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Guardian of Harmony - Corvus Eclipse

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Chapter 6 - His sacrifice for the greater good

A terrifying roar ripped through the air of the Canterlot train station, followed by two bodies of Pegasus Ponies, which have been thrown through the air like they would weight nothing. The royal guards were unharmed by Embers sudden attack, only few bruises and cuts: the worst thing that could have happen to them, could be only hurt pride. The ponies that arrived together with the guardian, were trying to calm him down, but it was already too late, his anger was dominating every rational thought. He could not believe what the ponies asked him to do, or even more precise demanded him to do! Twilight was talking the Captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard called Shining Armor, according by her friends the stallion was her older brother. Right now the big bro stood between two lines of fire; his orders and his sister. Even though Ember could see that he did not like the order he has received, he still had to do it; an order is an order! It has to be done!

- Listen Twilight… If there would be any other option I would have never come up with this.

- Shining Armor you can’t be serious?! – Yelled the smaller unicorn at her big brother that seemed to grow small in front of her. – This is one of the most unethical things I have ever heard of! Who gave you an order like that!?

- It was Princess Celestia Twi….

After they all heard that, Embers rage grew even stronger, as did the blaze of his fiery eyes that seemed to cross its limits. Once more he looked at the Royal Guards that were standing in an impressive formation, regardless if they were on the walls or even the roofs, they have been stationed at very good strategic points. The ponies were trying to calm him down, but every time he saw the chains, which were floating a bit over Shining Armors head, his anger came back rapidly.

- This can’t be true… - said Twilight depressed. – Princess Celestia would have never come up with something so crude and barbaric!

- It was the High Council and the Magi Court, which have asked for her permission to use those chains, as an extra security.

Answered Shining Armor and showed her the heavy looking hand chains.

– Those chains have only one purpose: block magic. Once it will be attached to a living being, it will prevent any connection with the magic energy.

Twilight looked at the chains with a disgusted face. She could not believe what was going on right now!

The day started nearly perfect. Ember contacted each of them telepathically, and asked where they would have to gather before the trip. After a short debate, they have decided to meet at the Town Hall. From there, they would go to the Ponyville Train Station, where a private train would transport them to Canterlot. The ponies noticed right away, that Ember was acting differently. His tense posture was gone, and even his fiery eyes seemed to look different. Maybe it was just their imagination though, because of the heat that was visiting the land. Even if Twilight could see that he was acting really cool, it was not sure what was going on in his head. Their short, yet very interesting conversation about Magic did not make her find any sleep last night.

His knowledge of Magic was simply remarkable, especially the healing magic that gave Sugar Heart a chance for a normal life. Yet his words about the possibility that he knows spells, that could bring forth only destruction, were really bothering her. Maybe he was right? Maybe it would have been better, if the ponies would continue the magical studies on their own? She managed to push those thoughts away, at least for the meantime.
The citizens of Ponyville surprised Ember with a small ceremonial greeting; the children together with Cheerilee greeted him with a song, the Mayor amused him with a short speech. Out of the crowd Sugar Hearth, that was being followed by her parents, jumped right into his hands and gave him something that she held in her mouth. It was a painting of her and him playing with a ball.

The guardian seemed to be touched by her small gift, which was actually the first gift he has received during his short state in Ponyville. Right away he praised her work, and started to present her art to his friends, each of them knew that the greatest gift for him was to hear the small filly laugh happily. Her parents brought a rather big wicker basket that was filled with food and drinks. To Embers great joy, Cheery Berry made him her famous carrot soup, what greatly increased his humor. Right after that Mrs. and Mr. Cake appeared together with their children that right now were healthy and full of life. The guardian received all sorts of sweets and cakes, which have been properly stored in a box, Pinkie Pie called it the Jumbo Gumbo Box, what seemed to be very popular in those days.

Twilight felt happy for him; right now he experienced the gratitude for his deeds, what made the guardians chest swallow with pride and happiness. For some reason she noticed that he looked at her and gave her a small nod that said more than words could ever say. In the end Granny Smith, together with Apple Bloom and Big Mac, gave him a basket with the most wonderful looking apples their harvest have brought forth, along with some cider they have stored in some sort of thermos. The time for their journey to Canterlot was at hand, what has been announced by the conductor, but a problem nopony has for seen appeared on the stage. Ember could not enter the vehicle because of his horns. Regardless how he was trying to do it, his horns were simply not cooperating.

The guardian suggested that he would follow them from the sky, but the ponies doubted that he would be able to keep up. Stubborn as he was though he decided that he would do it anyway, the ladies took the gifts from him and the journey began.
Nearly the entire time the girls were checking on him, only to see that he was actually flying faster than the train. He even landed on the ground and was running for a while. His laughter was louder than the sounds of the machines and even of the wind. Sooner or later the guardian got bored by his small game, which is why he landed on a wagon and enjoyed the landscape from it, till they finally reached Canterlot. Twilight’s heart always was filled with happiness, each time she saw her old home again,

but the surprise, which was awaiting them, was truly unexpected. It seemed like nearly the entire Royal Guard has been gathered, awaiting their arrival or would it be more appropriate to say Embers arrival? After they put their first steps on the Canterlot train station, her brother Shining Armor appeared, and greeted them all in a very formal way but, through his helmet he winked at his small sis what made her smile happily. Then her older brother started a very short speech, explaining the extra security measures that have been prepared by the bidding of the Princess and the High Council.

- I have to warn you Mr. Ember, that there is one thing I’ve been ordered to do.

Embers posture became tense right away and with a slight tone he asked:

- And that would be?

Shining Armor sighted and he called out two names. Right away two Royal Guards appeared behind the formation, holding heavy looking chains in their mouths.

- I have been ordered to put those chains on you Mr. Ember. I feel ashamed that you witness such act from our side, but you have to understand, that you are going to meet the most important ponies in all of Equestria. Without them you will not be allowed to enter the city.

The two Pegasus Ponies started to approach him slowly, with each step they became more tens as did Ember that was watching them with wide open eyes.

- I have to ask you to put those chains on you Mr. Ember. It was not my decision but an order is an order. It has to be done.

Then the perfect day ended after the Royal Guards came closer to him. After his mighty roar Ember hit both of them with his wing, and gave them a free flying lesson without harming them.

That’s the story….

The entire Royal Guard took defensive postures, and waited for any act of violence from his side. He did not intend to harm any of them, but he could not stand the fact, that they were trying to put chains on him. He was wearing chains for thousands of years, without even knowing that they were attached to him. The pain he had to endure, after the chains appeared on his body, has been burned into his mind forever. Right now by the order of the Princess, the High Council and probably of the Magi Court the ponies were seriously trying to put chains on him again! Twilight Sparkle was trying to convince her brother, to leave that stupid idea. He could not really understand what they were talking about, but it did not look like her begging would be any use in that situation.

Twilights head and ears went down, Shining Armor hugged her and whispered something, right away she got free of his hug and was shaking her head hysterical. After few more spoken words Twilight finally agreed to something. Ember was afraid that he knew what was going on. The lavender pony came back to the group with noticeable hesitation; Ember though was too busy watching the Royal Guards that were not far away from the chains.
Twilight arrived at his side. Ember saw that she was shaking, looking for words that she have been asked to tell him, and the worst part was, that he was one hundred percent sure what words would it be. The Unicorn finally found some courage and said with a sad voice:

- Ember… My brother asked me…

- No Twilight. – He interrupted her right away. – Please do not do it… please.

- They will not let you enter the city if you will not do it.

- Then there will be no meeting. It is not worth it Twilight…

- You might avoid it today but sooner or later you will have to face them eventually. Please try to understand… they are only afraid for their life and the life of the Princess.

- What kind of game is that Twilight?! If I would have intended to hurt Celestia, I would have done it at our camp! – Ember was not controlling his temper, what in the end made him shout at his friend without noticing it. – You tell me to try to understand them? How about somepony try to understand me!? Would you be okay with it if somepony would have *asked* you to put chains on you Twi?! AFTER BEING CHAINED FOR THOUSAND OF YEARS!?

He finally noticed how he was talking to her, and he has noticed that his shouting brought forth tears. The guardian felt like a fool right now, but he had all rights to be angry, but he did not have a right to act like that. His blazing eyes lost their intensity and the deep red color; at least he somehow managed to block his anger.

- Please forgive me Ember. I never wanted that…

It was sure, that Twilight would have never allowed something like that happen to him. The guardian let out a long sight, he moved forward to the guards that were waiting with the chain. With closed eyes and tens body, he lifted his arms and waited for the inevitable. Magic was in the air he could smell it. It seemed like Shining Armor would be the one, who would place the chains on his hands. The cold chain felt unpleasant on his skin, the form of it started to change so it would fit his size, then a metallic clack went through the air announcing the end. The chains have been attached to his hands, right away he lost the connection to magic, what made him feel empty inside. The ears went down and a slight depressed moan went out of him. He opened his eyes and looked at the fragile looking chains. They were transparent, what could only prove that they have been created with magical help. His friends gathered around him, waiting for some reaction from his side.

- Lets go… We cannot let the Princess wait.

Was the only thing Ember spoke to them, without looking at his friends that gathered behind him. The wings wrapped around his body, hiding the chains from the world and making it look like he was wearing a cloak. Shining Armor yelled some orders; his men changed their positions, creating one solid wall on both sides of the mysterious creature. Twilight’s brother took the lead while he was being followed by Ember and his companions. The ponies behind him were trying to calm Twilight that was fighting against her tears; it was not her fault that something like that happened. He was dumb enough to let his frustration out on her, the pony who was there for him while he really needed it.

