• Published 17th Jun 2016
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The Storyteller - Wonder

Gather round young ones. I shall tell you the tail of how we humans fell from grace and how the new world was born from the ashes.

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Not the world I thought it was.

Personal Log- Entry 67
I may be losing my mind but I swear I heard Eve speak a word of English. She had me in her basement with all her gadgets which were medieval compared to what we had in my time. She kept talking to me which I thought was pointless considering I couldn't understand her. Maybe she was talking to herself or something. She was reading from multiple books and kept looking at machines so I gather she was experimenting on something. Maybe me for all I know.

I was considering leaving when she said it. Out of nowhere she said 'possibly'. In pure unadulterated English. I am ashamed to admit it but I jumped in surprise. I'm not sure if she even knew what she said but she definitely noticed my reaction. She circled something on a list she had drawn up and pushed me hurriedly out of her home. She seemed excited.

I'm still not even sure if I had heard her right but maybe she was learning my language from that book she found in the Helix. Finally I wouldn't have to act out my sentences! I'm wondering if there is a way I could help her translate but that doesn't seem possible without knowing what she is attempting to say.

While I may not be of help in translating, I did discover something very... concerning. While I knew the ponies were wary of the forest nearby, I didn't believe their fears were valid but not even three days ago I saw a viscous beast of some sort. Some form of reptile. I guess you could call it a hydra. It came out of nowhere and attacked the town. It almost ate a young pony child. Thankfully I managed to grab the tiny thing and run to safety. She seemed upset that she lost her hair bow thingy but at least she's safe.

Now I face the problem of Apple tackling me to the ground and hugging me every time she sees me. I'm not entirely sure but I believe it was her sister I had saved. While it is adorable in it's own way, it is getting tiring. Especially for my ribs. She has strong arms... hoofs? I'm not sure what I find scarier, the beast or this mare. The hydra would have eaten me and Apple is trying to suffocate me. If I am going to die, I think I would prefer the quick way out.

I know I am rambling but this is my journal and I say it whatever way I want. It's just surprising to me that such creatures exist in a world as colourful as this. These ponies might be in serious danger. I guess this world isn't as perfect as I thought.

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