• Published 17th Jun 2016
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The Storyteller - Wonder

Gather round young ones. I shall tell you the tail of how we humans fell from grace and how the new world was born from the ashes.

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Charades are not an effective way of communication.

Personal log- Entry 43
Communication is slow. Through what I assume is some form of charades I have learn somethings of this species, though I am not sure of the accuracy of my information without someway to confirm my findings to the mentioned species. The names of my carers are almost definitely inaccurate considering the randomness of their names. I cannot imagine somebody being called Pink Pie.

Other names I have managed to have most likely incorrectly guess are as follows. Dusk, which seems odd for a female name. Other possible names for the purple one could be Sunset, Eve or Twilight. I am leaning towards her name being Eve. Seems like the most sensible name so far. The orange one is named after something apple related, though I am unsure of what. I have taken to calling her Apple to keep this simple.

Rainbow Sprint is definitely incorrect. I've actually started to think these aren't even names they are acting out. Many of the names do seem to have something to do with the symbols emblazoned on their rears. Maybe they are telling what theirs cultural tattoos mean and not their names? It is a possibility.

The alabaster pony's name is still a mystery and I have considered giving up on her name and labeling her that other pony. All I know is that she has an affinity for gems. I have kept a note of this for later use.

The last of my care takers seems to be rather... intrigued by me. Another name I cannot guess through charades but I will be calling Beast Lord for my own amusement. She shows larges levels of maternal affection towards me and is very shy around new ponies. I feel that she may have somehow imprinted upon me. I have noticed she acts the same way towards wild creatures. Maybe she believes I am a lost animal... How shameful. Reduced to the level of a simple animal. Even the rabbit seems to be of high rank than me.

Among other things, I have managed to ascertain a small understanding of my discovery. I took many hours of guesswork and a fair amount of pictures to describe my word but eventually I gained a somewhat simplified version of event. Apparently there was some form of construction or renovation being performed in the city on the mountain, which I have named Aurea. During the aforementioned construction the ponies dug their way into the ruins of the Helix. The main research facility of the Federation. It seems the entire tower had remained standing and over time had been enveloped by the earth, forming the mounting on which Aurea now stood. I find this to be quite fascinating and have made a note to research this further.

After discovering the ruins, a group was sent in to explore. They discovered many corpses of staff and civilians. They discovered a human inside a glass capsule and brought it to the surface. The purple one, Eve, somehow activated the pods revival function and that is when I awoke.

I am extremely vested in returning the Helix. If the building is still in tact then perhaps I can use it's facilities to my advantage. I drew the Helix on the chalkboard and expressed my desire to go there. Eve seemed to be in agreeance. Judging by the way she is currently rushing around the tree it appears she is wanting to leave immediately. Apple, Rainbow, Pink, Beast Lord and the other one also seem to be interested in coming with us.

I see no problem with them attending but the other one is beginning to concern me. She seems to be giving me looks of contempt. I have a feeling she is reading my mind and hearing me call her other. To test this I have begun calling her it but she has not reacted so I am fairly certain that is not the case. I am uncertain of where her anger spawns from but I will be keeping a close eye on her. I'm sure those horns are also useful for stabbing so I will remain two meters from her at all times.

For now, I must prepare to leave to Aurea.

Author's Note:

Aurea is the latin word for gold. I spent half an hour on possible names and this was the only one that didn't sound overly weird. What do you guys thinks so far. I'd like to hear your input.

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