- I am an idiot…

The big escort leaded them into the town, and soon they have entered one of the main streets of Canterlot. As he has expected, the street were full of ponies waiting for his arrival. The crowds started to look at the strange creature, which was moving along the capital city of Equestria, not sure if they should fear him or not. Small fillies were pointing at him with open mouths, whispering filled the air, it started to thunder in his ears that were very sensible right now. He moved on silently but in a graceful position, trying to hide the feelings that were boiling in him, eventually he started even to nod at the ponies even greet them. The crowd’s manners changed rapidly, and the ponies started to greet back, welcoming him in Canterlot. Then for the first time since he has left the Underground, the guardian experienced the unpleasant flashes of the devices called photo cameras.

The blinding flashes started to hurt his eyes, he asked Shining Armor to help him out. His thundering voice ripped thought the air demanding the ponies to quit the photo shooting, gladly it stopped but he was seeing some weird colorful points for a while. Not that he would have the time to look around this place, as crowded as it was right now, he had not really the chance to have a better look at the city. His companions remained silent, but what he could not see was the fact, that they were following his own example. Soon the shapes of the Canterlot Castle started to show up over the smaller buildings of the city. The ivory towers with their golden spires were an outstanding sight for his eyes, at one point he actually stopped to move, so he could enjoy the sight a bit longer.

The journey continued for quiet a time. Apparently there was some trouble ahead that affected their speed but the Royal Guards got everything under control in no time. Soon the crowds started to vanish and at their place more Guards waited for his arrival. To be honest Ember expected that this city would be far bigger, but thoughts like that should remain in his mind. At one point a might looking wall separated the city from the castle that right now was showing all its glory. Once they have passed the gate they entered a courtyard, a very pretty sight for a sore eye, but to be honest, everything in Canterlot seemed to be based on looking pretty. Sadly he did not have the time to look around, and even if he would have time for that, the mood would ruin it anyway.

They have arrived at the main gate of the Canterlot castle, a solid wooden gate, which seemed to be enchanted with magic. Wonderful looking sculptures were embellishing its surface. Shining Armor touched the door with his horn, the might door made a barely noticeable clack, and started to open by its own. It took some time till it finally opened, but the time that has been needed to open it, was meaningless for him. Right now his thoughts were a one big mess of questions that were shrouding his mind, but once Shining Armor saluted to him he knew that now, finally, he would meet his inviters. They entered the building; a long hallway with a red carpet was leading directly into a big hall. Ponies of all kinds were waiting for his arrival; probably they were some monarchs or ponies with influences.

He felt the scent of their perfumes in an overwhelming way that made him cough silently. All of them were wearing clothing that seemed to have the purpose of showing off, or simply messaging everybody around them that they had high standards. The guardian felt disgusted by some acting of those ponies, which were probably thinking that they were something better than others. Once he reached the end of the carpet, he noticed that a bit farther away Princess Celestia was waiting for him on a marvelous looking throne, while around her, on small podiums that were connected with the wall, six ponies were literally gawking at him. Ember did not intend to make a move forward, because he has seen what was on the place, where he was probably supposed to stand.

There was a seal on the ground. It was a pretty crude seal, which he has spotted without any problems, even with the chains that were blocking his magic. The gathered ponies started to whisper behind him, he could feel their eyes on his back. A tense atmosphere was in the air, everypony was waiting for something to happen, and it was Ember that cleared his throat and broke the silence:

- Princess Celestia… - He bowed down gracefully and looked on the ground while he continued. – May your reign be long, and bring fourth happiness and wealth to this land and its inhabitants. It is nice to see you again Your Highness.

- The pleasure is on my side Ember. Please allow me to welcome you properly in the land of Equestria. – Princess Celestia stood up and surprisingly bowed too. – May your state in this land bring fourth gratitude and happiness, tolerance and friendship. I wish the best for you Ember, as I do for every living creature in Equestria.

The ponies that were gathered in the building, started to clop with their hooves against the ground, cheering at their princess, and the new comer, that made his first step hopefully into a good future. Even if he could not sense any lie in her voice, it still did not really make his anger go away, yet it has been affected by her speech.

- I hope you all enjoyed your travel.

- I will be honest. A rather unexpected problem made me travel on my own.

- Oh that is truly a surprise… What kind of problem was it?

- I could not enter the vehicle. My horns seemed to have their own plans in that moment.

- I beg your pardon Ember. Nopony actually considered that a problem like that would occur.

- There is nothing to be sorry about. I was faster than the train anyway.

- Well that is truly remarkable. Your flying skills have to be impressive.

- Either that or your machines are simply not doing a great job.

Some ponies behind him started to laugh in a rather strange way, but soon other ponies joined them. It was easy to notice that their laughter were simply forced out of them.

- Stupid bootlickers… - he thought and right away he was wondering, if the word hooflicker would have been more appropriate. He sighted and looked at the princess, and the other ponies that were watching him a bit from above.

- Please allow me that statement… - the guardian cleared his throat on time and continued. – I came in peace after I have received your message your highness. – He opened his wings and let them disappear in his back. – And the first thing that happens after my arrival, was the bidding for putting on those chains, even if you knew what have happened to me back in the Underground. Thanks to Twilight and her friends, I accepted it and now I wear those chains on me… even if it deeply disgusted me.

The crowd started to whisper again, but it was noticeable that most of them were confused by the fact, that he has been chained. Something like that has never occurred during the long history of Equestria, and it was sure that it would not be forgotten for a very, very long time.

- We beg your pardon Mr. Ember. – said one old looking pony from his podium. – A meeting with our Princess, the High Council and even the Magi Court did not occur for millennia. We are the very soul of this land, and it is of the most importance to keep everything secured. You are the first creature of your kind, that has been invited to this meeting and we all know that you are able to use magic. We do not have any personal grudge against you Mr. Ember. It is only a matter of national security.

- As I already said; I’ve accepted it, even if my gut has its own opinion about it. – The blaze of his eyes became more tens, and the deep red color started slowly to appear. He pointed at the ground, where he has spotted the miserable thing he would have never called a seal. – But that pathetic imitation of a seal on the ground is simply offending!

The whispers changed into gasps and soon the crowd became louder, his friends behind him could not believe what Ember has spoken, or better said shouted directly at the most important ponies of Equestria. The members of the High Council and of the Magi Court, seemed to be confused by the fact, that he knew that there was a seal on the ground. Princess Celestia remained calm; he had to admit it, that she had a pretty good poker face. One of the female Unicorns, that were wearing pointed hats, started to talk with a rather unpleasant sounding voice.

- How is that possible? He is chained! It is impossible to see a seal without any magical support!

The older pony started to talk again:

- As I already said we are only securing the safety of our Princess… we did not have any proof that…

- You did not have any proof that I may be a danger?! – Yelled Ember and let his anger literally shot out of his mind. – Because of my abnormal appearance!? Because you fear what may dwell in me!?

His voice cracked, the intensity of his eyes was gone, and the color of fire changed into the color of the midnight sky.

- What have I ever done to you… that you fear me so badly? – Ember looked on the seal and sighted. - If you really need proof… I shall give it to you.

The guardian made a step towards the seal:

- Wait! – It was Celestia who said it rather fast. – You do not have to proof anything to me.

- I do not sense that you lie to me your highness… but I see the faces of those other ponies. Allow me at least this act.

Suddenly Ember raised his arms above his head, so everypony could see what he was up too. His muscles became tense, and with a swift movement he ripped the magical chains with his brute force. Some kind of flash blinded the ponies for few seconds; after all of them gained their sight again, they could see that the former transparent metal pieces were still around his wrists. Right now they were simple metal remains, which have been removed by the guardian without any problems, since the magic enchantment was gone. The ponies at the platforms were shocked by the fact, that he just ripped the chains off that have been magically enhanced, or maybe their brains were still realizing what just happened who knows? Even Princess Celestia showed some sort of confusion, but she hid it behind her poker face with incredible speed.

- Damn you are good! – Thought Ember that shivered a bit. He cleared his throat and continued to speak.

– If I would have intended to do anything to you, the chains would not have stopped me at all. And the thing about that seal…

He stepped right into it and felt right away, how magic started to grab his body, creating some sort of bound so he would be not able to move. Noticeable energy flows were moving around his body, beneath him, the seal glowed with a weak light, which could not be spot without magic. At this point its crude nature started to jut out. Usually it is not possible to see the lines that are forming the seals inscription, but on the very edges the light was slightly thicker, what allowed seeing the junction between the individual lines. He bowed down despite the magic that was trying to make him motionless, but the amount of magic that would have been required to immobilize him, should have been far beyond the fart of energy that has been stored in that seal.

The ponies with pointed hats could not believe what was going on, and the look of their faces was compensation enough for him. With on claw, Ember cut through the line that had the weakest energy flow. A sound that reminded a hiss of an angry snake, which was warning you to not get closer, filled the air. The magical grab started to fade away, and the seal on the ground burned out beneath his dragon like feet.

- The seal would have stopped me only for few moments, if I would have been foolish enough to step into it. Your Highness, dear members of the High Council and of the Magi Court, citizens of Canterlot. – He turned around to his companions. – My friends…I am not a threat to any of you, nor do I intend to become a threat. Equestria is my new home now and by the spirits, I hope that within time any doubts will be washed away, so we may live together in peace and in friendship.

The gathered ponies started to applaud and cheer at Ember, his friends, the members of the High Council and even the Magi joined up the cheerful citizens of Canterlot. Ember was not sure but he could see that Celestia seemed to let out a long sight, and even if there was some distance that was separating them, he noticed happiness in her eyes.

