Ember. You have us your new friends.

Grandmother’s words echoed in his mind for a moment. Even if he trusted in her wisdom and in the logic of her words But there was still something he could not understand.

- How can you call me a friend even though you don’t know me? – Ember said it and looked back at Twilight. – Why do you even bother to be a friend to a total stranger that does not know his own past?

- That stranger risked everything and left everything for us. You could have just let that dragon eat us, you could have just killed us in that chamber if you wanted it but you did not do it. Instead of that you were there for us in the time of need, you offered help even though nopony asked for it and you have show everypony in Ponyville that you are a creature with good intentions and a heart. Ember… you feel lost in this new world but I promise you… in the time of need we will be there for you as you were for us. Besides that I want to get know that stranger you mentioned.

He could not sense any lie in her words. The guardian saw in her eyes that she was concerned about him and her smile, that was so innocent and yet not faked, told him more that he could ask for. Ember saw those things in everypony he meet in the Underworld: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy. After that there was Luna with her sister and now even Sugar Hearts Family. He was not sure about Zecora that first made him look like a savage beast but in the end he saw in her eyes that she felt bad for his own fate.

- Even though I know so many I still see that I have much more to learn.

He was not sure if a creature as him could be able to show feelings, feelings that had no place in his forsaken world that he left behind besides that, the sudden change was confusing but nice in the same time. Of course there were always thoughts that were bothering him like the fact if they were really offering friendship or that they were only pretending it, to get more information. Ember had to keep his guard even in this environment that was not really dangerous, with time he maybe will start to trust them further.

- I don’t want to risk injuring you Twilight. – He looked at the book towers that were still on the ground. – But I can for fill my offer that I gave you outside the town.

- Really? – She clapped with her hooves as she did outside. – That would be just great because right now…

Twilight started to report her research she was working on. Some sort of spell that could manipulate the vision of the caster allowing him or her to see things that are hidden by a magical source. Some sort of magical security that sounded like a handy thing that might protect a important item from being seen and stolen. In the end it is only visible for the pony, or a creature that is able of using magic and that knows the spell Twilight was working on. Ember listen carefully and with growing impression of Twilight magical skills, he saw that she had a immense and powerful source inside her very soul. It was so powerful that it made Ember act swiftly so they could not do something to him back in the chamber. Magic seemed really to be her bread and butter. He would be honored to work with her in some of her experiments, even if they were really primitive because he knew such spells way to well but he did not intend to tell her that.

- I see… Okay then! – Ember grabbed a book, concentrated and made it disappear in front of them. He could see the book in his claw that had some sort of green edges surrounding its very form. – Cast your spell! Let’s see if you can see the book after it.

- Here I come! – Ember could see that she was a little bit nervous. She started to focus and her horn glow with a slight pink color. The way she was calling forth her magic looked ridiculous, like she was forcing it out of her instead of connecting with her magic powers within her.

- Stop!

Twilight lost her concentration and nearly felt down on the ground because of it.

- What is going on? – She asked a bit dazed.

- I should be the one who should ask that!

- Why?

- Tell me why are you so tense while you focus magic? Why do you look like you are pulling a heavy stone that has been attached to you?

- I…. it is a very hard procedure you know… and…

- Casting magic might be complicated in the spiritual but never in the physical way Twilight. The first impression of mine is to see that you were trying to squeeze the energy out of you.

- That’s how I usually cast spells.

- And I assume that sometimes it takes a longer till the spell is ready hm?

- It is a difference of few seconds…

- If you would encounter a magic wielding enemy that has the intention of harming you every second would be valid.

- But how can I do it otherwise Ember?

- Every creature that has the ability of using magic has its own magical energy as you probably know.

- Yes.

- At the beginning it is not easy to connect with that energy. Magic has it rules and bounds that have to be followed otherwise it might end in a disaster. A strong will is the key to the success of ever magic wielder. Through your will you are able to establish a connection between that energy and your body that will allow you to manipulate the reality around you. Twilight you might have a strong will but you don’t really know where to grab the energy am I right?

- Actually yes… the energy that I am using for more advanced spell is most of the time only a scrap of a way bigger field.

- That scrap might be good enough for easy spells like your telekinesis but each spell has its own price. It depends on the circumstances and the way you want to manipulate things. If your magic reserves run low you might be able to use your own physical energy to cast spells. The way you were trying to cast a spell… you were using the energy out of your muscles. Such a trade can end in crippling yourself Twilight and that’s why I will teach you how to properly connect with your very magical essence.

- Really you would do it?

- Not only because I like you Twilight Sparkle. It should be a duty of a more experienced being to teach those that might hurt them because of the lack of experience.

- Then why won’t you teach the others?

- I teach you things that are basics at least I hope so. If not than my respect for your Magi Court might fall dangerously down.

- Oh don’t worry on that Ember! These are indeed basics but…

- Yes?

- My teacher is Princess Celestia. Sadly because of her duty she is most of the time not able to continue my teachings, that’s why I am studying on my own at least the things I might do myself.

If Ember would have been able to smile he would smile now. Somehow she reminded him of something. Unknown pictures started to appear in his mind, overwhelming him in a way he could not describe. They were passing so fast that he could not see them properly. The flashbacks ended fast as they came; nearly like the flashbacks he had after the chains dropped on the hard ground of the chamber.

