• Published 28th Nov 2015
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Lake Iwannagohome - Scquishiey

The adventure between Rainbow Dash and Soarin continues when Soarin decides where they should go to hangout over the weekend together.

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Chapter 9. Good Night.

Rainbow Dash had finished carefully wrapping the gauze around Soarin’s leg.

Soarin turned around and sat up on his haunches. He gave a light grunt as he did so due to the pain in his left leg.

Soarin glared at Rainbow Dash.

“Where were you?! You forgot to zip up the tent flap!” Soarin snarled through bared teeth.

Rainbow Dash was taken aback by his angry outburst. She was shocked to see him act like this since she’s never seen him act like anything but sweet before.

“I… Uhm…” Rainbow Dash mumbled. She wasn’t sure what to say.

Soarin looked back at the tent that now had three giant slash marks on the front.

“That thing also ate the rest of my apple pie!” Soarin said. He looked and sounded really upset now.

Rainbow Dash couldn’t believe what was happening. She just saved his life and this is how he repaid her? By yelling and practically telling her that this whole thing was her fault? And this wasn't the first time that Rainbow Dash had saved him from a near death experience before, way back before they started hanging out, she had saved his flank twice.

Rainbow Dash felt her face heating up, but not in the same way as all of those other times. She was angry now. Really angry. Rainbow Dash had a very short temper.

“Really?! All you care about is your stupid pie?! I just saved you!” Rainbow Dash yelled angrily, her voice cracking.

Soarin didn’t reply. He just sat there and rolled his eyes, avoiding eye contact with her.

“I wanna go home.” Soarin mumbled.

Rainbow Dash glared at him. “Fine! Then leave!” She shouted as she crossed her arms and sat down facing away from him.

“Hmph.” Soarin muttered and started to hover and grab his things around the campfire.

He went inside of the messed up tent, and came out with his saddle bag on.

He looked over at Rainbow Dash who was still sitting away from him.

“Bye…” Soarin sighed and flew off.

Rainbow Dash didn’t respond. She slowly turned her head to look behind herself and saw him make his way back to Cloudsdale.

Rainbow Dash was upset. She looked at the tent, flew inside, grabbed her things, and then took off into the night sky as she made her way back to Ponyville.

Pinkie Pie had watched the whole thing from behind a bush.

“This is all my fault…” Pinkie Pie said sadly as she looked down at the ground, her usual smile replaced with a frown.