- I speak probably for everypony gathered here, and for everypony in Equestria. We accept your Friendship and full of pride we offer you ours. May that day remain unforgotten; for once more the Magic of Friendship has help us to conquer our fears! I do hope that time will change everything and help us to move along together! Side by side into a bright and wonderful future.

The oldest ponies that were in that chamber on that day, could not remember that they have ever heard cheering like that among the royals. Shining Armor and the Royal Guards started to hit the ground with their banded hooves, to honor the moment in the best way they could perform, the cheering of his friends somehow outmatched the cheering of the bigger crowd, surprisingly reveling how loud Fluttershy could be. Ember bowed once more before the leaders of Equestria, a scene that has been burned into the minds of skilled artists, which would create masterpieces of art to let that moment remain eternal and unforgotten, for the new generations that might come. Princess Celestia raised her front leg to calm down the crowd what happened nearly instantly. She was going to say something, but she has noticed that Ember remained in his bowed position.

- Is something bothering you friend?

Ember got up and nodded:

- Before we continue your Highness I would like to apologize for my outburst. The last days were not easy for me… the chains let me snap.

- I should be the one who should apologize Ember, not you. I am the one that is supposed to do so, for it was my decision that made it happen in the first place.

The old pony cleared his throat:

- Please Your Highness do not take the entire blame on yourself, for it was our bidding that has made you do it in the first place.

- Yet I could have avoided it. A wise ruler listens to advises, but in the end he or she will fall a decision. I should have followed my instincts and my heart… I deeply ask you for forgiveness Ember.

The princess bowed down gracefully before him as did the ponies on the podiums.

- We all do mistakes, and from those mistakes we learn our lessons. I accept your apologies with a happy heart. – Ember turned around to his friends that seemed to be happy that the things have been resolved peacefully. The guardian kneeled before Twilight.

– And I ask you for forgiveness Twilight Sparkle. I had no right to let my frustration out on you, on the pony that was there for me while I was in time of need. Please forgive the old fool for his foolishness.

- There is nothing to be sorry about Ember, but I gladly accept your apology. – Ember would have given his life for the smile, which appeared on her face as on the faces of his friends.

- It is never easy to admit our mistakes while talking only to one pony, and it requires courage to do this act in front of a big group. Your actions should be praised and be taken as an example by everypony.

Embers mood rapidly changed after he heard her voice echoing through the hall. Princess Luna appeared behind her older sister, which seemed to not have expected her to participate at the meeting. She looked tired but she covered it with a friendly smile, with that she has welcomed her sister as everybody in the hall.

- It is truly a happy surprise for us all, to see you among us Your Highness. – said a younger looking stallion, that seemed to belong to the High Council. He was the only Earth Pony among the others; it appeared that he was some sort of an Ambassador of his kind. At least Ember thought so.

- It is a great honor to participate on this meeting, even if I am a little bit late. – She looked on the ground and saw the remains of his chains, scattered on the marble ground. Her eyes went up to her sister, the only thing Celesta did was a quick head shake, giving her the typical * I will explain it later* message. Luna finally looked at Ember and smiled at him, he bowed before her:

- Princess Luna. – He did not forget, that she asked him to not use titles while he was talking with her, but Ember thought it would have been more appropriate to do it right now. – May your reign bring forth happiness, balance and the most beautiful nights to this land. I have to thank you for all your effort you put into the night. May its glory never fade!

All ponies agreed to his words, especially Celestia that has pulled Luna closer to her with the wing. The Princess of the Night blushed right away, who would not blush at her place to be honest? Even if there were ponies that admired the night at the same level as Ember, it was probably only a small bunch Luna would never meet. Right now many ponies were agreeing to his speech, and would probably take more time for the night, if they would not be too sleepy of course. Having bootlickers around seemed to be useful from time to time. Ember hoped that his intention would bring fourth some fruits, for he always felt happy in his heart while he saw her smiling. Luna was deeply touched by it, and it seemed like she would say nothing because of the excitement, but gladly it was not the cause:

- I thank you for your kind words Ember. I will do my best to present the night in the most beautiful way.

- I am looking forward to it Prin… - He noticed how Luna was looking at him, not angry or annoyed, more like challenging. Ember laughed in his mind. – I am looking forward to that moment Luna.

- I do not want to interrupt such wonderful speeches. – Said the only male Magi Unicorn that was at the podium. – But I would like to suggest that we move on… there are still certain things that have to be done Your Highness.

The voice of that Unicorn was slimy and annoying for his ears, and the way he was looking at him right now made his gut rebel. Princess Celestia nodded at the Mage and looked back at her subjects.

- My beloved subjects! I thank you for your time and for your appearance at this historically important matter. But for now I have to kindly ask you all to leave. Have a pleasant day.

The crowd bowed before their all mighty rulers and started to leave the big hall. Ember was glad that they were leaving though; the scent of their perfumes was a hard thing to hold out. The heavy gates have been closed behind the last pony with a loud crash. The only remaining ponies now were his companions, the Princesses, the members of the High Council and Magi Court and of course the Royal Guards that were stationed all over the place. Ember let out a sight, completely forgetting the ponies that were around him.

- I do understand your relived state Ember. – Said Celestia and moved towards him followed by Luna. – I suggest I say; welcome in a small part of my life.

- As I said back in the camp: I do not wish to be at your place Your Highness.

Once more this statement made her chuckle, but right away she put her poker face on and said:

- Even if I really enjoyed our last conversation, I suggest that we wait with the nice things, and first concentrate at the important matters.

- You were nearly always a party popper sis. – said Luna and leaned against her sister with an interesting looking grin on her face.

- Oh well nopony said that royal life is easy to live. There are moments where I simply want to throw all the paper work away, jump into the air, and feel the wind under my wings.

- As far as you have somepony to live with, it is regardless if you are a royal or not. – said Ember and rubbed his temple that was hurting him a bit. – I have experienced it the hard way.

- I am glad that this chapter of your life ended Ember. You are no longer alone anymore. – said Luna that was still leaning against her sister.

- I am glad too Luna. But right now my mind is being eaten by the immense curiosity. That entire thing was merely an introduction; I would like to know what you want to talk about Princess Celestia.

- Everything within time Ember. – answered Celestia. – We better wait for the others.

- I do admit that I have expected more representatives of the High Council and of the Magi Court.

- Allow me to answer that Ember. – said Twilight and moved on his side. – The individual ponies, which you have seen on the podiums, were the leaders of far bigger political parties. They are the voice and the representative of Equestria; besides that they are the royal advisors. Of course the Magi Court focus mostly on matters that are connected with Magic, while the High Council objective lies within the best interest of the citizens of Equestria.

- They are royal pain if you would ask me. – Said Luna and let go of Celestia. Ember expected that Celestia would comment that statement but she seemed to share the same thought.

- Regardless if they are a royal pain or not, Equestria need ponies like them. Without their help ruling this Land would be far more difficult task. – Celestia sighted but smiled after it. – Even if might sound inappropriate, I did enjoy the look on their faces after you have destroyed the chains.

- I did enjoy it too. Let’s say it was some sort of compensation for me.

- I still cannot believe that they actually asked for those chains. Even more I cannot believe that you actually agreed on that sister. – Said Luna with a rather annoyed tone. – Something like that did not occur since… actually it was the first time we have chained somepony!

- First of my kind that visit the Princess in the history of Equestria, and the first one that has been chained… Isn’t life dandy? – Thought Ember and rubbed his wrist of his left hand.

- It was not an easy choice sister. I did believe that Ember is not a threat for anypony, but they did not want to risk their life and mine, that was based only on a story.

Luna was going to say something but Ember was faster than her:

- What have been done cannot be undone anymore. Debating about it won’t change that fact; let’s hope that I was the first and the last that would have to put on chains like that.

- I agree. –said Luna but it was clear that she would *debate* with Celestia once they were gone.

- So does I Luna. – The sound of hooves started to appear behind them. – It seems like we are about to start.

The six ponies finally arrived. All of them wearing expensive looking cloths, cloaks and even shoes, the guardian was wondering how many taxes has been wasted on their uniforms. The members of the Magi Court were wearing clothes that were purple, interesting looking images were nearly at every pieces of it. If he was not wrong, he could feel that in some parts of the thread magic has been inbound into it, a clever idea he had to admit it. The most iconic thing about their appearance were their hats that they were wearing, for some reason he liked them but in the same was he just thought that they looked ridiculous on a pony.

The members of the High Council had their own individual colors that seemed to match their own kind. The Earth Pony was wearing a robe that was mostly brown but on several places it was green, a monocle was on his right eye while his left eye had white milky color; it seemed to be blind. The female Unicorn was wearing an interesting looking dress, with lavender looking color that seemed to change its colors while she was moving. The dress was really pretty but it was still strange to see a pony wearing something in the first place. The guardian was already wondering if the ponies were running naked all the time, but after thinking twice he rather did not want to think about it. She seemed to be the youngest among them all, for some reason she was acting very shy, but Ember could see her sharp eyes that were investigating him.

The last member of the council was the old pony, which appeared to be a Pegasus. As the other stallion he was wearing a representative robe, which had the color of the sky, while on the edges clouds like shapes were decorating his robe. His wings, which were on the outside of the robe, were showing the signs of his age far more than his face. The once pretty looking turquoise feathers have bleached out, in all the wings reminded him of thin sticks, that would break right away if he would grab them to hard. All of them formally bowed before their rulers and the guests:

- I assume you are wondering about the topic we have to discuss with you Ember. – Said Celestia and looked at him very seriously.

- I had several thoughts in my mind Your Highness.

- This topic is of great importance Ember, and the things that soon will be spoken, should remain within those walls.

