• Published 26th Oct 2015
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Sacrificial Needs - CloudG45

Wishing for a simple, easy life after going through hell is painful. Having my body turned into that of a monster, I now live along side creatures that resemble candy colored equines.... Why did I sacrifice him?

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Prologue: The Beginning of the End

Author's Note:

Well, well, well... What have we here.... Well I've had this little plot bunny running around in my head(which I feed baby carrots too, by the by) that I've been needing to put out. As you can see, it's inspired by the game: Soul Sacrifice. If you haven't played it, or it's sequel: Delta, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get it! Anyways, I hope you like the prologue, and I'll get to you on the flip side.


"For every life changing decision we make, we must sacrifice something in return."

Chapter: Prologue; The Beginning of the End

Area: Lair of Misery
PoV: Unknown

I stood above the kneeling man, who seemed to be sobbing non stop, muttering for forgiveness at his wrongdoings. Just moments ago, this man had been a monster who enslaved the entire human race, keeping them hung up in thousands upon thousands of cages made of those long since passed, just to use them as a needs for nutrition later... Just as I had been before. The ever fabled Magusar had once been a predator among those whom have been helpless, defenseless to fight back. But, thanks to a sentient journal from a fellow inmate, now deceased, who claimed to have been his former partner from long ago, I have defeated him. And here I now stand, staring down at the former monster as he wept at all of what he had done, and the decision to save the world or him had been laid down on my lap.

What could I do? Saving the world by sacrificing Magusar would basically mean for the cycle of carnage and destruction that once passed to restart anew, but to save him would mean for me to live as Librom did... Giving the last shredded bit of hope for those poor saps to try and face the resurrected monster.

Ha! As if I'd ever let that happen. While I stand, deciding on what to do, a white, glowing chalice made from bone, with a human skull as the container stared down at me, waiting for me to decide... as if I needed to be rushed...

What CAN I do?!? I can only wish that I could be somewhere peaceful... Somewhere I can enjoy being free, and where I can protect those I care for... Yes... That is what I want! Librom never said that I had to save this world! They can find a new beginning someplace else, while I can live in prosperity and happiness. I deserve that much for what I've been through!

I had made my choice. I directed my mangled Right Arm at Magusar, the deformed thumb growing from my forearm pointing back at me and red veins glowing an eerie red through my entire arm, as he looked up at me with a slight smile on his face. I looked back at him, confused at his portrayed expression. He only stared at me, his caring aged face, differing from the one he had minutes ago, leaving a mark in my memories, as he spoke two simple words with his wizened voice:

"....Do it..."

And with that, he was enveloped in black and crimson flames, as I began extracting his soul from his incredibly aged body. I could only gaze as the Great Seer's figure slowly decayed before me, and his agonized screams echoed along the destroyed landscape for all to hear. An entire minute passed before a mass of blood red energy erupted from Magusar's decayed corpse into the sky, before entering my arm. Falling to the ground and clutching my head, all the memories, thoughts, emotions, and more from the man's life combined with my own. The pain was excruciating, more than what I had felt from reliving the journal! It was unbearable! I felt like I was going to pass out. Before I did, my thoughts went back to what I wanted: a peaceful life in a new world.

I did my best to gaze up at the Sacred Chalice, as it looked down upon me, and seemed to be getting brighter.

"...Your wish has been granted..."

With those five words echoing in my mind, I faded into unconsciousness, slumping to the bone littered ground in a heap. I shut my eyes and oddly cherished the feeling... For I felt that it was the last time I would get any rest.

Area: Mind-scape

In a plateau of tall, green, healthy grass and lit under the light of a full moon, a man wearing black robes with white symbols depicting eyes on the back, sat on a small hill, looking at his right hand. In it, was a monarch butterfly, perched on his palm, skittering across the leather covered skin. In his eyes, he thought of it as serene, beautiful, and most of all: peaceful...

Peace. The one thing he never got to experience before his time came to an end. Magusar only continued to gaze at the insect in his hand, at first jealous for having freedom. But, moments later, he realized that he too now had the same peace and sense of calamity that this creature now had. He gazed at his arm, the numerous yellow eyeballs that littered his forearm and bicep stared back, eerily so. Magusar’s dual colored hair swayed in a non existing breeze, as he cherished the feeling he had been wished for so long, and never wanted to let go.

"My old friend..." A disembodied voice spoke from behind the Seer, causing the butterfly to drift away. Magusar stood up and saw a figure about as tall as him, made seemingly out of black energy, almost smoke like, and masculine in shape. However, there was a sense of familiarity to this being.... An old companionship from long ago.

"Librom... Is that you?" Magusar asked. The figure nodded, and began walking towards the sorcerer.

"It's been so long... If only I had helped sooner." The newly named Librom answered solemnly, the simultaneous voices of a man and woman combining together in eerie harmony. Librom gave Magusar a quick pat on the back, before the latter gave the other an embrace that lasted much longer. After the two parted, they walked side by side, as they had done so in the past long ago.

"It was a long road... Now, thanks to you, I can finally die." The mass of black smoke looked at Magusar as if he were kidding. Knowing that he was sacrificed, the souls that are passed into the Right Arm don't die off immediately. Surely, Magusar should've known that a long time ago, right?

"Partner, I wish that it were more simpler than that. We now reside in this boy's body, and shall continue to live as he does." Librom responded. The news shocked the old man so much he could not speak. His body was dead, but his spirit will continue to linger on... His curse will be passed on to the boy who sacrificed him. "No, it hasn't."

"What?" He asked, as Librom continued to stare.

"Your curse of rapid deterioration has not passed to this being's body and will not. Your curse ended with your body being destroyed." Magusar released the breath he hadn't known that he was holding. "However," Librom continued, ",we still have a job to do: to teach this young man to protect those he will love and care for in the future." The pair ceased their movements, as the only normal being present looked at his friend confused.

"And how is it that we'll know when the time to teach him comes?" Magusar asks. Librom only looked at the moon, which now had the impression of a horned equine on the right side of it.

".... He'll come to us for answers. That is certain." And with that, a series of inhuman roars echoed through the landscape, making the men smile viciously, and look at one another. “Hope you aren't too rusty to go after a few Goblins, old man!

Magusar just scoffed, and looked at Librom incredulously. “Old man? Pah! You've got some years on yourself too, so try and keep up the pace.” And with that, the Great Seer headed towards the sound of the shrill cries, with Librom shortly behind him, with one thought running through his mind.

‘Just like old times…

....To be continued...