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A Scared, Confused Prisoner - The card holder


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Experiment 7663: Log 1

Date: ██/██/20██

Researchers: Dr. R██████, Dr. K█████, Dr. Sm███, and Dr. St█████

Subjects: SCP-7663 and D-4████

SCP-7663 and D-4████ (hereafter referred to as the Subject) will be placed into containment together, after the latter was rendered unconscious by a boosted amount of administered amnesiac.

Under orders from O5-██, neither SCP-7663 nor the Subject will be directly interacted with by any Foundation personnel whatsoever. Hidden cameras placed around the containment room will allow for covert observation of the two.

In the event of a risk of a containment breach from SCP-7663, gaseous █████████ will be administered to the room, with the purpose of forcing them out of consciousness. Should this fail to incapacitate SCP-7663, then [DATA EXPUNGED]

Begin log

At █:██ PM, both SCP-7663 and the Subject are brought into the room, where they remain unconscious for █ hours.

At █:██ PM, the Subject is the first to awaken.

Everything was pain.

Not excruciating pain, like he had just woken up in the middle of a surgery, but rather a constant aching that was present to his very bones, like he had done something incredibly stressful the day before.

Something like...

As the man searched his memories, he found that he could barely remember anything. Startled, he sat up slowly, taking in his surroundings.

It was a simple little room, with dull, grey walls. From where he was sitting, a thick metal door could be seen at one end of the room. Next to him was a simple wooden table, with two equally simple wooden chairs pulled up to it.

These surroundings didn't do anything to bring back his mysteriously missing memory. He put his head in his hands, both to nurse a headache and to try and remember something, anything, about who or where he was.

Unfortunately, everything just came as a painful blur. The only thing that seemed to stick out was a single name:


Even though it was only soft enough that he could hear, the sound of his own voice still helped to calm him down tremendously. He still wasn't even sure if that was his own name, or someone else's, but it probably wouldn't hurt to use it for himself for the time being.

Behind him, Flynn heard someone stirring, and after getting to his feet, he turned around to see the source of the noise.

Laying on a bed at the back of the room was a bright blue horse. No, a unicorn, he mentally added, seeing the horn present on its forehead. As it breathed softly, Flynn couldn't help but think that it looked... oddly human-like, despite the obvious differences, including an odd mark on its backside. Just where in the hell was he?

Further examination of the room only told him that there was a bathroom separate from the main area, so he decided to try the door. It didn't have any handles or anything on it on his side, so instead he pounded a fist into it a few times.

No response.

Now somewhat worried, both regarding what might be behind that door and what was currently in the room with him, Flynn starting searching every corner of the room, looking for something that could either help him get out of here, or at least tell him what "here" was.

In the midst of his searching, he heard the unicorn stir again, louder this time, and he turned to see her turning in her sleep, mumbling to herself.

Before he could come up with any sort of plan of action, the unicorn raised its head, its eyes slowly and groggily opening. Once it managed to get a good look at the room it was in, its eyes shot wide open, and it frantically looked around the room, before falling on Flynn, who was just standing some distance away with an unreadable expression.

The unicorn screamed, telling Flynn that it was both female, and probably had no idea what was going on, either.

"Who are you?!" the unicorn shouted, rolling off the opposite side of the bed onto her hooves and pointing her horn threateningly at him. "What have you done with Trixie?! Where is she?!"

The horn started to glow a faint purple, and Flynn put his hands up. "Woah, shit, hey, calm down, I don't know who this 'Trixie' is or where she is, honest!"

The standoff continued for a moment, before the glow around her horn faded, though she still glared at the man. "Explain where this is, then."

Flynn still held his hands up, not really sure if he was safe yet. "I don't know, either. All I can remember is waking up here."

Her glare softened slightly, and she slowly began to relax her stance. "Then, may you explain exactly what you are?"

Despite his overwhelming amnesia, a single thought managed to fight its way to the top of his mind. "I'm... a human."

"'Hue-man'..." she said, testing the clearly unfamiliar word.

After that, silence reigned over the room, and the unicorn slowly sat down, looking around the room for herself. Flynn, meanwhile, decided to pull up a chair and take a seat for himself.

The unicorn walked over to the door, and gave it a few strong taps.

"I already tried that," Flynn said.

The unicorn let out a thoughtful "Hmm" before lighting up her horn again. However, after a few seconds of what looked like intense concentration, she stopped, panting slightly. "Rats, it seems that strong magic is nullified in here."

Seeing no other option, she hopped back onto the bed and lay back down, facing Flynn. After another few moments of silence, he coughed awkwardly. "Well, since we're stuck here, I'm Flynn."

The unicorn nodded in understanding. "I am the... er, I am Trixie."

A brief sense of understanding washed over Flynn. "Ah, so that was third-person, then."

"Do not judge Trixie."

While they lapsed into another bout of quiet, something occurred to Flynn. "Say, would you happen to remember anything? Before here, I mean."

Trixie lifted her head up, thinking to herself. "Trixie was... working on a new spell. Experimental, and supposed to allow for more dramatic entrances. However, clearly something went wrong with it, as she ended up here, instead."

"Dramatic entrances?"

Trixie looked to the ceiling proudly, holding a hoof to her chest. "Trixie is a showmare by heart, and as such she likes to put on a spectacle."

"Did you happen to get a look at anything outside this room?"

She shook her head sadly. "All Trixie remembers is performing the spell. After she blacked out, she ended up here."

Flynn looked back to the door. This whole situation seemed not just odd, but downright suspicious. Neither of them knew where they were, and the door proved that wherever they were, they were locked up. Which meant that...

"Someone's doing this on purpose."

"Beg pardon?"

Flynn got up as he explained, walking aimlessly around the room. "Someone, and I don't know who, locked the two of us in here together, and I don't know why."

Trixie nodded. "This does seem to be the case."

"But what would they want from us?" Flynn continued. "It can't just be to hold us prisoner for something later on, because someone would've yelled at us when we hit the door. No, they have something else in mind, but what?"

As they both paused to think, neither of them noticed the very faint whirring of a camera lens in the corner of the room.

SCP-7663 seems to hold no ill will towards the Subject, besides a brief episode shortly after awakening. It also appears that the lead lining the cell acts to neutralize the SCP's anomalous abilities (which was referred to as "magic" by the SCP), but further testing would be needed to confirm this.

Both SCP-7663 and the Subject appear to have already discerned part of the nature of their containment, but still do not know about the specifics.

After another █ hours of activity, both SCP-7663 and the Subject went back to sleep, the latter choosing to sleep on the floor while the former took the bed. Considering the prior history of the Subject, it is unknown if any sort of mind manipulation factored into this decision.

"While it appears that SCP-7663 is not openly hostile towards humans entirely, it is still obvious that it harbors some amount of cautiousness regarding the situation."

-Dr. Sm███

"As expected, SCP-7663 refers to herself as 'Trixie', and also speaks in the third-person, both of which are consistent with her appearance in ███. It is currently unknown just how much of the show is accurate to the reality she calls home, or indeed if the writers know anything about it that we don't, but I feel like we should find these things out ASAP."

-Dr. K█████

Addendum 7663-2: Efforts by Agents ███████ and ██████ have shown that none of the writers for ███: ███ have any knowledge about the show beyond it being a piece of fiction that they helped create. It is possible that an outside force is using the show as a basis for an anomalous event, but this is still unconfirmed.

Addendum 7663-3: SCP-7663 claims to have arrived here due to a failed transportation experiment of some kind, likely related to the "magic" it referred to. However, it is unknown if her home is extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional in relation to our own. The similarities in her genetics to human DNA may also suggest [DATA EXPUNGED].

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