- I understand. – Ember opened his left hand and before somepony could stop him, he sliced the flesh on its surface. He closed the hand and lifted it a bit, blood started to pour out between his fingers down the arm. The ponies, besides the Princesses, became a bit pale from this sudden act.

- By my blood, I vow before you all that this secret shall remain within those walls. – Then he said something in his dead language, in a way that would freeze the blood in our veins. – Remain hidden in the shadows and die together with me in the darkness.

His eyes changed their color into light green, through the closed hand the same green light started to shine through his fingers, healing the wound from within. Once it was done his eyes became flames once more. He checked if everything went on properly.

- I did not see a blood vow for a very long time sister. – Said Luna fascinated. – I would have never expected to see this act again.

- The life is full of unexpected surprises. – Princess Celestia seemed to be very relaxed right now.

– But there is no doubt that we can fully trust him on that matter. The blood vow is one of the oldest, and the most respectful vows known to us, even if it slowly started to vanish with time. Many ponies think that it is simply barbaric, but I know better than that.

- I would bet that the most ponies were simply afraid of cutting themselves. – said Luna and made a disappointed head shake. – The old time ponies were far more… Resilient! Scars were very popular among the stallions.

The Unicorn with the slimy and annoying sounding voice cleared his throat, in one of the most disgusting ways Ember could imagine, as probably did his companions and the princesses.

- Oh excuse us… sometimes we just let our heads float in the old times. – Luna tried to smile but her disgusted facial expression did not cooperate.

- I suggest we move on. – Celestia pointed at a nearby golden door. – Please follow me.

Once they have left the big hall behind them, Celestia lead the group through the castle, pointing out several things that had something to do with the pony history. It was an interesting experience for him, for it was not really a common thing, to learn more about a species he would consider critters, if they would not be intelligent. After seeing all sorts of old artifacts or art that was telling its own story, Celestia turned left to another golden door, but this one seemed to be more than the sore eye could see. Marvelous inscriptions were all over the surface of the door, shapes and forms created a wonderful composition, somehow reminding him of the walls that were in his cursed chamber. The princess hit the door on several places, magic was in the air he could smell and feel it.

The door opened by its own, revealing what was sealed behind it. She entered first, followed by her sister that mentioned him to follow. Once the guardian has entered the other ponies went in, surprisingly the older ponies let his companions enter first. Right now they were in a rather small corridor, which was lined with stained glass windows. The shine of the sun was creating spectacular light effects that made him simply stop so he could enjoy it, Pinkie that was hooping behind him hit his flank with her head but he did not really notice it. The Princesses smiled at him and let him enjoy the moment a bit longer, eventually he let go and excused for this break. While they were passing the stained glass windows, Ember stopped at one that got his attention.

He was not really sure at what he was looking at, but it was sure that the Princesses were involved in that situation, that has been stored into the glass. The two sisters seemed to be battling the weirdest looking thing he has ever seen, and for sure he has seen many things, that were very weird, in the darkness of the Underground. It was a creature, which seemed to be put together from different living things, the only thing Ember was thinking right now was the fact how chaotic that thing looked like. The ponies explained him that this stained glass window was depicting the victory of the two sister above a creature they called Discord. Once Ember looked to the right, he noticed a similar looking image only that it were his friends, which seemed to battle the same fiend. A strange sound went through the room and everypony looked at the guardian.

- There was one thing that I could not really understand my friends. – He turned around to his small companions. – While we encountered in the chamber, something strange happened… and all of the sudden a mighty energy started to flow through the air, despites the protection of the crystals. I did find out pretty quickly, that only the ponies with a horn were able to use magic, but it seemed like the energy was going out of each of you. How is that possible?

- We were about to use the Elements of Harmony to protect ourselves from you. – Answered Twilight. – The ordinary ways were not working and we were afraid that you might get bored of your *game*.

- If you would have been creatures of the Underground, I doubt it that there would be any games at all.

- Regardless of that… you stopped us from using them.

- Would you not do the same on my place?

- Excuse me that I cut in like that… - It was Celestia speaking behind him. - Let me ask you something. Do you know what the Elements of Harmony are?

- Twilight and Luna mentioned that the Elements of Harmony are Powers of Creation.

- That is only the one side of the medal. Do you know what they represent?

Ember answered with a head shake.

- Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and Magic. These are the Elements of Harmony, the most powerful magic known to ponydom.

- I assume that my friends represent those Elements?

- Yes they do. Without their help, Equestria would have been lost years ago. Their actions will be honored forever, for they truly cannot be forgotten.

- Why do I have the feeling, that those Elements have something to do with our meeting?

- You are not that wrong. – Her horn started to glow with a bright golden light. The door that they have past has been closed by her will. – Nopony should disturb us here, and I have already prepared a spell, that will prevent, that unwanted personalities might listen to that conversation.

Together with her sister Celestia reached the end of this room. Before she started to talk Ember and probably the others noticed a sad expression on Celestias face.

- Every Land has its own dark secrets… - she looked at Ember while she continued. – The reason why I have invited you to Canterlot, are the crystals you were guarding Ember.

The guardian folded his arms. Even if those crystals were no more, they were still haunting him, not only in the appearance of memories.

- Is it really necessary to talk about things that no longer exist?

- That is a point that we have to discuss. For I am not sure if the things, that apparently do no longer exist, really have been destroyed.

The ponies gasped loudly, while Embers body started to become incredibly tense.

- But we have seen how they have been destroyed!

- It can’t be possible that they have survived it!

- After the flash the chains appeared on Ember princess!

His friends were incredibly persistent, at throwing more and more information at Celestia that was listening patiently; Ember though would like to know more. He stomped one time and silenced the ponies.

- We are not going to find out anything, if we will act like that girls. Please be more specific. Why are you thinking, that those crystals have not been destroyed?

- As light cannot exist without the darkness, so darkness cannot exist without the light.

- What?

- I will try to do my best to explain everything properly. We do not really know where the Elements of Harmony came from, yet we the Alicorns knew of its existence for generations, even if they were not called Elements of Harmony back then. The old scripts that belong to the royal family taught us, that our ancestors were not able to understand its power. Yet those Elements were there for an unknown reason, which is why many Alicorns focused on the studies of those Elements. Eventually they started to understand what they were dealing with; afraid that this power might be abused, they intended to seal it for good. But they were not able to do it; the power that dwelled in them was beyond imagination. After long days of debating, the Alicorns have decided to hide the Elements deep beyond the earth, where nopony could find it. But something unexpected happened…
Deep beyond the Earth the Alicorns found other crystals, which were nearly the same as the Elements of Harmony, yet they were different. Once the crystals have been brought into the same place, unexplainable reactions occurred. For some reason the crystals did not accepted each other. The Alicorns tried to separate them, but the energy that was being unleashed, could easily rip them in pieces. They could only watch and hope that it would not end in a disaster, then a foreign energy came out of nowhere. According to the old texts, that energy went between the struggling forces, and ended their conflict by *melting* them together. Back in those old times the crystals looked differently, and they had far bigger numbers. The sudden connection created twelve crystals in total, shaping the Elements the way we know them now. Twelve crystals in total have been born out of that struggle, creating the Elements of Harmony and the Elements of Disharmony.

- Elements of Disharmony princess? – asked the ponies with an unsure sounding voices.

- Yes. Right after their creation, the crystals connected with this world and started to become one with the emotions of living creatures. While the Elements of Harmony concentrated on the positive emotions, the Elements of Disharmony became one with the negative emotions. Sadness, Greed, Anger, Shame, Guilt and Fear…

Celestia stopped to talk and looked Ember that was listening to hear with closed eyes, she waited till he finally opened them.

- Why do you not continue?

- At this point the scripts end.

- You have to be kidding me.

- I wish it would be some kind of joke but sadly it is true. After that the texts simply stops… it is unknown what happened after it. But I do know that during that time many Alicorns lost their lives, at least according by my mother, the reason why though has been lost during centuries.

- Then let me ask you… what makes you think that the Elements of Disharmony have not been destroyed?

- It is only a theory… but as I have mentioned before: The unknown energy has melted the crystals together. Such powerful connection should have bound them entirely and probably for all eternity.

- I think I understand… - said Ember with a slight tone.

- I don’t understand anything! – complained Rainbow Dash, rubbing her temple, that seemed to hurt her from all that thinking.

- Do ya understand it Twi? – asked AJ with an awfully serious look on her face.

- I think… if the Elements of Disharmony would have been destroyed…

- It would mean that the Elements of Harmony would have shared its fate, due the bound that surely has been created. – The guardian ended her statement and sighted loudly. – If that is really true…

He did not end what he has started, his throat has been snared and he simply could not talk now.

- As I said it is only a theory… with any luck though, those crystals really have been destroyed. – Celestia moved towards him. – Even if they have survived it somehow, you are already free of their slavery.

- I hope that you are right Princess…

- I might have a suggestion for you Ember.

- And that would be?

- In this very room the Elements of Harmony are stored behind that door. If you wish to see them I will open it.

- Be so kind and show me those crystals.

- So be it.

The princess went to the solid looking door, on the surface of it there was a painting, which was showing the position of the moon during different time periods. The illustration of the sun was in the middle of the door; Celestia moved forward and pushed her horn into a slightly noticeable hole. She used some sort of spell, the energy started to spread through the engraved lines, the six moons started to glow with a blue shine. A flash of light blinded the guardian for a moment and once he was able to see again the door was already open. Something was floating above Celestia’s head, an impressive looking box, which was decorated with wonderful gem stones. He could hear Rarity behind him letting out a loud sight.

- The Elements of Harmony are stored in this box. Are you ready Ember?