- Twilight did you see that? – asked Spike.

- Yes I did.

- What do you mean? – asked Ember and touched his temple that was hurting him a bit.

- The color of your *eyes* changed rapidly. And then all of the sudden your eyes got back their color as I am used to.

- I don’t know what you mean… Anyway! That is the spirit Twilight Sparkle: One part brave, three parts fool… Since the Princess has her responsibilities I might gave her a hand and take care of you for a while.

- Thanks.

- My pleasure. Now Twilight listen up! Do you remember how I have established connection with you and the others?

- Yes… I am still trying to figure out how you did it.

- You will find it out eventually but I believe you already do know how to do it. You are just afraid of using it because you cannot imagine what lays behinds the corner, the very corner you are afraid to pass by.

She did not answer but the look on her face told him enough:

- There is nothing to be ashamed of Twilight but if you ever want to become an even greater mage you have to face your fears. You will not be alone with that task I will be at your side the entire time. – Ember stretched his hand towards her. – Trust me on that.

After a short while Twilight smiled and put her hoof on the surface of his hand, Ember grabbed it gently.

- Are you ready?

- Yes I am.

- So be it… brace yourself!

Twilight started to focus what made it easy for him to connect directly with her. The well known feeling of being one with another living creature was always breathtaking. Twilight’s spirit and mind were very interesting. In fact he did not encounter many creatures that were like her. Right now he was looking through her eyes. She could not feel him the way he felt her now. Her aura was impressive, strong but still untamed what made it dangerous for both of them. Ember was trying to figure out how massive her energy might be after the incident in the chamber of stones. The guardian within would rather be prepared for a meeting with her unknown energy that seemed to be full of potential.

- Ember?

- I am here Twilight.

- What is going on? The connection is quiet different! It feels so weird… it is like you are not here. More like I am alone right now but still I can hear you!

- Last time I made a connection with you I only connected with your mind. This time though I’ve increased that connection and established some kind of uphold to your soul and body what will make things more secure.

- You do sound like you know what you are talking about.

- If I would not know what I am talking about I would not start such thing in the first place. If something will go wrong not you will be the one that might suffer.

- Wait! Are you serious about it? If I will screw it up you will be the one who will get harmed?

- Yes.

- I don’t want to continue it….

- I hope you don’t get cold hooves. – Funny statement isn’t it?

- That is too risky Ember… maybe we should just leave it be…

- Don’t worry Twilight everything will be fine. Now concentrate!

She did as he said and started to focus. Soon their line of sight started to reveal some sort of light source that was the magical energy that was in Twilight. The light was so bright that he had particular problems with his sight. The energy overwhelmed them both hugging them with a bright wave of pure light. Twilight seemed to lose the control above the energy that was surrounding her besides that she was frightened of the intensity of the connection. Ember helped her out as good as he possible and soon Twilight was able to hold the connection all by herself.

- Here you go! You made it Twilight Sparkle!

- Wow…

- Indeed wow! Okay I will cut the connection and you will use the spell. Ready?

- I hope so!

Ember cut the connection with her and came back to his form. Still holding the book in his hand he waited till Twilight use the spell he was waiting for. This time Twilight was standing relaxed and way more self-assured, her horn started to glow. With closed eyes and without saying any word she cast the spell. Her eyes color changed a bit into a milky white, Twilight looked at the book he was holding in his hand and said:

- Super Naturals… Natural remedies and cures that are simply super.

- Correct. – Ember gave up the invisible spell and the book appeared back in his hand so that even Spike could see it. – I have seen that you have a deeply bound to the magic Twilight. You did a first small step into a way bigger world but I have to warn you. Only because it worked this time it does not mean it will work next time right away. You have to learn how to focus such enormous amount of energy otherwise you and every living creature around you might get hurt; even killed. – He said those last words more like a threat than a warning hoping that Twilight would take it deep into her heart and mind.

- I will do my best Ember you can count on that.

- I suggest that this is enough for today…

- We share the same thought. – said Twilight and laughed. – Oh wait we still have to reconnect Ember.

- No we don’t have to. I did my homework already. The thing I would like to know though is what we will do now? The day is still young you know…

- I could show you around Ponyville if you want.

- That sounds good.

– And bad in the same time. – Thought the guardian.

- Well I better go back to work… - said Spike a bit disappointed. – Still not ready yet.

Ember got up and touched the baby dragon with one finger on his forhead. Spike way too surprised to do something did not move an inch away from him. He connected with him and looked through his mind for the information he was looking for. After he found it he cut the connection and clapped two times. The books on the ground started to fly in the air, Ember clapped one more time and then the book flew on their proper position. From A to Z every book was on it right place and in its right order as they were in Spikes memory.

- Wow… - said the baby dragon and looked over the shelves. – How did you know the…

- Order? – Ember laughed a bit. – You have taught me that Spike.

- Oh right I forgot! You connected with me like you did with Twilight right?

- Yes that is correct. I think after your work here is done you will need some fresh air for your mind to free it from that filthy book shelf dust.

- Lets go then!

Together they have left the library. The guardian followed them with a feeling that was telling him that his days of loneliness have finally found an end.

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