-Would you be ready on my place?

- I am not sure.

- Please open the box.

With her magic Celestia opened the box, revealing the artifacts that were within. The jewelry Ember has seen on the ponies, back in the Chamber of Stone. It was hard to imagine that those small things once were controlling his life, but he has felt the power that was hidden within, and it was not that surprising that he became a slave of them. He doubted that any creature in this world would have been strong enough to resist that kind of power.

- Can I? – Asked Ember and pointed at the Elements. Her answer was a nod followed by a smile. He reached out for the tiara, which few days ago appeared out of nowhere on Twilight’s head. After he has touched the golden surface of the tiara; some sort of energy woke up within the box. His hand started to burn badly, with a painful roar he moved away from the box. Something was on his hand, a transparent liquid thing, which was burning his flesh. Drops of that thing landed on the marble ground, leaving small holes in the ground. He did not dare to shake his hand, he was afraid that he might hit one of the ponies with it; the air was filled with the scent of burned flesh, that made some of the members of the Magi Court cough heavily. The ponies wanted to move towards him but he stopped them:


The guardian turned around so none of them could see, what his eyes witnessed right now: the dark skin of his flesh was melting in front of his eyes. He was shaking in agony, quietly moaning while parts of his flesh felt down on the ground, leaving a grotesque looking scar on the surface of his hand, some fingers and wrist. It was finally over. Ember fell down on his knees, holding his arm below the wrist; small bubbles were rising out of the scar and were spreading an incredible odor, which was beating the stain of rotten mushrooms. Breathing heavily Ember started to focus energy in his left hand, the color of his eyes changed as usual into the light green color, while his hand started to glow in the same way. If it was possible he was always trying to avoid healing himself, because the required energy, that was needed to heal his own wounds, could have healed three individuals regardless how bad they were injured.

Too afraid to touch the burned places, Ember let the energy flow through his veins, once the energy reached its destination, the boiling scar started to heal in the most painful way he has ever experienced. The ponies were listening to his moans and the sounds, they could not really identify, with the feeling of helplessness. It was especial hard for the six ponies he have meet in the Underground, and for Luna that sadly has experienced his *adapting*, regardless if we would see a thing like that happening to a friend, or a person we do not know: we all would feel pity. Finally the scar has been removed, and healthy flesh started to regenerate till his hand looked like nothing has happened to it, yet the sight of that scar would probably never leave his mind. Sweat was running down his entire body, the energy he has used to heal himself was taking its tribute already: a bit dizzy he turned around to the ponies. Disgusted by his own body, he said the following words with a very tired sound:

- I need a bath…

As usual the concerned ponies were going to say something, but he lifted his hand and said once more:

- I need a bath… please.

- Luna please go up to our quarters, and let the servants prepare a bath for him.

- The Green Dream should help him… and I still have some moonlight salve back in my room.

- Good idea Luna. Now go make haste!

Ember was not able to stand properly in the same place, what made him look like he was drunk as hell. He did not even notice how Luna left the room, the same counts for Celestia hiding the Elements of Harmony. His friends were constantly talking to him, but their voices were low pitched, he barely understood what they were talking about. After a while Luna came back and everybody left the room, very slowly because of his dizzy movement. Everything around him was blurring, very often he had to stop and lean against the wall for a moment. Ember nearly stomped one servant that he did not notice, gladly Applejack was fast enough to push her away. The worst part started after they have reached the stairs, time was passing very slowly while the progress was very small.

Eventually they have reached a place that was filled with an interesting aroma; he could smell the water, which was literally calling after him. He did not notice the scared servants, seeking refuge behind a Royal Guard that was waiting at the entrance. Once he entered the room he completely lost his sight and moved on blindly towards the smell of water, several times he nearly fell down on the ground because his legs started to give up already. The bathtub was incredibly huge and had enough space probably for more than two Embers. Once he entered the Green Dream, as Luna called it, he glided into the water, and embraced the nice feeling that was spreading all along his body. He did not know how long he has been under the water, but he felt that something was pulling him by his horns.

- For goodness sake! Ember are you alright?

- That bath is wonderful.

It was Luna that was talking to him but he was still a bit dizzy, that is why he did not recognize her. It did sound like he was not talking to her, more to himself. Gladly his senses normalized, the aroma that was filling his lungs relaxed his body and soul. The guardian looked at the hand he has healed and noticed that the healing process was not a big success as he thought; signs of the scar were there even if they were probably not easy to spot because of his dark skin.

- By the spirits… that was painful. – He thought and looked around, only to see how the ponies were watching him. Instantly he covered the place where his manliness should be, which was probably hidden within his body, with his hand. He felt really uncomfortable, because of the way the ladies were gawking at him. Gladly the water vapor, that was filling that place, made his movement barely noticeable but he was sure that Luna has noticed it because she turned right away.

- Here… I brought you a very special salve. – She was still looking into the other direction, while a small box floated right into his open hand. – It is called Moonlight salve. I hope it will help your hand Ember.

- Thank you. – He opened the small box, and looked at the salve that was shining with a slight light, that reminded him of the moon. The salve was strangely cold, but very helpful for his hand, that was still hurting him. Ember intended to stand up and leave the bathtub, but the ponies told him not to hesitate: the joy of the warm water went on for a longer time. After the bath, he stretched his body and of course it made his bones crack, the ordinary reaction of the ponies was the shiver, while outside of the room the servants made disgusted noises. The Moonlight was still on his hand, even if it had some connection with water, it remained on the skin, slowly being absorbed by it.

-Do you feel better now Ember? – asked Fluttershy, that was awfully quiet since the sudden attack.

- Yes I do Fluttershy. That salve is incredible! It nearly fully neutralized the pain in the hand.

- It is not easy to receive that salve. – said Luna with an imposing royal position. – That procedure requires a lot of time, and special equipment that can only be found here at the castle.

- Then you have my deep gratitude. I will try to repay you somehow.

-How can you be so calm right now!?! – yelled Rainbow Dash that was flying a bit above the ground.

- I have the choice to do so. It comes with once being a guardian you know… regardless of the injury I had to endure, I always had to keep a clear mind and cold blood. – Ember looked at Celestia. – I would like to see those crystals again Princess.

Right away, the ponies started terribly loud to disagree with him, their voices were ringing with double volume in his ears, what in the end caused an annoying headache.

- You do not have to yell at me ponies!

- Of course we have to yell at ya! – Yelled AJ and hit the ground with her hoof.

- Talking won’t help here at all, because you are stubborn like a mule! – Yelled Rarity that was angry not only because of his bidding, her hair has been ruined somehow.

- Oh I know! Fluttershy use your Stare at him! – suggested Pinkie and pointed at the guardian.

- Girls that is enough. – Said Celestia and silenced her small subjects. – Ember are you sure about it?

- Yes I am. But this time I do not intend to touch them with my hands. – The ponies were going to start a new volley of complaining, but Ember lifted his arm and continued. – This is the only way I can find out if I am really free of the crystals influence. My friends… I will not find rest until I am really sure of it. Please help me to get rid of this burden…

The ponies gave up after that and simply nodded at him, their concern might be annoying sometimes, but he was happy that there were creatures in this foreign world, that cared for him.

- What are your intentions then Ember? – asked Luna that was quiet while the ponies were busy yelling at him.

- I will connect directly with them, as I did with the crystals in the chamber. I am not sure if it is safe though… that is why I would suggest, that you my little ponies do not enter that room with me.

- Ember you just asked us to help you to get rid of your burden. – said Twilight with a smile on her face. – Regardless the odds we will stand at your side.

- As do I. – said Luna that was standing next to her sister.

- I suggest we go then. – Celestia left the room first followed by the ponies. What the ponies did not see, was a slight tear that went down his cheek. Ember washed it away and followed them with noticeable hesitation, he was afraid that something might happened, but in his heart, he was more concerned for the ponies than for his own sake.

Once again, they stood in front of the door that was protecting the Elements of Harmony. Celestia opened it with her horn, gladly he was prepared now and he did not get blinded by the shine of that blue light. With her magic the Elements of Harmony were floating a bit over her head, Ember looked on the surface of the crystals that were connected with the golden jewelry, and saw his own reflection on them. Three days have passed since he has left the Underground; this small act reminded him how often he actually did it while he was down there. The crystals looked the same as the crystals that he was guarding, but for some reason, they seemed to emit a pleasant warm aura while the others always felt cold. Ember asked the ponies to stay at distance, for it was not possible to foresee what might happen if things would go wrong.

After he grabbed the Elements with his will, Celestia and Luna went back to the ponies, and established an energy field that had an immense power. The guardian took a deep breath and concentrated as he did so many times in the Chamber of Stone. He open his mind and touched the magical presence of the crystals, once his will connected with it, the crystals started to shine with the well know marvelous composition of colors. The ponies were gasping at the wonderful sight, but he was not able to see them now, something was wrong…

The Guardian got hit directly into his very soul and the world around him became dark. Ember opened his eyes and found himself shrouded by darkness, wherever he looked there was only darkness. The only thing that lit the environment a bit were his eyes, but it did not really get through the thick darkness that seemed to overcome the darkness of the Underground.

- Where am I?

This question echoed through the darkness and seemed to not find an end. Then he noticed something far away from him, a small light well that was moving towards him with great speed. It became bigger and bigger, and soon Ember noticed that the light well was made out of flames. It was like he was looking into his own fiery eyes, but the difference was the fact, that they had a deep red color. The eyes that appeared out of nowhere were huge! Ember felt like an insect that was being watched by a gigantic creature. A mighty energy grabbed him and totally immobilized the guardian, after a very long time he felt totally defenseless. A might roar ripped through the darkness, and after that Ember started to hear a voice in his mind, a very deep voice that seemed to come from big distance. Never has he heard a voice like that, and he wished that he has never heard it at all; it simply scared him.

- Let me out.

That was the only thing that has been spoken; right away the grip became stronger and started literally to crush him. Ember roared and started desperately fight against the power:

- You are the reason why I have been send down to the Underground! – Thought the guardian and full of anger he let out a shock wave, which has been released from his body. The grip that was holding him has been removed; the eyes in front of him open widely, shaking with growing anger.

- How dare you to use my power against me!

Once more something grabbed him with far stronger power, the gigantic fiend started to violently hit against his mind, till the last resistance has been broken. Dark beams of light shoot out of Embers eyes:

- Come my children! Hear my call! Free your Master!

Ember remained motionless while he was still connected to the Elements of Harmony. The marvelous shine was gone after he connected with them, the ponies were waiting for something to happen, but nothing was happening at all. Suddenly Ember started to float and dark light beams, that had a powerful core, shoot out of his eyes, went through the wall and moved towards the direction of the Everfree Forest. The princesses ran to the floating guardian, and ordered the rest to stay at their places. Together they started to focus magic, to somehow aid their friend; without knowing that he was battling something beyond their imagination.

Ember was still in the grasp of the creature that established some kind of connection with him. Once the beams shoot out of his eyes, he noticed the strange presence he knew from the Underground, the very presence he felt in Luna. Not sure what was going on Ember continued to fight against the overwhelming power but he was simply too weak to free himself this time.

- Once I have cleansed my body of your presence I shall be free again!

Then Ember felt magic spread though his body, magic that did not belonged to him. Right away he felt that the foreign energy belonged to the princesses of Equestria. The dark beam started slowly to change its color into white and pure light, the eyes started to shake in a very terrifying way, and once more a roar, that will haunt him forever, cut through the darkness of this place. The guardian was free of the grab. He did not wait for it to come back, which is why he focused on the energy that saved him and used it as a bridge to the reality. For the last time he heard the roar, then his spirit returned back to his body.

The world came back to his sight, he gasped and let the Elements of Harmony nearly fall on the ground, but Celestia swiftly grabbed them with her magic. It was like he woke up from a terrible nightmare: he was breathing fast, trying to focus his thoughts. The beams left a noticeable trail that could be only spotted with magic, he roared and teleported out of the building. His wings appeared out of his back, they caught the wind and with mighty swings he followed the energy. Thanks to the aid of the Alicorns, he managed to escape the creature that dwelled in him, but he did not prevent the call that has been send into the Vale.

- Quick girls! – said Celestia and brought them the Elements of Harmony. – We have to follow him!

They all nodded and ran out of the castle. Shining Armor was yelling orders to his men; after he has seen them coming right away he asked what was going on. There was no time for explanation, Celestia ordered to ready three flying chariots: Shining Armor insisted to go with them but the ponies disagreed with him:

- No Shining Armor! You have to stay and secure the city and its citizens. Make sure that ponies from Ponyville will be brought to Canterlot as fast as possible. And by goodness sake only to be sure create the barrier! – Ordered Princess Luna and then she pointed at her Lunar Guards that were waiting for her. – We have to move out fast!

Soon three flying chariots were flying through the air; the princesses were leading the way while the others followed them.
- Hold on Ember! – was the thought of everypony in the same moment.

- Winds of this land obey my command!

A mighty wind came from behind him and greatly increased his speed that was already on the highest levels. The Everfree Forest was already in sight, but the track started already to fade. Once he was above the Forest he decided to land not far from its very edges. Before he was able to land, he felt the presence in the air and in his mind. Something was moving between the trees, barely noticeable shadow of an unknown creature. Ember landed on the ground with a loud crash, he hid his wings and with a motion of his hand he soothed the wind, and with that everything around him became silent. The guardian saw that something was watching him, and soon something left the forest and started to float towards him. The air was filled with its strange smell, some of the plants and flowers started to rot, after the thing passed it.

The summoned child was made totally out of dark energy, what meant it did not have any kind of physical appearance. Long before that thing reached him, a quick flashback haunted his mind, reminding him of his encounter with creature like that. It was a fight that seemed to not find any end but by the support of the crystals he was able to defeat it. Right now he could not expect such support. There were many names, which have been given to that abomination, but the most common one was: Miasma.

Though it did not have any physical form it was well known that it was a living creature, probably one of the worst things that could walk… float above earth. The Miasma could be born only of immense hatred and other negative emotions: especially during the time of war a Miasma was born in huge numbers. Those cruel beings were feeding on caught victims while they were still alive, melting them inside of its body. Even if it probably sounds bad already the worst part still has been not revealed. The Miasma sometimes decides to take control of living creatures, destroying its existing till noting was left of it, so the body remains its host for ever. Ember would not allow that this thing would be around in those lands, not while he was here.

He welcomed the Miasma with a growl, while he received some sort of hiss, which sounded like it was coming out of a cave. The dark energy started to change it form a bit, till it reminded him of a headless snake that was floating in the air, and like a snake it started to attack him. The guardian was not only watching its transformation, in the same time he was focusing energy in his body, which created a slight white edges around the entire body, that could not be spotted without magic. The miasma attacked first. As he expected first it aimed at his head, only as a distraction so it might deal a sinister strike against his ribs. Ember grabbed the Miasma with his hands, like he would grab anything that had a physical form, thanks to the spell the crystals have taught him while he encountered the first Miasma.

Using his own weight he has pushed his enemy to the ground, with one knee he was pushing against it, while he was constantly hitting it with his arms. His hits were harming the abomination, with a swift movement the Miasma freed itself from his grab, and stabbed him in the shoulder. Ember roared and threw himself on his back; he trapped his opponent that was now trying to get free again. There was only one way of winning a fight against a creature like the Miasma; you had to rip its core apart, which was holding the dark energy in one piece. He tried to reach the slimy thing that was fighting for its life. With big effort he grabbed its other end, got up and ripped it out of his shoulder. Like he would use a whip, the guardian hit the other end of the Miasma against the ground:

- This will be a very long afternoon…

A sudden wind blow slowed them down, nearly throwing out Rarity of the flying chariot. Twilight could feel that it was magic that affected the wind, as probably did the princesses and the poor Rarity that was breathing heavily under her hooves. She was not sure what to think about the entire situation, but Princess Luna ordered her brother to summon all ponies, which were in the area, to Canterlot where they could find refugee. The trace was nearly gone and soon they were blindly flying through the area for a long time, till they heard Embers roar echoing through the land. Finally the Royal Guards that were pulling the flying chariots spotted him, not far away from the edge of the Everfree Forest. Soon Twilight and the others could see him, swinging some kind of whip…

The darn thing was very persistent, and far stronger than the Miasma he has encountered in the Chamber of Stone. Eventually the enemy changed its form again, what freed it of his grasp. It flew up in the sky and seemed to retreat, but this thought has been blown away with the wind, after Ember noticed the flying chariots in the sky. His wings appeared out of his back and the wild chase began.

Luna was not sure what Ember was doing down there. He was holding some kind of a whip in his hand, which he was hitting against the ground. Then the whip changed its form, and started to fly towards them with an immense speed, followed by Ember that was furiously swinging his wings to reach that thing…. Then something happened in her mind and she suddenly remembered what really happened over a thousand years ago…

She went up to the sky to perform her duty and raise the moon. Luna had a small fight with her sister and was not in the best mood, her horn started to glow and the moon started to appear behind the horizon. Then she noticed that something was behind her. She turned around, and before she could react something dark shrouded her entirely, and the world around her became dark…

- No…. no, no, no! – Yelled Luna all of the sudden, while she was watching the incoming dark thing, that has changed her fate a millennium ago. – Not this again! No please! I don’t want to become Night Mare Moon again!

The dark nightmarish thing nearly reached them, only few meters were separating them. Like back in that night the thing open up widely and was flying towards her, but gladly Ember reached it before it could reach her. The guardian could not control the speed he has established, while he was holding the thing like a coat. He hit the flying chariot. Her personal guards were not able to dodge that, the impact threw the both sisters in the air, instantly their wings open but a broken piece of the chariot hit her very strong in the wing. Luna heard her own bones break and with a painful shout she started to fall down. The only thing that saved her from certain death was a spell that allowed her to manipulate the gravitation. She thanked her teachers and the old books for their wisdom.

Ember could not avoid the impact against the flying chariot, but he prevented the Miasma from abducting one of the ponies. The wings clapped and the creatures of darkness started to fall down with a breathtaking speed. He hoped that his plan would work. Ember started to press against the Miasma, till it was so compressed, that it had the size of a rather big ball, which was constantly wriggling. The side effect of his spell was the fact that he was not able to use any kind of magic, as long he was shrouded by the white energy. With a might swing he threw the compressed Miasma against the ground, and in the end he performed a direct swoop into the small hole where the Miasma has crashed. The wide open world disappeared behind earthen walls, which were surrounding him now. Dust was everywhere, taking away the sight with a thick dust cloud, but he did not have to see if he had hit the Miasma, because he did not feel that he crushed into it.

Luna saw what Ember has performed with wide open eyes. No living creature could have survived something like that, but she knew that he was not an ordinary creature of the Surface, that is why she ran towards the hole, begging that he was alright. Soon she saw Ember digging himself out of the hole he has created, she called after him but right away he started to yell:


The ground started to shake; she trembled and fell on the ground, with some bad luck on her broken wing. She nearly lost her consciousness from the fall. The ground not far from her has been ripped open, and the dark thing jump out of it right into the sky. Wide opened as last time it was going to take control of her once more. The only thing she did was to close her eyes and shed a tear:

- I am sorry Tia...

Luna felt magic in the air. Something appeared between her and the nameless nightmare. Right after she has opened her eyes, she saw the familiar blaze looking on her and the dark thing that was shrouding around his chest and back. Embers wings and arms were open widely:

- LUNA! – It was Tia’s voice that was behind her. But she did not react to it because she could not stop watching Ember who has protected her from a gruesome fate… but for what price?

- Ember… - She could not say more. With tears in her eyes, she cursed that thing that was now shrouding Ember instead of her.

- It is okay Luna… better me than you. – said Ember and wrapped his wings around his body. Even now he was making sure, that she would not get touched by that thing. He turned around and moved away from her, Lunas heart started to pain her even more after she heard, what Ember was saying while he moved away:

- We only part to meet again…

Soon he could not move forward because that thing shrouded nearly every part of his body. Once his face has been shrouded too, the dark energy went under the skin, leaving no trace that it has ever been here. Ember was standing there like a statute. There was no blaze, no signs of life in him, but soon his shoulders started to move up and down. Her sister and the ponies have finally arrived and stood at her side. Ember turned around to them in a very creepy looking way; a growl filled the air even if he had his distance from them. His eyes opened while he was still growling, but they all noticed that it were not Embers eyes that have appeared. It was not the fiery blaze that greeted them; it was a deep red color that showed itself to the world. The Flying Chariots landed not far from them:

- Luna make sure that our subjects in Ponyville reach Canterlot safely. Girls go with her.

- No Tia I will not leave you alone! – yelled Luna frustrated.

- Princess we will help you. – said the ponies in the same time.

- I said go! Protect those who cannot protect themselves!

Luna went to her sister and gave her a hug: - I love you Tia.

- I love you too Luna. – Said Celestia and gently touched her cheek with her nose. – Now go!

The ponies watched Princess Celestia charge the creature without fear, and with a might swing of her wings, she jumped into the air and kicked him right into the face.

- Let’s go my friends. – said Luna and wiped the tears away. – We have our duties to for fill.

Celestia noticed right away that the creature in front of her was not Ember anymore. The once intelligent and rather peaceful creature was no more, and now she had to protect her subjects from his wrath. It appeared that whatever has taken control over his body, was still adapting to it. While she was still in the air, she attacked him with a beam of pure light that came out of her horn. The creatures raised both hands and withhold her magic, which was only pushing him around. Celestia stopped and looked at the creature she once called Ember.

- You have suffered enough…

Suddenly Ember jumped high and nearly grabbed her left back leg. It happened so fast that she had to land on the ground, only to be attacked again. The Princess was lucky though. The attacks were very clumsy and not accurate, and she was simply dodging them. Soon though the attacks became more tens and efficient, that is why she flew back into the sky. Ember turned around and watched the flying chariots, that were merely small points on the sky: he growled and with a might swing of his wings he started to chase them. Once again she shot a beam at him, which hit his back with all its power. But he simply ignored it and continued to fly towards Ponyville. A wild chase began. Celestia was trying to keep him at bay as good as possible, but he was very fast and in a rather short time Ponyville started to appear.

This time she had to hit below the belt. She charged towards him and pierced his wing with her horn, ripping it apart. Ember roared and fell down on the ground; she landed not far from him and started to bombard him with bolts. It was sure that she had his attention now, because he charged towards her, trying to hit her with his own horns, but he stopped after a sound went through the air. It was a sound of a bell, which was coming from Ponyville. The creature looked at her and laughed, what made her shiver inside: Ember turned around and followed the sound that got his attention now.

Luna was personally watching over the evacuation of the subjects. Panic was everywhere, not enough trains have arrived to the train station, and a huge crowd was trying to get into the already full train. She used her Traditional Canterlot Voice to keep order, gladly it worked and soon new trains arrived to evacuate Ponyville. A terrifying roar went through the air, and not far away a small explosion has been spotted by everypony. The panic came back and not even her Canterlot voice was helping here. Another explosion followed, then she saw the silhouette of her sister flying towards the crowd, her fur was dirty and showed marks of burnings. Another silhouette followed her and not far away from the station, Embers claws hit Celestia that fell down on the ground. Luna did not wait for more to happen. She ran right to her sister as did the bearers of Harmony. Ember landed on the ground and looked at the ponies that were standing in front of his prey. He laughed and slowly moved forward.

- Run! Save the others!

- Ember!

The ponies turned around and saw Sugar Heart passing them by, her parents tried to get to her but the crow prevented it. Ember saw her running directly at him; he roared and raised his right arm for a strike.

- Please stop! Why are you doing this?

The ponies ran after her but the distance was simply too big, Ember would reach her within seconds and would probably kill her. The filly that has been cured by Ember would die by an unknown creature that was controlling his body. The arm was already going down to deal the final blow, but suddenly Princess Luna teleported behind the filly, grabbed her with her magic and dodged his attack. Sugar Heart landed on her back:

- Hold on child!

Luna ran away from the beast, that roared full of anger and followed her. The Princess ran between the buildings, hoping that their rather small passages would give her some time to hide the small filly. Embers body had problems with moving on properly, like a mindless brute he was simply destroying parts of the buildings, to reach his new preys. Luna was constantly changing her route, till she has finally lost him. His roar filled the air followed by the sound of falling parts of the buildings he was destroying. She left the buildings and ran towards the town square, right to the Town Hall. She used her magic to put Sugar Heart on the round balcony, which was on the second floor. Before she was able to put the filly gently on the wooden floor, she noticed a slight movement and then claws grabbed her. She cried out of pain and has been thrown through the air like a doll. The world turned upside down and everything became dark.

Twilight heard Luna’s painful cry and saw how she has been thrown through the air by Ember. Sugar Heart saw the entire thing from above and screamed in panic, revealing her position to the monster. Once he saw her on the round balcony, he started to climb up the building, destroying it with each move.

- Rainbow! We will distract him while you will get Sugar Heart down from the building.

- Okay! – She flew up in the sky and waited for the right moment. Twilight focused and connected with her magical energy, the memory of her small lesson with Ember appeared in her mind. They all have seen him, how he protected Luna from that strange thing with his own body, paying for that heroic act with his freedom: The only thing he possessed after he left the Underground. With a furious battle cry, she released the focused magic and launched an incredible might bolt against the creature. The fiend turned around after he has felt the incoming bolt, but it was already too late to do something. The missile hit it directly into the chest. A painful roar was the only thing the ponies heard, the massive body fell on the ground creating a cloud of dust. Rainbow did not wait and as fast as she could, she reached the crying Sugar Heart and took her back to the ponies.

- Run back to the station. – Said Rainbow Dash after she put her down on the ground.

- But…

- There is no time for arguing kid! Run to your parents!

Sugar Heart listened to her and ran back towards the station. The ponies waited patiently while the cloud slowly disappeared, and with a big shock they noticed that Ember was no longer at the place where he has crashed.

- Twitcha twich! Twitcha twitch!

The ponies took cover behind the nearby building. The weird senses of Pinkie saved them from a thrown part of the Town Hall, which hit the place where they were standing seconds ago. Then they saw that Ember was charging at them, ready to trample or hit them with his horns. Twilight concentrated and teleported all of them away from the creature, that ran right through the building.

Princess Luna opened her eyes and cried out loudly. The pain in her wing was impossible to hold out; she noticed that the ground beneath her was red from her own blood. With a huge effort she stood up and looked back to the Town Hall that has been badly damaged. Not far away from her, the bearers of the Elements of Harmony landed on the ground, after an unsuccessful teleportation. Ember came out of the ruins of a former house and ran towards them, ready to end it for good this time. Luna concentrated and released a bolt out of her horn, the creature felt it, and simply hit the bolt away with his hand like it would be a ball. The former Ember stomped the ground furiously, he pointed at the ponies and trapped them with some sort of energy field, while he ran towards her. The princess was tired, she did not know how many blood she has lost already and the pain made her simply numb. She took an imposing royal position with a smile on her face.

- I did the best I could Tia. – She thought and waited for the inevitable. Something small jumped in front of her, terrified she noticed that it was the small filly called Sugar Heart.

- Ember please stop it! You are not that way! Please stop!

She did not wait. With the last remaining power in her, she covered Sugar Heart with her body. The princess did not care about her fate, the young girl was first on the beginning of her long journey, and Luna would never allow that something would happen to her while she was there.

- Please I beg you! Spare the child! Ember!!! – Luna closed her eyes and waited for the final blow. A strange sound went through the air. She opened her eyes and saw something that made her speechless. Ember was standing in front of her, the right arm being held by the left. The muscles on both arms were strained to the limits, a sight Luna would never forget.

- Stay away from them you monster! – It was like two creatures would talk in the same time, but among those voices she was able to recognize Ember’s voice. The left eye changed its color and shape, the known fiery blaze appeared. An interior struggle seemed to have started within Embers mind.

Right after the Miasma has shrouded him; he has been swallowed by darkness, back to the huge, deep red eyes that were awaiting him. Ember was being held by the Miasma, that appeared together with him, they eyes were watching that act for quiet a time.

- We meet again… Guardian of the Crystals. – The laughter of that beast filled his mind. He moaned and tried to get free of the Miasma but it did not work.

- My child! You have served me well. Once I will be free you shall be rewarded.

A strange sounding voice answered:

- Many things have changed, since you have been imprisoned my master.

- Everything will change once more after I will leave this custody!

The Miasma suddenly let go of him, and attacked the huge eyes that started to shake in anger.

- What are you doing!? Let go off me!

- You still have your powers my master, but now they are sustained… and during the time you have become weak.

The Miasma grew and grew, till it was big enough to shroud the eyes.

- Your time is over my father…

The eyes were trying to get free of the Miasma, they once called child, but it did not work and soon the eyes were gone. Even if the dark abomination was no longer holding him, Ember could still feel that some kind of energy made him remain motionless.

- Thank you for your help my friend. – Said the strange sounding voice in his mind. – Thanks to you now I have received the power of my father… even if now I am the imprisoned one.

- Your own greed has sealed your faith you abomination!

- Do you really think I did not predict it? I still have the total control over your body, and once I have removed you out of the way… I shall be free. But for now I will play a little bit with your so called friends.

Ember started to fight against the grip but nothing helped.

- Yes my friend! That is the spirit! Once you have weakened yourself, removing you will not be a problem.

The guardian moaned desperately and stopped to fight against the invisible powers, which were holding him. He could not do anything. Then out through the darkness Ember heard voices. With wide open eyes he recognized them;

- Ember please stop it! You are not that way! Please stop! – He could hear that she was crying while she was saying it.

- Please I beg you! Spare the child! Ember!!! – Once he heard Luna’s voice, Ember started to roar like he has never done it before. He did not know what was happening to him but a gigantic power started to focus in his body.

- What is happening!? No! That can’t be! Noooo! – yelled the voice in his mind that was full of desperation and fear.

Ember opened his eyes and unleashed the power within him. The guardian has been freed from his custody and brought back to his body.

Celestia landed next to her sister, and helped her to get away from Ember, that was still fighting for the control over his body.

- Girls quickly use the Elements! – yelled Celestia after she was sure that they all were far enough from Ember.

- But what if we will hurt Ember? – Asked the shocked Fluttershy.

- My friends! Use your magic on me as long as I am still Ember! Hurry I can’t hold it much longer!

- You heard him girls! Formation!

The ponies went on their position, the Elements of Harmony started to emit powerful magic pulses. The girls went into the air, focused on their task and yet their faced seemed to be so relaxed. Light shrouded them; a beam of pure energy went into the air that had the color of a rainbow. The energy made a might bow in the air and hit directly into the place where Ember was struggling for control. Everything vanished in pure light.

Something was different. He was not sure what though but it was there. Ember looked around and found himself in Ponyville. His friends lost their consciousness but slowly started to wake up. Then he heard a chocking voice behind him, he turned around and gasped loudly. It was like he would look into a mirror; he saw himself kneeling on the ground. This Ember though was thinner and looked incredibly sick, something strange was going on. His skin was moving up and down on several places, like something was trying to get out of it. Then something got through the skin and disgusted he noticed that he was looking at the crystals, which he once guarded in the Underground. The crystals flew in his direction, and before they arrived they melted into one big crystal that was totally black, it landed in his hand.

Ember knew it from somewhere but he could not remember anything, but he knew what he had to do with it. The ponies behind him finally got up and right away, they noticed the two creatures of the Underground. If he was correct he could hear Spike calling for Twilight, once more he looked on the big crystal in his hand and then he moved towards himself. The other Ember remained on his knees, breathing in a strange way:

- I don’t know who you are or what you are… but I know what I must do.

The second Ember looked at him with his deep red eyes and said nothing. The guardian raised his hand and stabbed the crystal into his chest.

- Fool….

Ember was not quick enough to stop the things that happened right now. His double made a swift movement and destroyed the crystal with one blow, which right away split into the smaller pieces. Somehow Ember managed to retaliate three of them, one piece hit him in the forehead and disappeared beneath the skin. One shard remained in the chest of that monster, while the last one flew directly towards the ponies.

- Even if only one shard remains in you… I will stay alive.

Then the body started to fade in front of him, leaving a small ash pile on the ground.

- Twilight! – It was Spike that shouted her name. Ember turned around only to see how the small dragon pushed her away and got hit by the last crystal.


The Guardian ran right to the group and pushed them away. Spike got hit directly in the chest, the crystal nearly disappeared behind his scales, but gladly he managed to catch its tip. Once he started to pull Spike yelled out of pain.

- Why do you care for those pathetic imitations of life forms? – He heard the voice of that creature again, after he has touched the crystal. The ponies heard it too but he did not notice that.

- They are my friends. – answered Ember in his mind.

- Something like Friendship does not exist… but I do not have the time for ideal speeches. I see that you like that imitation of a dragon…

Spike started to yell even more. That thing was hurting him!

- Lets make a small deal… I let the dragon live, but you have to put back the shard into your body. If you will refuse it, I will simply kill it.

Ember hand was shaking while he listened to this voice. The ponies remained silent, not sure what to do, but if he would look into Twilight’s eyes, he would see them begging him to aid her small friend.

- So be it then… release him…

- Your foolishness will kill you eventually Ember... – The way he said his name made him shiver even more.- We shall meet again.

The crystal went out of Spikes body and shoot right away into his heart. It did not hurt at all but he started to feel old things he could not really comprehend. He healed Spikes wound and moved away from the group. The ponies checked on him and started to cry out of happiness, after Spike woke up and asked if everypony was okay. The guardian went to the princesses, fighting against his feelings that were boiling in him. Once he stood in front of them he said with a broken voice:

- Allow me to heal you…

He expected anger, hate towards him, but they nodded and allowed him to heal them. Ember touched them in the same time and started to do his job. Every broken bone, cut flesh or any kind of injuries has been removed, blood has been refilled and soon the princesses, even if still dirty, looked healthy. Celestia and Luna were watching him the entire time, and with a big surprise they saw that Ember was crying while he was aiding them. It was a very strange sight for both Alicorns, to see tears flow out of his fiery eyes, but soon the sisters were deeply touched by it. After the connection has been cut, the guardian started to cry loudly. He fell on his knees and hid his face with his hands. Sugar Heart made the first step and touched his leg gently:

- Please don’t cry Ember. Everything will be fine I promise.

Ember looked at the small filly, grabbed her gently with his hands, and gave her the longest hug he has ever performed.

Hours later, not far away from the main gate to Canterlot, the citizens of this marvelous city together with the citizens of Ponyville gathered together. In front of them Princess Celestia together with her younger sister Princess Luna, told their precious subjects what have occurred during the last days. Behind the rulers of Equestira stood the six ponies, heroines of this land and bearers of the Elements of Harmony, together with the creature called Ember. All of them were listening to her marvelous voice, praising his selfish acts that he has performed on this day.

- Ember come closer please. – Asked Celestia and smiled at him.

He did what she has asked for, and kneeled before the two sisters. Several places of his body shown signs of injuries, his body had to endure while he was gone. The guardian did not intend to heal any of them; the only thing he healed was his ripped wing.

- You have sacrificed everything for the safety of my sister. You encountered the fiend, that has possessed your body, and with the help of the wonderful Magic of Friendship, you protected not only your friends and yourself… You protected the Harmony of those lands!

- Sister… While I was gone you have taken the responsibility for the day and the night. Even if I would be gone, the Harmony would have never died with me.

- If I would have loose you a second time Luna… I would have not endured it. – She looked back on Ember that saw that she was crying. – And for that you will always have my gratitude.

Celestia wiped the tears away and smiled at him:

- Equestria has its own heroes and heroines. We have the Elements of Harmony on our side, but this day has proven that even the Elements and the Harmony itself requires protection.

She lifted her right front leg:

- Hear by I declare you; Ember son of Equestria, as the Guardian of Harmony!

Celestia touched his shoulders with her horn and kissed him on his forehead.

- Thank you… Your Highness… - His voice was trembling, for he could not believe what just happened.

- Call me Tia friend.

She smiled once more. Then she turned around to her sister and nodded at her. Luna winked at him, opened her wings and flew up in the sky together with Celestia. The day came to its end and the time of the night has come. Luna concentrated. Her horn started to glow with its nice blue shine; she stretched her front legs above her head. The moon appeared at the horizon, and brought forth the most beautiful night the ponies and Ember has ever seen. The ponies behind him started to cheer at the two sisters, his small companions and surprisingly they even cheered at the Guardian of Harmony. His friends came to him and like in the Underground they gave him a one cheerful group hug, but this time he joined it. Finally he has found a purpose in this new world; he had friends that would be there for him regardless the odds.

Ember son of Equestria...


A place that he could call home, but he knew that right now he had the responsibility of protecting it. That thing that was trapped within his body was still alive, and Ember knew that eventually their paths would cross again.

But that is a story for another time....

Right now Ember watched the sky, that he loved since he saw it for the first time, and enjoyed the moment together with his friends.

The story of the Guardian will be divided in several parts. I thank all the people, that were reading my very first English story I have ever posted on the internet.

I hope that I will be able to start the second part of this story as fast as possible.

Again thank you for the support:
Tom Juraszek

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Sry that it took so long... I have been really bussy. I hope you will enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

One of the best stories EVER!!!:rainbowkiss:

For your first story this is really, really, really great.
Also: I can't wait for the next part, if it is just as awesome as this, then you already earned yourself a favorite from me:pinkiehappy:

863316 I am glad to hear it ^^

865325 I will try to do my best. I really enjoyed writing that story: I do not care if it will be popular or not... the thing that counts for me are the readers that enjoy my work. :eeyup:

You can't imagine how long I have been waiting for something like this. Thank thee O Master of writing.
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867633 Hehe I am sure Ember would gladly let the Friendship flow through him :twilightsheepish: Again sry that it took so long: studies and etc :scootangel:

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867665 Mindblowing isn't it? :derpytongue2:

933116 I appreciate comments like it because mostly those errors happen due fast writing. I simply do not have the time to check everything properly xD

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